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Filenet Architect/administrator Resume

Houston, TX


  • Over 15 Years of comprehensive experience in Information Technology with FCP and expert level skills in P8 5.1/4.5.1(BPM), Sword Fusion P8 3.0.12, CE, PE, AE, WorkplaceXT, FileNet Eforms, IBM ICC 3.0, Image services 4x., Content services 5.4/5.2/5.1, FileNet Web services 4.0.2/3.3, eprocess, Capture, Visual Workflow, and Web based Internet/Extranet/Intranet Applications.
  • Lead Team in Designing & provided ECM and BPM solutions using P8, CS, eprocess, IS using FileNet Open client, Application Engine, Content Engine, CFS, Process Engine, Process Analyzer, eforms, BAM, ASP3/2, P8 Workplace, Image service Library 4.0/3.6/3.5/3.4 , ISRA, Content services 5.4/5.2/5.1 COLD, Panagon capture 5.0/4.1/3.2 API’s, IDM Desktop 4.0/3.3/3.2/3.1 API’s, COM, DCOM, MTS, COM+, DNA, P8 Web Applications using VS.NET, JSP, ASP.Net/VB.Net/VB 6.0, web services,VBScript and JavaScript, Crystal Reports 9.0/8/7/6, SQL Server 2008/2005/6.5/6.0 , IIS 6/4, Websphere 8/7, Jboss 5.0, Oracle 9i/8/7.3, VI editor & K - Shell.
  • Installed, Configured and deployed P8 5.1/4.5.1, Content Navigator, Panagaon Content Services, FileNet System Monitor 4.0.1, Image Services, Panagon Capture, IDM Desktop, Panagon Web services/open client 3.3/3.2/3.1
  • Migrated and configured Fusion P8 from windows 2003 to windows 2008 server
  • Extensively worked with SQL, stored procedures with FileNet SQL/Oracle database
  • Developed customized Web apps using Content Engine API’s to upload Documents to CE
  • Extensively used Bulk Process and Bulk modify tool in Content Services
  • Experience in developing VB/VB.net Background programs like injector, background program to route work item from one queue to the other queue also developed web interface to search docs
  • Designed and Developed backup and restore script in K-shell using EBR for Image Services
  • Design and Developed Backup and restore procedure for P8
  • Actively participated in designing and recommending strategy guidelines for deploying P8.x
  • Designed and documented as-is business to to-be business process.
  • Develop customized component to automate the index and committal process using capture path
  • Involved in identifying the system performance bottlenecks and planning solutions to improve Performance of FileNet Image management systems and also involved in security implementation, SNMP
  • Proficient in using RDBMS like SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access
  • Possessing in depth knowledge in the software development Life Cycle methodologies including the Software Engineering Institute's
  • Used Oracle Migration workbench for Migration from SQL Server 6.5 to Oracle
  • Worked on operating systems such as Windows 2012/2008/7.0/ XP/2000/NT/98/95/hp-Unix/Windows 2003 server


Languages: ASP.Net, VB.Net, VB Script, Java Script, ASP, JSP, PL-SQL, T-SQL, HTML, XML, SQL, JRE, WCM API’s, Panagon API’s, DHTML, Java, K-Shell, P8 API's.

Tools: Visual Studio.NET 2012//2010, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Interdev 6.0, FileNet P8 Ver- 5.1/4.0.1, FEM, Panagon Capture 5.2, IDM Desktop 4.0, Web Services 4.0.2/3.3, IS Print/Fax Monitor, CS Explorer, Image service Library 4.0/3.6/3.5,Workplace, Workplace XT, ICC, Content Engine, FileNet-eforms, Process Engine, Content Manager, content services 5.4/5.3/5.2, Visual Source Safe 6.0, Install Shield 6.3,SSRS, Crystal report 9.0/8.0/7.0, SQL-Plus, Erwin, VI Editor, TSC, Net Meeting, Exceed, Mindterm, telnet, sql navigator, eclipse, cygwin, pcanywhere, VNC, reflection x.

Operating System: Windows XP/ 2000/2003/2008 Advanced Server/NT 4.0/98/95, Solaris, HP-UNIX, Linux

Databases: Oracle 10g/9i/8i, MS Access, MS SQL Server 6.0/6.5/2005

Servers: MS Transaction Server (MTS), COM+, IIS 6.0/4.0/5.0,IBM Websphere 8.0/7.0/6.0, Tomcat, and SMTP, Jboss.


Concepts: OOPS,SNMP,CSS,DTD,CDO,Sessions,WebServices,Cookies,ASPUpload,cluster,load balancing.


