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Senior Developer,resume Profile



More than twenty years of experience as a senior software developer/architect in the following business areas Research Retail Wholesale e-Commerce Marketing Education Biotech Publishing Real Estate Legal Electronic Data Discovery Document Imaging Brokerage Banking Manufacturing Digital Media Medical Agriculture Human Resources Consulting and the Internet itself.

Current software development and architecture emphases include but are not limited to e-Commerce Web Sites credit card processing shopping cart middle tier services back end database and rich interactive front end Database Design/Development Corporate Web Sites Web Services Custom Software Systems Integration n-tier SOA and 3rd Party APIs.

Preferred development tools and technologies ASP.NET 4.0/4.5 C VB.NET Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013 SQL Server 2008/2012 Ajax Control Toolkit OOP WCF ASP.NET Web Services Web 2.0 Ajax jQuery JavaScript best of breed 3rd party components such as Infragistics and Telerik e-Commerce ADO.NET Entity Framework LINQ n-tier Generics SOA XML CSS Database Design/Development/Optimization Windows Server 2008/2012 MS Application Blocks and IIS. See below for more detail.

Able to take a project from start to finish working in a team or independently from any location and with any level of user manager or client. Excellent communication and mentoring skills along with excellent technical skills.

Software and Development Expertise

Primary Development .NET 4.0/4.5 Frameworks Visual Studio 2008/2010/2013 ASP.NET SQL Server 2008/2012 OOP C VB.NET Ajax Ajax Control Toolkit Web 2.0 jQuery SOA best of breed 3rd party components such as Telerik and Infragistics ABCpdf e-Commerce Payment Gateways RocketGate and Authorize.NET AspDotNetStorefront ASPDNSF PayPal Payments Standard PayPal API s Shopping Carts Credit Card Processing Generics T-SQL Database Design/Optimization ADO.NET Entity Framework LINQ WCF Services ASP.NET Web Services HTML DHTML CSS JavaScript XML XSLT Subversion Visual SourceSafe SourceGear GIT SSRS MS Application Blocks Encryption SOAP HTTP FTP SMTP ODBC.

Databases SQL Server 2005/2008/20012 MS Access and some MySQL Documentum Oracle 9i Sybase ASE Sybase SQL Anywhere FoxPro Paradox FileMaker.

OS Windows 2012/2008/XP/2000/NT/Vista/Windows 7 Mac OSX DOS some UNIX.

Business Tools MS Word MS Excel MS Access MS PowerPoint MS Project MS Visio.

Other Development Tools and Technologies MVC HTML5 PHP SSIS WordPress DTS Windows Forms Multi-Threading Crystal Reports Visual WebGui vBulletin VBScript Able Commerce CMS .NET Remoting ASP 3.0 WMI SDK/API COM COM EDD VBA/COM Automation Win32 API Visual C MFC Full-Text Search Extreme Programming Design Patterns CruiseControl.NET Continuous Integration Cdyne TeleSign Codesmith Documentum API Visual Basic 6 ADO CDO MAPI ActiveX Winsock Print Driver SDK/API Image Processing SDK/API Java DDE OLE JAM Pascal APPC PVCS E-Forms PCOMM Vertex Quantum for Sales and Use Tax Ceridian Source 500 Dundas Charts Xceed Mathematica TeX LaTeX Doc2Help networking.

Professional History


Senior Developer/Analyst/Architect

10/2009 to present

Lead Developer/Architect of wholesale e-Commerce and admin sites for poster retailer focusing on granular price customization at the customer level. Development is done using ASP.NET 4.5 C JavaScript SQL Server 2012 jQuery Ajax Control Toolkit and Infragistics controls. Sample URL in progress http //www. exatextwholesale.info

Lead Developer of bulk emailer using ASP.NET 4.5 C JavaScript SQL Server 2012 and Ajax Control Toolkit.

