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.net Resume

Glendale, CA


  • Over 7 years of professional IT experience in Design and Development of Web Applications and Stand-Alone Applications using Microsoft Technologies.
  • Experience in developing applications spanning across multiple domains which includes Health, Insurance, Banking and Ecommerce.
  • Experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle including analysis, design, coding, testing and deployment using .NET technologies which includes C#.NET, ASP.NET 4.0/3.5/3.0, VB.NET, WCF, WPF, Ajax, LINQ, CSS and IIS 7/6.
  • Expertise in developing ASP.NET, Windows Applications, Web Services, Windows Services, WCF and WPF.
  • Strong knowledge in Web based pages and site design using HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, Themes, Master Pages, Site Map, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, JQuery and Ajax.
  • Expertise in Developing web forms, web controls, user controls and validation controls in ASP.NET
  • Possess excellent abilities in developing database programs like Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views, Cursors, Packages and Implementation scripts on ANSI SQL, PL/SQL and T-SQL using My SQL, Oracle 11g/10g/9i, SQL Server 2008/2005.
  • Hands on experience in Object Oriented Analysis (OOA) and Object Oriented Design (OOD) using Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) using C#.
  • Implemented ADO.net data access techniques i.e SQL connection objects, SQL Command objects, Data Set objects, Data Reader objects and Data Adapter objects using Data Grid, Data list and Repeater controls.
  • Generated reports using Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Developed projects in Waterfall, Iterative, Agile and Scrum Development Methodologies.
  • Created content driven and user-friendly applications using Expression Blend, WPF and Silverlight.
  • Extensive experience with process modeling using UML, Flow charts, Sequence diagrams, Activity diagrams and Use cases by using tools like MS Visio.
  • Experience with versioning tools like Team Foundation Server, SubVersion and Visual Source Safe.
  • Leveraged testing methodologies like Unit Testing, Integration Testing and Load Testing using tools like N-Unit and Visual Studio.
  • Excellent diagnostic and debugging traits
  • Resilient in adapting to new technologies and work environments.


Masters (Computer Application)
Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)


.NET Technologies

.NET Framework 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0, ASP.Net, ADO.NET, Web Services, WCF, WPF, XSLT, XSD, LINQ, UDDI, WSDL, AJAX, SILVERLIGHT 4.0, IIS 7/6

Programming Languages:

C, C++, C#, VB.NET, VB 6.0, SQL, Core Java

Web Technologies



MS SQL Server 2008/2005/2002, Oracle 11g/10g/9i, MS ACCESS


Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2010/ 2008/ 2005/ 2002, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0

Reporting Tools:

SSRS, Crystal Reports

Operating Systems:

Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows 7/Vista/XP


JavaScript, VB script, PHP, JQuery

Development Tools:

Expression Blend 3.0, MS Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005/2003, Edit Plus, Photoshop, Dream Weaver, MS Visio, SQL Server Management Studio 2008/2005




Team Foundation Server, SubVersion, Visual Source Safe, SSIS, Telrik,


Confidential,Glendale, CA Mar 11 – Current

Role: Sr. Net Developer

Description: Confidential,assists healthcare providers in reducing their bad debt write-offsbyqualifying patients for third party coverage. Win forms application was developed to index documents that can be retrieved using the account number. Also, a web application was created that could be used by the contractors to enable them to update a variance for specific projects, thereby updating the costs and other factors related to the project. This assisted in information processing, retrieval and generating reports.


  • Involved in complete Project Development Life Cycle requirements gathering, analyzing, design, development, implementation, testing, and maintenance of the project.
  • Developed application using ASP.NET 4.0, C#, ADO.NET, AJAX, SQL Server 2008
  • Designed and maintained database in SQL Server 2008. Created tables, views, user defined functions, stored procedures and triggers.
  • Consumed and deployed 270 and 271 Web services to inquire for medical eligibility.
  • Used Agile Methodologies for regular adaption to changing requirements and continuous delivery of useful and working software.
  • UsedTeam FoundationServer for Source Code Control, project related document sharing and team collaboration.
  • Developed rich user interfaces usingSilverlight4.0 and created Silverlight custom controls, styles, animations and themes based on requirements
  • Developed RIA (rich interface applications) using Expressions.
  • Created WCF services and communicated them with JavaScript to display certain information
  • Developed the presentation layer using WPF and Silverlight.
  • Used LINQ to extract and process XML Data.
  • Provided Security against SQL Injection.
  • Used Multi-threading for better performance
  • Created reports using Crystal Reports
  • Created sequence, class and activity diagrams using UML.
  • Performed troubleshooting, diagnostics to improve performance and efficiency.

