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Consultant Resume


Extensive and successful career in data processing includes proficiency with web - based systems and Microsoft’s .Net technologies. Provided technical leadership on many of these projects. Demonstrated expertise in web-based applications development with strong technical and analytical skills. A proven problem solver, able to create effective solutions in response to the most challenging needs.


ASP.Net DevOps

Azure DevOps

O365 Productivity Pro

Web Forms, MVC

Core, Core Razor


Web APIs

Entity Framework

JavaScript, JQuery


MS SQL Scripting

Web Apps

Logic Apps

Power Apps

Power Automate

SharePoint SPFx

Visual Studio





Crystal Reports


MS Access

MS Excel




Skill set: O365 Power Automate, ASP.Net Forms, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, Json, LINQ, MS SQL, MS SSRS reports, SharePoint 2010, MS Access, VBA


  • Providing guidance on the use of the SharePoint platform along with development skills for Power Automate Flows and Connectors.
  • Development of their Azure Web App client portal providing client information, travel information capture and coordination of this data to their third-party travel application.
  • Debugged and updated Client Pricing workflow (MS Power Automate). Also updated client workflows (MS Power Automate) that allowed for requesting, approval, monitoring and completion for employee foreign business travel.
  • Helped client debug, improve execution time and make updates to their pricing workflow (MS Power Automate).
  • Engineering Testing Lab Portal Conversions
  • Setup system to allow for another client's department to use
  • Work performed was within client's Lab Information Management System.
  • Created new and modified existing forms and reports along with related database changes and workflows to system allowing another client's department to be added to current system.
  • Services Project Management Application
  • MS Access Application Analysist
  • Did analysis of MS Access application running on server for issues relating to a server-based implementation of MS Access.
  • Provided findings and suggestions on best solutions to client’s environment.
  • MS Access DB Fix
  • Third Party Calendar/Scheduling plugin fails at times causing DB table to get out of sync.
  • Found an intermediate fix by resetting table indexes.
  • Real problem was discovered to be in the plugin and working with a multi-user (server based) Access



Skill set: ASP.NET 3.5/4.0 MVC, C#, SQL 2008/2012, SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 / O365, InfoPath 2007/2010/2013 , JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, PowerShell


  • Created PowerShell scripts to convert Telerik RAD Editor Web Parts to CEWP web parts
  • Provided enhancements and fixes to an external facing book purchasing web site
  • Designed and created out of the box SharePoint site for a department, including...
  • Site navigation
  • Page design with look and feel
  • Setup of out of the box web parts to manage business processes and needs
  • Build out of libraries and lists to manage content within department’s site
  • C# and .NET User controls development (approximately 20 User Controls created and attached to a single Web Part, executed/loaded from a menu system embedded in the web part)
  • Converted current InfoPath 2010 forms to a set of User Controls
  • Client-side edits were provided with JavaScript/jQuery
  • Converted InfoPath 2007 project status reports to InfoPath 2010 project status reports
  • Designed and built a Project Wiki documentation site
  • Involved in the building of client’s Document Management systems across 4 of their business units, utilizing SharePoint 2010 architecture and Knowledge Lake Workflow and Behaviors.
  • Code segments developed for a project included a custom web part to provide user interface to a document flow process. Also, code to manage document flow through the business process including Event receivers, Timer Jobs and business rules logic.
  • Provided a set of PowerShell scripts to automate some of the site build out between the Development, Testing/Stage and Production environments.
  • Provided custom GUI tweaks to an internal portal using JavaScript, CSS3 for a set of landing pages and Master Pages
  • Engineering Site collection
  • Developed site collection that will gather Request-for-Project information and once request is approved, trigger the building of a Project site to manage the new Project form.
  • Created a set of forms for the client’s engineering departments (R&D, Analytical and Technical) in InfoPath that gathers input for requests for possible engineering projects. The data is linked to a back-end data base.
  • Developed a “My Projects” web part that list projects the user is affiliated with. The web part contains, filtering, sorting, and linking to Project Sites logic.
  • Also developed a “My Projects Dashboard” that lists how many projects the user is currently involved in based on the stages of the project and allows the user to link to his “My Projects”.
  • Individual Project Sites
  • Developed a set of maintenance forms in InfoPath that allows the client to manage their project’s data. Data is maintained outside of SharePoint.
  • Also created a Web Part that allows the user to view all data related to the project, primarily using tabs and user roles.
  • Built a new form for Financial Provider’s session notes, incorporating validation logic, look and feel of current forms and web service connectivity to their back-office CRM system.
  • Rewrote 3 InfoPath forms, providing major validation logic along with GUI enhancements.
  • Rewrote sections of Provider Portal code to handle “RunWithElevatedPrivileges”, allowing for the removal of thousands of individual permissions from the Portal’s SharePoint Libraries, which improved performance dramatically.


