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.net Resume

Houston, TX



  • Experienced in design and implementation in the area of Intranet, client-server, GUI, DBMS
  • Proven ability in developing applications using object-oriented framework
  • Hand on experience in building stored procedure, complex query using Transact SQL for application backend and for ongoing user data request
  • Language/Tools: Visual Studio .NET – ASP.NET 1.1/2.0, VB.NET, ADO.NET, T-SQL, Crystal Reports, HTML, XML, Classic ASP, PowerBuilder

Database: SQL Server, ORACLE, ACCESS
Professional Experience
3/1999 – 7/2010 Application Developer Confidential,Houston, TX

  • Developed Executive Comps Report web application in ASP.NET. The program provided user with tool to view and print report
  • Write User Control that provides user with criteria selection on the same report page. It utilizes Delegate Event Model and Inherited EventArgs class to send message with user selection to main report page. Http context class and Public Property implemented with viewstate is used to persist information
  • Build stored Procedure to retrieve report data
  • Report is presented using Datagrid and printed with dynamically build and populated Html Table
  • Developed Voids/Comps Intranet Report Applications. The program provides information for corporate user, regional manager, and store GM to view their Voids/Comps data within their operation duty domain. The domain is based on their login. Web Service is used to provide security check
  • Customized stored procedures to accommodate each user domain’s requirement
  • Menu user control based on XML file which meet different user domain’s needs
  • Reports are developed in ASP.NET which provide customized sorting for summary report and drill down functionality for detailed report. The application using Http Context class and Public Property to persist the criteria and related information between different report levels
  • Developed Restaurant Level Profit (RLP) Adjustment Data Entry Application. The system provides financial analyst with functionality to enter RLP adjustment and to make decision on the adjustment amount. It is developed using ASP.NET with SQL Server running as backend
  • Stored procedures written for two stages: during presentation stage, utilize Temp Table and Nested Cursor to retrieve data from various GL tables. The data then is being customized and sent out in cross-tab format; during preview stage, temp table is used to store user’s input, which then combined with retrieved data to be sent back to front end for user to preview, therefore no actual change is made to database
  • Interface developed using Datagrid Dynamic Template Column programmatically built by implementing ITemplate interface and Transaction Mechanism in batch update process
  • Client side and Server side data validation to safeguard data
  • Participated in development of Project Tracking web application. It provides manager with the tool to track project resource and status. It is developed using ASP.NET and ADO.NET
  • Developed maintenance screens to let user add and edit project resource and group data presented in Datagrid. Template Column, Dynamically injected Client side script, and data validator are used to facilitate editing
  • Built report to provide user with a glance of project info. Nested Datagrid for presenting and Nested Crystal Report in PDF format for printing
  • Built stored procedure to facilitate custom format in report criteria page. It also uses Http context class, public property, and cached dataset to persist the criteria and reduce database consumption
  • Developed Tax Variance program using ASP.NET to help user handle tax variance related process. User first do data entry, then manager will review the variance and might approve based on cases. It also provides user with report. The program extensively utilizes Dynamic Template Column programmatically built datagrid by implementing ITemplate interface to provide user with nested datagrid, checkbox, especially multiple sorting ability through drop down list from datagrid header. It also provides user with various lookup functionality through Http context class and Public Property
  • Developed ERP Upload to let user generate flat file from database running on SQL Server and then upload to ERP server. It is developed using ASP.NET. The application utilizes Http Context class and Public Property implemented with viewstate to persist the page information and to interact with user about their decision to overwrite the existing files. Web Service is used to do security checking and file IO class used to generate file
  • Dynamically Injected Client script is used in conjunction with custom data validator to validate criteria
  • Stored procedure is used to let user first generate a .csv file on web server based on selected criteria
  • FTP component (Free software found on internet) is then used to FTP user file to Unix machine
  • Developed Utility Invoice Intranet Program. The application is developed using ASP.NET to provide functionality of data entry, search and modify for restaurant accountant and to provide report functionality for corporate user in help them get a base to negotiate price with utility companies. Http Context class and Public Property implemented with viewstate are utilized through out to help user work between modify criteria, modify selection, and modify pages
  • Menu user control is used
  • Client and Server side data validation using custom data validator
  • Various reports to accommodate user’s needs of information for certain state, utility and supply company, file IO is used to allow user to import report data into Excel to do their own analysis
  • Developed GM Conference Photo page in ASP.NET. A data table is dynamically built to act as container for photos. Datagrid with sessioned data table is used to provide paging and navigation ability. User control/xml file is used as menu
  • Developed Web File Upload Program – customized File Picker (free software found on Internet) to provide user with file manager functionality. It is developed in ASP.NET
  • File/directory access restriction based on user setting is provided via the integration of .Net security related class and xml files
  • Data table from xml is used as source for available form group list. Public property is used to persist group and form filter info


  • Developed Aloha Labor Load program to load restaurant labor data from Aloha Enterprise on SQL server to Oracle staging table and provide report functionality. It is a MDI application in VB.NET
  • Crypto function is used to secure connection info to both Oracle and SQL Server
  • Transaction mechanism is implemented for batch loading and detail error log file is provided
  • Typed dataset is used throughout and datatable/arraylist is used as data source for listbox to provide user with a better interface for repeated store selection/un selection
  • Customized component (Free software found on internet) to print report from listview and datagrid directly
  • Participated in development of Employee Training Certification Reward program
  • Developed maintenance screens to let user look up/add/modify/delete gift benefit info using typed dataset, VB.NET, and ADO.NET
  • Report is built with Stored procedure as source. It filters only employee who met certain gift benefit eligibility. Crystal Report is used as report interface
  • Use file IO to do IRS eFiles, folder/file clean up, read INI key values (via free INI file DLL)

