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Independent Contractor/consultant Resume


Languages: C#, T - SQL, VB.NET, JavaScript, HTML, Typescript, Visual Basic, Visual C++

Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Profisee MDM

Other: IIS, MSMQ, WebSphere MQ, Umbraco, Sitecore, Active MQ, JIRA, Azure DevOps, Azure

Source Control: Azure DevOps (TFVC and Git), TFS, Git, Mercurial, SVN, Perforce, Bitbucket

Technologies: .NET Frameworks, .NET Core, MVC, AngularJS, Angular, Knockout, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, jQuery, ASP.NET (Core), AJAX, JSON, WCF, Web Services, WPF/XAML, XML, XSLT, Agile Development Methodology, API Design, RESTful Services, CSS, WinForms, npm, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, Silverlight, NUnit, Xamarin, Xamarin Forms, OAuth, Docker, Vue.js, Azure Verifiable Credentials Service



Independent Contractor/Consultant

Environment: .NET Core 3+, .NET Framework 4.7+, C#, Web API, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, TSQL, Vue.js, Azure DevOps, Verifiable Credentials Azure Service, Azure Portal, Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core


  • Designed and developed internal tool for data analysts to upload data into a SQL Database for various portions of multiple applications to eliminate the need for development resources to handle recurring data updates
  • Added new UI features using the Vue.js framework
  • Added new APIs and methods for .net Core Web API application
  • Added new features UI features or ASP.net MVC web application
  • Implemented Continuous Integration for builds and Unit tests in Azure DevOps
  • Implemented Continuous Deployment for Release Pipelines to machines in Azure and AWS
  • Built a Proof of concept set of applications using a private preview of Microsoft Verifiable Credentials Azure Service
  • Provided guidance to junior development staff.



Environment: .NET Framework 4.7+, C#, Web API, SQL Server, TSQL, Profisee, Azure DevOps


  • Technical Team Lead for development team of 5 including 3 offshore resources
  • Refactored existing Web APIs to be multi-tiered and interface driven for testability
  • Lead and implemented testing efforts for my team as well as other development teams in the same group. This included Unit, Regression, Integration and Performance tests
  • Designed and developed new API’s to syndicate data from the Profisee platform.
  • Designed and developed new Stored procedures to extract data from the Profisee platform.
  • Enhanced performance of existing data access code on average of 750%
  • Part of team that upgraded existing code, custom stored procedures, and overall platform from Profisee version 6.05 to version 7.12
  • Implemented source control methodology for database objects and Profisee artifacts
  • Moved source code repositories from TFVC to Git and implemented overall code development and branching strategies to achieve higher quality code moving between environments.
  • Designed and developed brand new APIs to syndicate data from the Profisee platform to Idea4Industry’s IDW and IDEA Connector.
  • Designed and developed the overall software architecture
  • Design and developed stored procedures for data extraction and manipulation
  • Setup testing framework
  • Mentored team on various software development best practices like SOLID, DI, IOC and separation of concerns.
  • Implemented Continuous Integration for builds and Unit tests in Azure DevOps
  • Implemented Continuous Deployment for Release Pipelines to Azure VM machines inside the corporate firewall network.



Environment: .NET Framework 4.7+, .Net Core, .Net Standard, C#, VSTS, Git, TFS, SQL Server, MVC, Web API, JavaScript, AWS, MongoDB, Kanban, Azure DevOps

  • Developed and executed plan to migrate source code from TFS 2010 and various GitHub repositories to hosted VSTS.
  • Implemented Agile development processes for the SDLC.
  • Designed and developed registration site to allow users to experience Activate Client game play in a trial mode.
  • Modified Activate web services to handle “trial mode” game play
  • Modified Activate Client game application to run in “trial mode”
  • Added features and fixed bugs in Activate Client (HTML5)
  • Provided architectural guidance on implementing Single Sign-on for authentication.
  • Planned and implemented the migration of C8Sciences code base from older versions of the .net Framework to .net Standard and recent version of the Framework
  • Implemented CI\CD pipeline Confidential applications using VSTS and deployment to AWS
  • Provided guidance to junior development staff.

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