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Senior Developer Resume



  • IT professional with around 8 years of experience in software designing, development and maintenance of Object Oriented, Windows and UNIX based Client - Server applications.
  • Good hands on experience with C/C++, PRO*C, VB 6.0, Object Oriented Programming.
  • Experience in writing test applications in VB.net and ADO object and knowledge of basic .Net framework.
  • Experience in working on SOAP web services using gSoap tool with C++.
  • Experience in writing scripts using Perl, shell, batch.
  • Experience in SQL/PL/SQL such as creating Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Views etc.
  • Experience in working on tools such as Oracle SQL Developer and Visual MainWin.
  • Database technologies such as Oracle9i/10g, Sybase and OCCI components.
  • Experience in using build tools and packaging using Install shield on Windows and packaging in UNIX system.
  • Expertise in writing Make and JAM files.
  • Comfortable on Windows and UNIX environments. Good hands on experience with UNIX commands and VI editor.
  • Experience in reporting and trending tools such as CleverPath, Crystal Reports, SPSS, Minitab, GNU-R etc.
  • Experience in working on Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using Flex and Action script.
  • Knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, XML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), XSLT, WSDL, SOAP services.
  • Real time experience in application development and support on Windows & UNIX platforms.
  • Good understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Design Pattern, Object Oriented Design (OOD) principles, Agile software development process and experience on UML modeling tools.
  • Quick Learner, good communication, committed to deliver timely, good logical and analytical approach, coupled with very positive attitude & team spirit.


Languages: C/C++, PRO*C, VB 6.0, Flex, VB.NET, Object Oriented Programming

Scripting Languages: Perl, Batch, Shell scripting, PL/SQL

Design Patterns: Singleton, Factory Method

Web Technologies: RIA using Flex and Action Script, HTML,XML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), XSLT, SOAP/gSoap web services, WSDL

Database: Oracle 9i/10g, Sybase, OCCI components

Reporting Tool: CleverPath Reporter, Crystal Report, SPSS, Minitab, GNU-R

IDE/ Design/Development Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Flex builder, InstallShield, Make, JAM, VI editor, Visual MainWin, Oracle SQL Developer

Version Control Tools: SoftCM, Clear Case, Star Team, Clear Quest, SVN

UML Modeling Tool: MS Visio

Software Modeling Language: UML

Operating Systems: HP-UX/Solaris, Windows 9x/2k/XP/Vista


Confidential, NYC

Senior developer

Environment (Tools): C++, SQL, Unix Solaris, STL, Sybase, iSql .


  • Involved in design and development of AIA application developed in C++ on Solaris.
  • Analyzed basic data structures issues and fixed problems of C++ server process crash and memory leaks.
  • Worked on STL container classes such as vectors, lists, maps.
  • Involved in writing and executing shell scripts and sql scripts as per the application requirement.
  • Worked on iSql utility for Sybase database
  • Involved in analyzing huge logs of the system to identify and fix the problems.
  • Direct interaction with customers to solve the issues related to application.
  • Knowledge of FIX protocol.

Confidential, NYC

Senior developer

Environment: C++, PL/SQL Unix Solaris, STL, MQ, XML, HTML, Oracle 10g, Oracle SQL developer, CORBA, Tuxedo, MainSoft Visual MainWin


  • Worked on a Funds Transfer application for a multinational bank, involving designing and developing of various interfaces to third party systems in C++, as per bank requirements to carry operations in various countries worldwide.
  • Used STL classes in C++ interfaces for the partners of the system.
  • Worked on IBM MQ for managing payment message queues.
  • Worked on Oracle database and involved in writing stored procedures and functions in PL/SQL to upload/download data using Oracle SQL developer.
  • Involved in porting C++ windows application to UNIX application using Visual MainWin.
  • Knowledge of CORBA architecture and Tuxedo middle-ware platform.
  • Used XML, HTML to generate data files in specific format to be sent to partner systems
  • Involved in analyzing and debugging vast C++ code and bug fixing in the same.
  • Owner of C++ interfaces for critical partners of the system
  • Understanding the technical & functional specifications
  • Providing post-implementation, enhancement and maintenance support to the client
  • Code reviews
  • Creating, executing and reviewing Unit Testing/Independent Unit Testing scripts
  • Handling build, package and deployment activities on both Solaris and Windows platforms
  • Involved in Solaris migration and compilation activity
  • Knowledge of SWIFT message formats


Software Engineer

Environment: C/C++, PRO*C, VB 6.0, g-Soap tool, VB.net, OCCI Components, Perl, Batch, Shell scripting, PL/SQL, InstallShield, JAM, Reporting and trending tools such as SPSS, CleverPath/Crystal reports, Minitab, GNU-R, HP-UX, Windows 2000/2003/Vista, Oracle, Toad


  • Involved in writing C++ Get APIs for the Web Server. Implemented Internationalization for Web Server. Implemented couple of modules with C++ web services.
  • Involved in writing JAM rules for JAM build.
  • Created VB.net application to access Web Server APIs.
  • Involved in designing and developing Confidential application with new look and feel, pushing client side business logic to server side, and also providing web services for functionalities
  • Involved in porting Confidential -LIMS server to Linux and provide domain authentication enhancement using Kerberos authentication.
  • Knowledge of Kerberos authentication
  • Involved in designing and developing web services with C++ classes and OCCI components, demonstrating a design pattern that allows querying a database object, composed of one or more tables and dependent on other database.
  • Worked on C, PRO*C for defect fixing and enhancements for the product.
  • Worked on patches and customizations for the product using C/C++, VB 6.0 with all required process activities and documentation. Involved in writing patch migration/installation scripts using Perl, Shell, sql.
  • Analyzed and worked on Reporting and trending tools such as SPSS, CleverPath/Crystal reports, Minitab, GNU-R.

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