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Ms Dynamics Crm Consultant/.net Developer Resume


  • 6+ years of experience in various facets of IT, proficiency in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and AGILE methodologies of development process such as Requirements gathering, Analysis and Design, Coding, execution of business logic and Testing of Web Based, Client - Server and N-tier Architecture in Health Care, Finance, IT.
  • Diverse experience in programming with .NET Framework using technology ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, C# with Web Services, IIS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, jQuery, Bootstrap.
  • Ade pt with the concepts and used dependency Injection, parallel and Async programming during development , Understanding of OOPS concepts, design patterns and design implementations using UML.
  • Experienced with Microsoft Application building blocks for .Net projects (Data Access, Exception Handling, Caching and Configuration Management Application Blocks).
  • Well versed in developing database programs like Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Triggers, Packages and implementation scripts (Batch Scripts) on PL/SQL & T-SQL using Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Experience with Dynamics 2011, Dynamics 2015 and Dynamics 365 CE, working with plugins, workflows, security model, charts and dashboards
  • Experience in implementing and maintaining access controls, Microsoft CRM SDK, Queue management and routing, Data imports etc.
  • Knowledge of Power Automate (Flow), Model Driven Apps, and PowerApps portals and integrating model driven apps to the new Unified Client Interface in Dynamics 365.
  • Proficient in Coding, Development, Testing and Deploying of CRM Dynamics Customizations, CRM SDK Plugins, Custom Workflows, Business Process, Custom Actions, Sub grids, Dialogs, Web Resources, Client Extensions, Ribbons, Dashboards.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Dynamics CRM/XRM 365 (both on-line cloud and on premise), utilizing ODATA REST API, Web API, .Net Framework, JavaScript and XRM (formContext, executionContext) model, MS Dynamics CRM SDK application development.
  • Used SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to design and develop solutions to create business reports relating to agents, administrators, Tickets etc.
  • Having knowledgeable experience in Continuous Integration/Deployment and using tools like Git , Jenkins, VSTS etc .
  • Extensive experience in using tools like Fiddler, Postman, Firebug and Developer Tools to debug and troubleshoot the Web API RESTful Services.
  • Hands on experience with implementation of Basic Authentication, Token Authentication, SSL certifications and OAuth.
  • Experience in third party application integration like Oracle FileNet, SmartyStreets, RightFax
  • Experience in data object models like Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) and Entity Data framework to retrieve and modify data and developed entity data framework services.
  • Have good experience of using defect tracking tools JIRA and documentation tools like Confluence and Wiki Pages and experience in Technical design document, Use cases, Test cases and User manuals for various projects.
  • Extensive working experience in performing unit, integration and functional testing using XRMFakeEasy, NUNIT and MSUnit.
  • Experience using Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS) Source code control system, Team Foundation Server (TFS), SVN and GitHub for version Control.
  • Excellent Written, Analytical Skills, Verbal Communication skills with a customer service oriented attitude and worked with the offshore team as onsite coordinator to manage work and provide status updates on the daily basis.


Programming Languages: C++, C# .NET(4.5/4.0), HTML, CSS,T-SQL, PL/SQL, LINQ

Web Technologies: ASP.NET 4.0/3.5, ASP.NET, MVC 4.0/3.0, ASP.NET, Ajax 3.0/2.0, Javascript, Jquery


IDE Tools: Visual Studio 2017/2015/2012 , SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server BI studio, Power BI

Databases: MS SQL SERVER 2012/2016, MSAccess 2010

Reporting Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS 2008/2005), Crystal Reports (2010/9/8.5/8)

ETL Tools: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS 2016/2014)

Modeling Tools: UML,MS Visio 2013/2010

Version Control Tools: SubVersion, Team Foundation Server(2013), GITHub

CRM: Microsoft Dynamics 2011/2015(online), Dynamics 365

Middleware: WCF, ASP.NET 4.0/3.5, Web Services, MVC WEB API

Servers: Windows Server 2016/2012, Microsoft IIS(8.5/7.0)

Others: NUnit, MS Unit, SSIS, Oracle FileNet, SmartyStreets, JIRA, RightFax, PCF, Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, XRMFakeEasy, BootStrap,, XRM Toolbox, Logic Apps, Dynamics Portals, Liquid Templates, Azure DevOps, Azure Blob, XRMToolkit, JIRA



