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Rpa Uipath Developer Resume

Chevy Chase, MD


  • Over all 9 + years of IT experience with 3 Years’ Experience in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Proficient in all phases of SDLC such as Analysis, Design, Development, Integration, Implementation and Maintenance
  • Experienced in a fast - paced Agile Development Environment including Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Scrum
  • Experience in building RPA (Robotics Process Automation) solutions using UiPath.
  • Strong user interface development experience using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, Custom tag libraries, jQuery, Swing API and ASP.net framework
  • Proficient in Object Oriented Analysis and Design OOAD programming and .Net Architecture and ASP.Net MVC, MVW
  • Hands on Experience in creating PDD (Process Definition Document) and developed respective SDD (Solution Design Documents)
  • Exposure to UiPath Single Sign-on implementation using Microsoft Active Directory
  • Experienced in building Robotic Automation Processes and Business Objects for various business systems
  • Worked on UiPath work queues to manage Bot workloads
  • Highly result oriented and pro-active, proven abilities to learn new technologies quickly and Implementing them successfully in production
  • Strong analytical, problem solving & programming skills, cohesive team worker with exceptional Planning & execution skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work under tough deadlines/pressure
  • Over 9 years of IT Experience in Designing, Development and Maintenance of Scalable, Distributed, ASP.NET Applications and SQL Server 2000/05/08/14/16.
  • Experience in Software Development Life Cycle (like Analyzing Designing, coding, testing, bug fixing and customizing) and Implementation of Client/Server applications using C#, VB.NET and SQL Server 2000/05/08 with N-tier development environment
  • Extensive experience in designing and developing front-end/user-interface (UI) of web applications using HTML 4.0/5.0, CSS3, AngularJS, Bootstrap, AJAX, JSON and DOM
  • Worked on AngularJS concepts of Scopes, Models, Services, Dependency Injection, Routing and Prototyping.
  • Expertise in implementing web applications using ASP.NET 3.0/3.5/4.5/Core, ADO.NET, Web Services and IIS.
  • Experience in working with MVC architecture.
  • Extensive experience in SQL Server 2008/2012, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Queries, Indexes, DTS Packages, Transactions, Cursors etc.
  • Working knowledge in Internet languages like HTML, CSS, XML, VBScript, JavaScript.
  • Experience in developing WCF and Web Services using SOAP and XML and Windows Services.
  • Experience working in fast paced environments like AGILE Development.
  • Expertise in developing Multi-Tier Application Development.
  • Knowledge of the latest technologies like WPF, LINQ and Ajax.
  • Developed business and data access components in C# utilizing ADO.NET transaction management & LINQ.
  • Experience in documenting, preparing and executing test plans.
  • Excellent analytical, interpersonal, communication & written skills.


RPA Tools: UiPath

Programming Languages: C#, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, SQL, C, C++, Perl

Databases: SQL Server 2008/2012

Operating Systems: Windows XP/NT/Vista/7, UNIX

Application Tools: Visual Studio .NET 03/05/08/10/15 , Microsoft Office

Modeling Tools: Microsoft Visio, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), MS Build

Server Technologies: C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, .NET Framework 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/ CORE 1.0/CORE 2.0

Web Technologies: HTML5/DHTML, AngularJS, VBScript, XML, CSS3, SOAP, AJAX, WCF, WF, PHP

