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.net Resume

Dallas, TX


  • 7+ years of experience working with Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET 2.0/ ASP.NET 3.5, C#.NET 2.0 / C#.NET 3.5, VB.NET 2.0 / VB.NET 3.5 , ADO.NET, Web Services,WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and other technologies such as XML, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS.
  • Worked through the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC): requirement analysis, design, development, testing, UAT for various Internet and client-server applications.
  • Implemented AJAX features using Telerik Controls to create flicker free UI.
  • Designed and Developed scalable web applications using ASP.NET, C#.NET, SQL Server and Windows Applications using VB 6.0
  • Worked with N-tier architecture applications using Microsoft Data access Application Blocks & MVC architecture.
  • Experience in developing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Enterprise Applications using XML Web Services.
  • Knowledge of XML related technologies such as XML/XSL, XSLT, DTD, XML Schema, DOM, SAX, SOAP, WSDL, Web-Services.
  • Used AJAX to make requests to the server for dynamic display of data without reloading the page.
  • Experience in creating and consuming web services.
  • Worked on business objects.
  • Worked extensively on HTML Controls, Web Controls and User Controls using C#.NET.
  • Experience in XML related technologies: XML, DOM, SOAP and HTTP.
  • Experience in coding Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript.
  • Excellent knowledge of Object Oriented analysis.
  • Expertise in Database design, modeling and implementation on MS SQL Server 2000 including the use of stored procedures, triggers, views, Imports and exports of data using DTS Packages.
  • Extensive experience in T-SQL handling large databases and performance tuning.
  • Experience in developing web and client server reports using reporting tools such as MS SQL Reporting services, Crystal Reports.
  • Excellent team player and execute tasks under less supervision.
  • Self-motivated, excellent analytical, communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.
  • Extremely focused and able to quickly identify and respond to priority issues.
  • High interest and work experience in implementing .Net security features including code access security and role based securities.
  • Work well with customers to determine requirements and application scope.
  • Experience creating software design specification documents. Experienced in leading teams of developers on larger projects.


MS .Net Technologies:

Microsoft .Net Framework, Infragistics .NET Advantage, ASP.NET 2.0 / 3.5, C#.NET 2.0 / 3.5, ADO.NET, VB.NET, Web Forms, WCF.

Web Technologies:


Web Servers:

IIS 5.0, IIS 6.0

Programming Languages:

VB 6.0, C#.Net, VB.Net, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, DHTML


Microsoft .Net 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5


SQL Server 2000/2005

Version Controller:

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Team Foundation Server, Perforce

Database Tools:

Server Query Analyzer

Software Packages:

MS-Office 2000/03/07

Other Tools:

Text pad, Crystal Reports 8.0/11


BS in Computer Software Engineering,


  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.
  • Certified C,C++ programmer.


Sr. .NET Developer Jun 2008 to Till date

Confidential,is a Customer Support application. It provides support and information to the Comcast customer about the Desktop Tool. The modules consist of Customer Account information, Family Plan, View current Order and Order history, Billing Order, Cable Card Pairing, Thomson Device Toolkit, Box flipping etc. A customer can view his account activities, add/delete a family member to his account, Order or configure a number to his account, track his item ordered with Comcast, fetch billing information by providing Order Id, View history of previous orders, pair a Cable Card with his device etc.


  • Used Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Window Workflow Foundation(WWF) Microsoft’s unified programming model to build service-oriented application which enables to build reliable solutions that integrate across platforms to transfer data between ESP and CDT.
  • Contributed to gather the requirement and understand the business flow from the business team.
  • Developed the prototype based on the business requirement.
  • Designed and developed the user interface (web forms) using C#.NET 2.0 and implemented n-tier architecture.
  • Experience with retrieving information from Oracle using ODP.NET.
  • Worked with providing XAML UI for applications.
  • Leveraged Infragistics Net Advantage controls for a site navigation menu.
  • Implemented AJAX features using Telerik Controls such as Rad Grid, Rad Panel, Rad Window to get flicker free look and feel.
  • Agile delivery of software using practices from Scrum.
  • Involved in developing UI Screen, Business Logic Layer and service layer.
  • Involved in object orient analysis, design, coding and testing of overall system.
  • Experience with creating applications using Model View- View Model pattern.
  • Worked with design of single sign-on mechanism (concepts, guidelines,SSO engine implementation).
  • Developed a reference control sheet using the .NET Framework 3.0 and Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF).
  • Experience working with .NET 3.5 Framework includingreflection,serialization,generics, lambda expressions,delegates and events.
  • Experience working with object-orientedUMLarchitectural design, data modeling, and object oriented programming, and full life cycle project management.
  • Experience working with transition from LINQ to SQL and .Net entities Framework.
  • Created and consumed Web services in .NET using SOAP over HTTP to display data to the UI.
  • Consumed the java web services written in ESP product to fetch data from the database.
  • Experience working with Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL, OLAP, SQL Reporting Services, ETL (SSIS/DTS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Worked with Oracle 10g relational database.
  • Experience with Active Directory and LDAP.
  • Written client side validation scripts in JavaScript language and ASP.NET input validation controls.
  • Generated detailed design document with sequence diagram and prepared use cases.
  • Implemented asynchronous page refreshing using AJAX.
  • Used Visual Studio Team Foundation Server as version control for storing different versions of Source Code.
  • Completed code review and peer review.

