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Software Engineer Resume

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New Jersey, NJ


Over 4 years of experience in Software development and Process automation using plc and Scada strong functional knowledge in Industrial automation, financial Trading domain.
Currently working for Dearborn electronics as Software engineer with various teams playing the key role and responsible for developing and delivering the interface and solutions related to various modules.
Involved in various design, development, enhancement of interfaces and transactions.

Professional Summary

Undergone training in PLC and Automation conducted by Information Solutions, Bangalore.
Working as Software Engineer for Dearborn Electronics, from Jan 2012 -Till Date.
Worked as an Application Engineer in Agraj Automation ,Bangalore from May 2008 to April 2010
Worked as Software Engineer (Development )in Omnesys Technologies Pvt Ltd from May 2010 to Jan 2012
Experience in C++, VC++, WIN32 Apis, COM, MFC.
Experience in training fresher on VC++.
Good understanding of .Net framework 3.0 and 4.0 (WPF, Winforms,Nunit)
Worked on C++ using smart pointers and various design patterns.
Worked on memory leaks on the project.
Good functional knowledge in Dll’s and libraries (Windows).
Knowledgeable in TCP/IP and Internet Programming.
Experience in development on FDT/DTM Technology.
Knowledge of Industrial Automation protocols like Foundation Fieldbus.
Skilled in PLC and HMI programming and troubleshooting
Experience in assembly machines ,PLCs, conveyors, motion control, vision systems, HMIs, computer interface systems and pneumatics
Hands-on experience in designing and analyzing PLC based control systems
Active and effectual participation in team-work.
Expertise in analyzing business system requirements & inspired by challenging environments.

Academic Profile

BE (Instrumentation Technology)

Professional Experience

  • Working as Software engineer for Confidential,from Jan 2012 -Till Date.
  • Worked as Engineer (Development) for Confidential,from May 2010 -Till Jan 2012.
  • Worked as Application engineer for Confidential,from May 2008 -Till April 2010.

Skill Sets

  • Software Languages and Protocols : C,C++,C# .net, WPF,Plc Programming language,
  • Xml, Socket programming, ATL, TCP/IP
  • Operating Systems : Windows 9X, NT, 2000,XP
  • Software and Tools : Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel ,Visual C++,C,C++ compilers, win32,Windbg,Matlab,SVN, WireShark, Pactware.
  • GUI : Visual C++, MFC, C# .net, WPF, Winforms.

Project Experience

PROJECTS at Confidential,

Confidential,Duration: 6 months
Environment: Visual Studio 2010(C# .net, xml, WPF, Unit testing) Area: Industrial automation
Role: Software engineer Foundation Fieldbus protocol
Team size : 5

  • Confidential,will act as simulator to replace actual physical components of FF system. The purpose is to create a load on host device (Controller) to check permissible upper limits with various cycle times. Additionally it shall be possible to test various combinations of Inputs / Outputs to check how many controllers are required for a given plant configuration.

Roles & Responsibilities:

System Study
Preparation of System Test Plan
Coordinating development and testing.

Confidential,Duration: 3 months
Environment: Visual Studio 2008 (C# .net , COM) Area: Industrial automation
Role: Software engineer Client: ABB
Team size : 13

  • Confidential,is a comprehensive library of Equipment Module templates, and toolkit components for Industrial IT Extended Automation System 800xA. Part of a broad family of 800xA libraries, PCEquipmentLib is designed to optimize the specific caption and building of S88 style Equipment Modules and customized Process Units.

Roles & Responsibilities:

System Study
Preparation of System Test Plan
Coordinating development and testing.

  • Developing XML interfaces, creating Class structures in C++ and coding it

PROJECTS at Confidential,

Confidential,Duration: 3 months
Environment: Visual Studio 2003 (C++,MFC,COM,WIN32) Area: Financial Domain
Role: Engineer (Development)
Team size : 3


Confidential,is an intuitive front-end solution by Omnesys that connects to a robust backend server to fetch market data, execute orders and facilitate trading. Nest Trader Automatic Updation is a service provided to update present NT version and its components. NestTraderAutoInstaller is an application in form of an executable file which uses the BITS application program interface (API) to create transfer jobs and to monitor the progress of jobs in the transfer queue. The Updater is kept in the Nest package for the updates. NT connects to a server process, which is responsible to provide the details of latest version of NT and passes them to Auto Installer exe .Once spawned by NT, the Updater connects to internet and the download starts in background using BITS file transfer service.