Environment: C#, ASP.NET 4.0, VB.NET, Visual Studio .NET 2010, MS Expressions 2008 TS,.Net Framework 4.0, AJAX, Microsoft Application Block, XML, XSLT, IIS 7.0, HTML, SOAP, Silverlight 4.0, Java Script, SQL Server 2008, T-SQL, UML.

Confidential,Bloomington, IL Apr 09 – Dec 10

Role: .Net Developer

Description: Developed Claims Automated Payments System (APS) for StateFarm Insurance. This application enables the representative to do online claim tracking, make a payment for estimated payments and to allow the representative to view or find the payment. It provides the representative with details that can be used more intuitively and effectively to setup information to make payment, save it and return later.

  • Prototyped the system towards understanding the system requirements and involved the user community at all stages of the project and incorporated user feedback.
  • Developed GUI front end using Windows forms (Win Forms) in C#.
  • Involved in gathering requirements and designing software.
  • Designed user interface screens and implemented application logic under Microsoft .NET framework 3.0 using C# to use .NET features powered with CLR.
  • Worked with Custom Controls, Validation Controls and rich controls like calendar control.
  • Generated a high-level function hierarchy through analysis of information needs.
  • Development of screens and report layouts
  • Used ADO.NET for Data accessing. Upgrading the modules into Microsoft .Net (C# .Net, ASP.NET) and created a web service.
  • Created Custom web parts using SharePoint Object Model and SharePoint web services. Used C# as the programming language.
  • Configured Web.Config file for the configuration of the entire Web Application.
  • Developed HTML and ASP.NET pages to meet the business requirements and also involved in replacing HTML pages with redesigned ASP.NET pages.
  • Developed Java Scripts for dynamic user interface and browser compatibility tests.
  • Worked on SSRS 2005 to generate about 30+ reports for various user groups and developer groups.
  • Developed Web Services in ASP.NET for much useful functionality.
  • Used Presentation Layer as CSS which allows customization of layout, color based on the user selection using XSLT, XML and CSS.
  • Written stored procedures and SQL statements to access data from SQL Server 2008 Database
  • Developed database stored procedures, functions, views and created DTS (Data Transformation Services) packages for data transfer from various files
  • Developed Stored Procedures using SQL for all the interaction with the database.
  • Integrated various reports into the application. The reports were created using Crystal Reports.

Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2008, C#.net, JavaScript, MVC, ASP.Net 3.5, ADO.Net, AJAX, XML, SQL Server2008, IIS, SSRS, Web Services, Entity Framework, Web Forms, CSS, WCF.

Confidential,Boston, MA May 08 – Jan 09

Role: .Net Developer

Description: Confidential,Team in Sovereign Bank I was responsible for a credit card project which was developed for a Health Organization. The project involved creating many reports like daily activation Report, Lost and Stolen Card Report, Escheatment Remittance Report, Program Funds Account Balance Recap Report and several monthly and Quarterly Reports of which some were exclusively for the Business Line and some were within the organization and some for the customers exclusively.

  • Involved in requirements gathering, analyzing, design, development, implementation, testing, and maintenance of the project.
  • Developed application using ASP.NET 3.5, C#, ADO.NET, AJAX, SQL Server 2005
GUI was developed using C#.NET and ASP.NET. Used the .Net Framework 3.5 and converted Legacy code from .Net 2.0 to 3.5.
  • Designed and maintained database in SQL Server 2005. Created tables, views, user defined functions, stored procedures and triggers using Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer
  • Consumed Web services using WCF for online transactions using C# and exposed them through SOAP and HTTP.
  • Extensively used Event aggregator to publish and subscribe events between various modules.
  • Used WCF services to access data from data store.
  • Used Agile Methodologies for regular adaption to changing requirements and continuous delivery of useful and working software.
  • UsedTeam FoundationServer for Source Code Control, project related document sharing and team collaboration.
  • Went through the total Project Development Life Cycle and have a clear understanding of various tiers as the project was a multi-tier application.
  • Developed rich user interfaces usingSilverlight3.0 and created Silverlight custom controls, styles, animations and themes based on requirements
  • Developed RIA (rich interface applications) using expression.
  • Design, Development and testing of REST web services called by Silverlight UI using ADO.Net data services and Entity framework
  • Created WCF services and communicated them with JavaScript to display certain information
  • Extensive use of Web Services, WCF Services and SOAP protocols
  • Developed Coding the presentation layer using WPF and Silverlight.
  • Developed service layer using Windows Communication foundation technology
  • Created Silverlight Command Pattern to consume WCF Service methods.
  • Designed and implemented Data access layers using LINQ for XML Data
  • Developed Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Views in the SQL Server 2005.

