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Senior Technical Lead Resume

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  • Team Lead and Senior Web and Application Developer with 21 years of significant experience in Information Technology including 15 years of experience focusing on Web based and CLIENT/SERVER based custom development applications in .NET and Java technologies in Design, Development and Implementation of Internet and Intranet using C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, Windows Forms, Web Services, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, Java, C++ and MS SQL Server.
  • 14 years of experience in Object Oriented Programming with C#, VB.NET, C++ and Java.
  • 12 years of experience with .NET frameworks 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/4.6.1 Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005/2008/2010/2012/2013/2015/2017.
  • 5 Years Java experience with Servlets and JSP including jdk 8.x with NetBeans 8.2 IDE.
  • 4 Years AngularJS 1.x with HTML5 and CSS3
  • 8 years Agile methodologies
  • 10 years documentation and Visio presentation.
  • Expertise in Web Development with HTML, DHTML, JSP, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP and ASP.NET, Ajax, JQuery, JSON, XML, XSLT, CSS, MVC4/5, SOAP and RESTful.
  • Good experience working on ASP to ASP.Net migration projects.
  • Strong SQL Server skills especially SQL, DDL, DML, Stored Procedure, Triggers, export/ import, Enterprise Manager, SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler, SSIS, SQL Reporting Service and data warehousing.
  • Exposure to other RDBMS such as Oracle with the ability to write complex queries/ stored procedures/ functions/ triggers/ cursors
  • Numerous web services written or created SOA using WCF Framework.
  • Programming experience in all versions of .Net (Web forms using C#, VB.Net and ASP.NET using .Net) including .Net frameworks, AJAX, ASP.Net MVC, XML Technologies, JavaScript, Web Services (SOAP), caching, remoting and application logging.


Languages: C++, C#, VB.NET, Classic ASP, VB6

Web Technologies: Java Script, Telluric controls, XML, HTML5, Kendo UIs, KnockoutJS, AJAX, JQuery, XHTML and ASP.NET, AngularJS 1.x, CSS3

Web Services: SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, RESTful

Frameworks: MS Frameworks 1.1/2.0/3.5/4 .0 , Struts 1.2, Hibernate and Spring.Net

Database: Oracle 11g /10g/9i, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 R2

IDE: Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008/2010/2013/2015 , NetBeans 7x, Eclipse, NetBeans

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat 5.0/7.0/9.0, IIS 6/7. Windows 2003/2010/2016 Servers 32 /64 bits

Other Tools & Methodologies: MS - Office, MS Visio, SQL*Plus, TOAD, Teradata SQL assistance, SVN, Agile, Waterfall, Iterative and Incremental, Factory and MVC3/4

Operating Systems: Windows NT/ 2000/ XP/Windows 7, Window Server 2003/2016 and Windows 10

Reports: SQL Server 2005/2017 Reports and Crystal Reports



Senior Technical Lead

Environment: .NET C#, Oracle 12C, Oracle Forms and Reports 12c, PHP, Python, SQL Server, MySQL, C++, RESTFul API, RaspBerry PI Hardware, PERL, DAISY Protocol, Linux 7.5, Windows and GitLab.


  • Leading and mentoring current team members.
  • Creating Oracle Forms and Reports by using Oracle 12C database.
  • Working with DAISY online Delivery Protocol web service API with C# and PHP and facilitating the delivery of digital resources from service providers to end users.
  • Writing code to in PHP, MySQL and C# to implement this content delivery model and trying to interact between reading systems and services with SOAP messages over the HTTP protocol.
  • Following WSDL since all service operation are defined.
  • Trying to implement 508 compliance since this project for disables.
  • RESTFul API used with PHP and communicating with MySQL database.


Architect(Solution Provider)/Lead/Senior .Net Software Engineer

Environment: AngularJS 1.0/2.0/4.0, HTML5, CSS3,VB. VB.NET, C#, Java Servlets, JSP, jdk8.x, SQL server 2008/2014, Entity Framework 6.0, Visual Studio 2010 / 2013/2015/2017 , Windows Server 2003/2014, Apache Tomcat Server 9.0, Crystal Reports, Spring Frameworks for Java, JQuery,Agile, COM, VB, XML, XSLT, Visio 2013, TSQL, SSIS package, SSDT (SQL Server Data Tool), ALTOVA XMLSpy, Netbeans8.2, JavaScript, DCOM and Windows 10.


