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Sr. Dot Net Full Stack Developer Resume

Redwood City, CA


  • Having around 8 Yrs. of IT experience in requirements analysis, designing, developing and implementing Web Applications and Windows Applications using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017/2015/2013/2010/2008 , C#, ASP.NET, .NET Framework, IIS Web Servers, MVC, Databases such as SQL Server 2014/2012/2008 , JavaScript and Jquery.
  • Knowledge on developing the web application using frameworks like Language Integrated Query (LINQ), Entity framework, MVC, Server - Side and Client-Side frameworks.
  • Possess in-depth knowledge in SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2008R2, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2005/SQL Server 2000, with technologies such as Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, Transact SQL.
  • Hands on experience in developing applications to access data and data services in ADO.NET.
  • Extensive experience in developing, debugging multi-tier applications using C#, AJAX, XSLT, XML, HTML5, Serialization, CSS3, N-unit.
  • Experience in interacting with client, end users for understanding the requirements and preparing Business Requirement documents and Functional Specifications, Process Flow diagrams, Class diagrams, Sequence diagrams and UML data Models.
  • Experience in developing UI using ASP.Net Server Side Controls, client-side framework using AngularJS, HTML5 Controls, CSS3, JavaScript, and JQuery.
  • Experience in implementing client-side JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, DHTML, and CSS.
  • Experienced in IIS, Active Directory, PowerShell, and SQL Server.
  • Experience in windows apps integrate and communicate through a proprietary service stack built on .NET and running in Microsoft windows Azure
  • Experienced with using Source Code Version Control Systems like MS Visual Source Safe (VSS) and TFS (Team- Foundation Server)
  • Experience with traditional methodologies like Waterfall and Agile software development methodology.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, team skills, with demonstrable verbal and written communication skills to maintain effective work relationships at all levels.
  • Excellent analysis, documentation and problem-solving skills with the ability to work within a team environment as well as independently.


Programming Languages: Visual C#, Visual Basic

Web Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Web Services, WCF

Scripting Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, Angular JS

Markup Languages: HTML, DHTML, XML, XAML

Reporting: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2016

. NET Technologies: . NET Framework (1.1/2.0, 3.5, 4.0/4.5), Web Services

Software Engineering: SDLC, UML, Agile Programming (Scrum, Kan-ban)

Database Development: SQL Server (2000/2005/2008 ), SSRS, MongoDb

RAD/IDE: Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008/2010/2013 , Visual Basic 6.0, Jet Brains Rider

Source control: Visual SourceSafe, Team Foundation Server (TFS), GIT Hub

Modeling and Testing Tools: Microsoft Visio 2003, N Unit, Integration, Functional using JetBrains Resharper

Operating Systems: windows 7, windows 10, Unix, Linux.


Sr. Dot Net Full Stack Developer

Confidential, Redwood City, CA


  • This product is developed in ASP.NET, C#, WCF, ADO.NET, Entity Framework supported by SQL Server as a backend.
  • Developed web pages using Classic ASP, Java script and VBScript
  • Involved in the analysis of the requirements as per the functional document/use cases.
  • Designed and developed the presentation (UI) module in the project using ASP.NET and C#.
  • Implemented client side validations using JavaScript.
  • Creating reusable components and templates using Angular JS 2.0, BootStrap, CSS, HTML5
  • Designing, Coding Azure API, Microservices using .NET, C#, Entity Framework Core
  • Developed Windows Workflow (WF) Services for calculation module.
  • Involved in the development of WCF services for getting the data from the gateway layer.
  • Developed various class libraries using C#. NET.
  • Extensive programming experience in ASP.NET 2.0/3.0/3.5, ADO.NET, C#, VB.NET.
  • Developed modules of the application in Visual Basic 6.0 and ASP
  • Transformed conceptual designs into interactive user interfaces using HTML5 CSS3 and Bootstrap.
  • Utilize JQuery to process AJAX requests from the client to the server
  • Experience in programming in the C programming language as well as early versions of Visual Basic
  • Designed SSIS package which extracts data from excel, validate the data and load it into the staging table. Data will be loaded into the main table once the business validations/rules are successfully passed.
  • Involved in the development of Web layer with ASP.NET and business layer with VB.Net.
  • Use Window azure to deploy the application on cloud and managing the session
  • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) for source code management.
  • Worked on implementation of business components that will update and save the database in a transaction.
  • Utilize JQuery to process client-side validation, Selectors, Events and AJAX requests from the client to the server.
  • Extensively worked with C#. NET, VB.NET, Microsoft framework 3.5, WCF, ISS, SQL Server 2008
  • Involved in production support of the project. Interacted with the customers and tracked the existing and new issues to closure.
  • Developing and deploying SSRS reports for the reports module.