Lead Developer of e-Commerce web site for online gift merchant. Development is done using ASP.NET 4/C /SQL 2008 and JavaScript/jQuery on the client side. Infragistics controls and the Ajax Control Toolkit are used to enhance the interface. PayPal Payments Standard is utilized for order placement. PayPal order information is retrieved via HTTP form posting. Sample URL http //www.pidigitpendants.com


Senior Developer/Analyst/Architect

6/2013 to 7/2014

Lead Developer/Architect of the Invitation Manager system for this research software development firm. This system features the generation of invitations to participate in research studies. Invitation details such as message content custom tags study links recipients confidentiality SMTP configuration are specified. System is developed using ASP.NET 4.0 C JavaScript SQL Server 2008R2 and Ajax Control Toolkit. Infragistics controls are used to enhance the interface. Sample URL http //www.millisecond.com

Lead Developer/Architect of the Recipient Panel Manager which is a core module of the invitation manager. Invitation recipients can be manually entered uploaded from external sources or imported from existing invitations. Then they are managed grouped and used by the invitation manager. Development is done using ASP.NET 4.0 C JavaScript SQL Server 2008R2 Ajax Control Toolkit and Infragistics controls.

Lead Developer/Architect of Participant Reporting module which displays real-time results of study participant responses. Development is done using ASP.NET 4.0 C JavaScript SQL Server 2008R2 Ajax Control Toolkit and Infragistics controls.

Lead Developer of bulk emailer for use in distributing newsletters to existing customers. Development is done using ASP.NET 4.0 C JavaScript SQL Server 2008R2 and Ajax Control Toolkit.

Lead Developer of various enhancements to the research web portal using ASP.NET 4.0 C JavaScript SQL Server 2008R2 and Ajax Control Toolkit.


Senior Developer/Analyst/Architect

5/2011 to present

Lead Developer of major enhancements to moving and storage site for this internet marketing firm. Development is done in ASP.NET 2.0 VB.NET and SQL Server 2008. Ajax is used to enhance the user experience and performance. Enhancements include improvements to lead distribution calculation of lead metrics phone lead functionality exclusive leads improvements to geo coding and setup of mirror site. Reverse engineering existing site to create mirror site. Sample URL http //www.topmovingcompany4u.com.

Lead Developer/Architect of multiple ASP.NET and WCF web services as a part of previously mentioned system s workflow. Examples are services to post marketing leads to external systems to receive posted leads from external systems and to verify marketing lead contact info. Services are constructed using ASP.NET 4.0 C and SQL Server 2008. Cdyne and TeleSign vendor APIs are used to verify contact info.

Lead Developer/Architect of contractor lead generation site. Leads are distributed to contractors via a scheduled process and are administered by the contractors via the web site. Development is done using ASP.NET 4.0 C VB.NET SQL Server 2008 XML and Ajax. Developed SQL process to import/export leads to/from other systems. Sample URL http //www.poweredbythepeoplellc.com.


Senior Developer/Analyst

2/2013 to 7/2013

Lead Developer of enhancements to reporting functionality for this leader in HR assessments/surveys. Development is done using ABCpdf ASP.NET 4.0 VB.NET and SQL Server 2008R2.

Lead Developer of Scheduled Outage Manager for HR assessment portal. This module enables administrators to specify scheduled outages for entire system down to specific surveys or specific functionality within a survey. Outage redirects to landing page. HTTP module is uses for intercepting and processing page requests. Development is done using ASP.NET 4.0 VB.NET and SQL Server 2008R2.



2/2010 to 3/2013

Lead Developer/Architect of a Customer Service system that enables reps to register users manage their shopping carts and to complete phone orders. Development is done using ASP.NET 4.0 C Infragistics controls Ajax Control Toolkit jQuery Ajax MS Application Data block and SQL Server 2008.

Lead Developer/Architect of real-time credit card processing module for e-Commerce web sites. Development includes ASP.NET 3.5 WCF Web Services based on the RocketGate payment gateway API as well as SQL Server 2008 database design and LINQ development. PCI Compliance standards are followed. Backend shopping cart is Able Commerce. Sample URL http //www.stockroom.com

Lead Developer of major enhancements to existing e-Commerce web sites. Development is ASP.NET 3.5 C VB.NET and SQL Server 2008. Some enhancements include a complex discount program new Able Commerce admin features and affiliate program enhancements.

Lead Developer of RSS feed of customer wish lists to affiliate sites using a ASP.NET 3.5 WCF web service. Also developed C HTTP Handler for customer-facing friendly URLs.

Lead Developer of ASP.NET SQL scripts to export web site e-Commerce data to new ERP system.

Implemented and customized a vBulletin forum system using PHP and MySQL.


Senior Developer/Analyst

10/2012 to 1/2013

Lead Developer/Analyst of PayPal Invoicing API integration for this e-Commerce site / online apparel marketplace to enable vendors to invoice their retail customers. Development includes customization of PayPal Invoicing API construction of WCF service to be consumed by site and site modifications to implement the invoicing. Development is done using ASP.NET 2.0/4.0 C Ajax Control Toolkit Infragistics controls jQuery and SQL Server 2008.


