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Software Developer Resume


  • 5 years of Experience in Software Development and Implementation as full stack developer.
  • Proficient in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts.
  • I have experience in developing Web, Windows Applications and Services using Microsoft Technologies.
  • My core skills are REST API’s, .Net, .Net Core, Angular based software development and maintenance.
  • Exhaustive knowledge on different technologies and tools like ASP.NET, C#, Web API, .Net Core Microservices, Java Script, ASP.Net MVC, AJAX, AngularJS, Angular, HTML, CSS, Node.JS.
  • Experience working with Visual Studio, Visual studio code, IIS, source control, build tools, continuous integration servers, and test harnesses typically found in a .NET development environment.
  • Having good exposure with LINQ queries, ADO.Net and entity framework.
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server database (modifying stored procedure, functions, etc.
  • Having knowledge on cloud - based technologies like Microsoft Azure and developed POC’s.
  • Exposure to SDLC, SOLID, Design patterns, Development Best Practices.
  • Experience in using tools such as TFS, GitHub, Jira, Confluence, Rally, SOAPUI, Postman, Fiddler, NuGet Package Explorer, Postman, SOAP UI, ReadyAPI .
  • Working experience in Waterfall and Agile Development environment.
  • Approximately 2.5 years of combined experience in Canadian Banking domain.
  • I have been part of complete life cycle projects and those were developed with new technologies which has impact to adapt in future projects.
  • Moreover, my project management skills are enhanced by practical configuration experience which includes hands-on configuration of the Project Systems, checking in the code and publishing the code to the server
  • 2.5 years of experience in Utility domain with US client.
  • Good interpersonal skills, commitment, result oriented, hard working with a quest and zeal to learn new technologies and undertake challenging tests.
  • Ability to work well in both team environment and individual environment. Actively participate in research, discussions and decisions on software architecture, development processes, and other standards.



Environment: Visual Studio, .Net Core 2.1 Web API, PCF, IIS, SQL Server, C#, .Net framework, Angular, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Jenkins, JIRA, Rally, UCD

Software Developer


  • I have used C# as the language in this project for all code behind changes
  • I have developed microservices using latest Microsoft technologies .Net Core 2.1 Web API
  • This project was in Agile methodology. We used TFS as code repository and Devops(UCD & Jenkins) for CI CD
  • As part of this project I have also refactored an existing TIS Service package into Web API
  • To interact with data base, we have followed Data first approach to implement entity framework.
  • I have involved in designing, development and deployment of API’s in Pivotal Cloud Foundry and IIS
  • Interaction with onsite coordinator when I worked from of shore
  • Making sure deliverables on time for each sprint and reaching the project mile stones
  • Reviewing the code of team members and delivering it to client along with swagger and test case documents
  • I have worked for few more extendible API’s after this FP, for which I have been to Canada ( ). Lead RBIS Application in client place RBC Canada.
  • System design, data modeling and peer reviews
  • Stakeholder interaction including customers, end users, vendors, internal teams and Onsite-offshore coordination
  • Coordination during UAT, Production Deployment and Go-Live
  • I have given business/project knowledge sharing s to new team members and technical s to freshers.
  • Lead application support for a Registered Banking Investment Systems (RBIS)
  • Modifying the API’s with additional functionality using .Net framework
  • For UI changes I have used .Net front end
  • Code behind implemented using C# language with programming standards, Database as SQL server I could have to do few changes to existing DB
  • The project was in MVC architectural pattern and UI built with Angular JS using Java script
  • Act as a single point of contact from offshore for any project related issues for client
  • Analyzing the current state and providing estimations to the client
  • I have involved in coding, technical research, technical documentation and implementation plan
  • Work with the customers to identify requirements for new services
  • Oversee the development activities span across multiple ongoing project changes and addressing compliance and Issue Management etc.
  • Attending to daily scrum meetings and making sure sprint wise project deliverability’s are on given time lines.
  • I have given post launch support for few months after project got moved to production.
  • Single page Application using Angular 6 with Boot strap, Java script and Angular Material.
  • For this Web API initially, I have created a test client using Angular with typescript and bootstrap which helps RBC employees and testers make their job easier later on I have used Angular material and animations.
  • Interacting with onsite client TSA’s. I have worked on idea creation for Tracking single page application with Angular. During this project she acquired experience on Industry-related skills like Angular6. Web API and Bootstrap.
  • During this project I was involved in various activities like understanding the application hierarchy and flow, request response of services, interacting with Onsite TSAs, analyzing the current state, understanding the requirements.
  • Providing the Estimation front end Designing, Coding and Testing
  • I have provided detailed documentation on how to use this application for internal testing or analysis
  • To interact with Database created a service using Node.JS

Confidential, Atlanta

Environment: Visual Studio, C#, LINQ, ASP.Net MVC, Web API, Windows Services, Web Services, Web API, VB.Net, Angular JS

Software developer


  • Understanding the requirements and coding according to the given requirement with C# language
  • Design, coding and technical research on single handed
  • Developed application on .Net framework. Have to develop using C#, LINQ, ASP.Net MVC, Web API
  • I have used ADO.net to interact with Database
  • Application was developed using n-tier architecture
  • For Web API services testing we have used unit testing tools like NUnit and XUnit
  • I did minor modifications to stored procedure in SQL server and performing unit testing
  • I have developed Single page application by using AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap for an internal application.
  • Working on several applications with C#.Net and VB.Net
  • Performed several UI changes using .Net front end and ASP.Net
  • Involved in enhancing few Windows, Web Services and also WEB API
  • Coding and technical research
  • Client interaction (Conference calls and e-mails)
  • Code review
  • Performing unit testing
  • Identifying problems, creating choices and providing alternatives course of actions
  • Understanding the existing functionality developed in .Net Framework
  • I have made several enhancements using C# and VB.Net languages and I have used LINQ queries to perform several queries in my coding
  • UI enhanced based on the client requirement
  • I also worked on ADO.Net to interact with DB
  • Followed process attached to UPN project in .Net framework
  • Client interaction (Conference calls and e-mails)
  • Performing unit testing and Code reviews

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