Confidential,Duration: 4 months
Environment: Visual Studio 2003 (C# .net,C++,MFC,WIN32) Area: Financial Domain
Role: Engineer (Development)
Team size : 3

  • Confidential,is a service provided by Nest Trader Application to handle failover and load balance of multiple Internet links, with seamless connectivity. In the Client-Server architecture that we follow, client (Nest Trader) has to remain connected to the server (Middleware-Omne) for all types of data exchanges and the critical business connectivity has to stay up always. The connection between server-client can be of various network forms like Internet, VSat, USB data modems, etc.In case of failover of the network our application is connected to, Gateway switches the domains to other present network that is UP. If primary (vsat) server goes down, application can connect to the configured backup (internet) server, once the primary server is up, application will connect back to the primary..

Confidential,Duration: 9 months
Environment: Visual Studio 2003 (C++,MFC,COM,WIN32) Area: Financial Domain
Role: Engineer (Development)
Team size : 6

  • Confidential, is the next generation electronic securities trading software.
  • This is widely accepted in the market place and is used by leading institutions, exchanges and brokers NEST is the flagship product of Omnesys.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Planning/developing the Programs.
Developing GUI.
Developing of interface between Front end and backend (Putty).
Analyzing Functional specs and writing technical specs.
Developing complete Strategy called 4L Strategy and FutvsFut Strategy for automated trading.
Developing Nest auto plugging.
Developing Dll and libraries for enhancements
Developing using Client /Server architecture for communication
Involved in support activities including debugging and bug fixes
Involved in implementation activities.
Developing XML interfaces, creating Class structures in C++ and coding it
Involved in the development of COM components using ATL, Visual C++ and MFC
Good, working knowledge of ATL, COM and ActiveX
Involved in debugging high severity defects using gdb/wbd
Implement the business logic in C+
GUI Development on Windows
Win32 Programming

PROJECTS at Confidential,

Confidential,Duration: 3 Months
Environment: PLC and HMI Areas: Industrial automation.
Role: Application Engineer
Team size : 5

  • This System can be used to melt gold up to desired temperature and to pour the melted gold to the crucibles automatically. It makes the melting process easy and avoids the need of machine training to new operator. Operator himself can set the required speed, temperature; timers etc. for different types of gold and can call the corresponding program in each melting.

Confidential,Duration: 5 Months
Environment: C++(embedded), Scada and HMI Areas: Industrial automation
Role: Application Engineer
Team Size :5

  • Description:
  • This equipment is designed for bush presence detection in clutch assembly using PLC and necessary fixture .The concept of this poka-yoke is to detect the bush in both left and right side of clutch assembly. If the bush is present the green indicator will glow, if bush is not present then the red indicator will glow with the buzzer. The operator can acknowledge the fault only with the help f key switch. After acknowledging and placing the bush he can start the testing cycle again. The reset key should always be in ON position.

Confidential,Duration: 3 Months
Environment: PLC ,Scada and HMI Areas: Industrial automation
Role: Application Engineer
Team Size :5

  • This system can be operated in either manual mode or auto mode. In the manual mode the vibra mill, Sand feeder and shakeout can be operated individually by operating the switch in operator panel and all machine operations are independent of each other. In auto cycle the operation of system is controlled by Plc based system. The operators can select auto cycle from mode selector switch. In auto cycle the system starts in following sequence vibra mill, Sand feeder and finally shakeout, which has to be switched on or off manually even in auto cycle.

Roles & Responsibilities:

To prepare I/O details of PLC
Design the pneumatic solenoid valves and cylinders as per machine sequence.
Take review report and discuss with manager every week.
Plc Programming using coils, contacts, Timers and counters.
Configuration of Plc hardware/Software.
Application programming(C language) using bit operation function.
Application program (C language) like speed control of dc/Servo motor etc.
Plc used are GE-Fanuc, Allen Bradley, Siemens etc.
HMI programming.

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