Sr. Consultant

Skill set: Visual Studio 2005/2008, C#, SQL 2005, Crystal Reports, Dundas Charts, MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0, Xcelsius, InfoPath 2007


  • Re-wrote a set of Sales/Marketing reports to work with the new Sales/Marketing Data Mart being developed.
  • Provided enhancements and maintenance to the web applications I created for Nonin back in October of 2007.
  • Implemented Search capabilities customized for a department within Nonin’s SharePoint intranet.
  • Developed a Document publishing web service to SharePoint that also modifies document list item properties.
  • Implemented a SharePoint workflow with an association page that publishes documents to a new document library upon user approval. Workflow calls the Document publishing web service to upload documents to other WSS sites.
  • Developed Project and Task Time Tracking Solution for Cardinal’s SharePoint Server (Application Pages, SQL data connectivity and a web part).
  • Provided improvements to Cardinal’s Call Center SharePoint site (Custom Fields and a workflow).
  • Created an InfoPath form for Travel Expense Reporting.
  • Developed data entry screens for a process within one of Cardinal’s .Net Portals.



Skill set: Visual Studio.net, C#, SQL 2000, SQL 2005, Crystal Reports, MS Access 2000, Dundas Charts, VB.net, Active Reports, DotNetNuke Portal, ClearCase Source Control, JavaScript, CSS, MS Access 97, MS Excel, MS Word


  • Developed a Sales Projections web-based application for Nonin’s Sales Managers.
  • Developed Sales tracking charts for Sales Manager using Dundas Charts and the Sales Intranet application.
  • Converted Nonin’s Vendor s Database application from MS Access 2000 to an ASP.net intranet application utilizing SQL 2000 database.
  • Developed a Single Sign-On (utilizing Active Directory) intranet application to allow single point of entry into the multiple applications Nonin was creating for their intranet. This application also provided Create, Read, Update Delete privileges to registered users to the intranet.
  • Converted Nonin’s Calibration Database application from MS Access 2000 to ASP.net intranet application utilizing SQL 2000.
  • Built a set of DotNetNuke modules that will allow investment customers of a bank/brokerage to access their investment data via the bank’s/brokerage’s DotNetNuke portal.
  • Developed Home Mortgage’s web-based incentive plan system, which tracks hours worked and loans processed for a current month and derives incentive pay calculations for different roles within the enterprise. This system provides a What-If web application for team members, a batch process for month-end incentive pay reports and administrative tools for maintaining the system.
  • Developed Home Mortgage’s web-based loan exchange system, a work management (loan processing workflow) system. This system will allow divisions to share workload among staff at other Divisions that may be under capacity.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented a .Net Intranet web enterprise framework for the Mid-Atlantic Division. The framework is a true web application which alleviates the need for an HTML/web designer to be on staff. The website was designed with complete user control of its UI and functionality. Wells Fargo has plans to roll this application out to other divisions.
  • Provided training and initial support for roll out of web application.
  • Provided technical architectural consulting for the Mid-Atlantic Division of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.
  • Provided technical expertise in analyzing and debugging a set of errors an MS Access 97 application was having after being converted from a prior version of MS Access. Solved and fixed all known conversion errors to this application.
  • Converted an MS Access 97 application to MS Access 2000. Provided support and training after the conversion.
  • Worked with departmental staff to design enhancements and provide solutions for known issues to a Vendor’s performance and tracking system that was implemented in MS Access 2000.
  • Redesigned Vendor’s menu system and provided an additional layer of user security.
  • Provided additional MS Access report sets and charts per the requests and specs of the department.
  • Created additional Tables and Queries to handle the new reports. Also converted some of the parameter passing from the queries to a more user-friendly dialog form input form.


