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Software Engineer Resume

Beaverton, OR


  • I specialize in taking database (desktop and web) projects from inception through delivery, spanning the entire development cycle.
  • I also take existing Microsoft Access desktop applications and use them to model native web applications which I build with Microsoft Lightswitch (so they can run in a browser on a variety of desktop and mobile devices).
  • Interviewing managers and users to define project objectives and business rules
  • Designing all facets of the database, business logic, and user interface (in a documented, standardized, and easy - to-use fashion) with emphasis on Agile development practices
  • Providing follow-up and training to ensure project objectives are met


  • 15+ years of Microsoft Access application development including extensive Visual Basic for Applications coding; employing object oriented methodology; utilizing Windows, Adobe, and other third party APIs
  • 10+ years of designing Microsoft SQL Server relational database back-ends
  • Recent experience using Lightswitch , Microsoft's Visual Studio Rapid Application Development tool for producing data-centric web applications.
  • Lightswitch sits atop the ASP.NET stack and produces HTML5 web pages utilizing a Single Page Architecture and consuming OData services.
  • I have written server code in both C# and VB , and client code using the Javascript Lightswitch API (which includes CSS and JQuery Mobile functionality).
  • 15+ years of providing innovative and cost effective technical business solutions.


Software Engineer

Confidential, Beaverton, OR


  • Designed/updated the payment plan and check distribution logic
  • Added auto-update functionality to the Access front-end programs (utilizing the Windows API to read the Operating System assigned file time/date stamp)
  • Added system-generated email reports and alerts (utilizing the Windows API to send emails via a network email server)
  • Redesigned the lien calculation logic for added accuracy and functionality
  • Redesigned the claimant Document Management System (utilizing the Adobe API to intelligently split PDF documents)
  • Designed the check reconciliation and void programs which imported and exported bank files and intelligently updated check statuses
  • Designed the Entity Management System which intelligently tokenized names and addresses, integrating them from disparate data sources

Software Developer/Consultant

Confidential, Jacksonville, OR


  • Provided expert Access design and VBA programming guidance to the owner/programmer
  • Developed a limited functionality web version (using Lightswitch) of their flagship product to showcase its future direction

Database Applications Developer/Consultant

Confidential, Ashland, OR


  • Provided local and national businesses with data driven applications, which included:
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Magazine offer/subscription/fulfillment tracking
  • Financial management and account tracking
  • Vending machine repair and maintenance tracking

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