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Architect/sr. Developer Resume

Santa Ana, CA


  • Over 18 years of experience in design/architecture and development of software in fields including Aerospace, Education, Law, Entertainment, Insurance, Business, Banking, Medical and Technology.
  • Possesses expertise in Object - Oriented Analysis/Design/Architecture and DOTNET Development. Skilled at progressing from problem statement to well-documented design and implementation of software solutions.
  • Analytical thinker that consistently resolves ongoing issues or defects. Often called upon to consult on problems that have eluded resolution by others.
  • Holds a strong understanding of business models and technology. Applies practical strategies, while maintaining scalability, budget protocol, and flexibility.
  • Develops dynamic multi-tier web applications using innovative SOA loosely coupled approach.
  • Creative problem solver that is able to work independently or in a team setting.
  • Positive business attitude and always seeking opportunities that will benefit the organization.


Architecture: .NET Framework, Service Orientated Architecture (SOA), n-Tier Solutions, Modular Model.

Web Client: ASP.NET, WebForms, MVC, Razor, HTML5, jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, XSLT,Flash, SilverLight, Cordova/PhoneGap, Unity3D. JSWidget Losely coupled systems

Mobile/Wireless: Windows Phone 7, jQueryMobile, Android, Mobil.NET, WinCE, iPhone/iPad. Cordova, Ionic 2, AngualrJS 2, TypeScript 2

Thick Client/Desktop Applications: WPF, WinForm.NET, VB6 Application.

Data Transfer/Web Services: JSON, RESTful, SOAP, REMOTING, Serialization, XML/Text.

Modeling/Implementing Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, MySQL, XML, Database Architecture.

Media Streaming: IIS SmoothStreaming, FlashMediaServer, RED5, HTML5, RDM, Progressive streaming

Frameworks/Languages: .NET, XNA, C#, VB.NET, VB6, SQL, ActionScript, C++ and Java.

Testing Tools: UNIT Testing, Code Reviews, Browser Testing, Stress Testing, Component Testing.

Components: ActiveX, UserControls, Composite Controls, IEToolBar, Windows Services, COM, DCOM

Installation: Desktop, Mobile or Web Deployment. InstallShield, InstallWize (+Silent Installs), Custom .BAT

Third Party Tools: dotnetCHARTING, ScaleOut, My own proven PayPal/Authorize Ecommerce Library.


Confidential, Santa Ana, CA

Architect/Sr. Developer

Environment: .NET, MVC 5,HTML5, C#, JQuery/AJAX, SQL Server 2014, Bootstrap 3.2, CSS 3.


  • Sr. backend and the front end developer; Found solutions to illusive issues that were related to bugs and design flaws in client platforms such as Chrome. Primarily used core JavaScript. Over 9,000 lines of optomized code with all custom data management and grids, including tabbing. The AJAX and WebAPI was in .NET 4.5 with a mixture of ADO.NET and Entity Framework. There where also webservices developed to interact with other databases (SQL Server) that served as references.
  • Worked on backend proceses that managed data from SQL Server, Json Files and MS Azure Ques. Built easy management taskbar services to easily alert and manage scheduled tasks.
  • Work on console applications that converted files from every county in the US with deed information that were scanned to related text data stored in json files. Data was uploaded and processed and introduced as an update to new or existing data in First Americans Main Title Database. This was primiary a validation solution.
  • Azure Queue Management solution, that rebuilt queues from SQL Server Database which was related to users validation.

Confidential, West Palm Beach, FL

Architect/Sr. Developer

Environment: .NET, MVC 5,HTML5, C#, JQuery/AJAX, SQL Server 2014, Bootstrap 3.2, CSS 3.


  • Sr. backend developer; I was later moved to the front end due to my experience. Frontend architect and methodology was designed by me. I trained the others backend developers so some overlapping and understanding of the solution can be achieved the other backend developers.
  • Developed IRA Application for Mellon New York Bank, Pershing and other associated organizations.
  • Used established technology like jQuery, Bootstrap, MVC5 and .NET Web Services/SAO.
  • Support Web Services and Database Design, as well as set the architecture for the front end.
  • During second project, I was the sole developer maintaining LLP Application and adding additional functionality and pages.
  • Helped designers and the clients of WMSI directly in the design efforts to reduce time and cost.
  • Fixed bugs, refactored code and tested code with QA.

Confidential, Burbank, CA

Architect Lead/Sr. Architect

Environment: ASP.NET, MVC, C#, JQuery,VB.NET, Silverlight, Flash/Action Script, SQL Server 2008, SEO, Flash/Action Script, VB6, Networking, Security


  • Developed COC-ELITE.COM, RMSeBubble.com, Android monitoring App. and EMR
  • Developed Mauy Thai online community enabling Live Streaming and aftermarket sales bringing 6 million unique users per month.
  • Sole developer of a show on G4 called Champions of Champions Elite.
  • Used RMSeBubble.com, a HIPPA enforced system to transfer documentation securely. SQL Server and MVC 2.0 /C# was used with RAD Controls and MS Enterprise Security Patterns.
  • Inherited EMR Medical Management System project, a desktop/Win Forms application using in VB.NET 4/ SQL Server and Install Shield.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Sr. Architect

