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Sr.net Developer,resume Profile

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Over 5 years of professional .Net Development experience in various applications based on Object Oriented Programming OOP Client/Server N-tier architecture Web based and Internet Technologies.

Involved in various Phases of Software Development Life Cycle SDLC i.e. Analysis Design Development Implementation Testing and User Training of Enterprise Web-Applications Stand alone and Distributed applications.

Hands on experience with OOPS concepts and Multi threading.

Strong expertise in the design and development of various applications using Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5/3.0/2.0/1.1 Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005/2003 ASP.NET 3.5/2.0/1.1/1.0 C .NET 3.5/2.0/1.1 VB.NET 3.5/2.0/1.1 ADO.NET 3.5/2.0/1.1 LINQ WPF .

Experience of Object Oriented Programming OOP Design Patterns Singleton Factory Method and MVC - Model View Controller and UML Use cases Sequence diagrams and Class diagrams .

Technical profiCIency

Web Technologies C .NET ASP.NET VB.NET ADO.NET/ADO AJAX Web Services Web Forms Win

Forms HTML CSS XML jQuery JavaScript

Programming Languages C/C /C WPF SQL Visual Basic

Development Tools Visual Studio.NET 2003/2005/2008 Visual Studio 6.0 Front Page

Reporting Tool Crystal Reports


RDBMS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS SQL Server

Integration Services SSIS MySQL MS Access 2003/2007/2010 Data Transformation Services DTS

Build Tools NAnt CruiseControl.Net

Methodologies Agile Clean Code Unit Test Object-oriented development

Version Control Visual Source Safe VSS Current Version Safe CVS Team Foundation Server TFS Git Gerrit



Sr. .Net Developer

Project Intergy EHR Customer Support Initiative CSI

Description Intergy EHR is electronic health record solution that helps clinicians manage patient charts orders rx documents images electronically instead of paperwork. Intergy EHR is a comprehensive yet intuitive electronic health record solution that helps physicians focus on providing quality care for your patients instead of paperwork. With specialty-specific templates for cardiology OB/GYN orthopedics pediatrics primary care and many more specialties Intergy EHR easily adapts to the needs of virtually any size or type of practice


Involved in all phases of Software Development Life-Cycle SDLC like Agile/Scrum methodologies.

Prepared design specifications which have detailed description of the features using UML diagrams.

Developed Win forms using VB VB.NET C .NET HTML4.0/5.0 XML CSS.

Developed Win Apps and Web Apps using Object Oriented Analysis and Design concepts OOPs including inheritance polymorphism encapsulation and abstraction.

Developed tools to Export data to MSWord CSV PDF Rich Text files using C .NET.

Developed tools to Import/export PDFs XMLs HTMLs and TIFs.

Developed dynamic ASPX web forms using ASP.NET VB.NET C .NET XML HTML and CSS.

Adopted JQuery library in our Web based application.

Developed our Consultation Module web application using ASP.NET MVC 2.0/3.0 Razor view engine Framework and ASP.NET Ajax Framework.

Crystal Reports and SSRS being used to generate Patient Reports including images Consult reports Nurses Notes Reports Analysis reports and so forth.

Crystal Reports being used to print preview and export to PDFs.

Participated in developing Web services using .Net Framework 3.0/3.5 and connected through service references in our Web applications.

Participated in developing Windows Client Applications using WPF in our Modules.

Developed Interfaces to Medical equipments made by Olympus Pentax Fijinon.

Developed Interfaces to Vital monitors by capturing vital readings.

Used Error handling and Error logging techniques to capture data in SSIS in various ETL solutions.

Used SSIS Import/Export Wizard in migrating data from MDF Excel Access Flat files to Sql Server performing the ETL operations Creating Packages.

Version control software like Visual Source Safe and TFS been used in development environment.

TFS being used in VS 2010 to Connect Team Foundation Server Create new team project Create new solution Add solution to source control Check in our source code to source control. Check out the file to modify as needed.

Wrote SQL Queries interacting with two or more tables using JOIN keywords.

Interacting with clients customization of application based on Clients requirement.

Checking application status with QA regarding critical bugs and show stoppers.

Bugs fixing using Jira bug tracking system.

Client side validations using JavaScript VBScript.

Participated in system documentation and code documentation.

Managing Technologies including Signature capturing Photo capturing Voice recognition technologies like Dragon speaking Palm/pocket PC technologies.

Evaluate internal and external technologies that solve identified market requirements.

Ensure delivered work meets technical functional performance and business requirements by providing ongoing validation of acceptance criteria.

Environment C .NET VB.NET ASP.NET 3.0/3.5 MVC 2.0/3.0 Razor view engine ADO.NET Visual Studio.Net 2005/2008/2010 IIS 5.1/7.0/7.5 HTML 4.0/5.0 XML CSS JavaScript JSON JQuery WPF Web services AJAX Crystal Reports 11i SQL server 2005/2008/R2 Oracle 10g/11g.