Senior Developer/Analyst/Architect

5/2005 to 5/2014

Lead Developer/Architect of Web 2.0 e-Commerce web site for this international distributor of computer accessories. Platform is ASP.NET 4.0 C SQL Server 2008 jQuery Ajax Infragistics controls Ajax Control Toolkit JavaScript and XML. Extensive use of jQuery Ajax and Ajax Control Toolkit to enhance the user experience and performance. Developed web service to process and scale product images on the fly as well as allow reps to administer them. Data layer is developed using the ADO.NET Entity Framework. Development includes a separate admin web site as well.

Lead Developer of customization and maintenance of WordPress and MySQL installations for new corporate web site.

Lead Developer of multiple enhancements over the years to e-Commerce web sites in the areas of checkout process product administration manufacturer administration FileMaker migration using SSIS .NET 3.5 conversion SQL 2008 conversion and others. All development is done with ASP.NET 2.0/3.5 C SQL Server 2005/2008 JavaScript HTML and CSS.

Lead Developer/Architect of multiple e-Commerce web sites. Extensive development using C ASP.NET ADO.NET MS Application Data Block and XML. Responsible for all SQL Server 2000 database design development stored procedures user-defined functions views and creation of DTS packages to digest existing FileMaker files. Data caching is used to improve performance.

Design and maintenance of corporate network.


Senior Developer/Analyst

2/2012 to 7/2012

Lead Developer of enhancements to AspDotNetStorefront e-Commerce site. Development is done in ASP.NET 3.5 C SQL Server 2008 JavaScript and XML. Enhancements include improvements to administrative pages repairs to XML feeds to/from external systems analysis for implementation of Amazon Checkout and analysis for implementation of mobile skin and other add-ons. Sample URL http //www.swakdesigns.com

Lead Developer of AspDotNetStorefront SQL Server 2008 database optimization and maintenance. Developed stored procedures and scripts to perform the optimization. Also developed SQL scripts to locate and repair orphaned products resulting from AspDotNetStorefront bug.



4/2007 to 6/2009

Lead Developer/Architect of the Lead Collection System LCS . The LCS collects marketing leads from this publisher s suite of web sites. Leads are then processed and transmitted to marketing campaign clients in a variety of ways. Responsible for all aspects of project life cycle for this n-tier system from initial analysis to ongoing support. This distributed ASP.NET 3.5/C /JavaScript/SQL 2005/LINQ system consists of multiple applications ranging from WCF services and intranet/web sites to Windows services. Each LCS component leverages a common exception handling WCF service. Consumer marketing surveys are generated via XSLT. Reporting is done via SSRS and Excel. Responsible for design implementation optimization of SQL Server database.

Lead Developer responsible for analysis development and support of Project Tracking System. This ASP.NET 3.5/C /SQL 2005/LINQ system manages this client s internal IT projects. XML is leveraged to store end-user requests. Telerik controls are used in the UI. Responsible for design implementation optimization of SQL Server database.

Senior Developer responsible for maintenance and enhancements to ASP.NET 2.0/C /SQL 2005 web sites. Senior Developer responsible for maintenance of existing CMS. Senior Developer responsible for marketing campaign lead collection enhancements to existing web sites. Senior developer for maintenance and enhancements to Authorize.Net functionality in e-Commerce sites.


Senior Developer/Analyst

7/2006 to 10/2006

Lead Developer of various customizations to acquired vendor software using SQL Server 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0/C . Other tools used include Dundas Charts Codesmith and Xceed class libraries.

Senior Developer responsible for knowledge transfer and training of Pearson staff in technical aspects of recently acquired web software. Created processes for installing this software along with SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services and extensions. Re-architected the development environment to conform to standard ASP.NET 2.0 best practices rather than existing proprietary methodologies.

Senior Developer responsible for integration of reports from multiple systems. Reports are generated using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services as well as standard web pages using Ajax web services and XML.

Mentored other developers in existing development techniques as well as recommended development techniques.


