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Network Engineer Resume

Federal Way, WA

Objective: Seeking employment as a Telephony Cisco Unified Communications Engineer.

Summary of qualifications:
8 years of Network infrastructure installing, migrating, implementing and troubleshooting. Support Global enterprise networks utilized by CLEC’s. Telecommunication equipment: routers, switches, satellite and databases for transporting data and voice over LAN / WAN. Manage hardware / software deployments. Rebuilt Broadband DSLAMs, cross-connects, POTS / PSTN, ISDN, subscriber circuits, & Cable by virtual remote / Central Office sites. IP Telephony: Planning, Design, Implementation, Operation & Optimization. Upgrade Cisco Unified Communications 3.3-8.5 & UNITY 5.2-8.5 in Multi-Cluster environments up to 50,000 users.


October 2011- Present Confidtnial, Rock Hill, SC | IPT Specialist

Provide PRIs orders, register phones from failover SRST mode, test PSTN, MoH, Intercom, Speaker phone, Reset passwords, Change Windows, Number changes, change button templates, phone resets, new DID blocks, line loops, IP Phone captures, testing configurations, verify NTP servers, Set ACL for UDP / TCP on port 5060, RTMT / Wireshark, technical support to users / Service Desk / Net Ops, local, long distance, FAC codes, TAC cases, dial plan redundancy & digit manipulation, voice gateways & signaling, call routing, codec & call admission control, high availability features, media resources management, QoS features, voicemail integration, ipcc express & callmanager voice application, presence, bulk administration, cross-site scripting & Call Reporting.

March 2010 October 2011Confidtnial, Washington D.C. | Cisco Voice Engineer

  • Conduct meeting with Point of Contact, ADP & Cisco Sales Engineer to upgrade versions of Cisco CallManager 3.3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 to 8.5 install date with 4 hour window go live & provide 1st day technical support for Clients.
  • Planned Install, set configuration for deployment old to new CUCM, verified TFTP connection of MCS Server 7845, VG224, Terminal Server 2821, Router Switch 2851, Cisco Router 1720, Cisco Switch 3560 migrate connection Auto / Manual GigabitEthernet, VLAN Voice / Data update & verify CUBE 8.5.
  • Register VERITAS VNC so CCM, TFTP installing Firmware downloads on SQL 2000, 2005, 2008, Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 Server for IP Phones, CTI, Attendant Console, ATAs, Fax & CC machines CUCMBE 8.5 migration.
  • Create Phone Button Templates, Devices, Call Pickup Groups, Call Routing for NANP, PSTN-inbound Main Number, Local, Long Distance, International, E-911, FAC, Route Patterns & Calling Search Space.
  • Configurations made to Switch, Gateway, Router DHCP, MGCP, VLANs, NTP Server with Putty by telnet / SSL
  • Set Subscribers in Unity for Voicemail (VM/UM), Added multi-line & Caller ID at customers request, Translation Pattern, Partition, Description, Route Filter, Call Routing | Hunt Pilots, Hunt Configurations & Line Groups.
  • Administer CUCMBE Serviceability, OS, Unity & Administration connectivity to Cisco 2821, DHCP, MGCP, Unity Call handlers, Import Users & Scheduling, Check Translation Patterns, Set Username / Password in Unity, used Putty, Provisioned Visonael IPTAS Tool to reduce migration time, Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) to upload License File into CUCMA & complete Boost Divvy Doc forms with 2010 Microsoft Visio, Word & Excel, IM Lync
  • Migration 4 hour window to go live, test SRST, CER, E. 911 & PSTN failover provide 1st day support complete.
  • Devices: Cisco IP Communicator, Cisco SSL VPN Client v5.0.07, Cisco ATA 186 / 187 Analog Telephone Adaptor,
    Cisco Unified Communications(CallManager) 3.3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 6.1, 7.0, 8.51, Cisco Unified IP Phone 7900 G Series 7970, 7960, 7961, 7940, 7941, 7921, 7912, 7911, 7906

