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Associate Director - Software Engineer Resume

Chicago, IL


  • C # / .Net (Certified ) 10+ years SQL Server 3 years
  • HTML5/JavaScript (angular, bootstrap) 3 years Sybase 2 years
  • ASP.Net/ASP.Net MVC 4 years
  • WPF / Silverlight (Certified ) 4 years
  • W CF / Microsoft Web API / REST 4 years Windows
  • Java (Certified ) 3 years Mac OSX / Unix (Solaris) / Linux


Associate Director - Software Engineer

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Solely responsible for architecture and development of new client facing Risk Management web site.
  • The web site is being created using solely HTM5, JavaScript and CSS3.
  • I am the architect and lead developer on the site and am leading a team of two other developers.
  • Technologies used are bootstrap, angular.js, less, highcharts, karma/jasmine, grunt and Microsoft WebAPI REST service.
  • Maintenance and new development on existing Risk Management ASP.Net 2.0 web site. Site uses Microsoft Ajax and the Ajax Toolkit.
  • Solely developed a WPF risk stress testing scenario editor, which allows users to define risk scenarios for stress testing (e.g. stock market crash, Euro devaluation, etc.).
  • The GUI allows drag-and-drop of factors onto the scenario grid/list and uses all Infragistics components.
  • The app uses WCF for the service layer. Technologies used: WPF, WCF, .Net 4.0.
  • Led the migration of our SQL Server 2000 database to SQL Server 2008.
  • The migration was a success and was completed on time.
  • Created several complex reports using SQL Server Reporting Services and integrated them into an existing ASP.Net application.

Software Engineer

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Developed a WPF application that provides the Compliance team with various tools to assist them with their day-to-day tasks. Some of these tools were previously written in VB 6.0 and have been rewritten as WPF user controls and merged with this application.
  • The application gets all of its data from a WCF service which I also developed.
  • The WCF service is hosted in IIS and uses Log4Net for logging.
  • Designed and developed a Trade Reconciliation system that finds matches between thousands of trade messages from two different systems.
  • The system was designed to be generic and is configuration-based so that it can match messages from any two systems just by adjusting the configuration settings. It uses ILog’s JRules for the matching engine, Java for the server, .Net WinForms for the client and Sybase for the database.
  • Developed adapters to assist in the processing of trading compliance requests and corporate actions.
  • The adapters processed both soap requests and requests placed on an IBM MQ. Java and JAXB were used to create the adapter.
  • Solely responsible for the design and architecture of a .Net 2.0 Windows application development framework based on Microsoft’s Composite Application Block (CAB).
  • The framework provides a RAD environment to give developers a base MDI application along with a library of smart forms and smart parts to build their applications with.
  • The smart parts have the ability to publish and subscribe to events from other smart parts via the CAB infrastructure.
  • The framework provides the benefits of CAB without the complexity.
  • Developed a plug-in for Eclipse which allows developers to create a new SOAP service project. In addition, the plug-in allows the developer to add web service classes to the project, perform an Ant build, and call into supporting java code to package, deploy, and un-deploy the project.
  • Designed and developed an ASP.Net application to query and update software “turnovers” (change control) for the department.
  • The web application provided advanced filtering capabilities, multiple views for the data, update ability, and was hosted within a SharePoint WSS site.
  • A second phase of the project required the creation of a batch process that could query a relational database, save the results to an Excel file in memory, and upload the Excel file to a SharePoint Document Library.
  • Designed and developed an ASP.Net 2.0 application which aids in the gathering and reporting of project management data.
  • The web site provides a central area that project managers can input the status and progress on ongoing applications within the department.
  • The reporting piece was developed by an off-site team and provides real-time summary and detail reports for upper management.
  • ASP.Net master pages were used throughout the site to foster reuse and speed development.
  • Technologies used included ASP.Net 2.0, Sybase, and C#.

Technology Consultant

Confidential, Northbrook, IL


  • Responsible for development of a SharePoint 2003 portal for our major departments including Taxable Fixed Income, Municipals, Equities and Operations.
  • The portal serves as an EIS system for upper level executives but also contains detail at the operations level.
  • The portal was developed using C#/.Net, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and SQL Server Analysis Services (OLAP).
  • Lead developer on Bond Analysis application that brings together a broad universe of bonds, both internal and external, and provides filtering and analytical functionality in a flexible, windows based framework.
  • Enables traders to determine relative value of potential purchases.
  • The results of the analysis are used as input to a Bond Optimization program. The application was developed using Windows Forms, C#, and Oracle.
  • Responsible for architecting and developing Tibco messaging infrastructure, including java development, message structure MT514 (ISO 15022), Tibco adapters, application integration, and router configuration.
  • Developed a Tibco process that publishes equity buys, sells, updates, and cancels from our equity trading system (Predator) to the TIB in real-time.
  • Developed a middle-tier Java server that provides real-time data from Bridge via Tibco. The Java server can handle both synchronous and steaming requests for investment data. It provides market data, historical data, and streaming news. Users and applications subscribe to the data via Tibco.
  • Developed SharePoint Portal Server 2001 Web Parts using Java/Swing and C#/.NET that displays information in a portal. Some of the data for the Web Parts is retrieved real-time from our BridgeFeed server using the Java server I developed and as described above.
  • Responsible for developing a Digital Dashboard for our Equity group that will provide real-time, streaming data, charting, internal data, and other investment data using Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal Server.
  • Acting in a leading role to provide the vision and direction for the Investment Department’s Intranet.
  • Worked closely with the webmaster in the development of content and components for the Intranet.

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