MS Dynamics CRM Consultant/.Net Developer


  • Worked in an Agile environment, involving story grooming, scrum ceremonies, IPM, Capacity planning, Velocity planning as needed.
  • Experience working in on-shore/off-shore model leading teams and managing work assignments, code reviews and delivery as per sprint plans and to ensure quality and on-time deliverables
  • Conducted leadership calls, daily stand-ups and closely work with project managers on issues, changes, risks, demos, deliverables and project scope etc.
  • Created a custom Asp.Net Web API application to migrate data and customizations from older versions of dynamics to Dynamics CE using Dynamics SDK
  • Created several Power BI reports to integrate with Dynamics 365 forms and Dashboards to help executive management team get insights into the overall service.
  • Deployed Managed and Unmanaged Solutions in MS Dynamics CRM 365 using Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline including versioning and patching.
  • Created Canvas Apps with Common Data Service to show list of cases assigned to agents to work on, assignment of security roles, teams and skills for agents by Support admin.
  • Created Power Automate to trigger on various events in case processing and to upload documents to Filenet and Azure Blob, schedule nightly jobs to purge draft cases, create .eml files monitoring the shared mailboxes etc.
  • Created a common JavaScript utility package containing all the operations involving Dynamics XRM Web API to help reduce redundant code and streamline the development process for the team.
  • Developed Power Apps for building GUI applications and Logic Apps for application integration and building workflows etc.
  • Created Model Driven Apps in Dynamics for different departments to ensure agents focus on their day to day activities without having to navigate/search for features/functionality in the system
  • Converted the cod base to the latest standard of UCI framework using the solution checker tool and Dynamics resources
  • Set-up Mailbox integration with Dynamics to track emails and to automatically create cases and assign skills and route to queues
  • Created BPFs, Business Rules, Business Units, Teams, Security Roles, Privileges to help with business processes and ensure data security.
  • Created and customized Entities, Fields, Charts, Dashboards, Views, Relationships, Forms, Record creation Rules, SLAs etc.
  • Developed proof of concepts for various requirements and provided demos to business teams on features and functionality and conducted end user training sessions.
  • Created custom plug-ins for several asynchronous and synchronous post/pre operations, created actions to be called via client side
  • Created workflows and business process flows to implement business needs and to ensure process consistency across the departments and organization
  • Used VSTS for Product backlogs, Bug tracking and overall project management and maintained code repository using VS GIT.
  • Integrated Dynamics with Azure Blob to upload documents using the Azure Attachment Manager solution and ensure reduce storage costs for the client.
  • Worked with several 3rd party Dynamics tools such as ‘Docusign Solution for Dynamics 365 CE’, ‘Duplicate Detection Add-on for Dynamics CRM by TechDI’, ‘SmartBar for Microsoft Dynamics 365’, ‘XRMToolbox’, ‘XRMToolkit for MS Dynamics 365’ etc.
  • Experience supporting the production applications working with end users on several issues, troubleshooting and proving remedies as needed.
  • Mentored development teams on coding standards, provided code review comments and helped in troubleshooting whenever needed.

Environment: .NET Framework 4.5/4.0, Visual Studio 2017, Dynamics 365 CE, .Net, C#, Web API, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Microsoft Dynamics Portals, Liquid templates, Azure DevOps, VSTS, NUnit, FakeXRMEasy, RibbonWorkbench, XRM ToolBoxPowerApps, Logic Apps, Svelte, Microsoft Flow, Power BI etc.


MS Dynamics CRM Consultant/.Net Developer


  • Designed and Developed application using C#, ASP.NET, Angular JS, WEB API, MVC using Visual Studio 2015 and followed Agile Methodology for the software development process.
  • Participated in the development of software specifications, design, development, and test activities of Software Development Life Cycle .
  • Used HTML5, Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3, Bootstrap and various web controls to present data to users in a much comfortable environment.
  • Worked with SSIS and Kingsway Soft to help drive Dynamics migration strategies designed by the architecture team.
  • Developed customized views, charts and CRM Dashboards to help business teams monitor opportunities, quotes, products and sales pipelines
  • Created custom workflows and plug-ins to implement business functionality and custom web applications to load Customer data from different sources
  • Created Business Process Flows to help CSRs ensure data integrity while working on customer opportunities
  • Utilized Query Expression extensively for data retrieving, querying, storage and manipulation along with LINQ.
  • Worked with Panda Doc API to create proposals, contracts and quotes much faster and provide the features to sign and save the generated documents.
  • Converted an in-house WCF service to ASP.Net MVC Web API application and hosted it on Azure with security token validations.
  • Implemented several Duplicate Detection rules and improving Data Quality in CRM using 3rd party “Duplicate Detection by Cowia”.
  • Worked extensively on SSRS to generate reports for marketing and sales teams and help improve the sales process pipeline.
  • Worked with XRM WebApi, Query Expressions and Fetch XMLs extensively for data retrieval, querying and manipulation of Dynamics data
  • Developed a custom application to migrate the client from Dynamics 2011 to Dynamics 2015 Online Customer Service
  • Implemented JavaScript Framework for reusable methods for the common tasks such as calling a custom action, marking a form read only, handling CRM notifications etc
  • Developed several web resources using ReactJS to implement different kinds of questionnaires by showing/hiding questions based on responses chosen by the user/agent.
  • Developed robust architecture design and extensible functionality using several Client Extensions, Command Bars and Ribbons and implemented changes in CRM processes and User Interface based on business requirements.
  • Implemented several Dynamics customizations not limited to Synchronous and Asynchronous Plugins, Custom Workflows, Business Rules with different form level scopes and Actions, Dialogs, Teams, Security Roles and Privileges.
  • Implemented several client and server side validations using Dynamics SDK based on business needs.
  • Created Business Process Flows to help streamline the Opportunity and Quotes and Sales pipelines and to ensure data integrity and data quality.
  • Implemented auto approval and multi-level manual approval processes for different sales and discounts using workflows and had email integration to help facilitate approvals/rejections from email clients for senior management.
  • Created Microsoft Portals to help provide end customers to signup and create cases, communicate with agents working on tickets, search knowledge articles etc. using Liquid
  • Integrated with RightFax to send and receive faxes right from Dynamics and integrated with Smartystreets API to provide location based sales and service
  • Developed unit test cases for all custom workflows and plugins using FakeXRMEasy, MSUnit and NUnit to help ensure quality of code.
  • Used VSTS for bug tracking, project management and to auto build and deploy code base to different environments using the Azure DevOps Build pipelines
  • Worked in a fast paced, Scrum environment involving daily meetings and project scope sessions, sprint planning, story grooming and retro discussions.
  • Mentored junior team members and associates on latest features of Dynamics technologies and features