Web Servers: IIS 5.3/6.0, Azure

Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP


Confidential, Chevy Chase, MD

RPA UiPath Developer


  • Worked with SME's to create PDD (Process Definition Document) and developed separate SDD (Solution Design Documents).
  • Implemented End to End Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using UiPath.
  • Used Ui Path automation elements such as Mouse, Keyboard and Attribute to automate the desktop sequence activities.
  • Implemented selectors for interacting with window and web browsers for continuous navigation of applications.
  • Image-based texts in applications are also automated with mouse clicks.
  • Used Screen Scraping method to extract text from running window application by appropriate output methods such as native, Full text and OCR.
  • Implemented Web Recorder for automating logging and inserting data actions into browser applications using different Input methods such as Send window messages and Simulate.
  • Configuring new processes and activities using core workflow principles that are efficient, well-structured and manageable.
  • Used Data Scraping method for extracting structured data from browser applications or documents into a CSV file or Excel Spread sheet.
  • Used image activities with wait conditions to ensure proper website or application loading, to perform certain actions in a loop.
  • Used Excel automation for repetitive Excel data entry, appending and for comparing columns.
  • Interacted with different mail services such as POP3, OUTLOOK and IMAP to get the mail messages into folder.
  • Interacted with the different send services of mail to send automatic mails and audit logs regarding the task completion.
  • Handled exceptions using Try-Catch activity.
  • Image based, and Text automation are used in Virtual Environments, for interacting with the application
  • Handled the Execution of project in UiPath Robot.
  • Deployed the process in UiPath Orchestrator and scheduled their execution.
  • Used Queues to collect information from orchestrator to perform additional tasks.
  • Configured the Bots and deploying processes and scheduled the jobs in UiPath Orchestrator.
  • Participated with test teams during the Product test and UAT phases to fix assigned bugs.

Key Technologies/Skills: Robotics Process Automation- UiPath, VB.Net, C#, SQL Server, Azure

Confidential, Washington, DC

Senior .Net Developer


  • Performed moderately complex systems modeling, simulation and analysis to provide appropriate software solutions.
  • Provided input for documentation of new or existing programs to ensure information accessibility, as required.
  • Customized software based on research and customer needs as appropriate.
  • Coordinated and facilitated communications with other departments and/or commercial vendor(s) to investigate and resolve software matters of significance and to ensure proper functioning of systems.
  • Maintained communication with management and customers regarding status of software development and problems.
  • Provided the customer base with first level support.
  • Used Object Oriented concepts and practices
  • Used Design Patterns and MS Enterprise Library
  • Used UML and other modeling tools
  • Diagnosed and corrected problems in the production environment
  • Designed and created MS-SQL database objects including tables, stored procedures, views, functions, etc
  • Used HTML, jQuery/Javascript/JSON/AJAX
  • Used .NET Framework 4.0/4.5 and .NET core
  • Implemented Web Services utilizing WCF, SOAP, XML, IIS
  • Used SDLC / Agile delivery
  • Used Development platforms/tools like MS Visual Studio, TFS
  • Used LINQ, ADO.NET, Entity Framework
  • Used MVC
  • Created Crystal Reports.
  • Created SQL jobs for running daily jobs
  • Create tables, stored procedures, functions and views in SQL Server.
  • Develop web pages using ASP.Net MVC, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Ajax.
  • Develop webpages for the document generation such as Award of Attorney, Final Order, etc. using ASP.Net MVC.
  • Used ADO.Net for retrieving, storing and data manipulation for achieving continuous database connectivity.
  • Generate PDF document using ITextSharp library.
  • Developed projects using SCRUM/Agile project development methodology and participated in Sprints.
  • Provided great User Interface and User Experience
  • Created accessible websites following WCAG 2.0

Key Technologies/Skills: ASP.NET Core MVC, C#, Visual Studio 2015,WCF,JSON,JQUERY, XML/XPATH, XSLT, Web Services, HTML5, CSS, TFS, SQL Server 2008/2014.