FileNet Architect/Administrator

Confidential, Houston, TX


  • Installed, configured and implemented P8 Environment DEV, TEST and PROD
  • Installed configured and deployed Fusion P8 on IIS web server
  • Customized Fusion Profile based on the customer needs auto filling, export manifest files etc.
  • Upgraded /applied Patches on AE, CE, PE, Content services, IS, FSM,eforms, WS and Open client.
  • Installed and upgraded the FileNet IS and open client on virtual servers
  • Implemented solution to archive company email to FileNet using ICC
  • Created Fusion import templates for bulk uploading documents
  • Designed and Developed a Full offline and online backup/Restore script for IS 4.0
  • Designed and developed P8 Backup and Restore procedure, load balancing
  • Designed and developed workflow solutions
  • Developed a automated process which runs 4 times a year to clone only meta data from production to performance tier
  • Administrating IS,CS and P8 and workflow
  • Actively involved in migrating the documents from CS to CE and using CFS for federating data
  • Developed a website to change the SysAdmin and Admin password for 23 libraries all at once
  • Extensively used FEM to create document class, choice lists exporting / Importing data, create life cycles
  • Developed design document with backup strategy guidelines
  • Create events and subscriptions, modifying securities
  • Developed a program to bulk upload documents to CE
  • Developed multiple asp.net web application for various document class using asp.net, web user controls, asp.net web services
  • Performance Tuning for P8, CS, IS and Web Server
  • Used vwtool and vwlog, vwverify on PE server for Administrative tasks
  • Supporting P8/ workflow application, CS and IS, working on PMR and tickets

Environment: FileNet P 8 5.1/4.5.1/4.0.1 , McClaren Fusion P8, Brava Viewer, Image Services 4.0, CS 5.4, Web Services/open client 4.0/3.3,IDM Desktop 4.0/3.3/3.2, Client libraries 5.4, HP-Unix, IIS 6.0, VB.Net, asp.net,ASP, CS Explorer, JBoss, J2EE, JSP, JavaScript, WAL, VB 6.0, VS 2005, HTML, XML, PL-SQL, Records Manager, SQL Server, Oracle 10G/9i,BPM, LDAP, AD, MSAR, HPII, NLS, High Volume Scanner,WebSphere, Windows XP/ 2003 Advance server, UNIX, cygwin,citrix,LINUX

Confidential, West Point, PA

FileNet Consultant


  • Designed, planned, installed configured Panagon web services/Open client, CS client libraries, CS 5.4/5.3/5.2, IDM Desktop 4.0 with patch 15 on windows Box.
  • Was responsible for maintaining 20 Panagon CS Libraries and Panagon web services running on windows 2000/2003 server
  • Installed and upgrade CS with latest patch if required to fix bugs
  • Create new storage repositories as and when required and modify storage categories as necessary to link to this new storage repository
  • Modify storage categories to link to a storage repository on a server having more storage space available
  • Kill orphan CS sessions
  • Proactively address system-generated messages for each library if any errors take appropriate action
  • Check the size of .ref and .dct file for content search, create new content search repository as and when required
  • Check the log files for any warnings, errors etc in each library for AP, EMEA and NA on UNIX box
  • Created work instructions, SOP’s and IQOQ.
  • Check the storage space used by the library system on a regular basis
  • Use CS explorer to bulk modify document properties
  • Created spreadsheet reports listing all the document attributes values for all the libraries across AP, EMEA and NA for migrating from Panagon to MIDAS
  • Run utility to re-index failed items in queue for each library
  • Run Recheck and fix inconsistencies between storage repository and property database.
  • Check the System object and determine how much of the allotted disk space has been used by the property repository
  • Developed disaster recovery
  • Run utility to Fix Failed index items
  • 24*7 support

Environment: P8 4.0/Web Services/open client 4.0/3.3,IDM Desktop 4.0/3.3/3.2, Content Server 5.2, Panagon Capture Professional, CS Client libraries 5.4/5.3/5.2,HP-Unix, IIS 5.0, VBScript, Panagon, ASP,.net, CS Explorer, JavaScript, VB 6.0, HTML, XML, PL-SQL, Oracle 8i, Documentum 5.2, eroom, High Volume Scanner, Windows XP/ 2000 Advance server, UNIX


Sr. FileNet Admin


  • Developed Create Document Web Method creates a new document as an instance of the default document class in the default object store Add Document using VB.net.
  • Developed Check Out Document Web Method using COM API’s.
  • Developed Get Document Content Web Method.
  • Developed Save Document Content Web Method.
  • Developed Check In Document Web Method.
  • Developed Is Document Annotated Web Method.
  • Developed Clone Document Web Method.
  • Developed Validate User Credentials (Is User Validated) Web Method.
  • Developed exception classes for error handling.
  • Modified and added functionality to the existing application.
  • Created User Requirement Documents.
  • Developed capture path in capture Professional.
  • Set up High Volume scanning Station.
  • Created High Level Design Document, DFD, Flowchart and ERD Diagram.

