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Sr Asp .net Developer Resume

Rockville, MD


  • 13 years of professional experience in Software Application Analysis, Design, Development and implementation of Client/Server and Web applications with Microsoft Technologies (ASP.NET) in various domains. Expertise in n - tiered Client/Server development architecture.
  • Experience using ASP.Net web forms, WCF, SQL Server and Design Patterns (Factory, Observer, Singleton, ASP.NET MVC and ASP. NET CORE ).
  • Experience working with database design and development, using Entity Framework for creating complex database queries, writing Constraints, Indexes, Views, Stored Procedures and Functions using T- SQL and PL/SQL in SQL Server 2005/2008,2014, 2019 and Oracle 9i, 10g.
  • Involved in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle and Agile / Scrum style development.
  • Experience in UI design using HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, ASP.NET, Angular and AJAX.
  • Involved in Unit Testing, Mocking Frameworks (MOQ), Integration testing, Regression Testing and Stress/volume Testing.
  • Experience working with version control tools like Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS), Team Foundation Server (TFS), Tortoise SVN, TFS DevOps.


Programming Languages: C#.NET, VB.NET

Client Side Scripting Technologies: Angular 8, JavaScript, JQuery, TypeScript, BootStrap

Internet Technologies: ASP.NET Core 3.1, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET (2.0,3.0,3.5, 4.5)

Web Technologies: Microsoft Core Entity Framework, Microsoft Entity Framework, ADO.NET, HTML, XML, XSLT,AJAX, web services, WCFWeb services, CSS, ASP.NET, RESTFUL web services

Designing Tools: Visual Studio 2019,2017, 2014/2012/2010/2008.

Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 9x, Windows XP, Windows 7, Window 10.

Database Tools: Toad for Oracle, PL/SQL Developer, SQL Server Management Studio

Databases: MS-SQL Server 2019/2014/2012/2008/2005/2000 , Oracle 10G/9i, MS- Access 2000/2003

Reporting Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services 2005, 2008

Configuration Management: VSS 2005, PVCS, Tortoise SVN, GIT, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Microsoft TFS DevOps


Confidential, Rockville, MD

Sr ASP .Net Developer


  • Participate in daily scrum stand up meetings.
  • Understand the data model, object model and solution structure of the SRDMS system. There are two solutions involved SRDMSWeb and SRDMSWebAPI.
  • Refer to the legacy application and replicate features in the newer application.
  • Generate Excel and comma separated (CSV) format reports using NPOI library. The reports can be seen on the browser. The shape of data in the exported reports are not the same as the reports visible in the browser. 5 reports developed.
  • Implemented polymorphism, inheritance with the client and server side object model to implement the report section.
  • Generate template driven Excel 2003 and 2007 format reports using client side data to keep optimum performance.
  • Alter data driven, user role based 2 level hierarchical menu.
  • Implement 3 step cascading drop downs using Web API calls and client side events.
  • Alter report menu feature to allow for 3 level hierarchical menu.
  • Fix high priority production support bugs as needed from the feedback of user group meetings with the client. Evaluate approach based on time, effort and maintainability before consulting with the technical lead and manager.
  • Update bugs, work items and user stories while coordinating with the business analyst and tester.
  • Communicate with the tester and business analyst as needed to complete and verify tasks.
  • Make database and code base backups before deployment.
  • Analyze the configuration of the release definitions within a pipeline and execute the release. Deploy application to staging and QA environment using Microsoft Azure Dev OPS. Stand by for production deployment.
  • Monitor the logs generated by the tasks, steps of the TFS DevOPS release definition and resolve and deployment issues.
  • Worked with Angular components, nested components and passing data between nested, sibling components.
  • SRDMS to SRDMS.WebAPI communication using JSON format and RESTFull WEB API.
  • By analysis of the Angular component hierarchy and DOM implement floating tabs using typescript and CSS.
  • Prepare monthly reports of work and submit to manager by the end of the month.
  • Use windows developer tool to analyze DOM structure and manipulate as needed.
  • Coordinate with developers to resolve and merge issues.
  • Update SQL script file as needed.
  • Integrated audit component and verified audit ability for CRUD operations.
  • Alter pre-summary statement generated word document. Hide sections from of the header and footer depending on the review type. This involves analysis of the underlying tables, the associated classes and methods and the complex transformation logic used to shape the data in the generated document.
  • Worked with p-table, p-dropdown, tooltip among other PrimeNG components to display data and implement features as per specifications. Worked with hyperlinked and template based columns.
  • Analyze and resolve angular build issues such as out of memory, wrong chunk files getting generated in the ClientApp folder among other errors. Switch between release and debug configurations as needed.

Environment: SQL Server 2019, C#,ASP.Net 4.5, Microsoft ASP.NET Core 3.1, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2017, RESTFull WEB API, Windows 10, Microsoft Team Foundation Server Devops, Angular 8, Type Script 3.7, Microsoft Entity Framework 6, Bootstrap, LINQ queries, Web Service API using REST, ASP.NET MVC 5, PrimeNG Angular UI components, Microsoft Azure DevOps, HTML5 and CSS Windows developer tool, NPOI 2.4.7 library, ASP.NET CORE MVC.Confidential, Rockville, MD

Sr ASP .Net Developer


  • Participate in daily scrum stand up meetings.
  • Analyze the configuration of the release definitions within a pipeline and execute the release. Deploy application to staging and QA environment using Microsoft Azure Dev OPS. Stand by for production deployment.
  • Monitor the logs generated the tasks, steps of the release definition and resolve and deployment issues.
  • Coordinate deployment with developers and deploy to development, QA and staging environments as needed.
  • Implemented Student review report. The report displays the nth score out of a maximum of 5 assigned by the first five reviewers in ascending order of their last name. The last column of each row displays the average of the row. Reviewers that have no score assigned for a student is not counted towards the average. The format is Excel 2003. This report uses the NPOI library. The shape of the data is achieved using a 4 step process using Row Number, common table expressions, sum function, while loops and IF else conditions. It is not a simple ETL process.
  • Update SQL script file as needed. Write the script and adjust the milestones as needed to allow testing of data. Ensure that users for each role is added.

Environment: SQL Server 2019, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2017, Windows 10, Microsoft Team Foundation Server Devops, Angular JS, Web API, ASP.NET MVC 5, Windows developer tool, Azure TFS DevOps, NPOI 2.4.7 library.

Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Sr ASP.Net Developer


  • Communicate with desktop support, management and technical lead to identify and setup the required software as need while following approved protocols.
  • Request and verify credentials for windows 7, SQL Server 2012 and Oracle development environments and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.
  • Analyze the log file generated by the SQL Server Migration Assistant, identify and implement a strategy needed to switch databases from Oracle to SQL Server.
  • Identify the differences in syntax and come up with usable alternatives. Some examples include If Else statements, cursors being replaced with temporary tables or common table expressions, NVL function replaced with ISNULL, LISTAGG function replaced by XML format and string manipulation and the SQL server supported format of linked servers.
  • Work with technical lead, manager and a developer using an excel spreadsheet called scope document to identify the sequence of implementation, dependencies and record other performance related metrics like hours spend on development, priority, level of effort (high, medium or low) and comments to name a few.
  • Participate in weekly meetings to discuss progress and any issues.

Environment: Oracle 11i, SQL Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2012, SQL Server Migration Assistant, SQL developer for Oracle, Windows 7, Windows 10,Microsoft Team Foundation Server

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