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Senior Software Engineer Resume


Seeking a position as a Senior Software Engineer with greater challenges and responsibility to grow professionally.


.NET Framework - C# Development

Developing web applications using ASP.NET Webforms and MVC5 and previous versions jQuery to create dynamic user interfaces to include usage of JQuery UI.

JavaScript development

LINQ Development

AGILE Environment development methodology


Kendo UI development

KnockoutJS Development

Entity Framework ORM development



Senior Software Engineer


  • Currently working with a remote team in a collaborative environment using Agile software development methodologies to create dynamic and interactive web applications for use by travel agents and airlines.
  • Introduced and facilitated the in corporation of new client side development using KnockoutJS in a standard MVC 5 application.
  • Converted a legacy ASP.NET Web Form application to use more modern technology such as MVC 5.
  • Developed multiple applications utilizing .NET Web API 2 and AngularJS in support of driving new application development for client sales.
  • Developed C# web applications using ASP.NET MVC5
  • Used jQuery/Knockout/Kendo UI to create a dynamic user interface for the web applications
  • Created AJAX calls utilizing jQuery call methods
  • Utilized the MVC design pattern for development
  • Extensive use of LINQ to XML for development

Confidential, Miami, FL

Software Engineer


  • Used jQuery to create a dynamic user interface for the web applications
  • Utilized third party APIs and created AJAX calls to pull data
  • Utilized SVN and GIT repositories for version control
  • Practiced AGILE methodology and SCRUM
  • Captured requirements from the customer and created user stories, improvements, and tasks based on the customer’s requirements
  • Utilized JIRA to manage the customer’s requirements, user stories, and tasks
  • Performed accurate estimations down to the hour of how long tasks would take to complete
  • Utilized Zephyr to manage functional tests and link them to components and stories to create valuable metrics of the performance of the application and bugs
  • Setup SQL Server 2008 R2 and the corresponding databases and tables

Confidential, Springfield, VA

GIS Database Analyst/Information Systems Administrator


  • Setup and configured GIS Server to include hardware and software.
  • Configured and populated ArcGIS databases to distribute across the program per customer specifications.
  • Provided sole database administration support and administrative assistance.

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