Senior Developer/Analyst

9/2005 to 3/2006

Senior Developer of the Competitive Intelligence CI System developed using ASP.NET C XML ADO.NET PowerUp Treeview and JavaScript MS Application Data Block with SQL Server 2000 and Full-Text search capabilities on the back end. This major upgrade from an existing ASP system is a primary repository leveraged by Amgen to gather intelligence used for strategic planning research development and acquisitions of other intellectual property. Extensive object-oriented development of web pages user controls HTTP Modules and various other classes. Extreme Programming techniques Continuous Integration via CruiseControl.NET as well as mentoring other developers on the team. Database design and development of stored procedures user-defined functions and views as well. Additionally Crystal Reports was used for reporting functionality.

Senior Developer of components to improve the NET 1.1 built-in HTTP Request Validation features. Components include HTTP Module Base Classes and other classes containing refactored C versions of reverse-engineered Request Validation code from the .NET framework. Component behavior is customizable for each web page.


Senior Developer/Analyst

9/2004 to 4/2005

Senior Developer of Licensing Tracker System. Completed extensive Object-Oriented ASP.NET enhancements in C extensive development using Documentum API as well as SQL development including Oracle functions and views. This multi-tier system facilitates the licensing of intellectual property used to create Amgen products. Relational database back end is Oracle 9i accessed via ADO.NET. Document management back end is Documentum. Communication with Documentum is handled via Documentum API and XML. Extensive web page and user control development. Some enhancements include document content search capabilities.

Senior Developer of Licensing Tracker middleware and desktop client applications. Completed extensive enhancements in C XML VBA Outlook and SQL. Both C applications participate in transferring documents to Documentum and Oracle making them accessible from the Intranet.

Lead Developer of the Staff Change and HR-Link Access Request applications. These ASP.NET/C Intranet applications developed for HR are leveraged throughout the enterprise from the corporate portal to complete all staff change requests and HR system access requests. Database back end is Sybase ASE. Requests are generated as Excel workbooks and emailed to designated recipients. Extensive web page and user control development. Also developed C code for LDAP authentication and ASP.NET caching.


Senior Developer/Analyst

2/2004 to 9/2004

Senior Developer of global apartment inventory management system called AIMS for this leader in the corporate housing market. Completed extensive ASP.NET design and development enhancements using C XML ADO.NET and Crystal Reports. Extensive SQL Server design and development including complex stored procedures user-defined functions and tables. Developed reusable Crystal Reports components for generation of charts and graphs within ASP.NET pages. Consolidated existing code into user controls and other classes using Object-Oriented design. Regular interaction with corporate executives.


Senior Developer/Analyst/Architect

3/2003 to 12/2003

Lead Developer/Architect of back end for EDD Electronic Data Discovery and Document Imaging system called WEDD IQ used by this prominent member of the legal copying industry. Back end includes a series of multithreaded object-oriented C and VB.NET components along with C remoting server applications that enable document imaging to be distributed across the client network. Platforms include Windows 2003 for back end components and server applications as well as Windows 2000/XP for system client. Extensive use of .NET Remoting by this distributed system. Extensive use of WMI in .NET for monitoring and controlling the Windows printing subsystem. Extensive use of XML to provide data to system client applications. Development of SQL stored procedures used by back end via ADO.NET. This distributed client-server system converts more than 50 document types is scalable to the client s needs and is used nationally.

Extensive use of VBA and COM Automation in .NET with Word Excel Access Outlook Visio Acrobat PowerPoint MS Project Lotus Notes and others to perform document imaging. Extensive COM development in .NET to integrate ImageMaker and Lead Technologies ePrint print drivers API/SDK to perform document imaging. Leveraged ImageGear API/SDK for image processing tasks.

Developed .NET WinForm applications for monitoring and configuring EDD server performance. Developed extensive suite of command-line document imaging utilities using C and aforementioned back end engine. Developed ASP.NET interface to perform ad hoc document imaging and testing of system.

Mentored developers in .NET and general Windows design and development.


Senior Developer/Analyst

1/2002 to 1/2003

Lead Developer of corporate e-Commerce Web Sites for this international publisher and its affiliates. These scalable ASP.NET web sites utilize VB.NET and XML. SQL Server 2000 is utilized on the back end with all I/O performed via stored procedures user-defined functions and ADO.NET. Extensive development of web pages user controls server controls content caching using object-oriented techniques. Binary content such as cover images and content samples are stored in SQL Server and pushed to and from sites using Custom HTTP Handlers. The web sites offer extensive Search capabilities. Performed stress testing using Visual Studio.NET Application Center Test ACT . Extensive utilization of ASP.NET caching. Integrated new sites with existing ASP shopping cart. Reviewed unit test scripts and system test plan. Sample Links include http //www.sagepub.com http //www.corwinpress.com and http //www.pineforge.com.