Technical Team Lead

Skill set: Microsoft IIS 4.0/5.0, Windows 2000/NT Servers, SQL 7.0/2000, HTML/XML/XSLT, ODBC/ADO, Active Server Pages, Visual Basic 6.0, JavaScript, Crystal Reports, C++, Visual Source Safe, VISIO, Microsoft Project, Visual InterDev, COM, Access/Dbase, COBOL, DDS, AS/400, RLU, DDS, CL, SYNON


  • Lead analyst/developer in development of an internet-based portfolio accounting system, an internet-based portfolio analytics reporting system, and an internet-based asset/liability management system. Tools utilized were ASP, XML, XSLT, Visual Basic, C++, SQL, Crystal Reports, Java Scripting, MS Visio, and MS Project on Microsoft Server/Internet platform.
  • Provided 24/7 support for accounting, analytics, and asset/liability systems.
  • Developed release support and help desk support, for a client based, report delivery and viewing application. This allowed for revisions to application code and report files (40+ reports) and monitoring of client application issues. Also, provided conversion of SQL files to mdb files for client-based report delivery.
  • Created a set of Crystal reports with charts that were deployed via the internet for an analytics system and an asset/liability system. Also, converted 40+ R&R reports to Crystal reports for a portfolio accounting system. Also, provided conversions for R&R dBase files to SQL and Access mdb file formats.
  • Lead analyst/developer in development of an internet-based loan processing package of applications including vehicle valuations, credit history retrieval and evaluation, flood plain reporting and UCC/tax lien reporting. Tools utilized were ASP, XML, XSLT, Visual Basic, C++, SQL, Crystal Reports, Java Scripting, MS Visio and MS Project on Microsoft Server/Internet platform.
  • Developed a customer maintenance and activity system for a major Twin Cities bank on an AS/400 platform utilizing COBOL/400, SDA, RLU, DDS and CL. Also, provided conversion of Vendor data files into bank’s AS/400 database. Conversion files were provided in Excel fixed length and comma delimited formats.
  • Engineered a new client account system that integrated new account entry and customer information display from several bank office processing systems for a major regional investment bank.


Software Architect

Skill set: IBM Mainframes, AS/400, 4GLs, C, CICS, TSO/ISPF, Panvalet, Dumpmaster, VTAM, VSAM, MVS, OS/400, SYNON, C++, Microfocus COBOL


  • Implemented a regression test benchmark VSAM file for testing industry standard security calculations, supplied by the Securities Industry Association, against a securities calculation software package implemented in COBOL and CICS.
  • Developed a PC/workstation user interface to improve the access to a security calculation routines library purchased from a third-party vendor. The interface was implemented in PC assembler and C languages and involved the development of pull-down menus and window structures in MSDOS.
  • Conducted a comparison between two versions of the same securities pricing calculations, one set implemented in COBOL, the other in FORTRAN, to analyze data results.
  • Installed a security calculation system in a major brokerage house. The system was written in COBOL utilizing CICS on-line and VSAM files. Trained application personnel at the brokerage house in the maintenance, troubleshooting and enhancement of this system.
  • Provided help desk support to clients and internal staff for a security calculation system.

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