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Asp.net Developers Resume Profile

Drive, RoswelL


  • My desire is to help companies realize their strategic objectives through technology innovation. My expertise is in delivering simple solutions to complex business problems. As a customer focused technologist and business
  • strategist I ve held various technology leadership roles over the past 20 years. In these roles I ve led more than 70 client engagements launched more than a dozen software products and helped my clients realize their technology vision.
  • During this time I ve also founded several software companies including InteliQUAL in 2013 Scalable Marketing Solutions in 2006 Hoopah in 2003 and Automated Office Systems in 1996.


Lead Acquisition and Marketing

Lead Conversion and Fulfillment

Business Process to Software Translation

Application Architectures

Software Implementation

Agile with SCRUM

High Performance System Design

High Availability Platforms

Business Intelligence BI

Cloud Computing and SaaS

Test Driven Development TDD

Continuous Integration


C and other .NET languages

Multi company Web Service Integration


HTML JavaScript CSS Ajax jQuery

Web Service Integration

Big Data

Hybrid Cloud

Nth Screen Platforms



Objective C for the iPhone


Embedded Systems

Large scale SEM SEO

PHP w/ curl MySQL



  • InteliQUAL provides a SaaS platform representing more than 70 API integrations across telecom cable satellite and related services such as home security and energy.
  • In 2013 we changed our name from Scalable Marketing Solutions to InteliQUAL and launched the industry s first independent cloud based channel sales technology platform designed to meet the needs of providers dealers and aggregators alike.
  • In order to meet the expectations of our customers we published the industry s first truly universal API standard. For the first time ever any offer from any provider can be sold by any retailer in a consistent manner across multiple verticals including but not limited to Internet TV phone home security satellite energy and hardware.
  • Our platform standardizes and greatly simplifies complex operations across many businesses and multiple industries such as service availability credit checks outstanding balance capture phone number porting ordering credit card billing and scheduling of service installation.



  • competitive DIRECTV needed a way of bundling their satellite TV service with internet and phone services from providers throughout the US such as AT T Verizion CenturyLink etc. Their internal IT estimate
  • for this platform was 34MM and 4 year of development. Since their internal estimate was unworkable from both a timeline and cost perspective they began searching for similar solutions. Finally they came upon the platform we had developed for Bridgevine. Working in conjunction with Bridgevine we proceeded to deliver the desired solution quickly and inexpensively.
  • To date there are 20 000 call center reps using this platform on a daily basis along with DIRECTV s entire dealer network.


  • We developed a real time integration platform that accessed numerous third party APIs to determine which services primarily high speed internet video and voice are available at a customer s home or business. Our solution positioned Bridgevine as a technology leader in their industry and moved their technology situation from a one to one web portal to third party integration to a single portal that can interact with approximately thirty third party providers in real time and return all available services and related products to the perspective customer. This system handles approximately one million transactions per month.
  • To accomplish this we started by designing two engines a qualification Interface engine and a provider integration engine affectionately known as the PIE. Both engines share the same base multi threaded architecture and allow for business rules to be dynamically loaded via external assemblies or source code that is compiled on the fly. The Qualification Interface Engine reduces system load by acting as a request filter and removes any requests to downstream providers that could never be satisfied because of service region limitations or geographic location or because of partial information e.g. address provided but no phone number. In this example all providers requiring a phone number would be removed.
  • Once the Qualification Interface Engine formulates a proper request it is then sent to the PIE for processing. Because of high performance requirements and low system resources the PIE was designed to perform as much work as possible in memory and to only access the database or file system asynchronously whenever possible. As a result of the high number of in memory transactions being processes simultaneously we were required to replace Microsoft s Caching Enterprise Library with a custom made distributed caching mechanism to reduce lock contention. Finally to reduce threading bottle necks we moved long running external web service calls from running on separate threads to executing asynchronously and returning on completion port threads.
  • To date 161 providers have been successfully implemented and more are continually being added. Maximizing the installation rate for our partners and providers required not only understanding our platform but also a full understanding of the provider s API and how it can best be integrated. During this project we we re directly involved in integrating numerous service providers. Some of the more prominent providers include Comcast Time Warner Charter Cablevision Bright House Verizon AT T Hughes Net Insight Qwest WildBlue Covad
  • DirecTV EarthLink Real Networks Embarq WindStream SpeakEasy and Sudden Link. Our partners include Office Depot Dell Sears and Military Home Link just to name a few.