.Net Developer

The Operations Information System OIS is a decision support system focused on bringing together timely information for the operators as they operate their units from their consoles. Generally the operators use the DCS console to monitor and control their refinery equipment. Information needed to make decisions on what adjustments to make to their equipment is available in several unrelated data stores with separate user interfaces and user logins. OIS provides the operators a single integrated user interface with immediate access to the information relating to the specific equipment they are interested in.


Worked closely with clients in gathering and analyzing requirements and providing solutions that meet the client s requirements.

  • Involved in full lifecycle of the project from design development Testing.
  • Followed and developed the N-Tier architecture for the business presentation and data access layers.
  • Supported and developed both web-based applications using ASP.NET as well as client-server applications written in C .NET.
  • Extensive experience in developing User Interface UI and XAML for the better look and feel of the desktop-based application.
  • Used C .NET to develop code behind logic business tier and SQL Server 2008 for data tier.
  • Designed database and system flow programmed in ASP.NET.
  • Business Logic has been implemented using the concepts of secure coding features and Object Oriented programming OOP with Code behind language C .NET.
  • Used Master Pages to achieve uniform template design for the entire application.
  • Applied Themes and CSS styles for UI design of WebPages.
  • Implemented AJAX control in multiple web pages for partial page update.
  • Provided all windows based features in Web using AJAX.
  • Used JQuery to create different client side functions that greatly decreased processing time and resource consumption.
  • Performed client side validation using JQuery.
  • Responsible for designing the ASP.NET application authentication using Model View Controller MVC 3.0 and IIS security models

Implemented N-Tier Architecture using MVVM Model View ViewModel .

  • Used WinForms to create rich Graphic User Interface GUI .
  • Used .Net Security features such as Authentication and Authorization.
  • Developed the New Assemblies by using the C .NET to implement the Business logic.
  • Used JQuery to make it easier to navigate a document select DOM elements create animations handle events and develop Ajax applications.
  • Wrote SQL queries with Joins on multiple tables Stored Procedures Functions using SQL Server 2008 .

Extensively used Report Wizard Report Builder and Report Manager for developing reports and deploying reports in SSRS.

Very strong experience in ad-hoc reports Tabular and Charts reports in SSRS.

  • Performed several testing to fix the bugs and ensure the application error-free.

Environment ASP.NET 3.5 C WCF XAML SSRS Visual Studio 2010 AJAX XML HTML JavaScript SQL Server2008 SSRS LINQ SDLC WCF SQL Server 2008 JQuery JavaScript JSON MVC 3.0 MVVM Winforms IE6


.Net Developer

Retimetrack is a real-time equipment monitoring and management software. This application monitors the equipments activity in real time. The objective is to track the equipment activity within a specified range along with traces and track of the equipment. It also helps to identify the equipment positioning and assists in security and replacement of the same in case of a performance issue. This system also integrates the network users using the Active Directory Services and gives them access.


Involved at the inception phase gathering business requirement documents and prototyping. Followed Agile Development process using Scrum Methodology.

Created Class library for Data Access Layer to connect the data fetched the data and edited the data Insert/Update/Delete using ADO.NET and C .NET and mapping the reference of it in the application.

Designed and developed WPF Windows forms for new entry of Equipment WaveTrend RFID Tags Floors Departments Readers and tracking the equipment. Also used Telerik RadControls for WPF.

Developed ASP.NET Generic handler to create dynamically requested Chart and created AJAX enabled web pages to show the chart for the equipments movement Tag state and Tag status.

Designed and developed Web forms for online equipment request and authorization using ASP.NET MVC. Fetched the WaveTrend RFID tags data in XML format through middleware software called SmartInstrument using Reflection Serialization Multithreading and .NET Remoting.

Implemented Forms Authentication and LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Active Directory methods for both Windows and Web User logins.

Used TFS Team Foundation Server for version control of the source code along with the maintenance of the builds and the relevant documents of the same.

Generated various reports using SSRS and integrate them using SSIS.

Tested pages for proper operation by implementing Unit and Integration testing using NUNIT.


MS-Visual Studio.NET 2008 C .NET 3.5 ASP.NET 3.5 ASP.NET MVC MS SQL Server 2008 ADO.NET LINQ WPF Silverlight 3.0 HTML XML JavaScript IIS MS-SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS MS-SQL Server Integration Services SSIS and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

Engineer Intern


Project Computer Simulation for Digital Logic C/C

Built a digital logic simulator that is able to simulate nontrivial digital systems including a central processing unit CPU netlist logic simulation and support hierarchical designs.

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