Environment: VS.Net 2003, ASP.Net, VB.Net, Web Services, FileNet P8 Ver2.0, Panagon Capture (Professional and Desktop), Panagon Content Services 5.2, Process analyzer, eprocess 5.0.0, Web Services 3.2 CS Explorer, IDM Desktop 3.3, VBScript, ASP, Content Engine, Process Engine, JavaScript, VS .net, web services 3.3, VB 6.0, VB.Net, FNCE, CS Client Libraries, HTML, PL-SQL, websphere, Crystal Reports, Kodak Scanner, Visual Interdev 6.0, VS.Net 2003, IIS, Windows 2000 Advance server

Confidential, TX

Sr. FileNet Admin


  • Designed and documented as-is business to to-be business process.
  • Developed customize web pages using asp, xml and Filenet API’s,Installling patches
  • Configured, deployed Content-Server 5.2 with Panagon Capture to scan in document to CS Repository customized few screens using ASP, VB.
  • Administrating CS Server and eprocess, troubleshooting, adding users, monitoring performance, creating CVL’s, Create Doc class in CS, creating repository, checking log files, auditing etc.
  • Installing patches, Modified existing VB program and K-shell (COLD) program to import documents with different index values to FileNet IS from FTP Folder.
  • Successfully upgraded the system Web Services.
  • Designed workflow (Custom step processor). -- The Originator after filling the form submits the form for approval, at this time the Work- Flow begins. E- Mail is sent to the respective persons to check the FileNet Inbox. Work- Flow step goes through respective queues. From each queue the data is picked up and an e- Mails is sent to the respective person for the next step used eprocess API’s. System backup, audit log files.
  • Developed web apps to upload documents to content Repository.
  • Implementing new departmental projects gathering end user requirement, designing and make the system and up running.
  • Developed user Interface using VB to import documents using Panagon API’s.
  • Created backup and restore procedure for Image service using EBR. (Disaster recovery)
  • Supporting the FileNet System from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Sunday.

Environment: Panagon Content Services 5.2, eprocess 4.2.2, Web Services 3.1, CS Explorer, IDM Desktop 3.1,VBScript, JavaScript, VB, java, CS Client Libraries, HTML, Kofax, Ascent Capture, T-Sql, Kodak Scanner (923d),eforms, Solaris, k-shell, Visual Interdev 6.0, SQL 2000, Windows 2000 Advance server.

Confidential, PA



  • Developed Backup and restore Script to backup MKF Database Scheduled to run every day in crontab.
  • Developed VB program to capture (Bank cheques of different template) Scanned document index info, verify index and commit to the respective Image service library or Content Services.
  • Upgraded Panagon IDM viewer to 3.1.
  • Created asp web pages to created Users in Image service Library.
  • Monitoring the Image service library and SLC.
  • Created document class, assigning it to family.
  • Modified existing intranet application (ASP, Java script & VB-script, API’S) to query the document based on index information using Panagon API’s
  • Heavily used ASP, IDM web services, Java script & VB-script, API’S, VB.
  • Developed shell script for COLD Processing.
  • Trained users to use IDM desktop and Panagon Capture.

Environment: Image Service Library 3.5, Panagon Capture 3.1, content service 5.1.1, K-shell, Visual Basic 6.0, IDM desktop and Web services, ASP 3.0, IIS 5.0, VSS, COM, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, Scanner, COLD, Visual Interdev 6.0,Oracle 8.0, PL-SQL, Windows 2000 Professional/Server, Solaris.


Sr. Analyst


  • Installation, maintenance, and support of FileNET servers (Image Services and content services), which includes Panagon documents services, Panagon Image Services, Panagon capture, e-process, content services, Web Services.
  • Created Tree view control Using VB to retrieve the documents classes from Image service Library.
  • Maintaining and adding functionality like reports in VB AR/AP application.
  • Involved in writing VB COM component.
  • Defining document class based in user Requirement in Image service library.
  • Designed the workflow using eProcess designer.
  • Migrating of database from SQL Server 6.5 to oracle 8.0 using oracle Migration workbench, Involve in writing stored procedures.
  • Developed web pages using ASP, VB-Script, and Java Script with Interdev.
  • Involve in taking backups (dump file) and restoring the updated system regularly.
  • Created master and detail tables, defining indexes, referential integrity.
  • Generated Crystal Reports for purchase, production and Finance Module.

Environment: Visual Basic 5.0, ASP, Panagon Product, HTML, IIS 5.0,SQL Server 6.5,Oracle 8.0, PL/SQL, Oracle Migration workbench, Crystal Reports, XML, VBScript / JavaScript, COM, SQL, MTS, Windows NT 4.0

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