December 2008 December 2009 Confidtnial, Southfield, MI | Voice Engineer

  • Provided assessment reports for changes to infrastructure for IPT deployment.
  • Developed Acceptance Test Strategy plan reports for migration for all system assessments.
  • Used Request for Proposal (RFP) IPT questionnaire design reports to make the required changes.
  • Designed, implemented & supported VoIP migration and device deployment at General Motors.
  • Performed network assessment for Cisco best practice recommendations and industry standards.
  • Designed T1 voice and data transport, IP’s using ATM, frame relay and private leased-line networks.
  • Completed site survey with LAN / WAN and Telecom groups to collect data for unified communications.
  • Utilized VoIP products (PSAX, Nexabit NX6400, ATM CBX3500 and GX550 switches) for system support.
  • Built LCM Lab to execute the Test Plan to verify the design with CUCM, VG224, routers and switches.
  • Implemented video H.261 protocols and equipment, IPx4 addressing and router components and functionally.
  • Worked with Nortel Meridian IP ready PBX systems, product / practices, Cisco IP VoIP Toll Bypass.
  • Set gateways on VG224, Cisco MCS 7845, Catalyst Switches 3750, Routers 3845, & Terminal Server 2821,
  • Responsible for PRIs, Video H.261 protocols and equipment, IPv4/IPv6 addressing, router components and functionally CSU/DSU support responsible for LAN and WAN operations.
  • Provisioned, tested and turned-up CUCM (Cisco Unified Call Manager) 6.1 downgrade to 5.1(3) C to upgrade to Cisco Communications 7 and full phase out of PBX, backup of SRST through PSTN/WAN route communications for toll bypass trunking & set the configuration guide for TelePresence.
  • Worked extensively on VoIP H.323 and ISDN PRI voice protocols, convergence QoS, MPLS and bandwidth traffic calculations, LAN and WAN operation and design extension mobility for VoIP CER E-9. 911, CSS, DID, H.323, RTP, BGP, OSPF, MGCP, SIP, SCCP, MLPS, G.711 Codec, and ISDN PRI voice protocols.

July 2008 November 2008 Confidtnial, Federal Way, WA | Network Engineer

  • Supported Weyerhaeuser change management to International Paper Global migration.
  • Conducted network architecture design sequence through router and switch configurations.
  • Enabled RIP / RIPv2, TCP/IP and Frame Relay on routers to send and receive packets globally.
  • Resolved Remedy ARS Tickets outages to reset SSID on Radius IP for wireless and VP at access points.
  • Designed, analyzed, and modified Word, Excel, and Visio documents supporting network implementation.
  • Prepared break fix activities from Project Managers / E NOC to the Field Technicians and 3rd Party Vendors.
  • Created VLANs assigning ports including ISL /802.1q encapsulation on trunk link or VTP for verifying STPs.
  • Configured Load Balancing with EIGRP for 10/100/1000 bandwidth on MPLS network routing transmission, static routes on routers & switches implement WLANs, WAPs configurations to Linksys 300N AP & set SSIDs.
  • Managed operations for configured LAN/WAN interface, filters/access-list (ACLs), static route, sub interface and request copy of router/switch configurations on-site or on Nortel Client VPN Verizon Business Network.