Environment: C#.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, visual basic, VB.NET, Classic ASP, CSS, SQL Server 2008R2 and 2012, XML, Packages, Visual Studio 2013, TFS, JavaScript, SSRS, SSIS, Bootstrap.

Senior .NET Developer

Confidential, Chevy Chase Village, MD


  • Responsible for designing and developing the Application using ASP.Net MVC, Razor Syntaxes, Razor view engine & UI using HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript.
  • Responsible for making AJAX Calls for the UI Interactions to the Controller Actions using jQuery and getting the Data back as JSON and parsing it onto the UI.
  • Responsible for implementing the Client-Side Validations using jQuery and JavaScript.
  • Hands on Experience in ASP.NET MVC 3/4/5, WCF, WPF, .NET 3.0/3.5/4.0.
  • Involved in developing views and controllers as part of MVC pattern within the application.
  • Responsible for developing the Data Access Layer (Model) using ADO.Net Entity Framework Model, and C#.
  • Implemented CRUD functionality with Entity framework in ASP.NET MVC and implemented sorting, filtering and paging with Entity framework in MVC.
  • Worked with ASP.NET MVC model binding that allows mapping HTTP request data with a model.
  • Developed n-tier distributed .NET applications using Web Forms, Win Forms.
  • Have been involved in project migration from ASP.Net to MVC 5.
  • Used build in JQuery MVC validations and written custom validators as required.
  • Deployed the project to Window Azure cloud platform, including host and SQL server deployment and local SQL
  • Extensive Testing on the Performance of the Stored Procedures Developed Complex T-SQL code for the application conversions.
  • Worked on SOAP and RESTFUL Service API using WCF which return XML and JSON data using WCF attributes.
  • Used NHibernate 3.0 ORM Framework with repository pattern for database operations.
  • Worked for the implementation of Restful Web Services based on Micro Services architecture.
  • Responsible for designing and developing the database objects like Tables, Views, and Complex T-SQL Store Procedures involving Joins and using Temporary Tables, UDF (User Defined Functions)
  • Created unit and integration test procedures for existing web application, SSIS routines and SSRS reports.
  • Developed different Model View and generated views and implemented in Web Pages using AngularJS.
  • Developed the web application majorly in C#, ASP.NET, Angular 2, JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5
  • MVVM pattern was used using AngularJS. Advanced JavaScript controls were used using JQWidgets and custom bindings were written for the controls.
  • Created package JSON for Bower and consumed Restful web services using Angular JS AJAX.
  • Designed and developed application using ASP.Net MVC Razor.
  • Used ADO.NET extensively for retrieving, querying, storage, and data manipulation for achieving continuous database connectivity.
  • Deployed XML Web Services according to the business requirement.
  • Designing and developing application using ASP.Net MVC Web API 2 which returns JSON file.
  • Working closely with product managers and customers to define, layout, and style various HTML 5, Bootstrap and CSS 3 user interfaces. User-interface coding using HTML5, jQuery, AJAX, and simple object.
  • Developing Tabbed pages using AngularJS directives.
  • Worked on Web application development using MVC 5.0/4.0 and ASP.NET Web Forms.
  • The Presentation Layer was implemented in ASP.NET using Web Forms, User Control and Web Controls. Business logic was developed using C#.NET.
  • Building a service-based application with ASP.NET WEB API to consumes services from apache and issues TLS/SSL s to the websites hosted on the customer IIS servers.
  • Using JSON data for communication between client and server & Bitbucket for repository.

