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Web .net Developer Resume Profile


Over 8 years of software development experience in IT industry involving in analysis design development implementation testing debugging maintenance and support of system and application and system programming using .NET 4.0/3.x Technologies ASP.NET C ADO.NET Web Services SOAP WCF XML HTML JavaScript SQL and SharePoint.


Strong experience in programming with the .NET Framework 4.0/3.5/1.x using ASP.NET C ADO.NET WCF Web Services Visual Basic ASP WebForms/Winforms.

  • Worked as Senior Developer in building frameworks and applications using MVC OOAD and UML.
  • Extensive experience in Design Coding Development Support and Maintenance of various Business application systems.
  • Strong C and ASP.NET skills focused on creating web-forms and ASP.NET server controls
  • Web application development experience in 3-Tier architecture using ASP.NET
  • Strong abilities in Database Design Normalization writing complex Queries Stored Procedures Functions and Triggers at Database level using T-SQL PL/SQL.
  • Developed Configured and Deployed a variety of .NET Framework Applications including Web Forms and Web Services.
  • Strong in C Web Services SOAP XML SQL Server Oracle.
  • Experience in Exception Handling Debugging and Tracing and also code optimization.
  • Experience in deploying applications in web server application server and database server.
  • Worked with Silverlight Plugin and XAML.
  • Experience in documenting Software Configuration Management Plan according to the quality standards and using Microsoft VSS as configuration tool.
  • Experienced in full SDLC Software development life cycle which includes System or Information Engineering Software Requirements gathering Systems Analysis and Design Code Generation Testing implementation and Maintenance.
  • Good communication interpersonal and presentation skills. Excellent work ethics self-motivated and quick learner willing to learn adapts new technologies and third party products.


Net Development ASP.NET C ADO.NET ASP.NET VB.NET Web Forms Winforms

WCF Web Services.

Languages C .NET ADO.NET C C Perl Python

Web Technologies HTML Silverlight 4.x/3.x XML XAML ASP.NET AJAX JavaScript IIS


Operating Systems Windows 2000/2003 Server XP.

GUI AJAX JQuery Javascripts CSS HTML XHTML XML Adobe .

Databases MS-SQL Server2000/2005 Oracle 7/8i/9i/10g and Ms-Access.

Modeling Languages Unified Modeling Language ER Diagrams MS Visio 2000.

Others Team Foundation Server JIRA Log4NET Codesmith TeleRik

DevXpress Crystal Reports MS Project Office 2000/XP TCP/IP


Version Control MS Visual Source Safe ClearCase CVS



Web .NET Developer

Worked on development of event-based marketing system driven by real time data by contrast companies can make realtime offers based on predetermined rules built into decision-making engines. Responsible for analyzing client requirements mapping current software capabilities to client requirements and architecting solutions that meet client requirements as well as make them into product features that can be reused.

Own and maintain the event based trigger management system at Loyalty Lab - this is a rules based event based system that forms the core of loyalty lab s business.

  • Rewrote it for performance and scalability as per client MGM Las vegas requirements.
  • Designed implemented a schema driven XML based configuration platform for managing client specific configurations that allows different system behavior based on individual client requirements.
  • Designed and led the implementation of MGM Las vegas Tibco loyalty program using .Net 4.0 framework.
  • Designed and developed extensible custom attributes of core entities in the loyalty lab system using .Net C and SQL Server WCF.
  • Established a solid development environment implemented an end to end build packaging and deployment system to greatly smoothen internal operations of delivering loyalty lab s software to clients.
  • Designed and developed many client facing APIs using SOAP over HTTP
  • Numerous other key pieces of work including upgrading the entire product codebase to Microsoft.NET 4.0 establishing development standards across the company and enforcing them via the build system introducing DBLinq for middleware methods.

Environment .NET Framework 4.0/3.5 ASP.NET C WebForms WCF XML SQL Server 2008/2005 T-SQL Windows 2003 Server.


Web .NET Developer

The Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies BHHC are a group of six regional insurance carriers that are part of the Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group. BHHC offers a wide portfolio of products for main street businesses as well as more difficult to place specialty risks. By focusing on specific business segments BHHC continues to develop its expertise in underwriting pricing and claims. The product I am working on is Forms Library where we develop insurance related forms for the government.