Intensive Data Handling Project

  • Electronically File (e-file) IRS Form 8027 for each establishment under Landry’s (150 or so). Form 8027 is Employer’s Annual Information Return of Tip Income and Allocated Tips. IRS wants to make sure employers take proper step to ensure their employee report their tip income. IRS use data in Form 8027 to examine each location (establishment) based on certain criteria. These criteria include food and beverage sales, reported tip via charged tip on charged receipt, and tips/sales percentage.
  • Build tables in development and test environment on SQL Server for tips and sales data loading
  • Write stored procedures to retrieve location sales data from SQL Server side. Have to go through extra steps to remove tax and tip data
  • Load labor/tip data file from ORACLE side, combine sales data from SQL Server side to make e-file ready
  • Generate e-file using VB.NET based on IRS publication 1239 (specifications for filing form 8027 electronically)
  • e-file IRS Form 1099 MISC. IRS requires company to e-file if it has more than 250 returns for a specific form
  • Examine and clean up data from Access for each contractor
  • Create e-file using File IO in VB.NET based on IRS publication 1220
  • Houston Live Stock & Rodeo Show data consolidation
  • Retrieve data from Aloha daily loading, reconciliation to address split ticket and comp issue to provide both summary report and detail report for each receipt
  • Employee working at multiple locations over time report
  • Write report for HR to get employee working at multiple locations and whose hours add up more than 40 in these locations so they get over time pay
  • Constructed numerous reports (Queries) on daily/weekly basis based on users’ requests using data from Product Mix related tables which load data from Aloha Point of Sales (POS) system at each location. Meanwhile monitor the Aloha data loading process on daily basis to ensure it is accurate

ASP Project

  • Developed Non Alcoholic Beverage (NA Bev) Audit Intranet Application to provide internal audit. It allows store GM to find problem, take action and enter the action/comments into database, it also allows regional manager /director and corporate user to monitor stores’ action. This program is developed using ASP
  • Stored procedures retrieve data and format it into cross-tab query using customized temp table and Dynamic SQL
  • Different functionality based on user’s operational duty domain: store GM do data entry, update, view report; regional manager, division VP and corporate user have the ability to view detail and summary reports based on different criteria
  • Developed Cost of Sales Intranet Report Application, This program provides regional director/managers with information based on ideal food cost. The report content is based on user’s duty domain. Security check is performed via VB component
  • Stored procedure is written to retrieve data from GL cost tables and put into temp table. Customization is heavily used to format the data and calculate percentage
  • Interface is developed in ASP to accept user’s criteria and provide them with report in cross-tab format
  • Participated in development of Gift Card Application written in ASP. Worked on GC issue screen to allow user swipe in data and do validation both on client and database server side. Wrote GC receiving screen for store to full/partial receive and send Email in case of partial receive. Worked on GC sales tracking screen to allow store GM track employee GC sales status/records
  • Participated in development of DSS Intranet Report Application. This application is developed using ASP. Wrote stored procedure to retrieve data from POS tables. VB component is used within ASP to encapsulate data. This report used separate frames for row column and header to provide user ability to navigate through report

PowerBuilder Project

  • Developed Hotel Referral System to promote corporate wide restaurant sales. The system is developed using PowerBuilder 6.5 and SQL Server 6.5 running on Windows NT and Windows 95 client-server environment
  • Database design for storing and retrieving hotel recipient, gift certificate, and store information
  • Front end developed using Inheritance, Virtual Function to implement Multiple Document Interface (MDI) to carry out various tasks
  • Data entry and search providing various functions to minimize entry time and safeguard data
  • Customized letter generation with different contents based on different situation. Program connected with Word 97 through OLE Automation to justify letter content from data window
  • Customized report to detail and summarize profit for store and corporate
  • Developed Comps/Voids/Spills Reports Application. The system is developed in PowerBilder 6.5 and SQL Server 7.0 running on client-server environment
  • Stored procedures to get summarized data with sales information
  • Report retrieve data from stored procedure and store it into Data Store, then utilized multiple frames via Datawindow to allow user quickly getting different format by different criteria. It not only allow user get report based on Division, Region, Ranking, but also let user save report into desired file (usually MS Excel) to do analysis
  • Designed and Implemented Aloha conversion from Aloha 3.0 to Aloha 5.0. Working with DBA using trigger and designed PLU # Mapping Mechanism between A3 and A5 system to allow user see one unified report if conversion proceed. Integrated/rewrote all the involved applications in PowerBuilder 6.5 to greatly increase the reports speed
  • Functionality enhancement and new feature adding on corporate wide store sales system – Pmix Application (PowerBuilder 6.5 and SYBASE 10)
  • Detect memory consumption problem and changed Batch file generation program to significantly boost transformation speed of daily sales data between stores and corporation
  • Automated menu item number generation process based on business rule using Embedded SQL
  • Constructed store and regional sales ratio reports for management decision making
  • Written an Email enabled program using MAPI to send monthly menu item list (report to GMs)

Master of Science in Management Information Systems
Training courses
Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications Using Visual Studio .NET
Custom Microsoft .NET Onsite Training
MS Visual Basic InterDev 6.0
Oracle Database 10g: Program with PL/SQL Ed 1
Oracle Forms Developer 10g: Build Internet Applications
OracleAS Discoverer 10g: Create Queries and Reports Ed 1
11i Financials Functional Foundation Ed 3