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Lead Devops Engineer Resume



  • 19 years .Net experience (C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, XML, all Visual Studio versions)
  • 19 years database programming, design and administration (SQL 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012)
  • 23 years HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • 2 years WMI, ADSI
  • 1 year Java
  • 10 years Build Technologies (Maven, NPanday, MSBuild)
  • 5 years Continuous Integration (TFS, VSTS, Jenkins, Nexus, Continuum, Archiva)
  • 4 years Continuous Delivery (TFS, VSTS, Jenkins, Xebia Labs XLRelease)
  • 9 years log management tools (Splunk, ELK)
  • 7 years unit testing/quality tools (NUnit, MSTest, Junit, Sonar, Selenium, TestNG, SauceLabs)
  • 8 years security tools (Trustwave App Scanner (CenzicHailstom), IBM Appscan)
  • 14 years SEO, Social Network Integrations, Online Brand Management
  • 1 year mobile technologies (iOS, Android)


  • 18 years Microsoft Windows Server (2000 - 2016) and Workstation (Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, Win7, Win10),installation and management (IIS, DNS, DHCP, SQL Server)
  • 9 years Linux administration (RHEL, Ubuntu, CentOS)
  • 15 years networking design and administration
  • 10 years telecom management, traditional PBX systems and VoIP systems.


  • 12 years of team building and employee development.
  • 10 years managing overseas employees and vendors.
  • 9 years brand development and management.
  • 12 years project management.

Software Development

  • Developed proprietary blogging service using .Net and SQL server. Integrated the system with SalesForce.com, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress and other third party systems.
  • Developed a patent pending website navigation/SEO tool using ASP, VB6 and SQL 2000. Converting the system to .Net and SQL 2005.
  • Developed multiple custom websites for customers using a variety of technologies including, .Net, ASP.Net, ASP, PHP, MSSQL, MySQL etc.



Lead DevOps Engineer

  • I was the first DevOps Engineer at Confidential . During my time there I identified, POC’d and implemented tools that helped the company identify issues with the site and backend systems. Solving these issues resulted in server response times dropping from an average of 10 seconds to just below 60 milliseconds.
  • I also brought Splunk Cloud in to move log management to a more feature rich system. We started monitoring system and IIS logs with Splunk that previously were not being kept and required the developer to log onto the Prod boxes to view. We also move the log4net logs from MSSQL to Splunk which made alerting and automation much easier. We currently use Splunk for nearly all of our logging. Have real time dashboards of many business events that the organizationdisplay on TV screens around the office as well as alerts and automation that in some cases restarts systems if the logs detect specific issues.
  • I brought in a tool called VictorOpsthat allows us to funnel alerts for the organization into one standard tool. It allows us to schedule on-call times, provide the person on call links in the message to help resolve known issues quickly.
  • I selected a WAF/Anti-DDoS provider and maintain the rules in that tool to stop bots and other unwanted users from scrapping the site or worse.
  • My team and I have implemented a release management system with VSTS and are working on the second version to automated much of the manual approvals needed and required by legal. This will allow teams to be much more autonomous with their releases and push to production new features or fixes at a much faster rate, will also free my team up to take on other task rather than manage deployments. In 2016, we released the main website about once a week, in 2017 we average 4.5 releases a week. We are hoping with the new release management process we will be able to release twice a day.
  • I brought Sonatype Nexus in as our Nuget repository and we are currently expanding it to Pypi as well as Maven repositories as we grow and expand our code base.
  • We use Microsoft Azure as our hosting platform and are starting to use AWS as well. I took over management of our Azure platform in 2016 and am taking over our AWS infrastructure currently. We run a couple of hundred instances of various services in our Azure subscriptions.
  • I also manage our vulnerability assessment program. We use a third party to do nightly and weekly scans of our test and prod instances as well as yearly human pen-tests of our production site.