Environment: ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, AJAX, jQuery, SQL Server, Ecommerce, Flash Actionscript, Business Analysis, Product Development, .NET, SilverLight, XBOX 380/XNA, Windows Phone/Android/iPhone App., Java, Flash, SOA/JSON, jQueryMobile, SmoothStreaming, IIS, MVC4-5.HTML5, ffmpeg/C++, Services, Winforms, WebServices, jQueryMobile, UML, WireFrames, DB Design, System Architecture(Unique System)


  • Design and develop an enterprise solution, using an unique architecture where a Stateless WebForms would consume jQuery/JavaScript widgets which were completely isolated (loosely coupled for security and performance reasons).
  • In addition, I developed mobile, web and TV App as well as backend service to convert and maintain SQL Server and Cloud Filing System.
  • I also developed API and JS Widgets and a financial backend as associated to the ecommerce system. Many others aspects added during the project like USB PD etc.
  • Proposed and developed a fully automated flexible business system to handle sales of independent media: risk reduction, refunds, gift certificates, exchanges, promos etc.
  • Created an affiliate system, Web Marketing/SEO tools, and social network API’s.
  • Developed mass payment automated system using PayPal, Authorize.NET

Confidential, Manhattan Beach, CA

Architect/Sr. Developer

Environment: ASP.NET, C#, SilverLight, SQL Server, IIS


  • Developed ImmiAnswers.com which allowed users to post requests for Legal Services as well as ask legal questions to increase traffic to company.
  • Worked on business model transformation using ASP.NET 4.0, SQL Server 08 and AJAX.
  • Develope Flash/ActionScript Widget/Affiliation program.


Application Architect/Sr. Developer

Environment: .NET, SQL Server, DRM Live Video Streaming, Flash, SEO, Ecommerce


  • Worked with the marketing team as Web Marketing Developer as technical expert.
  • Developed Ecommerce Web Site with innovative marketing systems, forum, news articles, and news letter.
  • Developed unique multi-dimensional Social Network for visitor retention and market data mining.
  • Developed a Ring Girl Contest with a Flash Viral Marketing Component for websites like myspace.com or other web sites that accept flash widgets.
  • Affiliation with a built in Banner Code Generator and Affiliate Performance Analyst, Built-In Unique Meta Tag and SEO System.
  • Worked on RISARC’s flagship solution project which manages and transfers medical documents securely.
  • Took a desktop application and developed a web based application.


VB6/SQL Server Developer

Environment: VB 6, SQL Server


  • Adjusted and integrated new business rules of a critical system that manages the finance tracking of purchased invoices nationwide and globally.
  • Updated interface to user-friendly version with additions and modifications.
  • Completed tasks under budget constraints.


Sr. Developer/Architect

Environment: VB.NET, C#, WinForm, WinCE, WebServices, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Flash/ActionScript


  • Developed an advanced WinCE Application(VB.NET/CE) that uses a wireless handheld scanner to check if music CD’s were ripped (no duplicates) and placed in the database for users to build their own radio station by picking music from a vast library. I was the sole developer for this tool.
  • Radio stations sent all their CD’s (about 80,000 CD’s each) to CBS Warehouse to be ripped.
  • Used advanced techniques to optimize the web services(C#/SQL server) and all the associated SQL for three different databases, including serializing the cover image to overcome system compatibility/capability issues.
  • Over 3 million records as well as two other separate databases used for metadata and validated the Databases content like ITunes and All Music Guild.
  • Worked in a large group (about 26 Sr. level developers) developing the CBS RADIO 2.0 application, ( www.Play.it ). Worked on the Flash, Associated Web Services, Scale Out and ASP.NET in C#.
  • Optimized process to scale to the projected usage of 400,000 user hits per day.
  • Third application was a Thick Client VB.NET WinForms Application which performed complicated matching of files and database content, where human confirmation/edit, auto-correcting or decline match of items were reduced by 50% resulting in significant savings, reduced errors and increased throughput of process. The WinCE handheld scanner was integrated into the application as well,
  • The third application would validate data, rip the media, encode and set for streaming. The major client was CBS Radio 2.0, Play. IT, MySpace and AOL, which I had to interface with to test the app.


Application Developer

Environment: C# ASP .NET/SQL Server, Java, Security, Cold Fusion converted to C#.


  • Worked with a large team of Sr. Level Developers in Research & Development Department converting (Cold Fusion to .NET) and enhancing an existing online banking solution (Net Teller), that service more than 2700 banks worldwide.
  • Worked with the enhancement team and then the debugging team. I used ASP.NET/C#/SQL Server and Cold Fusion, since the application interacted with elements that were still in cold fusion, C++, and Java (which is on the AS400 side, which hosts the raw user transaction data).
  • Successfully converted the Cold Fusion and integrated the login and security system updates to federal standards,(originally H&R Block developed this system in CF and MySQL)
  • Designed and developed an internal content management solution to keep track of issues and train new contractors as they are hired. I also designed and developed the Check-Ordering Solution which is integrated into the Net Teller application, where users order checks online through vendors like ClarkeAmerican.com, using Encryption and Secured Web Services.
  • Worked on the login so that it’s up to international and federal standards when users login into the bank account, change their account, lose their password etc.
  • Converted and enhanced to ASP.NET.

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