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Senior Developer Resume

New, YorK


  • Technical Lead with over 12+ years of professional experience in developing n - tiered applications using C#.NET, WCF and SQL Server.
  • I have designed and developed many enterprise applications and participated in every stage of software lifecycle.
  • My excellent academic achievements provide a very good background for my capabilities and make me feel confident in whatever I do. Highly organized and an efficient individual, able to manage own time effectively, and prioritize workload.
  • Experienced at working to tight deadlines and under considerable pressure.
  • Friendly and approachable with excellent interpersonal and customer relations skills.
  • Strong advocate of Agile methodologies as a mechanism to drive frequently delivered, high quality code that meets business requirements.
  • Proven skills in Agile planning and project tracking, automated testing, Continuous Integration and automated deployment.
  • Significant experience using a wide range of supporting technologies across the related technical spaces.


Core Programming Language: C# 3.0-5.0(10 years), T-SQL ’03-‘12(10 year), PL-SQL(3 year), PowerShell(3 years), VB.NET 10-12(5 years), Java 1.4-6(2 years)

.NET Framework: WinForms(5 years), SharePoint’07-‘13(5 years), MVC 3.0-5.2(4 years), Entity Framework 3.5-6.0(4 years), WCF(8 years), WWF(2 years), WPF(3 year), Web API(2 year), Silverlight(3 year), TPL

Front End Frameworks: jQuery(5 years), HTML5(2 years), CSS3 with SaaS(2 years), Knockout(2 years), AngularJS(1 year), Ionic(1 year), bootstrap(1 year), dojo (3 years)

Methodology: TDD(6 years), Agile(3 years), Scrum(3 years)

Other Programming Languages & Frameworks: nHibernate, LINQ, DevExpress, AJAX, TFS MS Build, T4 Templates, REST, MSMQ, JMS, Google API, AWS, Azure, NServicebus, RabbitMQ, WebSphereMQ

Architecture: SOA, SCA, Design Patterns(GoF),MVVM,MVC,CQRS

IDE: Visual Studio ’05-’13(10 years), Eclipse (3 years)

Database: MS SQL Server ’03-‘12(7 years), Oracle 11g (3 years), MySQL(1 year), PostgreSQL(1 year), firebase, SSIS (2 years)

TDD Tools: MS Unit Testing Framework(5 years), RhinoMocks(3 years), NUnit (3 years)

Source Control Management: TFS(5 years), SVN(3 years), Git(2 years)

Server: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server ’07-‘13(5 years), IIS 7.0-8.5(6 years), BizTalk, MS Dynamic CRM


Senior Developer


Environment: C#, WCF, SQL Server 2012, IBM-MQ, NServicebus, MSMQ, Agile SCRUM, SSIS, BizTalk, Multithreading, Dynamic CRM 2016, SignalR


  • Successfully designed and build the service bus layer using NServicebus and MSMQ by working closely with solution architect.
  • Worked with the architecture team to move the services and data to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
  • Design and implemented the new Web services security layer for existing WCF services.
  • Design and developed custom plugin for MS-Dynamic CRM to communicate between servicebus.
  • Migrated webservices from Biztalk to service bus services.
  • Design and implement push messaging in to existing Silverlight and Angular client using signalr.

Technical Specialist

Confidential, New York

Environment: C#, WCF, SQL Server 2012, IBM-MQ, Rhino Mocks, Agile SCRUM, SSIS, BizTalk, Multithreading, Windows Azure


  • Team lead for well-established asp.net application. Introduced significant structural changes to code base, making the application easier to change, maintain and test.
  • Successfully designed and converted the custom service bus layer of trading, regulatory services to WSO2 ESB by working closely with architecture team.
  • Worked with the architecture team to move the services and data to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Worked on the table blob queue storage components.
  • Design and implemented the new Web services layer over legacy mainframe system using WCF to expose investor details and order capture services to clients.
  • Planned, coordinated and rolled out new hardware configuration, offering enhanced application stability, performance and resilience.
  • Design and developed custom transport layer for WCF to support Websphere MQ for the service bus framework.
  • Migrated webservices from Biztalk to service bus
  • Design and build translation service layer to translate fixed width MQ messages from Unisys mainframe to SOAP/XML
  • Mentored team in application design and testing patterns, and wider team on Agile practices.
  • Introduced BDD to the team using specflow and complete automation testing using selenium with specflow for legacy asp.net application.




  • Actively involved in all aspects of the project life cycle from planning, requirement gathering, documentation, technical design, integration design, and development and testing.
  • Designed the application logic, screen flow and the user interface.
  • Developed user interfaces using ASP.NET, JQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS.
  • Developed back-end services using WCF
  • Implementing critical parts of solution, Code review.
  • Designed Database and Developed stored procedures using T-SQL
  • Developed technical solutions to complex business problems.
  • Involved in performance optimization stored procedures.
  • Involved in solving UAT and post production issues.
  • Extensively used Microsoft Unit Testing framework for unit test cases.
  • Created deployment scripts and required documents for the deployment team.
  • Created custom transport layer stack in WCF to use the IBM MQ to communicate between mainframe and other services.

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