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Senior Software Developer Team Lead Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • 8+ years experience in the field of Frontend Development using AngularJs, ReactJs, KnockoutJs, HTML5, CSS3, ES5/ES6, TypeScript, LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, and MEAN isomorphic application with Node.js, ExpressJs, MongoDB, Mongoose, Grunt, Mocha, Chai, Karma,, and PhantomJS.16+ years experience in the Microsoft .NET development arena.
  • Managed, architected, designed, and developed multiple robust and scalable applications to meet company's goals and objectives.
  • Expertise in many core aspects of Backend Development, .NET C# development, implementing various backend server solutions using ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server, Nhibernate development.
  • Excellent client skills, teamwork, requirements engineering.
  • Ability to think "out - of-the-box" to solve complex business issues utilizing current technologies and industry best practices.
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills.
  • Highly motivated and detailed oriented in areas of system architecture and full life cycle software design and development.
  • Held several positions from Lead Developer to Management of Engineering teams, applying my skills and experience over the years to manage all aspects of development and systems implementation to meet company goals and objectives.


AngularJs (5 years), ReactJs (3 years), NodeJs (4 years), ExpressJs (4 years), Isomorphic Javascript Application (3 years), Ajax (10+ years), JQuery (10+ years), Autofac (4 years), Ninject (3 years), Entity Framework (8 years), NHibernate (3 years), Grunt (3 years), Bower (3 years), Bootstrap (6 years), PHP (2 years), Java (3 years), C# (10+ years), ASP.NET (10+ years), ASP.NET MVC (8 years), SQL (10+ years),, MySQL (3 years)Wordpress (2 years), Javascript (10+ years), ES6 (2 years), Webstorm (5 years), PhpStorm (2 years), Visual Studio (10+ years), NCrunch (4 years), ReSharper (8 years), Mocha with Chai (2 years), Cloud9 (3 years), Mac OS X (2 years), Ubuntu (2 years), Docker (2 years), Twilio APi (4 years), Facebook API (4 years), Twitter API (4 years)


Senior Software Developer Team Lead

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Full stack frontend and backend senior developer plus architect in Javascript, C#, JAVA and PHP.
  • I am the architect and lead developer on a HTML5 re-write from Silverlight based on AngularJS, Bootstrap, Kendo UI, Grunt, Mocha, Chai. Karma, as the front end stack. ASP.NET Web API with ASP.NET Identity - OAuth. Entity Framework

General Manager / CTO

Confidential, Norcross, GA


  • We built and shipped custom configured PC.
  • We were one of the early adapters on internet online sales of anything.
  • I had developed and maintained our website which allowed a shopper to customize various components for building his custom PC.
  • On a daily basis, I had been responsible for running of a 20+ employees company operations in production, supply chain, fulfilments and marketing.
  • Software technology stacks: ASP, MSSQL, JQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, UPS API, Authorize.NET API.

Technical Support / Customer Service Manager

Continental, Duluth, GA


  • We were in the PC component distribution business to computer consultants and system integrator.
  • My daily responsibilities were a tier 3 tech support and manager of its technical support/service department.

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