Environment: Visual Studio 2005 / Visual studio 2008, ASP.NET 2.0 / ASP.NET 3.5 , C#.NET 2.0 C#.NET 3.5, ADO.NET 2.0, Telerik Controls, Paint.NET, Enterprise Architect 6.5, XML, Team Explorer, HTML, JavaScript, IIS 6.0

Confidential,Dallas,Tx. .NET Developer Dec 2007 – May 2008

  • Confidential,enables companies to source direct materials more efficiently by allowing them to negotiate and collaborate with their suppliers on product, pricing, delivery and other key requirements. PDX recognizes the time and effort companies expend building strategic supplier relationships.
  • PDX’s products complement personal interaction with suppliers and provide an automated means for managing the enormous number of complex communications that flow between companies and their extended vendor network.


  • Involved in development of Business Logic Layer and Data Access Layer for the application and implemented business logic using C#.Net 2.0
  • Designed, developed, Unit Tested, Documented the UI using C#.NET 2.0
  • Integrated website with single sign-on system used in corporate network.
  • Deployed applications using Windows Communication Foundation(WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation(WCF).
  • Designed and developed a WPF application to be used as a reference library.
  • Deployed web application to the production server and provided post Production Application Support.
  • Implemented AJAX for asynchronous posting of part of page.
  • Experience working with Agile methodology using SCRUM.
  • XML/XSLinfrastructure design and implementation for custom database application.
  • Experience with Writing Nunit tests and using Test driven development
  • Leveraged Infragistics ASP.NET controls for date UI entry & a site navigation menu.
  • Worked with Use Case modelingof core application.
  • Used ASP.NET 2.0 Provider model for membership, role, profile and sitemap.
  • Worked with storing applications credentials in a central repository using SSO.
  • Worked with transition from LINQ to SQL and L2E.
  • Used Microsoft Data Access Application Blocks (DAAB) for Data access.
  • Worked with UML and Rational XDE.
  • DesignedOLAPsolution to perform multidimensionalanalysisof financial data.
  • Designed and implemented global exception handler to log and notify unhandled application exceptions.
  • Used Datasets, Data Grids, Details View extensively and write T- SQL for retrieval, insertion and updating Database (SQL Server).
  • Worked with Oracle 10g database design and development.
  • Created User controls to make web control (page) reusable in other ASPX pages.
  • Created and consumed XML Web services using SOAP over HTTP.
  • Created stored procedures, views, triggers, T-SQL queries in SQL Server 2005 for various reports by optimizing queries for better performance.
  • Used SQL Server 2005 for generating reports using SQL server reporting services (SSRS).

Environment: Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET 2.0, C#.NET 2.0, ADO.NET 2.0, Oracle, MS SQL Server 2005, XML, HTML, JavaScript, IIS 6.0,.

.NET Developer Sep 2007 - Nov 2007

Confidential,is a Gap employee savings plan where participants’ tax-deferred contributions are invested and earnings are applied monthly to their accounts. Employees, both active and inactive, can withdraw money in the form of cash and/or Gap stock. Thrift Plan application is delivered to replace the previous SunGard OMNI Plan system. The Thrift Application consists of six modules:

  • Withdrawal
  • Batch Inquiry
  • Batch Process
  • Process Inquiry
  • Employee Inquiry
  • Adjustments



  • Designed and developed web forms using C#.NET 2.0
  • Used C#.NET 2.0 to fetch data from SQL server and displayed data using UI.
  • Website management using XML and XSLT.
  • Experience with implementing the concepts of Spring AOP.
  • Leveraged Infragistics ASP.NET controls for a site navigation menu.
  • Experience withMicrosoft SQL Server Analysis Services(OLAP) including designing and maintaining cubes.
  • Assisted outsourced development team to incorporate SSO.
  • Experience with ODP.NET for improved parameter context caching for faster performance.
  • Created and consumed XML Web services using SOAP over HTTP.
  • Used XML data transformation in the application at various stages.
  • Experience with generating reports with SSRS.
  • Experience working with MS SQL Server database.
  • Written complex stored procedures.

Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2005, ASP.NET 2.0, C#.NET 2.0, ADO.NET 2.0, MS SQL Server 2005, XML, Perforce, HTML, JavaScript, IIS 6.0.

Confidential,Hyderabad, India
.NET Developer Sep 2006 - Aug 2007

Worked on the Hyderabad Department of Transportation’s Archived Data User System (ADUS) Website, ADUS website is an archive of transportation related data for use by transportation researchers and many other organizations for transportation administration, improvements, policy, safety, planning and to effect traffic strategies.


  • Prepared functional requirement specification and business requirement documents.
  • Designed and developed web forms using C#.NET and VB.NET using MVC architecture.
  • Involved in development of business Logic layer and data access layer components.
  • Accessed COM data access components from .NET.
  • Used data Access Application Block in accessing Database using various Data Controls.
  • Used JavaScript for client side validations.
  • Used XML Web Services to extract entire policy detail for a given customer.
  • Designed and developed the front-end screens using HTML, XML by converting data in appropriate format.
  • Extensively worked on SQL Server 2000 and DTS package.
  • Written T-SQL queries, Stored Procedures, Cursors, triggers to handle the business rules data integrity and for various data transactions and also generating reports.
  • Prepared unit test cases.
  • Unit testing prior to system implementation.

Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2005, ASP.NET 2.0, C#.NET 2.0, ADO.NET 2.0, VB.NET 2.0, XML, MS SQL Server 2000 / 2005

Confidential,Hyderabad, India
.NET Developer Sep 2005-Aug 2006

Confidential, provides the opportunity to more efficiently manage traffic in the Ameerpet area while reducing congestion and magnitude of safety

  • Designed and developed N-tier Web application based on the MVC pattern in ASP.NET using C#.NET 2.0.
  • Understood Business Rules, created Functional Specifications and designed the system.
  • Used data Access Application Block in accessing Database using various Data Controls.
  • Involved in development of business layer and data access layer for different modules in the application and implemented business logic using C#.Net
  • Developed the entire Customer and Dealer modules.
  • Created and consumed XML Web services for generating credit check on customers using SOAP over HTTP.
  • Involved in creating use-case diagrams and specification documentation through customer interaction
  • Implemented Security features for Web based using Forms authentication
  • Created stored procedures, triggers, T-SQL queries, cursors for various reports by optimizing queries for better performance.
  • Code review, peer code review and peer testing
  • Performed Unit testing and Integration testing

Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2005, ASP.NET 2.0, C#.NET 2.0, ADO.NET 2.0, VB.NET 2.0,MS SQL Server 2000 / 2005, XML, HTML, JavaScript, IIS6.0.

Confidential,Hyderabad, India.
.NET Developer Jun 2003 - Aug 2005

A leading offshore IT & software development company offers various services like application development, outsourcing software.


  • Built on a custom framework using C#, WinForms, Web Services, .Net Remoting, ASP.Net, MS Transaction Server, and SQL Server 2000.
  • Built a web service and remoting framework underneath the credit approval application that allowed integrating future and legacy applications with this central business application.
  • Implemented role based security and customizable workflows based on a user\'s role.
  • Designed and developed the SQL Server database schema.
  • Designed web forms and Windows interfaces.
  • Developed a framework of objects and controls to encapsulate business rules and mainframe data access.
  • Architected and developed new XML web services including an application updating / usage tracking service, a single sign-on service, and mainframe data access service.

Environment: Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET 2.0, C#.NET 2.0, ADO.NET 2.0, Oracle, MS SQL Server 2005, XML, HTML, JavaScript, IIS 6.0,.

Confidential,Banglore, India.
Web Developer Oct 2002 - May 2003

Confidential,is software services company with its development center in Mumbai, India and with an international presence. Their focus is on software Development, Multimedia, Graphic Designing, Print and Web Designing, with an expertise in ASP Technologies.


  • Managed the project life cycle by developing the requirements and implementation for the project.
  • Developed business components and accessed the database using ADO.
  • Designed & developed user interface using ASP forms and logic using C #
  • Created simple to complex stored procedures by using latest techniques.
  • Built custom Java Script client side validations for forms.
  • Extensively used Data Readers, Data Sets and Data Adapter to establish connection and used DML commands to update the business data.
  • Designed and implemented user interfaces, screen layouts using HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML and user controls.
  • Developed CSS files that will help in designing the look & feel of UI.
  • To switch between different patient information screens ASP Intrinsic Objects (Request, Response, and Server) were used.
  • Created text based indexes for fuzzy search.
  • Developed several SQL queries, and stored procedures to perform data manipulation and used ADO.NET to retrieve and display data records.

Environment: C#, SQL Server 2000, ASP, VSS, Windows 2000