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Technical Architect Resume


  • Experienced and goal - oriented IT professional with over 30 years’ experience in web application architecture, development, SDLC management, web-site design and graphic design.
  • Designed and engineered scalable and profitable software solutions for many industries including finance, HR, airline telecom and compliance and entertainment.
  • 7 national and international design industry awards for my earlier work in the creative industry.
  • Over 20 years of experience working in most areas of Microsoft-technology enterprise-level application development, including .NET and SQL development.
  • Follow (and teach) S.O.L.I.D. principles and employ scalability, security and ease of maintenance.
  • Managed teams of 5-35 in both the design industry and application development industries focusing on agile project management, advanced SDLC processes and mentoring to improve code quality.


Development Tools: Visual Studio 2003-2019, Azure/Azure DevOps, Source Tree, Jira, Business Intelligence Studio - Reporting Services

Testing Tools: MS Test, Moq, Fluent Assertions, Fiddler, MVC Contrib, NUnit, Postman

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC): TFS 2008-2015 ALM, VSTS/Azure, Release Management, Jenkins

Source Controls: VSTS, TFS (2008-2015 - Git & TFS Versioning), VSS, Subversion

Database: MS SQL Server 2000-2016

Documentation: Microsoft Office, Visio, UML tools

Middleware: Dapper, Entity Framework, StructureMap, Prism, Ninject, AutoMapper, Active Reports, SAFileUp, CuteEditor, aspEncrypt, Excel VBA, MVVM Light, nServiceBus, Microsoft Service Bus



Technical Architect


  • Technical Oversight of 5 projects being transitioned from a major client. Leading 5 .NET developers and 2 database developers during the transition one.
  • Manage client’s transition process, documenting and mentoring developers.
  • Designed cloud-based architecture for evolution of the applications to the AWS platform

Environment: Visual Studio 2015/17, AWS PaaS, C#, LINQ, Asp.Net, Threading, Source Tree, SQL Server 2012/2016, WCF Services (Soap/TCP), Apogee, Rest Services, windows services, AngularJS.

Application Development Manager



  • Technical Oversight of a division focusing on the corporate marketing for the Americas (US, Canada, Brazil, Latin America). Thyssenkrupp has 326,000 employees world-wide and the Americas elevator division is the most profitable one.
  • Converted a department with virtually no process strategy to a viable automated VSTS/Azure base SDLC engine with automated release, blue/green production switching and secure data processing using the same techniques I developed at Nationstar. Trained all developers, business analysts and QA group to work an efficient approach focusing on agile principles.
  • Acted as technical liaison for the upper management in Marketing, helping guide the decision making on technical direction and purpose.
  • Created and enforced coding and delivery standards, code review, overseeing delivery and deployment, and mentoring developers in SOLID OO design principles.
  • Created robust and well-formed frameworks to transform spaghetti code to proper SOLID-based, well-architected, easily maintainable applications, turning around the company’s view of the department, even leading to an award.
  • Migrated to Azure and VSTS for more flexible testing environments.
  • Led team in implementing multiple major projects throughout the year while maintaining aggressive bug SLAs and helping other teams in the company start on the path toward Azure. Performed 50% management tasks, 30% Application and Azure architecture and 20% hands on coding/database design.

Environment: Visual Studio 2015/17, VSTS, Azure Portal, C#, LINQ, MVC5, StructureMap, SQL Server 2012/16 with Entity Data Model, WCF Services (Soap/TCP), windows services, AngularJS.

Confidential - Irving, TX

Senior Team Lead


  • Technical Oversight of a division focusing on the Originations segment of Mortgage Loan Management Software for a mortgage industry leader. This was an AVP level position.
  • Streamlined the department’s SDLC, greatly improving efficiency and quality of deployments. Created a robust and nimble TFS/Agile process strategy using GIT, Microsoft Release Manager, Chef and Azure and a true, robust 95% coverage Unit Testing strategy with Moq and Fluent Assertions.
  • Created and enforced coding and delivery standards, code review, overseeing delivery and deployment, and mentoring developers in SOLID OO design principles.
  • Responsible for most of the Architectural and ALM strategy documentation and managed the White Hat security monitoring integration

Environment: Visual Studio 2013/15, Team Foundation Server, C#, LINQ, MVC5, StructureMap, SQL Server 2012 with Entity Data Model, WCF Services (Soap/TCP), windows services, JQuery, Microsoft Service Bus, Encompass Loan Management System

Confidential - Dallas, TX

Application Development Manager


  • Helped manage the lifecycle process for their flagship product using TFS to govern project management, release/environment management and QA oversight.
  • 6-month contract was extended to 8 months with bonus.
  • Helped improve their unit test code coverage in a challenging application architecture and helped establish better practices to maintain code coverage more effectively.
  • Oversaw the successful delivery to production of over 1000 work items in a 5 month span.

Environment: Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate, Team Foundation Server 2013, Release Manager, C#, Linq, MVC4, StructureMap, AutoMapper, SQL Server 2012 with Entity Data Model, WebAPI Service, Google Analytics, Agile SDLC with TFS

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