Lead Developer

  • Maintained and improved existing Java build system using SVN, Maven, Archiva and Continuum while meeting strick audit and compliance requirements for source code, binary management and open source governance process.
  • Updated the JAVA build process to be more in line with CI/CD principles. Used existing Maven build system but removed the need for SNAPSHOTS using Jenkins, Nexus, Nexus Staging Repositories, XLRelease and some custom plugins for XLRelease. Also moved some teams from SVN to GIT using the Atlassian suite of tools.
  • Created proprietary .Net build system using Jenkins and MSBuild removing the use Maven and NPanday.New system meets strict requirements for processes and auditing of actions throughout the lifecycle. Reduced developer training times, developer learning curve and support requirements. This move again allowed .Net teams to take advantage of CI and CD methodologies that the older system did not.
  • Current Jenkins/Nexus based build system does 300,000+ job builds per month and created over 10 Gigs of binaries a day. Current estimates are to double that with the addition of SauceLabs for running selenium tests by the end of July.
  • Contributing member of the team that delivered the Confidential enterprise Continuous Delivery process.
  • Contributed to the strategy for the Confidential Development Center.Identified numerous tools to improve the systems and help developers be more productive faster while improving the quality of the code they are developing. Tools included Sonar, Splunk, Jenkins, Nexus, Artifactory, Sonatype CLM, NuGet, Visual Studio plugins and so on.
  • Trained new users, worked with management on personnel decisions.
  • Made decisions on software upgrades to take and when to take them, testing requirements, and providing reports for the upgrades and RCA’s for outages.
  • Worked on numerous process improvement projects as almost a BAU task. Our customers were internal so our goal was to provide the most seamless experience possible and allow our users to be as productive as possible.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Senior .Net Developer

  • Worked as the SME to developer a centralize build system for .Net project using open source technologies.
  • While doing so I was allowed to contribute through a vendor to a couple of open source projects and created the first version of the Maven WiX plugin.
  • Worked on visual studio plugins in C# and used Java to allow the plugins to communicate with Maven. Worked with the team to pilot and evaluate a number of different build platforms including Microsoft TFS.
  • Worked with a number of teams to gather requirements and get buy-in on the systems we were centralizing. Worked closely with Apache Foundation members on this project.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Senior Developer/Project Manager

  • Designed, programmed and implemented custom blogging and social networking system that hosts more than 5,000 blogs getting 100,000+ unique visitors per day using .Net technologies to automate customer onboarding with SalesForce, blog setup (DNS, IIS, Database and other systems), integration of sharing and social media tools with WebServices, automated DNS and IIS setup.
  • Managed and developed the production team on and offshore.
  • Installed and managed company network and phone system.Contributing member of the team that developed and maintained the company branding including designing the logo.
  • Managed a team of up to 20 developers and support staff. Hired and mentored new employees. Provided employees and offshore resources with feedback and work assignments.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Senior Developer/Project Manager

  • Designed, programmed and maintained a patent pending system to automatically create navigation sitemaps.
  • System was originally written in VB6 and later converted to .Net 2003. System included a spider that would convert interesting items in a webpage to information stored in a database, a bot that would take screen shots of webpages being index, resize them and store them for use on the web.
  • A dynamic website was created using IIS and ASPX to display and manage various sitemaps depending on the URL.
  • This system took the manual process of creating sitemaps from 10 days to a matter of minutes or a couple of hours depending on the size of the site and allowed customers to fully customize the system depending on their needs.
  • Was fully optimized for the Google algorithms of that period of time and easily updated to take changes into account.Hired, managed and developed employees onshore and off.
  • Designed, installed and managed computer network and phone system.Evaluated and oversaw the implementation of CRM system (Salesforce.com).Managed the conversion from paper based tracking of customers to SalesForce.com.Produced documentation to apply for a patents.
  • Designed and implemented multiple software systems including dynamic e-commerce and online marketing systems that were targeted to get users first page rank in Google and other search engines while maintaining the flexibility needed to adjust to changing algorithms and not be spammy.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ


  • Completed multiple website and e-commerce projects as a member of a small team for small businesses to fortune 500 companies using a variety of Web, .Net and open source technologies.
  • Spear headed the move of the companies hosting platform to a modern system that increased site availability, better customer satisfaction and decreased hosting costs by 30-60% per site hosted. Provide 24x7 support for our customers.

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