May 2007 May 2008 Confidtnial, Las Vegas, NV | IP Telephony Engineer

  • Resolved, documented, and tracked end-user incidents with Cisco 7941 / 7961G IP phones.
  • Built voice mail system features and programs and deployed automated attendant call handlers.
  • Provided technical support, reset accounts, passwords, created and disabled profiles to CUCM 4.3.
  • Set Call Center in/outbound operations, voice-mail, auto attendant, direct number & extension mobility.
  • Routed patterns NANP/PSTN dial plans including-E-911, 4 digit service codes, 7 & 10 digit local & 11-digit DN.
  • Built / tested sophisticated IP telephony network template for deployment, route plans & COS/FXO-FXS T-1.
  • Modified IP devices for out calling PSTN, TDM and branch offices & support network, server, IP phone outages.
  • Provided call routing (Cisco Unified Unity) Implemented server additions & deletions for unity subscribers.
  • Supported voice mail unified messaging solution allowing users to integrate voice mail, e-mail & fax messages into a single inbox configure a CUCM server and perform a digital integration to a Cisco Unified Unity.
  • Built & tested a Class of Service (CoS) solutions for partition dial plans into internal 911 & service codes, local, long distance and international dialing Adds, moves, changes (MACs), & troubleshot IP telephony devices.
  • Voice and video call routing on a Linux appliance with Cisco 7960 and 7965 IP Phones, IP Communicator with in-line power to Configured Cisco IP Phones with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM).
  • Planned, designed, implemented & operated, Cisco Unified Communication CallManager 4.3, Unity voicemail 4.0 menu system, auto attendant & set up notifications through Microsoft Exchange 2000, Active Directory for system operations.

April 2006 April 2007 Confidtnial, Network Implementation Engineer

  • Documented Network Implementation Plan upgrading Cisco install and configuration.
  • Completed SOW and executed project plans and site requirement specification layout to MDF to CO.
  • Staged documents through Visio drawings and Word document reports for Network Implementation Plan.
  • Entered UNIX commands for TFTP of sensitive material through secured connection from DIR to file server.
  • Upgraded ADC Telecommunications RF WORX & DOCSIS 2.0 modems Gigabit Ethernet Fiber 1000 OC-192.
  • Set up 2811 port Patch Panels, QAM Modulator D9482/D9476 and Motorola BSR 6400 Radio Frequencies (RF).
  • Implemented architecture service orders, installing, rearranging, removing equipment & wiring to CO’s DWDM
    for Broadband High Speed, On Demand and Voice IP Telephony at customer’s location.

November 2005 March 2006 Confidtnial, MI | Interactive Voice Response Specialist

  • Performed call routing via TFN, IVR applications in both speech recognition & DTMF.
  • Implemented end-to-end & integration testing to GM (CARS) information systems and services.
  • Utilized Avaya / Cisco IVR to verify telephony interface at IBM Data Center connected dual DS3 over MPLS.
  • Set-up 800 TFN’s to enable call through series of Media Gateways / Servers & VoIP linked WAN connections.
  • Configured architectural call center switch “line-side digital” for IVR Integrating Avaya & Cisco IP Telephony.
  • Maintained call center utilizing NICE Service System providing technical support ACD in IPCC for GM Call Centers.
  • Created architectural designs utilizing IVR Telephony setup ran by IBM Data Center interface for Voice Servers
  • Ran analytical reports based on issues for the Voice and Data Network Architecture Design, deploying System Integration Testing on 2 DS3’s provisioned 40 T-1’s per call-center with Avaya and Cisco Switches to ACD in IPCC for GM Call Centers.

September 2003 - October 2005 Confidtnial, Overland Park, KS | Voice Engineer Retailing Engineer

  • Supported Moves, Adds, Changes, (MAC’s) to IP users across the network & server impact when
  • Troubleshot Cisco IP telephony devices after migrating from PSTN to VoIP & administering updates.
  • Configured Cisco CallManager 4.1 on Windows 2000 integrated with Exchange Server & Active Directory
  • Migrated Nortel Option 11/81C Avaya PBX to 7900 G series Cisco IP Soft Phones & Cisco Call Manager 4.1
  • Implemented VoIP connectivity to SIP endpoints, inserted route plans & MAC addresses on 7900 IP phones.
  • Administered Juniper ISG 2000 10/100 GB traffic, call-path and unity for voice-mail deployment installation.
  • Troubleshot & resolved software / hardware issues with diagnostic remote loopback & end-to-end testing on VoIP

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