Environment: C#, ADO.Net,Entity Framework, NHibernate, ASP.NET MVC 3/4/5, Web API 2, WCF, REST, WPF, .NET 3.0/3.5/4.0, Web Forms, Win Forms, T-SQL, XML, SSIS, SSRS, Azure, IIS, AngularJs, Angular 2, JavaScript,JQuery,AJAX, JSON, CSS3 and HTML5

.NET Developer

Confidential, Richmond, VA


  • Designed and developed Web Pages using ASP.NET, C#, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and server controls. Designed and developed Web Pages using ASP.NET, VB.Net, C#.NET, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and server controls.
  • Developed the UI component architecture using jQuery, Java Script, CSS and RAZOR.
  • Worked in an Agile Methodology (Scrum) to meet timelines with quality deliverables.
  • Maintained uniformity among all web pages in GUI and designed Master Pages and themes.
  • Security features were provided using Cookies and Session ID so that unauthorized access could be denied.
  • Used various server controls like Multi View and Grid View with extensive data binding to display, page and sort multiple records.
  • Developed Web Forms for User Interfaces using ASP.NET using Server Controls, HTML Controls and User Controls.
  • Created and deployed XML Web Services (WCF) using ASP.NET and C#, used them to generate the proxy class files based on the web services and consumed in web application.
  • Used Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to maintain design consistency across all web forms
  • Developed WCF Services, defining Endpoints, Data Contracts, Message Contracts, Bindings, and Transaction management in service layer and Hosting WCF services
  • Used SOAPUI & SOA Cleaner Express tool for testing WCF Services
  • Established communication between different applications running on same/different platforms using WCF.
  • Used Validation Controls for corresponding validations required for business logic in Web Forms.
  • Worked and deployed WCF Services using ASP.NET and C#.Net.
  • Extensively used ASP.Net MVC architecture for the Web application design to have the application layers loosely coupled.
  • Programmed ADO.NET for communication between application and database, used extensively Grid views, Data Set, Data Table and Data Adapter to render reports.
  • Effectively implemented ASP.NET security infrastructure for authenticating and authorizing user access as well as performing other security related tasks.
  • Developed parameterized SQL queries and stored procedures to query database tables in T-SQL.
  • Created Views by applying complex queries on multiple tables to create the virtual tables and implemented Cursors in Stored Procedures using SQL Server 2012, Implemented Joins in Stored Procedures to get the desired data by joining multiple tables.
  • Web design and development, application development using HTML, JavaScript, and Angular JS
  • Designed dynamic and multi-browser compatible pages using HTML, CSS, JQuery, Angular js and JavaScript.
  • Involved in testing like Unit test, Integration test, Acceptance test and Regression testing using NUnit and responsible for writing test scripts and scenarios.
  • Develop and support WCF web services
  • Involved in design, coding and testing of multi-tier Windows Form / WPF application and ASP.NET Application.
  • Develop user interfaces using ASP .NET and windows client using C#
  • Develop reports using MS SQL Server and SSRS
  • Migration of SQL Server database to SQL Azure Developed the necessary Stored Procedures and created Complex Views using Joins for robust and fast retrieval of data in SQL Server using T-SQL.
  • Responsible for testing, fixing the bugs and troubleshooting the technical problems.
  • Designed and developed parameterized reports, linked reports, matrix and tabular reports with drill down, drill through and drop down menu option using SSRS.

Environment: C#, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, T-SQL, SQL Server 2012, Windows Form, NUnit, Azure AngularJs, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Agile, WCF, XML, SSRS

.Net Developer

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Involved in Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for requirement analysis through designing, coding, Debugging, Implementation and integration.
  • Used Razor view and ASPX (C#) as a view engine to make the code simple, enable to mix and match view templates.
  • Extensively used UI tools like CSS, AJAX, JavaScript and JQUERY.
  • Used Java Script on web forms to perform validation controls.
  • Extensively involved in Developing Components for Business Layer and Data Layer, implementation in MVC Architecture
  • Extensively used ASP.NET MVC 3.0, Entity Framework and C# for new development.
  • Created Stored Procedures to perform automated rules, updating to related tables using SQL Server
  • Converted the existing Database system to meet the new requirements and utilized the various class libraries.
  • Designed a web application using web API with Angular JS and populated data using Entity Framework to model and manage data from SQL Server.
  • Created validation rules and configurations for validation engine.
  • Developed Query for generating drill down reports in SSRS 2008.
  • Implemented Separate query processing using LINQ and created data entry web applications with LINQ to SQL CRUD operations.
  • Involved in developing WCF web services using SOAP/HTTP to communicate with the legacy.
  • Created Stored Procedures, Functions, and Triggers using T-SQL to maintain complex data.
  • Consumed XML Web Services using C#.
  • Developed core functionality with the ASP.NET MVC Framework (C#.NET).
  • Used TFS for version control and source code maintenance.
  • Involved in day to day production supports and development of change controls requested by client.