Confidential, Johnston, IA

Senior .Net/UI Developer


  • Application worked across modern desktop browsers and iPad.
  • Created Single-page Client side applications using Angular2, Html5, CSS3.
  • Created TFS Build definition for continuous integration of code into the source control
  • Created reports in Salesforce.com for getting the list of sales reps that were provided by the product owner.
  • Created SOQL queries using Workbench for using in the ETL process.
  • Create Cast Iron orchestrations for retrieving the sales rep data and their images from salesforce.com into global rep finder database. Used Cast Iron ETL Tool for retrieving the data from Salesforce.
  • Wrote Queries, Stored Procedures and created tables using SQL 2008.
  • Enabled Built-in flexibility for faster incremental implementation of countries.
  • Wrote SQL Server unit tests for stored procedures using SQL Server object Explorer in Visual Studio 2013.
  • Used protractor for writing end to end tests which simulate user actions on the browser.
  • Used Chutzpah test runner for integrating JavaScript unit tests into Visual Studio
  • Used ReSharper for finding compiler errors, runtime errors, redundancies, code smells, possible improvements and for maintaining the code standards.
  • Used build tool Grunt for minification, compilation and unit testing of code.
  • Developed projects using SCRUM/Agile project development methodology and participated in Sprints.
  • Provided great User Interface and User Experience
  • For the back end, used SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Developed Web APIs
  • Used Git for source control as well
  • Created a Website with simple, intuitive and elegant interface and user experience for the External and Internal customers of pioneer.
  • Created Single-page Client side applications using Angular2, Html5, CSS3.
  • Retrieved data from external source through Cast Iron process.
  • Created TFS Build definition for continuous integration of code into the source control
  • Used build tool Grunt for minification, compilation and unit testing of code
  • Provided great User Interface and User Experience
  • Developed mobile application with Apache Cordova and Ionic that can run on android and I phone devices etc.
  • Created Single-page Client side applications using Angular2, Html5, CSS3.
  • Application functions with or without network access, caching reference data locally in SQLite data store and queuing posted data for future delivery
  • Used build tool Grunt for minification, compilation and unit testing of code
  • Used HighChart for displaying charts.
  • Developed Web APIs
  • Accessed Salesforce API for creating the incidents and retrieving them.
  • Created Single-page Client side applications using Angular2, Html5, CSS3.
  • Created a Web page for pioneer employees for creating incidents.
  • Used build tool Grunt for minification, compilation and unit testing of code
  • Based on the business requirements, Created Single-page Client side application using Angular2, Html5, CSS3.
  • Followed Agile and scrum for completing the project.
  • Used build tool Grunt for minification, compilation and unit testing of code
  • Created functionality for Printing and Emailing Agreements signed by the customer.
  • Create a HangFire Job for inserting payments data from Connex to Payments database.
  • Used build tool Grunt for minification, compilation and unit testing of code
  • Developed the application using c#.net 4.5.
  • Participated in defining System Design, Specifications and performed project and task estimation
  • Coded Business logic in C#
  • Created traces using SQL server profiler to find long running queries and modify those queries as a part of Performance Tuning operations.
  • Successfully migrated data between different heterogeneous sources such as flat file, Excel and SQL Server 2008 using SSIS.
  • Created and when required, modified already existing stored procedures.
  • Loading data from various sources like OLEDB, flat files to SQL Server database Using SSIS Packages and created data mappings to load the data from source to destination.
  • Created SSIS packages to pull data from SQL Server and exported to Excel Spreadsheets and vice versa.
  • Deployed SSIS Package into Production and used Package configuration to export various package properties to make package environment independent.
  • Used SSIS to create ETL packages to validate, extract, transform and load data to data warehouse and data marts
  • Designed, Developed and Deployed reports in MS SQL Server environment using SSRS-2008.
  • Designed databases and wrote Queries, Stored Procedures in SQL 2000.
  • Performed Coding/Programming tasks to specification and in accordance with Development standards
  • Performed unit testing using NUnit and did code review
  • Used TFS for source control and for following the duties of scrum
  • Created ETL DB table scripts
  • Used build tool Grunt for minification, compilation and unit testing of code
  • For the back end, used SQL Server 2008 R2
  • In our project we have used BizTalk Server consultants to deliver improved performance, return on investment, and added the value using: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Managed EDI Services Salesforce, SharePoint Server, SQL Server, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Environment: ASP.NET MVVM 4.5, C#, Visual Studio 2013,WCF, XML/XPATH, XSLT, Web Services, HTML5, CSS, TFS, SQL Server 2008 R2, Angular2.

