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Software Developer Resume


Design and develop custom Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel packages for business partners. Full Cycle design of Access databases and Excel spreadsheets from concept through implementation. Pulling data from multiple platforms, providing custom forms and functions to modify data, and exporting in required formats, including Access reports, Excel workbooks, PDF, .txt files, Actuate reports, and crystal reports. Experience working with Accounting, Sales, IT, Legal, Logistical, and Credit divisions within a Multi - National company.


  • There is no assignment too difficult or too small. I approach all assignments with an “I can do that” attitude.
  • I keep lines of communication open not only when an assignment is beginning, but throughout the development lifecycle and after.
  • I want my customers to have complete satisfaction with my work, not only when it is being worked on or delivered.
  • I created an MS Access database that was established to track contracts.
  • The user would scan a contract onto the server, then open the database.
  • There were buttons to automate the following procedures: Link the contract to the database, open the contract in PDF view, automatically send a predesigned email to the department head responsible for the contract, open a data entry form for tracking different elements of the contract (Start, End, Financial, contract details etc.).
  • Reports available in PDF and Excel formats.
  • My database was responsible for tracking all races, riders and payments. Each year the payment type changed.
  • One year payments were made in the form of discounts on merchandise (discount form mailed to rider), One year checks were issued, One year payments were made in the form of a debit card issued for each race, One year payments were made as credits on a single debit card issued to each rider. The database also had 20 different reports to track riders, payments, race results in many PDF, XML, Excel and Text formats.
  • My database tracked automatic payroll deductions made by employees and issued reimbursement checks to employees. Reports generated in PDF format.
  • I reviewed the database and found the design flaws in the data processing.
  • I added error handling to all functions that modified data (something that I always do in my databases) and caught the errors. It took about 1 week to find and fix all of the processing errors so the errors were corrected going forward.


Programming: VB, VBA, SQL, XML, ODBC,

Applications: Microsoft Access, Excel, VBA Programming, Crystal Reports, Actuate, SQL Server

Tools: BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool)


Software developer



  • My original assignment was to convert over 100 databases from a Paradox platform into Microsoft Access databases. I studied each database, determined the data sources and recreated the database forms to function as they were run on the obsolete platforms.
  • This included exporting reports in Actuate, TXT, PDF, XML, and Excel formats. Programmatically formatted each Excel sheet to the end user’s needs.
  • This consists of data placement on the multiple sheets in a workbook, conditional formatting and data s to multiple sheets and VBA functions to properly process data, as needed
  • As the owner and sole developer of Confidential for 20 years, 98 % of my day is spent developing Excel sheets and workbooks, Access databases, and creating Excel, Access, PDF, and Actuate reports. My greatest skill is collecting, grouping, sorting, filtering and exporting data. My personal saying is that data tells a story, and it’s my job to detail that story.

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