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.net Developers Resume Profile


  • Recent graduate offering strong academic background in Computer Science. Proficient in Java C and JavaScript.
  • Work experience with MVC Pattern ASP.NET Node.js AngularJS JQuery MySQL Redis and SQL Server.
  • Academic projects using Hadoop MapReduce Oracle Database Java Swing Servlets EJB JSP and WCF.
  • Internship experience in Retail Banking and Sales. Excellent communication skills and interpersonal abilities.



Web Application Developer Intern

Project Web Based Device Communication Software for Solar PV System

  • Transformed conceptual designs into interactive user interfaces using HTML5 CSS3 AngularJS and Bootstrap.
  • Developed Object Oriented JavaScript code to dynamically generate and manipulate UI elements.
  • Programmed Python scripts to parse PV System configuration files in YAML INI and Plain Text format to JSON.
  • Integrated Python Tornado Web Server Web Socket and AngularJS to serve front end with real-time data.
  • Project P P Server for connecting Authority having Jurisdiction Utility Companies and Solar PV System
  • Utilized AngularJS Node.js and Express framework to create dynamic data driven web pages.
  • Designed database schemas to capture PV System user information and created tables on MySQL.
  • Implemented time series data storage solution by combining Redis and MySQL.


.Net Developer Intern

  • Collaborated with business analyst to design solutions and prepared corresponding technical documents.
  • Involved in development of a web based information system using C ASP.NET Web Forms and ADO.NET.
  • Implemented UI elements using HTML CSS and JavaScript. Used JQuery to develop AJAX functionalities.
  • Created database tables and implemented stored procedures database triggers and views on SQL Server 2000.



  • Programmed MapReduce jobs in Java to implement Multinomial Naive Bayes Classifier with TFIDF weight.
  • Deployed MapReduce jobs on Baidu Hadoop to classify 10 million web search queries into 33 categories.
  • Optimized code efficiency by using Hashtable and loading supporting data sets into distributed cache reduced running time from 30 minutes to around 5 minutes.


  • Led a team of 5 to develop a Java Swing application with MVC design pattern for Task/Project Management.
  • Created Serializable Model classes and combined LinkedList and Hashtable to store Model objects.
  • Implemented Spreadsheet functionalities using JTable and customized Property Change Listener.


  • Developed an online advertisement auction system using OJDBC and Oracle Database 12c.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries and stored procedures to implement generalized second-price bidding algorithm.

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