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Over 30 years of delivering forward-thinking solutions to market through executive management leadership vision project management product management architecting software engineering coding and triaging.



ITS Senior Systems Coordinator

Working in the eCommerce / Mobile team to revitalize the Meijer.com website. We are moving the Meijer.com experience to be an extension for the brick-n-mortar stores providing online ordering and curbside pickup with a future vision of home delivery. My responsibilities are focused on the Cart and Order management and Product information including pricing inventory customer-facing data promotions taxation communications fulfillment and reconciliation. Technologies include WPF WebAPI/REST SSIS MVC with JSON bootstrap EntityFramework jQuery Razor Owin and more. I was part of a team that designed coded tested released/implemented trained documented and supports the system.



Project Lead

Working in the eCommerce team developing the new Product Management Tool PMT to support Meijer.com infrastructure. Responsible and accountable for a team of 3 contractors to complete the project based on fluid requirements.

Lead Analyst / Developer

Working in the eCommerce team developing the new Product Management Tool PMT to support Meijer.com infrastructure. The tool is focused on backend product information. It is written in C / WPF / XAML / .NET 4.0 / SQL utilizing MVVM framework and methodologies. The goal is to combine several different support applications into a single application.



Software Development Manager

Broadway Systems produces an ERP system to manage cable network commercial time. The system is a thick client written in C .NET 4.0 WinForm with a MS SQL Server backend utilizing windows and web services.

Led development effort through collaboration with Business Analysts Product Management and Quality Assurance ensuring developers are tasked appropriately to work in an Agile Methodology.

Reviewed developer C and SQL code. Provided feedback suggestions and improvements to developers.

Triaged customer issues by reproducing issues and resolving through code changes configuration changes training or documentation.

Profiled and corrected coding issues related to memory management and threading issues.

Architected designed and coded new features and functionality.

Implemented and managed Agile Development Methodology.

Implemented and managed Lean 6 Sigma Improvements. Created current state value stream map including metrics to collect monitor analyze and improve.

Led and managed a team of 20 developers.



VP of Engineering

Compliance Systems CSi produces financial compliance software for the financial industry. The software ensure regulatory and legal adherence for a contractually binding financial transaction.

Led the migration of CSi s core software from C/C to C /.NET.

Architected the new system. The system was architected with modularity to support the vast differences in implementation requirements of all financial institutions. The system supports single document creation to multiple document creation a transaction . The system can be installed as a GUI component WinForm / WPF Window . It supports server side installs. The system is multi-threaded multi-processor fault-tolerant/high-availability. The system scales to n-servers and has an optional SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 interface for remote network access.

Designed the core software. The system is a decision-engine for documents in a transaction and words on a page. Determination of documents was implemented through a JScript.NET configuration engine to allow ease of implementation for complex financial transactions specifically for commercial lending. The JScript.NET is dynamically compiled into .NET Assemblies for fast execution. Documents were written in XML with logic and parsed by the decision-engine. First documents are parsed second data is applied to the document and logic is executed to determine content third layout is performed based on the content and presentation last device independent rendering is performed to XHTML PDF Printer Image or SMARTDoc. Responsible for the design the data schema XSD that defined the transaction and designed coded the XSL for migrating to and from the MISMO standard for mortgage documents.

Wrote major parts of the system in C .NET 1.1 and 2.0. This also included XML/XLSLT coding custom XSLT functions integrating several third-party SDKs SOAP interfaces Windows Services dynamic .NET assembly creation.

Wrote several visual tools to exercise test and triage the system in C /.NET 2.0/4.0. This included console WinForm and WPF applications.

Assured the quality of the core software. Acted as the first line of QA ensuring the core software was functioning correctly. This included unit test and test harness creation.

Resolved customer issues. Triaged customer issue to determine cause of issue either resolved the issue via code documentation education or configuration.

Trained developers. Trained all developers working on the project from the architectural under-pinnings detailed implementation areas coding standards and process.

