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Software Engineer Resume


  • Experienced and highly trusted Programmer Analyst delivering good working products in test, QA and productions environments.
  • Professional expertise in front end, middle end and back - end applications .
  • Programming and design skills, Excellent problem solving skills
  • Strong collaborative skills, Unit TestingWeb Development, Databases(SQL language, No SQL), Monitoring software, Client/Server applications.


Highly efficient in: Visual Studio C# Windows Forms, console applications, web development, ASP.NET, Entity Framwork, Java, Java Restlet framework, Spring, Spring Boot, JPA, IBM MQ Messaging System, web services, NUnit, Junit, Mock Testing, Design patterns, VSTS, HG Mercurial, Zabbix monitoring software, Python, XML, JSON, HTML, HTML5, JQuery, CSS, VMWare, Linux, Windows environments.



Software Engineer


  • Developed Web-Api’s using ASP.NET Entity Framework hosted in IIS server. It consisted of extracting data from SQL Server Database using Object Relational Mapping DbContext objects. The data returned was in XML or JSON format consumed by Power BI reporting tool used by Business Analysts.
  • Developed multi-thread application consuming WSDL services.
  • These were processed using client object accessing the service reference within application. Data returned was mapped to an object then inserted into SQL Server database using Entity Framework DbContext.
  • The database was created using the code first approach enabling-migrations, adding migration and updating database according to objects created within DbContext definition.
  • VSTS Repository using GIT version control. Branches created for Test, Dev and Production. Also branching for bug fixes and merging into master branch.


Software Developer


  • Developing Angular SPA project for family owned business in the food industry. Java servlets, Restlet framework in the middle tier with MySQL in the backend.
  • New technologies were added to my skills set like Angular, SOLID object oriented principles, Design Patterns in Java, C# or event Python, non relational databases like MongoDB.


Programmer Analyst


  • Designed system software applications using XP programming, engineering concepts and mathematical analysis.
  • Designed and developed IVR application for Substation Automated Login automating the phone calls volume RTO dispatchers used to handle.
  • It consisted of HTML and Javascript in the frontend, PERL scripting as the middle tier and Oracle as the backend servicing more than 3,000 users.
  • Designed and developed application to calculate accumulative wind vector to protect equipment from pollution installed at substation in Galveston.
  • Once the cumulative vector reached certain level, equipment was ready to be washed. Data extracted from weather site using Windows Forms in .NET as scheduled task.
  • Designed and implemented multi-threaded Traveling Wave System to calculate fault distance when a line circuit operates (failed). .NET console application accessing remote devices through a modem to download GIS data. This data was then processed to send email notifications to crews out in the field or service centers to repair the damaged circuit.
  • Designed and implemented test simulator tool to process storm data to create outages and restorations.
  • This application consisted of multithread front-end application in .NET windows Form creating and restoring outages. The middle tier accessed Oracle database using Java Restlet web services.
  • Designed and implemented multi-threaded application to extract messaging data from IBM MQ remote server and inserting into Oracle database. Control Systems and Smart Grid Operations needed to implement existing .NET application converted and implemented in Java Linux systems.
  • Java application accessed the IBM Message MQ’s consuming messages and inserting them into Oracle database.

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