Environment: .NET Framework 4.5, Visual Studio 2015, C#, ASP.NET, Web API, MVC 4.0, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, TFS, AJAX, LINQ, PandaDoc API, Dynamics 2015 Online, FakeXRMEasy, Duplicate Detection by Cowia, RigthFax, SmartySteets, ReactJS, Liquid, Azure DevOps, VSTS, MSUnit, NUnit, RibbonWorkbench, XRM ToolBox


Dynamics CRM Consultant/.Net Developer


  • Involved in business meetings with clients to understand their requirements and giving inputs to the team in every Scrum Meeting
  • Designed and developed various abstract classes, interfaces, classes to construct the business logic in Model using C#.
  • Developed the reusable framework for the application using the ASP.NET MVC Framework 4.0, Model View Controller MVC.
  • Involved in development of Web Forms, classes using ASP.NET that incorporates both N-Tier Architecture, and Database Connectivity.
  • Implemented Partial views (user controls), Master Pages, Strongly Typed Views and Complex Views.
  • Implemented Get, Post by using Controller actions and Caching by using Action Filters and Child actions in Controller and return Razor HTML to View through Action Results.
  • Used ASP.NET AJAX extensively for calling Web Services without writing a lot of custom JavaScript code to handle the request and response messages.
  • Designed and developed the user interface for various tools and implemented ASP.NET validation controls, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap for server and client side validations respectively.
  • Created and deployed Web Services using ASP.NET, SOAP and XML for Pulling Customer Service Records.
  • Modified Web Services to interact with the other applications and exposed them using SOAP and HTTP.
  • Developed UI using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript validations and XML.
  • Used AJAX for rich user interface operations, trade data with a Web Server without reloading the page and avoiding post back to the server.
  • Used JavaScript (JQuery) to enhance UI experience on Client-Side and also used JQuery to perform validations and catch the events on client’s browser.
  • Used LINQ to Entities for retrieving the data efficiently and Just in Time manner.
  • Implemented Eager Loading and Explicit Loading, Compiled queries, Immediate Execution to improve performance to LINQ to Entities.
  • Involved in Coding and Tuning the queries, stored procedures and functions using T-SQL.
  • Extensively used Report Wizard, Report Builder and Report Manager for developing reports and deploying reports in SSRS.
  • Implemented NUnit Testing, Integration Testing and Regression Testing.
  • Used JIRA for issue tracking, bug tracking and project management functions
  • Used Microsoft Team Foundation Server for the purpose of version Control and source code and build maintenance needs.
  • Provided support by tracking customer concerns in Service Now and documenting the fixes/responses in SharePoint for future reference.
  • Worked on Microsoft Dynamics 2011 implementing case management for a healthcare client servicing Medicare and Medicaid customers.
  • Created various queues for specialized teams to work on different cases and implemented Queue routing to route cases based on categories
  • Worked extensively on Dynamics Security management in granting accesses to data records based on user teams and roles
  • Created several Business units, Owner teams, Access Teams, security roles and Field security profiles.
  • Created several plugins for case assignment, queue routing, generating ID cards etc. and to extend the functionality of dynamics
  • Created custom workflows for sending automated email messages to customers, performing waited actions based on customer responses etc.
  • Worked with SVN for version control of the source code along with the maintenance of the builds and used Jenkins for continuous integrations services.
  • Created a custom multi-threaded .Net application to load Medicare and Medicaid customer data provided by various US state governments.

Environment: .NET Framework 4.0, Visual Studio .Net 2012, Microsoft Dynamics 2011, C#, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SVN, JIRA, AJAX, LINQ, XML, UML, Service Now, SSRS, IIS, SQL Server, TFS, WCF, multi-threading, Jenkins, MSAccess

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