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Technical Architect Resume

New Jersey, NJ


With twenty year’s experience building corporate software systems, my last ten years have focused on building intranet applications and public internet sites. This, plus five years of client/server development provides great insight into practical use of object oriented techniques and application partitioning, which is very applicable with today\'s web applications. Most recently, my technical leadership role focuses on managing the enterprise architecture and ensuring cross team project execution. This background, combined with my ability to rapidly learn and apply new technologies, provides an excellent base for leading the building of next generation applications.


Software Innovation & Flexible Designs – Projects proving innovative, flexible, and durable designs over time:

  • Established a highly customizable web messaging platform, allowing the business to target consumer messages in a dynamic and personalized manner.
  • Successfully led the design & build out of an Oracle-powered compliance engine and workflow system that minimizes asset forfeiture costs and maximizes fee collection. One of the first 25 rules implemented saved $5 million within the first 12 months. The application is configurable to do everything from quietly gathering key performance indicators (KPIs), requesting manager over-rides, to forcing transaction rollbacks. These services provided immediate benefits on legacy PowerBuilder and ASP.Net systems while providing a foundation for new projects going forward.
  • Designed a Blackberry application that morphs to changing requirements via one XML file update, yet the only programming changes required in the last 2 years was adding support for multiple database types. The project included reverse engineering RIM’s BES SQLServer.

Designed and implemented a reliable webservice sitting in front of all inbound EDI transmissions that continues accepting requests while various back end services are unavailable, allowing uninterrupted business to business communications even during maintenance windows. This web service, along with establishing SFTP standards provided a common enterprise standard EDI interface into BizTalk and Informatica ETL processes.

Technology Adoption – History of implementing new technology from proof of concept through production:
Deployed first mobile asp.net web pages, subsequently re-designed as native Blackberry java application.

  • Early VMware adoption has resulted in a greatly streamlined Business Continuity / Disaster Recover plan.
  • First ASP.NET web service implementation shrunk a database 400% while publishing more information. This web service proved pivotal in converting an internally developed document imaging system to a vendor-based / offsite solution.
  • Initial use of messaging (MSMQ) to provide a scalable and responsive user experience.

Excellent Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting Techniques – Examples include:
A high visibility Customer Care web application averages .3 second search results and .8 second overall response times.

  • Initiated & designed a move from Windows Network Load Balancing to Netscalers.

Identifying database slowdowns as a root cause when the web servers were initially suspected, and conversely when leaked database connections from the middle tier appeared as database timeouts.

