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Software Enginner Resume

Warwick, NY


Full - stack technologist specializing in UI, UX, distributed systems, solutions architecture, and long-range planning. I enjoy solving problems, coaching my teams to success, helping people achieve their goals, and delivering rich experiences with cutting-edge JavaScript technologies or the Microsoft .Net platform.


JavaScript, Angular, React, VueJS, jQuery, Typescript, ES6


C#/.Net, .Net Core 2.x

Visual Studio 6 - 201 8

Azure Dev-Ops, Messaging, Durable Task Framework

MS SQL Server, MySQL

NoSQL databases- RethinkDB, Mongo

ORMs such as Entity Framework, Dapper

Node.js, NPM, Yarn, Bower, Gulp.js


REST, WebAPI, SOA, microservices

Photoshop, various graphing and charting tools

Ionic, Phonegap, Xamarin

CMS: Sitecore, Ektron, Wordpress, Expression Engine, Drupal

Mercurial, Git, Subversion, branching strategies to support business goals

Agile, Scrum, Waterfall


  • Software engineering and programming
  • Data Architecture and Strategy
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Project Leadership
  • Content Management
  • Marketing Automation


Software Enginner

Confidential, Warwick, NY


  • I lead or participated in a number of projects for long-term and short-term software engagements.
  • Several of those projects were centered on content management, using solutions such as Sitecore 9.X, Salesforce CMS, and numerous other content sources.
  • I helped develop a green-field reporting and marketing application that tied together numerous ERP and CRM systems, a Sitecore content repository, and a custom database using SOAP, RESTful APIs, and file-based ETL.
  • The back-end ran on .Net Core 2.2 hosted on Azure, and the front-end was React/Redux using typescript and webpack.
  • I lead the back-end initiative, but ended up contributing a great deal to the front end team with my Typescript expertise and strong troubleshooting skills.

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Greensboro, NC


  • My role is on the “coaching” team to virtualize and facilitate the acquisition, communication, scheduling, billing, and feedback for participants, coaches, and the back office.
  • I support a number of .Net applications, and am in the process of modernizing the markup and Javascript on those applications to improve user experience on desktop and mobile.
  • My team is also implementing microservices, eventing, message queuing, and event sourcing to decouple and modernize internal software. I participate and lead code reviews, sprint planning, architectural guidance, adoption of new tools and standards, and implementation of those plans, tools, and objectives.

Solutions Architect

Confidential, Warwick, NY


  • Working remotely, I serve as enterprise consultant and as technical lead for software Agile development teams, delivering strategy or governance documents, project plans, apps, websites, or technical guidance to our customers.
  • My duties involve technical discovery, liaising with client leadership, making technology and resourcing decisions, writing and reviewing code, and guiding projects to successful completion. As a programmer, I contribute to projects throughout the company’s customer portfolio.
  • I have introduced my teammates to numerous modern frameworks and techniques, including Angular.js, Node.js, and Microsoft’s Web API REST framework and ORMs such as Entity Framework.
  • I won Confidential ’s “Innovator of the Year” award for my work in build automation, and lead a “Lunch and Learn” series to share technical information and product offerings across the company. I strive to maximize the value of my work, and the effectiveness of my team.

Software Engineer

Confidential, Trinity, NC


  • I was the primary web developer for Confidential.
  • I worked with creative agencies, marketing personnel and brand managers to reliably deliver online promotions and digital content.
  • I used Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with C# and extensive jQuery.
  • Confidential uses the Sitecore CMS on the Microsoft stack (.Net, SQL 2008). I also worked as a business analyst to develop processes and tools for the marketing department to manage team members across many projects, timelines and locations. An initiative I undertook was to introduce my co-workers to continuous integration, ticket management, and strong source code control habits. We worked together to implement a system to improve quality and productivity.

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