Environment: C#, ASP.NET 3.0/3.5, VB.NET, RAD Controls, Visual Studio .NET 2005, MS Expressions 2008 TS,.Net Framework3.0,MVC, Web Forms, AJAX, Microsoft Application Block, MSMQ, XML, XSLT, .NET Architecture Design patterns, IIS , HTML, SOAP ,Silverlight 3.0, Java Script, OLEDB, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, T-SQL/PLSQL, UML.

Confidential,Frankfort, KY Dec 06 – Mar 08

Role: .Net Programmer

Description: Part of the development of the entire Confidential,It provides a single easy to maintain electronic application to serve as a “one-stop shop” (portal) for all State and Federal funding assistance applications submitted in Kentucky. The web portal provides an entry of common information required by state and federal funding agencies, prompt the user for required agency specific information, and will route applications to appropriate Review and Funding agencies.

  • Designing and development Federal & State web forms of the e-Clearinghouse using ASP.NET Web and custom controls.
  • Involved in analysis, Design and coding for the Windows based Intranet application.
  • Implemented SOA using Microsoft web services
  • Used performance-tuning techniques to reduce garbage collection times with the help of CLR profiling.
  • Implemented Web Services for security and access permissions.
  • Create and Maintenance of the Database tables and perform backup of the tables.
  • Developed the SQL Server Stored Procedures, Views and User-Defined Functions that are required for the application in MS SQL Server 2005.
  • Used threading for operation to insert record simultaneously
  • Implemented development standards with team members.
  • Responsible for documenting the requirements specification.
  • Designed and Developed Web forms using ASP.NET, XML and XSL.
  • Used ASP.NET Server Controls and HTML, DHTML controls to design the web pages.
  • Involved in writing the programming code for web pages using ASP.NET, C# object Model.
  • Used ADO.NET Object Model to Interact with SQL Server Database using C#.
  • Designed and developed application in a MVC design pattern that converts database views to hierarchical XML documents which are then streamed to the ASP presentation layer.
  • Developed Tables, Indexes, Stored procedures, Database Triggers and Functions
  • Data Layer using SQL Server 2005.

Environment: VB .NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Visual Studio 2005,.NET Framework 3.0, JavaScript, HTML, XML, IIS , SQL Server 2005, Oracle 9i, Smart Client Technology.

Confidential,NYC, NY Jul 05 - Oct 06

Role: .Net Developer

Description: Confidential,Public Website is to provide the Manhattan home buyer or renter a site listing of NYC properties offered by seasoned real estate experts. All listings on the site are broker exclusives that they have been published for public viewing. Listings will display detailed property information that may include pricing, interior photos, building photos, floor plans, neighborhood descriptions and virtual tours. Updates to listings are done on a real-time basis throughout the day. Today, OLR data base is the largest independent source of information shared by the Manhattan brokerage community more than 250 firms and thousands of real estate agents use On-Line Residential (OLR.com) to keep abreast of the daily changing environment of real estate.

  • Involved in coordinating with different departments to gather the requirements.
  • Participated in Transforming business/functional requirements to technical requirements.
  • Participated in full software development lifecycle (SDLC).
  • Design and developed applications including UI Layer, Business Layer and data layer.
  • Designed and implemented user interfaces, screen layouts using ASP.NET and AJAX for the presentation layer and JavaScript were used for client validations.
  • Each page contains its own color schema and Menu. Menu is developed through XML.
  • Maintained Business layer separately for the project to be written in C#.
  • Worked on Developing Master Pages.
  • Experience in the .net 3.0 key features like Windows Presentation foundation, Windows communication foundation and Multi-Threading
  • Developed a slide show tool with the help of WPF.
  • Developed the OLR Mobile Application which is optimized for BlackBerry 8800 series, 8700 series and IPhone.
  • Created database schema and development of database in SQL Server.
  • Developed PL/SQL stored Procedures, Functions and triggers for back-end batch processes.
  • Debugged and tuned PL/SQL.
  • Written stored procedures, triggers, packages and complex queries in Oracle 9i.
  • Created tables, views, sequences and indexes in Oracle 9i.
  • Worked on visual source safe and Unit testing was performed using NUnit
  • Developed Web Service for Business to communicate with each other and clients.

Environment: .NetFramework3.0, C#.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET3.0, Win forms, Web forms, HTML, XML Web Services, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2000, AJAX, Java Script, Visual Studio2005.

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