Confidential, Rochester, MN

.Net Developer


  • Developed stored procedures (SP) and functions to insert data and retrieve data from SQL Server 2008 R2 database.
  • Designed and developed the application using MVC 4.0(Model View Controller) Architecture and Entity Framework.
  • Created a Web Service Layer so that all the applications at the client can consume the services without directly interacting with the main services
  • Used Interfaces in Web Services layer which can be defined as per requirement.
  • Used disposable SQL connections to get data from Database.
  • Used ADO.NET objects like Data Adapter, Data Reader and Data Set.
  • Implemented and Consumed the web service layer for getting & manipulations of the data from DB.
  • Implemented customized XML parser to extraction of data from XML and writing data to XML
  • Developed NHibernate with API to support SQL loading and storing.
  • Made HTTP specific calls in code using HttpWebRequest objects
  • Consumed client-specific Restful API for getting required data
  • Handling of Exceptions extensively without crashing the Application
  • Used Logging frameworks like log4net to log system errors and information for debugging
  • Tested the application and resolved the bugs that were found
  • Created partial views and used Ajax for displaying a partial page
  • Designed and Configured advanced JQuery code for client side validations
  • Implemented graphs using the J-Query Flot Plugin.
  • Customized the Flot J-Query according to the client requirements.
  • Used Twitter Bootstrap UI controls for RICH UI and for adjust as per client system resolution
  • Used AJAX for GET & POST calls to get data from Controller.
  • Created User defined functions for string manipulations and date formatting as per client time-zone in JQuery.
  • Created and configured WCF service with multiple bindings using SOAP
  • Created WCF proxy class and wrapper agent for handling exceptions While consuming WCF service
  • Used XML and JSON data that was received from various web services
  • For the back end, used SQL Server R2 2008.
  • Created Tables and written Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2008
  • Used SVN for source control.
  • Published Application to Dev server and performs integration test to make sure everything is working.
  • Experiences converting XML data into PDFs for display.
  • Used intersystem Cache for data
  • SQL access methods were used to access Intersystem Cache.
  • Used HighChart for displaying charts.
  • Provided great User Interface and User Experience
  • For the back end, used SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Used Git for source control as well

Environment: ASP.NET MVC 4.0, C#, Visual Studio .NET 2010,WCF, XML/XPATH, XSLT, Web Services, AJAX, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, SVN, BizTalk Server 2010/2006 R2, SQL Server 2008 R2, BizTalk Server.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Software Developer


  • Developed web pages in ASP.NET and used C# for code behind application programming interface.
  • Requirements gathering, design the applications, project planning.
  • Designed and developed the application using MVC 4.0(Model View Controller) Architecture and Entity Framework.
  • The Entity Framework was used for the object to database mappings.
  • Used the ASP.NET server controls
  • Responsible for design of the developer experience and API for ASP.NET/ASP.NET MVC 4.0 user interface controls
  • Client-side web development using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, client MVC frameworks.
  • Server-side web development using ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, SQL.
  • Used Web services.
  • Designed and developed Data Access layer, Business layer and Presentation Layer (user interface) for the n-tier architecture web application using C#, ADO.NET and ASP.NET.
  • Designed and implemented Web Services in ASP.Net for the business layer that interacts with various inter-department applications
  • Implemented Data Access Layer using ADO.NET to communicate with the SQL Server database.
  • Used Dataset, Data Adapter, Data Reader, Data Relation and other ADO.NET connectivity objects.
  • Developed Rich User Interface for Projects module using Silver Light, WPF.
  • Implemented WWF and handled the workflow based on the Business rules.
  • Implemented and used WPF Controls over web browser.
  • Developed WPF based GUI with C# as code-behind.
  • Used AJAX to create interactive web applications.
  • Worked on LINQ queries.
  • Expertise in using SVN to open bugs, create tasks and user stories, initiate change requests.
  • Used SVN source control to deploy application.
  • Used SVN to report bugs and to maintain product backlog items.
  • Customizing and generating multiple SVN reports to serve company needs.
  • Used Agile Software Development methodologies to enable efficient and effective high-quality software development.
  • Unity Framework was used.
  • Provided great User Interface and User Experience
  • Used Git for source control as well

Environment: ASP.NET 3.0/3.5, C#, Visual Studio .NET 2010, ADO.NET,XML/XPATH, XSLT, Web Services, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML5,Putty, Unix, SVN, NHibernate.

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