  • Verizon Wireless relies on the Verizon Wireless White Label Store http //www.vzwshop.com/ supported by
  • Moxie Interactive to manage complex promotions and custom storefronts for thousands of vendors reselling
  • Verizon phones and services nationwide. As a Software Architect my duties included simultaneously improving
  • and refactoring all aspects of this sophisticated e commerce website while at the same time reducing code
  • complexity by enforcing proven object oriented design principles. To further reduce complexity and increase
  • productivity many formerly hard coded business rules were replaced with data driven logic which is supported by
  • a management website.
  • ASP.NET 2.0 C JavaScript SQL Server 2005 clustered Web Services .NET Remoting and network
  • level load balancing were all combined to create a highly available high transaction volume e commerce website
  • which processes on line and in store sales for Verizon Wireless and its partners nationwide.


  • Using the latest in Microsoft Windows Mobile technology I developed a PDA application which totally replaced
  • the existing paper based system for appliance installers working for Best Buy. The new system allows installers
  • to receive work process and comment on work capture customer signatures and print receipts all in real time
  • using a cellular Wi Fi and Bluetooth enabled PDA. User interface elements of the PDA application consist of
  • pluggable VB.NET UI components built on top of a C architecture. Communication between the PDA and
  • backend consists of encrypted web service calls and provides for queuing of messages in the event that a
  • network connection is not available. To ease deployment a live update feature enables all or a portion of the
  • application to be deployed to PDAs in the field using any communication method. Backend processing consists
  • of various C and VB.NET web services and Windows services which manage data in a SQL Server database
  • and ultimately notify appropriate parties of work completion or escalations via email FAX Web and server to
  • PDA communication. This application was designed implemented tested and released to production in
  • only twenty work days I acted as the sole architect and developer. A 1 Home Services gathered requirements
  • and coordinated internal resources used for testing.


  • Hoopah produces customized Windows shell replacements designed to enhance the user experience where the
  • traditional Windows interface is not appropriate. This technology locks down Windows such that the end user
  • cannot access the Windows desktop launch programs etc. In addition server side management tools are
  • provided to allow the content and the application itself to be configured and/or updated from a central location and
  • then pushed to the client. The core technology provided by Hoopah is the basis for several retail applications sold
  • in multiple languages in the U.S. Europe and in India. Back end infrastructure for this system consists of an
  • ASP.NET website and web services pointing to a SQL Server database and Share Point Portal Server.
  • Management operations can continually be monitored via Pocket PC enabled cell phones running the Microsoft
  • .NET compact framework. In addition the system automatically provides daily application reports to managers
  • and administrators via e mail. These reports include current sales trial downloads system errors pending
  • technical support emails and phone calls and even client side application errors.

Technology C C .NET Web Services SOAP SQL Server Windows .NET Server Pocket PC .NET


Architected and implement a state of the art ECG/EKG heart monitoring network operations center. My duties included designing a high availability 99.999 up time software and hardware solution based on the Microsoft

.NET framework. This solution supports 10 000 heart monitoring nodes connected via cellular and UDP 30 of which are concurrent and/or emergency life threatening events. In the case of a life threatening heart arrhythmia an operator sees near real time ECG/EKG information along with the system s interpretation of the type of arrhythmia that has occurred. When an operator verifies that a life threatening event has happened they are provided with a map to the client along with the closest physical address using reverse geocoding and the embedded GPS device in the heart monitor. If desired the patient s physician EMS or relatives can be

contacted by phone at the touch of a button. All phone conversations are recorded and archived. Availability performance and security were all top priorities to ensure that this application was HIPAA compliant and would pass FDA scrutiny. The vast majority of the application was written using C C Sharp along with ASP.NET and UI portions being written in VB.NET. SQL Server 2000 in a clustered configuration is used as the data store.

Technology C C .NET VB.NET ASP.NET C VB VB6 ANSI C XML Web Services SOAP


  • As a sub contractor for the Canadian government I designed and implemented applications for authenticating
  • and monitoring remote workstations in schools libraries and public housing areas. This project included
  • replacing the standard Windows logon dialog box with a web based version which allows administrators to
  • provide access to workstations via a web site. The system also records and reports all web and application
  • usage and transmits that information to a central server on the Internet.

Technology C C .NET VB6 HTTP FTP XML


  • As a principal member of Automated Office Systems Inc. I designed and implemented a system for
  • consolidating financial data from all major investment entities via the Internet. This system allows independent
  • financial advisors to produce a consolidated portfolio statement for all assets under their management for a
  • specific client regardless of which entity holds the actual account.
  • Because of the extreme processing power and bandwidth required to gather this data a grid computing design
  • was employed where each new client added to the system would automatically begin sharing the load for the
  • entire system.

