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.net Developer Resume

New York, NY


  • 6+ years of professional experience in developing and implementing Multi-tiered Microsoft.Net Web applications, Client/Server applications, Windows Form Applications, Component Development, XML Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI), Database Programming.
  • Diverse experience in all phases of software development life cycle(SDLC) especially in Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Deployment of applications and implementing N-tier Client/Server applications using object-oriented design methodologies.
  • Developed Internet and Intranet based applications with ASP.Net, ADO.Net, JavaScript, XML, HTML, DHTML, and CSS.
  • Extensive experience in developing N-tier architecture having Presentation Layer, Business Logic Layer, Data Access Layer using C#, VB.Net & ASP.Net.
  • Expertise knowledge in Object Oriented Programming Concepts (OOPS) including Inheritance, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulation.
  • Extensive experience with the Microsoft Technologies like .Net Framework 3.5/3.0/2.0/1.x, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Web Services, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services, Silverlight.
  • Expertise with the Microsoft tools like Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visio, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, Oracle 10g, 9i and Expression Studio 3/4.
  • Expertise with the development languages like C#,VB, WSDL, XAML, Java Script, VB Script, XML, HTML, XHTML, J Query.
  • Expertise in developing user defined controls, generating reports,
  • Expertise in the Database programming using SQL server and Oracle and Strong experience in writing Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Cursors.
  • Expertise in Debugging and Error handling of applications as well as testing in the developer's point of view.
  • Expertise in documentation using MS-office and Visio.
  • Expertise in handling multiple projects and applications simultaneously as a self-starter.
  • Good Team player with excellent communication skills and presentation skills.

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

Master's degree in Industrial Technology
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

Skill Set:

Microsoft Technologies

.Net Framework 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0/1.x, ASP.Net, AJAX,ADO.Net, Silverlight, Web Services, WCF, WPF


C#, VB.Net, JavaScript, VB Script, XML, HTML, XAML, JQuery, PL/SQL.


Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010, Team Foundation Server, SharePoint 2007/2010, InfoPath, Expression Studio 3/4, MS-Office, Visio.

Web Technologies



SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, Oracle 9i/10g.

Operating Systems

Windows 2000/XP, Windows Server 2003/2008


Confidential,New York, NY August 2010- Till Date
Claims Management
.Net Developer
Claim management project keeps track of claims posted by the customers. Administrator will assign claims to a field representative. The project enables web-based interaction, automation of email, view/add/edit/delete claims option, profit for that claim, and provides field reps login to download forms. The Administrator is the super user, would create logins for field reps, assigns claims and monitors the status of the claims and field reps. it includes daily notifications regarding status of the claims and field representatives.

  • Involved in understanding existing applications and reviewing requirements, use cases with business team and implementing and prioritizing the tasks per business requirements
  • Designed and developed base business class and other template classes for business entities using Generics in C#.
  • Access QMS connects to data source SQL Server and provides you with a web-based 'point & click' interface for reporting. Users can select data columns, order data, and export data to Microsoft Excel.
  • Have used ASP.NET Validation controls to do server-side validations and client-side validations based on the user's browser.
  • CSS was used to maintain uniform layout for all the web pages.
  • Developed Custom controls to enable Reusability and have good working knowledge with ASP.NET Web Server controls like Grid View, Data List and Repeater for displaying the records.
  • Involved in the creation of database tables and implementing primary, foreign key constraints in the SQL Server 2000/2005 Database.
  • Extremely proficient in database design, Table Schema, Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, Triggers, Cursors and Joins in SQL.
  • Intensive use of Master Pages, CSS and HTML to design look and feel of the web pages in ASP.NET.
  • Implemented User Controls like Page Footer, Page Header, and Popup Page header & integrated them in different aspx pages and also developed Custom Controls which provides flexibility, reusability better deign time experience.
  • Developed partial post back validations to manipulate data on web pages using AJAX.
  • Implemented Data access layer using ADO.NET to connect and retrieve or manipulate database information.
  • Programmed ADO.NET for communication between application and database, used extensively Data Grid, Data Set, Data Table, Data Views, Data Adapter and Data Readers to render reports.
  • Client-Side Scripting was performed using Java Script.
  • Involved in Unit Testing, Integration Testing and deployment of the application.
  • Used Clear Case for version control of the source code along with the maintenance of the builds and the relevant documents of the same.

