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Software Developer Resume

New York, NY


To obtain a position where I could utilize my knowledge and experience of VB/VBA Developer .


Systems: MS Windows, MS DOS, Mac OS

General Tools: MS Office, Visual Studio, Adobe, Open Office

Special Tools: AutoCAD, Bentley Microstation, Matlab, Mathcad, SPSS

Primary Languages: VBA/VB5/VB6/VB.NET/VBscript, SQL, Pascal, Fortran, AutoLISP

Supplementary Languages: C/C++/C#, HTML/XML/XSLT, VSTO, Java

Primary Database: MS Access 97/2000/XP

Supplementary Databases: Personal Oracle 7, MS SQL Server 7.0

MS Access / VBA database: design, programming, support and data analysis

MS Excel / VBA spreadsheets / macros: programming and calculation models development

MS Access / Excel / Word: integration, connection and linkage

MS Outlook / VBA application: design, development and maintenance

MS Access: external databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle) linking and connection Applications for AutoCAD /2007 (AutoLISP, VBA)

Visual Studio.NET: programming for the applications compatibility with another software


Confidential, New York, NY

Software Developer


  • Develop Excel/VBA applications for tunnel ventilation analysis
  • Carry out air contamination data gathering and statistical analysis automation.
  • Design and support Access database repository for tunnel’s pollutant exhaust

Confidential, Parsippany, NJ

IT Consultant


  • Develop Excel/VBA applications for CRM system
  • Program VBA modules for custom data ETL.
  • Design data validation procedures

Confidential, Roseland, NJ

IT Consultant


  • Developed Excel applications for sales reports generation
  • Programmed VBA macros, modules and forms.
  • Designed and Data Entry automation algorithms

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

VBA Development Consultant


  • Design Excel applications for Banking Reporting System
  • Write VBA macros for Spreadsheets programmatic formatting
  • Integrate Excel report generating programs into corporate MIS

Confidential, New York, NY

Senior Engineering Applications Developer


  • Analyze systems requirements and design engineering software
  • Develop computational applications for engineering and management using VBA/VB5/VB6/VB.NET
  • Used VSTO to provide Access/Excel compatibility with .NET applications.
  • Design database and related applications using MS Access, Personal Oracle 7
  • Wrote MS Outlook applications for e - mail messages manipulation
  • Created Excel macros for technical calculations and analysis
  • Wrote XML/XSLT scripts to organize data exchange between different traffic applications
  • Customized XML data parsing for the usage with RDBMS and spreadsheets
  • Design, code, debug, test and implement software applications
  • Install and troubleshoot developed desktop and networking applications
  • Wrote Java applet and HTML documents to create web-application
  • Modified existing engineering programs using Visual Fortran/C/C++ coding
  • Perform Data Mining (Statistics, Metadata Design, Factor and Pattern Analysis)
  • Develop custom ETL (Data Format Analysis, Stored Procedure Programming, GUI Design)
  • Plan data warehousing (Data Marts Design, Tables Normalization, Data Reporting)

Confidential, New York, NY

Adjunct Instructor


  • Lectured in Fundamentals of Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Taught courses in Visual Basic, SQL, Windows 95 and MS Office.
  • Trained students in Data Processing and Computer Operations.


Senior Scientific Programmer


  • Supervised Engineering Computation Group, managed Wndows3.11 workgroup
  • Developed software for numeric computations using Basic and Pascal
  • Worked out methods of computer-aided engineering, performed mathematical modeling


Adjunct Faculty


  • Lectured in Computer Science and Computational Mathematics
  • Taught courses in Turbo-Pascal, Basic and MS DOS
  • Developed scientific computer applications and tutorial programs

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