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Consultant/.net Developer (sr. Developer) Resume

Wayne, PA


Seeking to build my career professionally in a technical as well as mentoring capacity on an agile team.


Database: SQL Developer, TOAD, SQL Server Management Studio, pgAdmin III, phpMyAdmin, DataGrip

ETL: Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle), Microsoft SSIS

Development IDEs: Microsoft Visual Studio (C#/VB/C/C++), Spring Source Tool Suite/Eclipse (Java/C/C++), IntelliJ IDEA/Rider/Webstorm

Knowledge of and experience with: Test - Driven Development, Agile Framework, Waterfall Methodology


Consultant/.NET Developer (Sr. Developer)

Confidential, Wayne, PA


  • C#/.NET Developer and OCR Process Developer for large - scale financial institution
  • Work on 2-week sprints on a 100% remote team using JIRA to track stories and communicate with teleconferencing and productivity tools
  • Developed enhancements to a .NET Framework Windows Form application with API calls to a cloud web service in .NET Core connecting to Oracle 12c
  • Use Visual Studio 2017/2019, Swagger, and Fiddler to troubleshoot problems with API
  • Develop, fix, and troubleshoot unit tests in NUnit primarily with additional tests in MSTest with code coverage verification in Visual Studio and SonarQube
  • Development of rules, tuning, and training in Paradatec PROSAR-AIDA software for OCR machine learning
  • Basic troubleshooting and .NET modifications of modules for process of scan workflow
  • Basic troubleshooting and module modification of OpenText Captiva OCR software

Global IT .NET Developer

Confidential, Columbus, Ohio


  • Infrastructure Automation & Orchestration developer, full-stack and back-end Microsoft stack code, .NET Core and .NET Framework
  • Developed web dashboard and Azure Functions to automate a SharePoint provisioning system. Developed REST service-based Web API to interact with Azure Functions; used various Azure tools such as Key Vaults for secrets and Azure Active Directory for role-based security and securing APIs
  • Identity Access Management (IAM) and Member Firm Square (MFS) developer, backend C# and SQL code and ASP.NET MVC frontend
  • Work on an Agile team across multiple time zones utilizing teleconferencing and productivity tools
  • DevOps tooling development utilizing Azure Fluent API and Microsoft Azure portal and related technology
  • Kentico CMS Global Website Template C# ASP.NET development using Agile/Scrum methodology
  • Developed customizations to Kentico objects and supporting database code
  • Fourth-Line Global Website Template Support for Confidential Service Desk
  • Develop on 2-week sprints using Microsoft Agile methodology integrated within Microsoft Azure DevOps (VSTS/TFS) including daily standups and velocity and burndown review
  • Code in C# and .NET technologies using Visual Studio 2015/2017/2019 Enterprise and JetBrains Resharper
  • Developed a module of enterprise auditing software (APT) using a front end of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for Windows desktop applications and a backend of ASP.NET Core coordinated across global team with Microsoft USA and Microsoft India Global Delivery (iGD)
  • Additional APT development against repositories of Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Unit testing and integration testing using MSTest on the front-end and xUnit on the back-end
  • User-story review, task breakdown and estimates, planning poker sessions, and sprint reviews and retros

Systems Developer

Confidential, Columbus, Ohio


  • Developed and maintained core Micro Services Bus in Node.JS using Express JS-based architecture to channel HTTP requests and combine and direct flow of data
  • Developed backend Node.JS apps to support Carmen and FAES application platforms
  • Developed end-user reports for the university dossier using Docmosis report-generation tool
  • Developed application modules for a framework based on AngularJS and ExpressJS
  • C# and ASP.NET MVC developer for Carmen platform, including backend PeopleSoft HR & SIS integration
  • Developed LMS integration platform with textbook publisher third-party system using C#
  • Scheduled console apps for textbook integration to run on the Windows task scheduler and set up apps
  • Developed Poster Day application alongside team, used for events such as OSU Research Day
  • DBA and developer of KMData, a university-wide data mining and reporting solution
  • Served as a team member of KMData web service architecture and server infrastructure using Rails
  • PostgreSQL DBA: compile, configure, backup/restore, define system objects, tune queries, scripting
  • Developed database applications using native PL/pgSQL stored procedures as well as Java code (JDK 7/8)
  • Wrote and managed ETL jobs and transformations using Pentaho Data Integration as well as Java utilities
  • Wrote technical systems and end-user documentation and technical and server diagrams in Visio
  • Java developer for KMData Core architecture, consisting mainly of back-end utility applications
  • Developed and co-authored algorithms for data deduplication and statistics which run on Linux crontab
  • Additional team developer on event registration application used by OCIO
  • SQL Server developer and performed basic DBA responsibilities, including DBA responsibilities for OSU:pro
  • Supported Research-in-View and developed and supported its predecessor, OSU:pro, using Adobe tools
  • Wrote software for impersonation and delegation of privileges for OSU:pro application
  • Developed FAES Extensions module of OSU:pro using ColdFusion and jQuery UI
  • Developed OSU:pro using ColdFusion and Flex (Flash forms using ActionScript code)
  • Developed a basic support desk app to enable support staff to answer tickets that are posted via the web
  • Innovated on an application to pick options from pick lists that haven’t been approved and allowed an approval flow
  • Developed and supported a statewide application on a small team for counties (GRADcis and eScore)
  • Simultaneously worked on two team projects, being a member of different teams: OSU:pro and GRADcis
  • Developed GRADcis code using ColdFusion, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and SQL Server/T-SQL
  • Administration and support skills in Windows Server and CentOS Linux
  • In above roles, generally worked on a small tight-knit group of developers and other staff to support and develop the applications, while reaching out to other groups of people across the university

Associate Systems Developer

Confidential, Findlay, Ohio


  • Developed a ASP.NET application on a small team with a tree control and attribute screens
  • Wrote backend code in VB.NET and Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures
  • Coordinated work with contractors for converting legacy COBOL code to Oracle PL/SQL and ASP.NET
  • Co-developed Green Tire Specifications reports using Crystal Reports and Oracle PL/SQL packages
  • Responsible for meeting with stakeholders in the reports conversion at different meetings throughout the process to review and correct the Green Tire Specifications Report and the data entry screens in the BOM
  • Designed data structures using Q-Designer and implemented stored procedures using TOAD
  • Provided second-tier on-call support for various corporate and plant applications
  • Wrote technical specifications and end-user documentation
  • Responsible for handling trade secret data and formulae and corresponding practices and procedures
  • Developed an ASP.NET web forms Curing Bonus application for use by a plant which contains calculated bonuses based on reported figures

Student Programmer

Confidential, Bowling Green, Ohio


  • PHP developer for internal Undergraduate Admissions office productivity applications
  • Mainframe report developer and programmer using FOCUS and SAS against flat files and DB2 database
  • Developed office productivity macros using MS Word, Excel, Access, and Visual Basic for Applications
  • Administration skills in Windows and IBM CICS
  • Developed web pages and applications using HTML, JavaScript, and backing MySQL data stores

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