Environment: C#, ASP.NET MVC 3.0, SQL Server, LINQ, WCF, CSS, ajax, Javascript, JQuery,SSRS 2008.

Senior .NET Developer

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA


  • Analyzed and designed Approaches, UML Use Cases, Class Diagrams, State Diagrams, and Activity Diagrams.
  • Developed the Data Layer Class using C#, which is reusable for the data transactions of the entire project.
  • Developed the application using ASP.NET concepts like Master Pages, Sessions, and Postbacks etc. using C#.
  • Greatly involved in the Software Development Life Cycle, from the Design phase to the Implementation phase, Testing and Deployment. Used the MVC 5 Design Pattern.
  • Develop scalable, high performance, robust web services based on the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform
  • Used Telerik Controls for rich data visualization while developing applications.
  • Implemented WPF browser application for implementing three-dimension view of searing information and creating technical documentation for every approach.
  • Implemented Agile development Methodologies.
  • Used ADO.NET to connect Web Forms to Data Sources such as MS SQL Server and XML files for manipulating the data in the database.
  • Troubleshoot and resolved bugs in .NET applications to ensure optimal development environment.
  • Used TFS(Team Foundation Server) for version control, bug tracking and fixing and configuration management.
  • Used Microsoft Entity Framework for modeling the application.
  • Designed Web-based ASP.NET Internet applications linked to firm-wide SQL databases.
  • Developed complex LINQ to Entities queries for accessing the Entity Framework Model.
  • Worked with ASP.NET MVC 5.0/4.0 View Engines like ASPX and Razor.
  • Used JavaScript to create different Client-Side functions that greatly decreased the processing time and resource consumption.
  • Used WCF to build high performance and secured document retrieval layer to retrieve data from a SQL server based system.
  • Analyzed business, functional and technical requirements to make sure project met expectations.
  • Managed servers on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform instances using Puppet, Chef Configuration management.
  • For front end development actively used ASP.NET, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX control and Telerik Controls.
  • Worked on Object-Relational (OR) mapping tool NHibernate.
  • Created prototype and production level object oriented applications throughout software development lifecycle including design, modelling, coding, testing and documentation.

Environment: C#, Entity framework, ASP .NET, ASP.NET MVC 5.0/4.0, Azure, WPF, ADO .NET, MS SQL Sever, XML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, NHibernate, TFS

.NET Developer



  • Used Visual Source Safe for source code version controlling.
  • Involved in Requirement Analysis, Design and Development Phases of project
  • Created stored procedures and also used Entity framework.
  • Preparation and Execution of Unit Test Cases
  • Worked on new user stories in each sprint.
  • Worked on Scrum and agile methodology.
  • Designed and developed user interfaces using ASP.NET MVC, .NET Framework4.0, C#
  • Extensively used Entity Framework with WCF services.
  • Used views like Partial and Shared views for displaying results, which actually contains the business logic.
  • Involved in developing WCF services using C#, to centralize the business process.
  • Used fluent validations and JQuery to provide Client-side validations.
  • Used JQuery Ajax for server calls from client.
  • Worked with TFS for handling version control.
  • Designed and created database tables in Sql Server 2012.
  • Created stored procedures and user-defined functions to interact with the database.

Environment: C#, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Framework4.0, WCF, JQuery, TFS, SQL Server 2012, Agile.

.NET Developer



  • Involved in the full cycle of this project( Analysis, Design, Coding and Development)
  • Utilized secure APIs from Authorize .NET for the e-payment part of the web site.
  • Designed and developed web forms using ASP.NET, C#.NET and Visual Studio 2010.
  • Web Forms visibility performance has been tuned by AJAX.
  • SQL Server 2005 for Database.
  • Two-way hashing algorithm had implemented to protect sensitive data such as session and application variables across pages.
  • The Business Logic during the development of Web application is implemented in C# .NET.
  • Work done included requirements gathering, database design, data access, business layer, and user interface programming.

Environment: C#, ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2005.

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