Work Experience

Confidential,August 2001 to Current

  • Technical Architecture - Responsible for both corporate and customer internet websites, and the application architecture for all software implementations across the company. Conducts architectural & design reviews of all major projects. Other responsibilities include designing the ASP.NET application platform and leading multiple development projects staffed with 3 to 5 developers. Technical architect behind custom application platform serving 40 million page views a month.
  • Planned secure Content Management System deployment by reconfiguring 3rd party CMS Software to run the CMS portal in a protected location, while running the internet facing website with minimal privileges to mitigate website defacement.
  • Working with surveillance services to protect corporate internet assets. Proposed and now executing search engine ad campaigns to counter judgment proof internet competitors.
  • Directing secure application development program, which includes source code scanning (Ounce Labs / Appscan), penetration testing (Cenzic Hailstorm), and developer education.
  • Leading system reliability improvement efforts by setting up proper monitoring solutions (Proactivenet & external monitors) and promoting best practices.
  • Key contributor to internet and intranet business continuity processes.
  • Led the design and development of a high visibility, mission critical customer care web application. This 5 person, 12 month project delivered a customer service website that serves up 500,000 page views a month. Careful attention to page sizes, view state, and web-service payloads resulted in .8 second overall response time and .3 second average search results.
  • During an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) telephone system implementation, directed the technical integration across the telecom, vendor, infrastructure, and internal developer teams.
  • Championed VMWARE adoption, leveraging its features for both patch management and disaster recovery.
  • Researched, programmed, and monitored the corporate Oracle connection pooling strategy.
  • Developed a generic .net windows service that processes MSMQ messages by mapping the message type into a dynamically loaded & executed assembly.
  • Led .net development by successfully developing the company’s first ASMX web service into the legacy ASP websites via VB.NET interop classes. The first web service implemented, a document images service, provided a great savings in database disk usage, expanded functionality by providing access to the entire document repository, and resulted in a more reliable website.
  • Implemented Urchin web reporting (technology behind Google Analytics) enterprise wide.
  • Worked in conjunction with the company’s security group to obtain CIO-level approval of DMZ network design by stressing security and extending internal systems to business partners over the web.
  • Web Team Lead - Responsible for 3 internet websites, and 2 intranet sites. Led 8 developers, while actively contributing to product deliverables. Established .net middle tier standards. Leveraged a combination of custom code, vendor applications, and 3rd party services to ensure website visibility, reliability & availability.
  • Designed and programmed a hybrid application security module suitable for both intranet and internet implementations using Oracle, ASP.NET forms, and Windows NT authentication.
  • Extended the Microsoft Application Exception code block to capture additional runtime information (method or procedure names, parameter values, server variables, etc). Establishing this enterprise exception management strategy proved invaluable while troubleshooting runtime issues.
  • Successfully passed annual externally-executed penetration tests, with no SQL Injection or major vulnerabilities identified.
  • Programmed the company’s first MSMQ solution to ensure website scalability when converting HTML into static PDFs, using VB6.
  • Wrote database access layer component to ensure consistent, high performance database access via disconnected datasets in ASP.
  • Managed monthly code releases.
  • Improved website security by writing an encryption COM object in VB6 and capturing better database user profiles.
  • Confidential,September 2000 to June 2001
  • Technical Architect - Technical lead for a Microsoft ASP/COM based online banking product. Primary responsibilities included ensuring scalability, along with conducting design & code reviews.
  • Built and operated a scalability lab to simulate hundreds of uniquely logged in banking customers using open source software. Prioritized and optimized performance bottlenecks, realizing drastic gains in the commercial product features.
  • Confidential,October 1999 to September 2000
  • Senior Managing Consultant
  • Computer Manufacturer Client - Worked on globalizing a Consumer internet website and in-store kiosk. Using ASP and SQL/Server, assignments included adding multi-lingual support to the web pages and optimizing ASP scripts.
  • Aerospace Industry Client - Led a team focused on the migration of an Access 2 application to Access 2000 and SQL Server 7. Generated form designs, business rules, database designs, and security requirements.
  • Confidential,July 1996 to October 1999
  • Senior Programmer - Special Projects - Intranet and client/server specialist responsible for intranet development, technical proof-of-concepts, client server development, and technical consulting for internal IT staff across multiple business units. This role called for critical problem solving skills while balancing & prioritizing multiple tasks.
  • Took first corporate intranet application from proof-of-concept to production using PowerBuilder\'s Web.PB (a CGI-like web interface), including software and database design and development.
  • Created & deployed a JavaScript / ASP / Oracle application used for a company wide PC deployment project. The web application was developed and deployed in 6 days, and served 2,000 users. A flexible, data driven PowerBuilder application relied on meta-data to organize and report user-defined information for asset management, task lists, etc.
  • Designed & built a web-based survey system using Active Server Pages and Oracle. Features included supporting multiple surveys, user-defined survey forms, and the downloading of data into various analytical tools.
  • Wrote a Java application to monitor and automatically restart Microsoft IIS web servers.
  • Presented technical sessions to the developer community to promote object-oriented techniques and demonstrate web-based development. Also mentored interns on Active Server Page projects.

Confidential,June 1990 to July 1996
Senior Analyst - Developer Services
Supported client/server development environments using PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, and SQL Server.
Programmer Analyst
Developed a PowerBuilder application to integrate demographic data and MapInfo software for new Jiffy Lube store development. One year of Adabas/Natural development, and one year of COBOL support.

Computer Experience

Languages: Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005/2003, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Oracle ODP.Net, Active Server Pages, VBScript, HTML, JavaScript, PowerBuilder 3 to 6.5, SQL,TFS
Databases: Microsoft SQL/Server, Oracle, ODBC
Other: Web Services (ASMX), MSMQ, Microsoft Web Server (IIS 2 to 6), Urchin Web Reporting, VMWare, Network Load Balancing, Windows Server 2000/2003, COM+/MTS, Cenzic Hailstorm, Opensta, Essbase
Training: DevConnections 2010, SANS 616: Defensible .Net; Tech Ed 2009 & 2004, SD West 2007 & 2006, Developerlabs Extreme ASP.NET, PDC 2005


Bachelor of Business Analysis

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