Technology VB.NET C C .NET RDS SQL Server Windows 2000 COM XML


  • Designed and implemented a daily call activity reporting system for First Horizon Pharmaceutical s sales force.
  • The application consists of an ASP.NET web site and data transformation services developed using VB.NET.
  • The application tracks drug samples distributed by sales reps and provides managers with aggregate data on
  • distributions by rep by day week and month along with how well a specific rep or team is doing relative to their
  • target.

Technology VB.NET ASP.NET


  • Designed and implemented the application and infrastructure architecture for a large insurance claims processing system 5 000 users . The highlights of this architecture consist of all synchronous and asynchronous middle tier
  • requests being implemented as network/transport protocol agnostic COM/DCOM RDS MSMQ SOAP and HTTP POST plug ins supported . A custom XML parser was produced to allow all objects to be serialized directly to and from XML.
  • In addition this parser encapsulated complex XSL queries and allowed byte streams such as IPersist to also be persisted to XML. Custom XML compression and encryption components along with sophisticated caching mechanisms and performance optimized COM components provide for good performance over extremely low speed connections such as 9 600 bps cellular. Application reporting was performed using ASP XML and XSL Transformations to provide HTML based reports. The application automatically upgrades/downgrades its installed version when found to be different than the server it is connected to. Application configuration settings can be changed in real time through integrated network registry replication. The user experience was enhanced by sophisticated features such as automatic address/zip lookup and validation and time zone conversion and synchronization of multiple applications via window messages. The application components were written in VB6 only while the architecture components were written in VB6 and Visual C . A conversion to C /.NET was explored.


  • Developed a robust web based commissioning system for MCI that greatly exceeded the functionality and performance of three existing 2 tier systems. The new commissioning system enables MCI to view all employees on a hierarchical organization chart across the entire company including satellite offices. The system polls the existing HR database daily for automatic updates in employee information and allows new hires to be dragged and dropped into the organizational chart. The existing order entry system was replaced with a web based version that greatly simplified the order entry process. On a weekly basis the new system compiles all commissioning related information into a pay file that is then processed by a 3rd party payroll company via the Internet along with generating reports for management at every level. The consolidation of the three systems into one resulted in a greatly simplified user interface while vastly increasing the performance of the order entry and pay file processes. This system was implemented using a mix of
  • Active Server Pages XML CDO ActiveX controls and server side components. MTS was used to simplify transaction processing and greatly improve performance against the SQL Server 7 database. Crystal Reports IIS extensions were
  • used for advanced web reporting.


  • implemented cutting edge Internet and Intranet applications utilizing Microsoft technologies. Among these was an enterprise class contact management system several large business to business e commerce web sites using Site Server 3.0 a large order processing system and several line of business Intranet applications. The most notable of these was a contact management system that combined SQL Server 7.0 MTS MSMQ RDS Visual Basic 6.0 and ASP to produce a replacement for Microsoft Exchange Enterprise Edition as the storage facility for Microsoft Outlook. This implementation resulted in more than a ten fold performance improvement while enabling
  • Outlook to function over the Internet. Another application consisted of a high performance order entry system for a large pharmaceutical company. A critical requirement of this application was that data entry personnel be able to enter new orders as fast as they can type and without looking at the computer. The end result was a web application that consisted of IE and DHTML on the client that talked to a COM component running within MTS on the server.


  • fortune 500 clients including Coca Cola Dell http //www.dell.com Minute Maid and Deloitte Touche . Deloitte Touche needed a way to unify and set apart its 23 tax assessment offices. In addition it needed the ability to reduce its reliance on a proprietary network while at the same time providing its employees with software that improved upon its existing mainframe application. The solution involved using ActiveX RDS and DAO 3.5 JET/MS Access/Data Access Objects running within IE over a secure SSL HTTPS Internet connection. The result was a very responsive highly scalable application that rivaled the user interface of client/server applications. It also provided the ability to update the client from a web server and provided good performance over a standard 28.8 dial up connection. Coca Cola and Minute Maid needed a global decision support system that would allow them to estimate the return on investment for internal application development worldwide. This application allowed an administrator to design the workflow and even the screens that would be filled out during the application approval process. The resulting application delivered standard HTML via VBScript and ASP to the client and therefore could be accessed using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The database was accessed via ADO using ANSI SQL and therefore was compatible with any ODBC compliant database. It was tested under MS Access SQL Server and Oracle. The application managed workflow using CDO and provided a link within each email to transport the user to the exact location within the application that he or she needed to be working on. During the final reporting phase the software quantifiably rated the ROI of each proposed application based on an unlimited number of weights that an administrator could predefine.

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