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Azure Architect Director Resume


  • A Microsoft award winner for 9 consecutive years, ASP Insider selectee, seasoned, leader, entrepreneur, and visionary open to positions nationally and internationally that will challenge my capabilities. Expertise in the Microsoft stack, Azure, DevOps, Startups, public speaking, and fostering the developer community.


  • DevOps
  • NuGet package creation
  • C# / VB
  • Obfuscation
  • Microarchitecture
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Build
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Web Apps
  • Azure Jobs
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Business Relationship Management
  • Scrum Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Reporting
  • Data Automation


Azure Architect Director



  • Responsibilities included overseeing a $5M budget Azure budget, 7.4 million Azure cloud resources, and securing a PHI sensitive environment for Confidential and Confidential compliancy.
  • Additional duties included implementing an Azure resource asset tracking system, facilitating cross functional teams to optimize costs, ensuring best practices are used for automated deployments, implementing Azure security policies, overseeing governance and control systems, reviewing network topology and design, and working with software architects to implement systems optimized for Azure cloud systems for both IaaS and PaaS deployments, and facilitating continual learning for all developers, architects, and team leads.
  • Hired for my previous in - depth full life cycle software development experience in order to utilize my abilities to facilitate and influence associates across multiple teams in the Confidential Healthcare division. Additionally my expansive connections with Microsoft and the Microsoft developer community proved useful in finding new talent, creating exposure for Confidential with speaking engagements at conferences, creating various PoCs, and designing corporate learning opportunities; such as a two day Microsoft Security Briefing seminar, which included 50+ individuals across Confidential corporate security and the Healthcare division.




  • Founder, architect, product manager, project manager, and lead developer of a Micro ISV startup that created several ETL products to work with Confidential ’s Retail Link vendor system and Dollar General’s 1010Data system. Products were designed to help automate customers’ retrieval of sales, product supply, and customer service data for integration into business intelligence databases, product supply systems, and inventory management systems.
  • Intimate knowledge of the full software product development lifecycle, including creation of specifications, cost mapping, developer outsourcing, project management, facilitating as scrum master, code reviews, development on the Microsoft technology stack, product planning, code obfuscation, product licensing techniques, and DevOps.
  • Entire company was architected and designed to utilize Azure IaaS, PaaS and Office 365 services. Microsoft DevOps is used for Continuous Integration and Continuous Development with GitHub as the repo with Azure WebApps as the target deployment. Azure AppServices, mySQL, Azure SQL, and Azure CDN are utilized for public and customer facing websites and APIs. Azure Active Directory, Azure AD B2C, Azure Service Bus, Cloud Services, Web Jobs, Azure SQL and Azure SQL Data Warehouse are utilized for our company’s SaaS offerings. Various other Azure IaaS are utilized on an as needed basis including Virtual Servers, networking and VPN.
  • Current project consists of a micro-architected scalable application that scrapes web pages using Azure Service Bus, Azure SQL, Azure Functions, Azure Web Application and MVC architecture while using C# and Microsoft’s .Net Core development language.
  • Previous consulting projects range from screen craping, macro creation, Xamarin mobile applications, PowerPivot and Power BI reporting projects.
  • Other responsibilities included marketing, sales, product strategy, and accounting.

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