Educated customers. Went on-site to work with customers explained the software usage integration and implementation options.

Supported CSi s legacy applications in C/C and Visual Basic.

Built managed and led the development group at CSi. Initiated change to support a higher level of quality service and support. This included process improvement setting business objectives defining the product roadmap managing the engineering budget.

Managed the IT and IS areas. This included IT upgrade and management of MS SQL 2008 installation and management of CITRIX XenApp Primary and backup Active Directories installation and management of MS Exchange 2007 iSCSI Installation and management of Microsoft Storage Server 2008R2 and Microsoft Server 2008 Installation and management of VMWare Virtual Server.

Trained team members on third-party technology company products and processes.

Led the vision of the team and company for new products features and services.


Director of Engineering AudienceOne and Cardiff 1998 to 2002 Software Engineering Manager Adobe 1997 to 1998 Lead/Senior Engineer DigiDox 1996 to 1997

DigiDox was an Adobe Partner focused on Acrobat value-added technologies primarily Acrobat plug-ins. Adobe acquired DigiDox to evangelize Adobe Acrobat. AudienceOne purchased the rights to the technology from Adobe and moved into the 1-to-1 marketing area. This move shifted the development focus from plug-ins to Web/ASP server side solutions. Cardiff purchased AudienceOne and was later purchased by Verity now Autonomy and HP company .

Architected designed and coded several Adobe Acrobat plug-ins in C/C for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh OS. This included writing cross-platform compatibility layer for common code sharing.

Architected designed and coded AudienceOne a Web/ASP server side 1-to-1 marketing solution. The system was written in C/C Visual Basic. The system supported XML data files and SOAP interface.

Led the effort to support CJKV in the AudienceOne product to obtain a 1 million contract from Dai Nippon Printing in Shinjuku-ku Japan.

Managed a team of developers quality assurance testers and technical writers. Responsible for hiring terminations and reviews. Motivated the team.

Trained the team on Adobe technology and company products.

Led the vision for new products and features.


Product Developer / Senior Engineer 1993 to 1996

Contract Programmer 1993

Worked on a student based practice and testing system for Michigan MEAP tests and other state equivalents. System was cross-platform for Microsoft DOS Microsoft Windows Apple II and Apple Macintosh OS. Later versions were network enabled for data file sharing.

Designed and coded the system in BASIC FoxPro and C/C .



Software Developer



Adjunct Instructor in C C and Networking






C C Visual C C Python JavaScript Java Visual Basic BASIC VB.NET PASCAL Perl Postscript FORTRAN RPG II III SQL T-SQL Assembly Machine Code AppleScript Prolog ASP.NET Objective C Cisco PIX

Operating Systems

DOS Windows Mac OS Mac OS X UNIX variants Newton OS


PC Macintosh Newton Cisco


XML XSL XSLT XSD XSL-FO XHTML CSS SOAP Web Services SVG MISMO SMARTDoc COM COM DCOM SOA Design Patterns Functional Programming Fault Tolerance High-Availability N-Tier MVP MVC MVVM WPF XAML WebAPI/REST

Technologies / SDKs / Libraries abridged

C C Boost cppunit log4cpp/log4cxx

C .NET 1.0 1.1 2.0 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 NHibernate NUnit and VS unit testing DotNetZip Log4Net Microsoft Patterns Practices iTextSharp DevExpress Infragistics MVVM Light Prism MOQ

Windows MFC GDI GDI Macintosh Mac Toolbox/API Java JDK J2EE J2SE JUnit

Third-party Adobe Acrobat and PDF Spec Adobe FrameMaker Adobe InDesign ActivePDF Toolkit



Methodologies / Processes

SDLC Agile Waterfall SCRUM Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Domain Driven Design


Subversion Microsoft Visual Studio Metrowerks CodeWarrior Eclipse Bugzilla XCode Red-Gate Profilers CLR Profiler Microsoft Office all SysInternals XmlSpy StyleCop FxCop MS TFS and more

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