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Technology Developer And Analyst Resume

Lakewood, ColoradO


  • ArcObjects
  • Visual Basic/VB.net
  • ARCGIS (includes 3DAnalyst, ArcScene, ArcCatalog, Spatial
  • Cartography
  • AutoCAD
  • C#
  • Eclipse/Java
  • FME


Programming Languages: VB.Net, C#, VB 6.0, VBScript, SQL, HTML, C++, KML, XML, Javascript,CSS

Software/Databases: ArcObjects, VBA, Access, AutoCAD, ArcCatalog, 3D Analyst, ArcMAP 10.1, FME, Manifold, Spatial Analyst, Surfer, AutoCAD 2007/2006/SURVCAD, KML, Android (Eclipse), ArcPad, Visio


Confidential, Lakewood, Colorado

Technology Developer and Analyst


  • Developed VB.net and C# methods and programs for various ESRI/FME GIS data extraction and GIS editing tools for the U.S.G.S. and its clients including ArcMap to Google Earth via KML viewing.
  • Doubled speed of existing USGS ArcObjects programs. Wrote VB.net and C# methods, including clipping, etc. Created Android applications (with Eclipse) and Windows Phone 7.1.

Technologies: VB.net, C#, KML, Arc Objects, Excel, Oracle, Toad, SQL, FME, Android, Windows Phone 7

Confidential, Englewood, Colorado

Technology Developer and Analyst


  • Developed appx. 100 custom VB.net applications: including .pdf creation automation, GlobalMapper automation, Manifold (GIS app.) automation, ArcMap automations, bitmap analysis, file copy/rename automations, .bat file processes, renaming and copying directories, files, etc. saving ~ 40 + man yrs.
  • Wrote dozens of vector, raster, and attribute processing ArcMap programs (VBA), including extending poly lines, exporting raster bitmaps, raster analysis, editing graphics, creating grids, etc.
  • Wrote Manifold (VBScript) and CAD (VBA) GIS automation programs including conflation.

Technologies: VB.net, VBA, VBScript, Arc Objects, Excel, ArcMAP 9.2, ArcMap 9.3, GlobalMapper, python, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Manifold, AutoCAD

Confidential, Denver, Colorado

GIS Analyst/Application Developer


  • Developed time - saving custom VBA ArcObjects computer programs for ArcGIS and VB.net programs, including animations, editing attribute tables, solar energy calculations, etc.
  • Wrote CAD programs including 3D polyline merge and created feature classes from CAD shapefiles.
  • CAD conversion to GIS of utilities, including attributes and geospatial information.

Technologies: VBA, ArcObjects, Excel, ArcMAP 9.1, ArcMap 9.2, 3DAnalyst, ArcScene, ArcCatalog, ArcPad, Google Earth KML

Confidential, Lexington, Maryland

Application Developer


  • Developed appx. 20 custom VBA ArcObjects computer programs for ArcGIS programs, including programs to create polylines, graphics, editing shapefiles, edit Access databases, Excel spreadsheets, etc. zoom to query-defined extents, export to JPEGs, etc.
  • Wrote technical reports and proposals for software development and enterprise architecture.
  • Developed AutoCAD batch Inventory and batch CAD updating software (via VBA/VB.net/ AutoCAD).

Technologies: VBA, VB.Net, ArcObjects, ArcGIS, Excel, ASCII, Access, ArcGIS 8.3/9,

Confidential, Los Alamos

GIS Specialist


  • Developed dozens of custom VBA ArcObjects computer programs for ArcGIS programs (saving countless hours of manual GIS), including ArcScene animation programs, layer state creation/adding.
  • Created numerous 2-D and 3-D geology and environmental maps (including Map 561 in ESRI Map Book 19) with ArcMAP 8.3 and 9 ArcMAP, ArcCatalog, 3D Analyst, ArcScene, etc.

Technologies: VBA, ArcObjects, ArcGIS, ArcScene, Excel, ASCII, Access, ArcMAP 8.3/9

Confidential, North Attleborough, MA

Senior CAD Specialist


  • Created custom VBA computer programs for AutoCAD including batch file routines, block insertion.
  • Produced precision AutoCAD2002/SURVCAD lot layouts, drainage, sewer, septic, maps.

Technologies: VBA, AutoCAD2002/2000, AutoCADMAP, SurvCAD

Confidential, Westwood, MA

Senior CAD Operator


  • Developed more a dozen + custom VBA computer programs for AutoCAD saving 100s of man hours.
  • Produced hundreds of utilities/telecommunications maps with AutoCAD2000/AutoCADMAP software.

Technologies: VBA, AutoCAD2002/2000, AutoCADMAP

Confidential, Quincy, MA

Senior CAD Operator


  • Developed numerous custom VBA computer programs for AutoCAD users saving 100s of man hours.
  • AutoCAD editing/creation of hundreds of telecommunication fiber optic maps, building blueprints, etc.

Technologies: AutoCAD2000/14, VBA, Visual Basic

Confidential, Provincetown, MA

Archaeological Director


  • Directed location, mapping and excavation of submerged archaeological shipwreck.
  • Produced precision AutoCAD maps of shipwreck and produced 3-D triangulation mapping software.

Technologies: AutoCAD, QBasic, WordPerfect, GPS

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