  • Performed Requirement gathering Systems analysis.
  • Analyzing the project and providing the estimate from scratch to client for the SDLC cycle.
  • Developed ASP.NET Web forms from using C
  • Used HTML JQuery Javascripts AJAX and CSS for UI design.
  • Involved in creation of master page templates for the whole UI for the project.
  • Used ADO.NET objects such as Data Reader Dataset and Data Adapter for data communication for the web application and the databases.
  • Developed ASP.NET forms from using C .
  • Developed sign-on security using Single sign-on and SAML.
  • Creating Telerik Reporting Q3 reports in design mode.
  • Worked on Forms Library project for around 150 reports with successful completion
  • Use of Agile scrum methodology
  • Working on Telerik Reporting integrated with .Net to create Custom template reports and populating data to the report via stored procedures
  • Involved in creation of stored procedures
  • Working with various reporting layouts like charts graphs pie etc.
  • Worked with complex reports having certain filtering grouping etc. criteria
  • Created certain reports using code behind
  • Involved in deployment and UT User testing as well
  • Done the required documentation and updated to the shared drive.
  • Designed modules which involved Code development in ASP.NET C Database design and Testing.
  • Worked on backend Database in MS SQL Server creating tables schema objects and performing some DBA tasks.

Environment .NET Framework 3.5 ASP.NET C WebForms WCF XML Telerik Server 2008/2005 T-SQL Windows 2003 Server.


Web .NET Developer

Silkroad provides complete suite of talent management system that allows human resource professionals to strengthen and personalize employee experiences resulting in a more motivated and engaged workforce. Working as a .Net Consultant in one of the life suite modules called HeartBeat. HeartBeat is a core HR that allows both workers and managers to access and act on HR information that is relevant to them. HeartBeat also works to integrate with other HR system and processes.


  • Performed Requirement gathering Systems analysis.
  • Analyzing the project and providing the estimate from scratch to client for the SDLC cycle.
  • Developed ASP.NET Web forms from using C
  • Used HTML JQuery Javascripts AJAX and CSS for UI design.
  • Involved in creation of master page templates for the whole UI for the project.
  • Used Silverlight Browse Plugins to add Video and animation to website.
  • Used ADO.NET objects such as Data Reader Dataset and Data Adapter for data communication for the web application and the databases.
  • Designed modules which involved Code development in ASP.NET C Database design Testing and Troubleshooting.
  • Used LINQ extensively to enumerate through objects
  • Implemented Log4Net to track warnings and error messages in the UI
  • Created custom stored procedures for adhoc reporting requirements
  • Designed and created WCF silos for common components
  • Involved in middle tier business logic and validation
  • Code generation done using CodeSmith templates for DAL
  • Involved in database schema design for features and added tables views etc
  • Created reusable user control components
  • Written stored procedures to create Reports as per specifications
  • Implemented role based security using XML
  • Worked on the security of the application i.e. creating secured controls for UI
  • Configuring permissions based on permission groups and entity type.
  • Written rules in Windows Workflow foundation to automate the process of request approvals/denials
  • Used AJAX controls in the development
  • Used Python scripts for deployment
  • Used third party controls like Telerik and DevXpress controls
  • Used Team Foundation Server Perforce for version control.
  • Involved in huge amount of bug fixes using Jira and Team Foundation server
  • Done the required documentation and shared them on Sharepoint portal
  • Implemented third party Google Maps using Artem third party tool
  • Created T-SQL stored procedures and managed SQL Server 2008 database.
  • Implemented code enhancements for applications developed in C .NET ASP.NET.

Environment .NET Framework 3.5 ASP.NET C Silverlight 4.x XAML MVC WCF LINQ Log4NET CodeSmith XML Telerik DevXpress Team Foundation Server Jira Artem Python Crystal Reports SQL Server 2008/2005 T-SQL Windows 2003 Server.


Web .NET Programmer

The YottaMark Authentication Platform is an integrated system for validating products throughout the supply chain. YottaMark s solution is based on security codes marked on products or packaging for unit level authentication. Products with YottaMark security codes can be verified with a camera phone handheld scanner SMS and the Internet. YottaMark s real time intelligence and powerful analytical tools give immediate insight into threats to the supply chain.


Designed and developed web applications using HTML CSS DHTML ASP.NET and SQL Server.

Translated complicated enterprise specific business rules and procedures into appropriate business logic components such as code libraries stored procedures and security models.

Modified the existing logic by separating the business logic and application logic.

Migration of existing application to .NET application using ASP.NET C .

Used Session Management and ASP.NET validator controls for validating the information provided by the user.

Used Agile methodology for application development.