Environment:ASP.NET, C#.Net, Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2008, AJAX, HTML, XML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, Jquery, Windows XP

Confidential, Fremont, CA September 2009- June 2010
Web Based Inquiry (WBI)
.Net Developer

Description: Web based inquiry is developed to provide the ease of Inquiry services to patients.

  • Actively involved in collecting the requirements and participated in designing the model of the application.
  • Effectively participated in the meetings and provided ideas according to my point of view.
  • Extensively worked in developing the presentation layer using Silverlight maintaining consistency in the visualization of application using CSS and User Defined controls.
  • Developed business logic layer along with other developers and developed WCF Services to integrate the application with other applications.
  • Tested the application in the development environment and sent it to the test environment for further testing and then finally Deploying the application on the preproduction and the production environment.
  • Designed installation documents for deploying the application in preproduction, production environments.
  • Handled other ACR's along with this simultaneously and participated in multiple applications.
  • Converted some applications which are in .Net Framework 1.0 to 3.5 and integrated them with the other applications.
  • Transferred knowledge to new employers about the existing applications and the standards, and setting up the environment for them to start with.

Environment:ASP.Net, ADO.Net, C#, JavaScript, CSS, .Net Framework 3.5, AJAX, WCF, Web Services, Silverlight, SQL Server 2008, Oracle 10g, Visual Studio 2008, VSS, Visio, MS-Office.

Confidential, Hyderabad, India June 2007- July 2009
Loans Management System (LMS)
Software developer

Description: The Tran Dotcom Short-Term loan solution is architected to act as the turnkey system for both storefront merchants and call centers. It simply works by representatives entering in loan applications via the Internet and processing the information through an automated underwriting process. The system utilizes various credit bureaus to help makea credit decision quickly.
Once approved the TILA\'s and supporting documentationare automatically populated correctly and prepared to be handed to, faxed, or emailedto a customer. When the loan is originated the system can generate an automatic ACH for the customer, allow for a check to be drafted, fund via cash, or automatically fund to a debit card. Payments most commonly are handled via cash or ACH. To assist in the collections process we developed a robust collection module that allows for complete management, notation, and payments during the collection process.

  • Design and Development of Integration modules with third party credit bureaus, Loan safe using ASP.NET, HTML, Java Script and XML.
  • Development of Real-time underwriting module to approve or deny the Loans
  • Customized merchant setup for new merchants and storefronts.
  • Maintenance and support of LMS System.
  • Enhancements to the Data Conversion product and Import of Loan Data from Old system to New system and ensuring balancing between LMS and old system
  • Developed web services for Application Processing and Approval Engine.
  • Real time Reporting using Crystal Reports

Environment: C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Web Services, .NET Framework 2.0, SQL Server 2005, XML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

Confidential, Hyderabad, India March 2005- May 2007
Enterprise Resource Planning
Software developer

Description: This Project is developed for HTC Global Services. It Includes Modules Like Billing, Human Resource (HR), Accounts, AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost), Inventory Etc.
Billing: Deals From Receiving Enquiry, Quotation, Sale Order, giving Delivery Challah, Invoice etc.
Human Resource (HR): Maintains all staff Details (their Personal & Payroll Details) and generates payroll.
Accounts: Maintains the Accounting Part of the Organization.
Annual Maintenance Cost: This is the Maintenance cost after the Purchase is made, this module deals with AMC & its renewals etc.
Inventory: It will maintain the stock in the organization, it warns if the any stock is going below the reorder level. Bill of Materials of each item can be given. Then Costing is done for a given enquiry, which helps in giving the quotation.


  • Requirement gathering and Analysis.
  • Responsible for complete development of the application and prototype.
  • Display and Manipulation of Data in Windows Forms using ADO.NET
  • Extensively used various .Net controls and data objects like Dataset and Data Reader to transfer Data.
  • Used ADO.NET for database connectivity with SQL Server 2000 database.
  • Used Multithreading for the Generation of Reports.
  • Extensively worked with creating & using database objects like Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Cursors for the Business Logic.
  • Design and development of the application.
  • Developed excellent user friendly screens and efficient screen flow navigation.
  • Involved in the design of the database.
  • Used Distributed Queries to access data stored in multiple instances of SQL Server.
  • Used SQL Server Job Scheduling to schedule jobs to run at regular intervals
  • Used SMTP Mail object and Active Directory for sending mails.
  • Responsible for writing Test Cases, Test Plan, Manual Testing and Review Processes.

Environment: C#, ADO.NET, .NET Framework 1.1, Visual Studio.NET 2003, Windows XP, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports , Visual Source Safe.

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