Senior Developer of Custom HTTP Handlers used by the new corporate web sites and Intranet applications. These C HTTP handlers along with IIS enable ASP.NET applications to provide static URLs for virtual resources.

Senior Developer of XML Web Service written in C to provide central means of searching product inventory.

Lead Developer of the SPIN system Sage Product Information Network . This Visual Basic 6 system is the master product repository as well as production tracking system. Responsible for extensive functionality upgrades in VB6 SQL HTML and ASP. SPIN utilizes a flattened 3-tier architecture with SQL Server 2000 on the back end and all I/O done via ADO and stored procedures. COM is used to access middle tier and other components. Additional tools include the Windows API and Web Browser Control. Reviewed unit test scripts.

Senior Developer of the SpinWeb application. This ASP.NET/VB.NET Intranet application serves as a web interface to SPIN administrative modules. This application enables users to associate products with binary content such as JPG ZIP PDF files etc. SpinWeb stores this binary content in SQL Server 2000 via ADO.NET and stored procedures. This content is pushed to the web sites daily and served to clients via Custom HTTP Handlers.

Senior Developer of the Customer Care application. This ASP.NET/VB.NET Intranet application provides online product information globally to customer service representatives in USA and London. Back end is SQL Server 2000 with all I/O done using stored procedures user-defined functions and ADO.NET.

Lead Developer of the Faculty Review system. This system processes requests from university faculty to evaluate and possibly adopt textbooks. It consists of an external ASP interface on the corporate Intranet an internal batch process developed with Visual Basic as well as a corporate Intranet interface developed in ASP VBScript COM

and HTML. Back end is SQL Server 2000 with all I/O performed via custom COM component stored procedures and ADO. MAPI is used for email order approval notifications.

Mentored developers in ASP.NET VB.NET ASP HTML Visual Basic 6 SQL Visual C 6 COM and JScript development.


Senior Developer/Analyst

10/2001 to 1/2002

Lead Developer of Content Delivery Web Site that enables freelance writers to collaborate online and to present their material to prospective publishers. This ASP.NET web site utilizes C as well as SQL 2000 on the back end with all I/O performed via stored procedures and ADO.NET. XML is also utilized in the content delivery process.

Lead Developer of XML Web Service written in C . This web service provides other applications with search capabilities against all content on the aforementioned web site.


Senior Developer/Analyst

8/2001 to 10/2001

Lead Developer of real-time sales and use tax solution consisting of several COM components and extensive SQL Server 2000 design. Primary COM component wraps underlying Vertex Quantum sales tax components and geo-coded SQL Server 2000 database. This out-of-process COM application is activated via SQL Server stored procedures and is used to process all Homestore.Com product orders throughout the enterprise. This highly scalable solution is now utilized by additional business units in custom ASP pages VB apps etc. Created project specifications project plan and technical documentation as well. Worked with QA to develop test plan.

Mentored developers in Visual Basic ASP COM COM and SQL development.


Senior Developer/Analyst

4/2001 to 7/2001

Key member of team to transition Simon Schuster end users from Pearson Education data center to Lockheed Martin data center. Provided extensive knowledge transfer and systems analysis to ensure smooth transition of Greystoke sales force automation system to Lockheed Martin data center.

Trained and mentored team members in existing sales force automation methodologies.

Authored technical documentation for Greystoke sales force automation system.


Senior Developer/Analyst

2/2000 to 3/2001

Senior Developer of SQL stored procedures scripts and views with SQL Server 6.5/7.0 to perform daily monthly and year-end analysis as well as management reporting on this Fortune 500 firm s payroll data. Developed elaborate SQL stored procedures scripts and views to enhance and maintain the HR/Payroll vendor package Ceridian Source 500. Enhancements include Headcount Terminations and Benefits calculations.

Developed VB 6 and Access 97 applications to assist in daily processing of vendor package data.

Developed SQL stored procedures scripts and views with Sybase SQL Anywhere to enhance and maintain the sales force automation system Greystoke used by Pearson the world s largest educational publisher.

Developed enhancements to Greystoke sales force automation system using VB 6 to improve order processing and internationalization for upcoming European release of this client/server system.

Mentored junior developers in advanced SQL programming techniques.