Used ADO.NET classes provided by the .NET Framework for database connectivity.

Prewritten stored procedures were executed using the SQL Command objects.

Developed reusable User Controls for the system in ASP.NET with required functionality with the C .NET.

Used third party API s and integrated into system.

Designed UML diagrams for the various specification used in the system.

Validated client side data using JavaScript .NET validation controls for better quality.

Created SQL scripts stored procedures triggers and views in MS SQL Server. Performed data extracts from SQL Server database through T- SQL using stored procedures and complex queries.

Created Web Services at retail locations to access sales and orders.

Involved in improving the performance of product applications by analyzing and fine tuning queries and code blocks.

Played an active role in testing of the product in different stages of the product life cycles product version releases maintenance and performance patch releases.

Involved in the design documentation user manuals of the system both for users and programmers/developers.

Environment Visual Studio 2008 C .NET ASP.NET Silverlight 3.x AJAX SQL Server 2008/2005 ADO.Net HTML XML Web Services Javascripts SSIS T-SQL Microsoft Source Safe MS Windows 2008.


Worked on development of Mortgage Loan Application and on-line Bill pay system for Comerica. This system performs customer validation and credit checks them and assigns a score to their application which is used by Loan officers to do loans.


  • Involved in Application Design Code development Database design and Testing.
  • Involved in requirements gathering from the end users who work at payroll department
  • Designed forms using Master Page in asp.net.
  • Coded SQL Stored Procedures Views and integrated with application.
  • Involved in creating UI Components with all necessary validations and styles
  • Developed Components for transacting the database using SQL Server 2005.
  • Used Web services for Credit Card verification.
  • Involved in Unit-Testing for the application developed using test cases.
  • Used SSRS Reports for developing MM EOM EOMA ACCR reports.

Created complex SQL Queries and stored procedures for developing SSRS reports.

Updated design documents according to the changes made to the application.

Update VB.net class libraries and imported in C applications.

Developed use-case diagrams and sent it to testing department.

Environment Windows 2003 ASP.NET C VB.NET SQL Server 2005 Visual Studio 2008 NUnit VSS 6.0 WebServices Visio AJAX XML XSLT SSRS


.Net Developer

Description Worked on Ordering and Provisioning system for Verizon.


  • Performed business analysis including requirements gathering and converting the requirements into technical specifications.
  • Responsible for overall architecture design and development of this project.

Created business logic using ASP.NET C .

  • Designed the presentation layer for user interface of the Web Module with Webforms and Web controls using C .Net ASP.Net HTML JavaScript and Ajax Control Toolkit.

Used CSS and External Style Sheets in XML and HTML for designing patterns.

  • Configuration of various services like search excel and business data catalogue.
  • Study of the existing system developed in C .NET migration plans in Sharepoint.
  • Design and development of custom web parts for site customisation and personalization.
  • Implemented Asynchronous scripting in web parts to improve performance.
  • Excellent experience in developing/customising master pages using Sharepoint Designer.
  • Developed custom site map providers based on data from Sharepoint Lists.
  • Developed several Custom Reports using C .NET and SQL 2005 reporting services that use Sharepoint Lists as a Data source.
  • Developed Content types that use lookup fields/Custom Columns. These content types get attached to lists automatically upon site creation. Added lookup type site columns to existing Content types programmatically.
  • Developed user controls and web forms using ASP.NET 2.0
  • Involved in writing stored procedures in PL/SQL Oracle.
  • Designed and developed a custom WebPart in C .
  • Used HTMLGenericControl to create a stylesheet for the web part.
  • Used XMLTextReader class in the webpart to read and format the XML returned from the remote site.

Environment Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 ASP.NET C .NET SQL Server 2000 IIS 6.0 Javascripts HTML XML Web Services XML PL./SQL ORACLE 9.


Project Healthcare management Systems

Worked on development and automation of Heath care management system for customers of Infosys.


  • Actively took part in gathering requirements from the end users.
  • Requirement gathering and analysis.
  • Preparing Functional Specifications.
  • Design application architecture.
  • Designed modules which involved Code development Database design Manual Testing and Troubleshooting.
  • Detailed functional documentation has been provided. Microsoft Word was used for Database Design generating entity relationship diagram and also for flowcharts and tree diagrams.
  • Used tables to display edit and update the patient s information.
  • Conducted presentations to give an idea about how to use the tool efficiently.
  • Implemented user controls for better navigation throughout the project.

Environment VB.NET Oracle Crystal Reports ADO.NET

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