Senior Developer/Analyst

10/1999 to 1/2000

Senior Developer/Analyst for re-engineering of existing Partnership Benefits system. This n-tier Visual Basic 6 system consists of more than a hundred screens created by a team of developers within an MDI architecture. ADO is utilized by the data layer to communicate with the middle business object layer and Oracle back end.

Developed custom controls to provide standardized data grid interface as a part of re-engineering effort. Responsible for renovation schedule and project resource estimates.

Authored user interface standards document to be adopted by all development groups. Extensive contact with various levels of management. Extensive contact with client for proof of concept and presentation of deliverables. Regular code reviews to ensure adherence to revised methodologies.


Senior Developer/Analyst

Lead Developer of ASP Web Site for the online auction community. Back end is SQL Server 2000 with I/O via stored procedures and ADO. Notification emails are generated via CDO. Developed COM components to process auction data. Additional COM objects such as ASPHttp are leveraged to screen scrape external web sites. Extensive database design optimization and SQL reporting to analyze site data. Extensive use of HTML JScript and VBScript.

Lead Developer of Visual Basic 6 software package called iShortCuts that removes the headache from keeping Web Favorites organized. This application is available for download from major shareware sites.


Senior Developer/Analyst

7/1997 to 5/1999

Lead Developer of BIDS. This client/server system consists of two specialized Visual C MFC applications. The first utilizes an APPC communications API/SDK to pull financial transactions from the mainframe to the client. The second is a standard Visual C MFC application that formats and outputs the transmitted financial data. PCOMM is used for testing and tracing transmissions. This system is used worldwide by customers of this global custody giant.

Lead Developer of the Y2K Compliance Lookup Application. This Visual Basic 6 application and Access back end are used by business analysts to approve technology purchases and track compliance of vendors throughout the enterprise. DAO JET and Crystal Reports are utilized to implement data access and reporting.

Project Leader and Senior Analyst for the distributed systems year 2000 project. Responsible for design and implementation of assessment renovation and testing methodologies for all custom PC applications throughout the enterprise. Investigated development tool compliance issues.

Authored Y2K Development Guidelines for Excel and Y2K Development Guidelines documents for users and developers throughout the enterprise. Authored general Windows development document for development groups as part of infrastructure re-engineering. Authored Y2K Assessment Guidelines document. These documents serve as required methodologies throughout the enterprise.

Mentored junior developers throughout the enterprise regarding year 2000 methodologies and general development issues. Recommended development platforms to development groups for their renovations. Presentations to internal business groups to justify extensive renovations required to their applications. Conducted regular code reviews for year 2000 team developers to ensure compliance.


Senior Developer/Analyst

10/1995 to 5/1997

Senior Developer of the Workers Compensation Administration System WCAS that records and tracks worker compensation claims throughout the enterprise. This client/server Visual Basic system utilizes ODBC and SQL Server along with DB2 data over an MDI Gateway. COM is utilized to populate Word forms and Excel workbooks. MAPI is utilized in the claims approval process. MS Exchange E-Forms enable users to launch WCAS from their Outlook inbox. Crystal Reports is utilized for detailed management and field reporting. Developed system specifications and database. The system is in production nationwide.

Developed ancillary applications for WCAS including a communications middleware that transmits approved claims to carriers. This Visual Basic COM server automates WinFax and Word to transmit claims.

Senior Developer of the Facilities Conference Room Scheduler that schedules conference and dining facilities throughout the enterprise. This client/server Visual Basic system utilizes ODBC and SQL Server. COM and MAPI are utilized to populate and transmit Excel workbooks required to place catering orders. Developed system specifications and database. The system is on thousands of production desktops.

Developed the Flexible Packaging Supplier Request for Information RFI as part of the client s strategic sourcing initiative. This Access application gathers data to optimize the client s vendor selections.

Developed major enhancements in Visual Basic to the facilities department s DINAMO Work Order System. These include security administration enhanced work order processing and extensive reporting utilizing Crystal Reports Excel and SQL Server.

Senior Developer of the Benefits Financial Reporting System. This client/server Visual Basic system collects and consolidates monthly claims data from health insurance carriers. Canned and ad hoc financial reports are generated for review by upper management. Developed system specifications and database.

Conducted technical interviews with candidates in Visual Basic Access SQL Server C FoxPro and Windows. Evaluated and mentored existing technical interviewers for internal audit.

Instructed a Visual Basic programming course for staff developers. Mentored junior developers in Visual Basic development. Developed Access technical interview questions.

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