  • Converted and updated the Legacy systems, converted from VB6 to .Net, as well as updated the VB6 programs so that it should be able to run on Windows 10 operating system.
  • Performing ETL and writing, debugging and Fixing .Net C#, VB.NET code with MVC pattern as well as writing Windows Services for multiple projects.
  • VB6 projects modified and converted into winforms.
  • WinForms applications were responsible for legacy system users, but look and feel was changed with .Net framework version 4.
  • Performed ETL (Extract, Transformed, Load) Used SSDT(SQL Server Data Tool) and Created SSIS Package and deployed on SQL Server 2014 for Vehicle Guide for State of South Carolina, data source are .Txt and Excel files generated by Vendor Penton company and sent it to Confidential, in order to use the data and apply South Carolina business rules and sent it back to Penton vendor so that they can generate the .pdfs and Vehicle Books or Vehicle Guides and make it available to users across the state, written Stored procedures and created Views in order to apply Department of Revenue South Carolina’s business rules.
  • Performed ETL (Extract, Transformed, Load) Used SSDT (SQL Server Data Tool) and Created SSIS package and deployed on SQL Server 2014 and generated SQL Server Reports and published on SharePoint 2013 for SchoolIndex project. The main data source Excel and .csv files generated by the users of State department. Need to make use of those files, read it and insert the data into the SQL Server database with the help of SSIS package.
  • Designed and provided the solution for EDI (electronic Data Interchange) in the form of XML files over http and ftp protocol.
  • Dealing with sensitive Data related with State and Federal Revenue department.
  • Dealing with third party and consuming flat files as main Data source and developing interface in C# with framework 4.0.
  • Due to Legacy system need to deal with different frameworks and consuming, modifying COM objects.
  • Worked with Network infrastructure, DBA team and Application support in order to complete the security module for the agency and got the confirmation from security administration, that module is working as expected.
  • Interacting with five different Business Analysts to provide the Technical solution for new requirement.
  • Creating and updating the pre-existing intranet sites with the help of HTML5, CSS and AngularJS 1.x for SharePoint 2017.
  • Created and modified Java Servlets and JSP accordingly including jdk8. x.
  • Made use of Struts in order to deal with JSP model 2 and model3, Injecting into pre-existing Java code.
  • Made use of IOC(Inversion of Control) and DI(Dependency Injection) pattern and structure by modifying pre-existing Java application by using Spring Framework in order to communicate the Database by using JDBC.
  • Made changes and reconfigured XML files for Spring Framework while working with Java module.
  • Concurrently working with three different requirements and all of them are related with Business Taxes for South Carolina State.
  • Creating and converting DTS packages to SSIS packages.
  • Writing and executing stored procedures in SQL Server 2008 \ 2014.
  • Configuring and hosting internal web sites on II7.0 Server.
  • Creating and deploying web services.
  • Generating XML Files for State and Federal Tax Returns.
  • Created Beer and Wine Applications for Business Tax Returns.
  • Created and deployed Windows Services with C#
  • Creating WCF Restful services with JSON/AngularJS for Intranet sites of internal Government departments.
  • Creating and updating the pre-existing intranet sites with the help of HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS 1.x for SharePoint 2017.
  • Created and modified Java Servlets and JSP accordingly including jdk-8.x.
  • Documenting the projects and its architecture and presenting with the help of Visio.
  • Responsible and part of TFS migration team, working with Infrastructure and DBAs team in order to migrate TFS 2010 to TFS 2017.
  • Upgrading TFS 2010 from Windows 2008 Server to Windows 2016 server, including SQL server 2016.
  • Using Agile methodologies, since communicating with several managers and administrators.
  • Converting pre-existing UI pages using HTML5, DHTML, XHTML, DOM, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax for old and new SharePoint sites.
  • Upgrading and making changes in Legacy system and making use of COM and DCOM objects and components, in order to fix the broken applications.
  • Re-written as well the Legacy system but still COM components are used, simultaneously making and changes in pre-existing COM objects with the help of C++ and making use of those in with C# code.
  • Involved in front-end development utilizing Java Script frameworks such as AngularJS, Node JS and jQuery as well as front end technologies HTML5, CSS3, Ajax.
  • Developed code to call the web service/APIs to fetch the data and populate on the UI using jQuery/AJAX.
  • Worked with AngularJS MVC framework including authoring complex directives, services, controllers and filters; working with animations, routing and states.
  • Involved in complete SDLC - Requirement Analysis, Development, System and Integration Testing.
  • Pre-existing application are fully loaded with Web Services consumption from third party.
  • Proposed and got approval from management to go for WEB API application, so that application don’t need to use SOAP.
  • Created non-SOAP-based HTTP Services on top of existing WCF message pipeline.
  • Keep modifying pre-existing Schema and XSLTs for multiple requirements, like Epay system for agency, SC1040, federal schema, Sales Tax XML schema.
  • Debugging and fixing Microsoft CRM, adding, modifying and updating controls and fixing JavaScript code as per requirement.
  • Pre-existing web module upgraded with new .Net frameworks, Entity framework and MVC5.
  • Making use of RESTful and SOAP services to communicate with other systems, as AJAX played a role to get data from the server by using GET method.
  • Working with multiple managers and coordinators because working with multiple modules.
  • Dealing with sensitive information since client is Government agency and dealing with personal information, like all Individual and business taxes, modified schemas as per requirement.
  • Crystal reports populated with VB6 applications, since old users do not want to change their comfort level with Crystal report and old VB6 application in Winforms pattern.
  • Making use of REST and SOAP web services to deal with third party payment and Credit Card payment methods.
  • Developed an interface to communicate with Mainframe Database.
  • Nine Windows services developed in C# and VB.NET communicating with Main Frame Database thru REST and SOAP web services on INTRANET.
  • Writing SQL Scripts and executing to update SQL Server Database whenever needed.


.Net Lead

Environment: VB. VB.NET, C#, SQL server 2012, Oracle 10g, TSQL, Entity Framework 6.0, Visual Studio 2012/2013, BizTalk 2010, WinFroms,Crystal reports, Windows Server 2003,Agile, JQuery, Telerik Controls including Kendo Grids and Charts, JavaScript, KnockoutJS, AngularJs,Adaptive Server and LINQ


  • Managed server side and client side data migration from Sybase to SQL Server with "Sybase OLE DB Provider" and "Sybase ADO.NET Provider".
  • Debugged VB.NET code and leading three other internal developers.
  • Created and Modified rig stored procedures in SQL Server 2012 to communicate with Data Services.
  • Crsytal reports were generated or populated with the help of Windows application as well as legacy application VB6, and database SQL server 2008 and Oracle 10g.
  • WinForms applications modified according the need of the client.
  • Created User Interface in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and SQL server to interact with users.
  • Modifications in Microsoft CRM by fixing JavaScript code.
  • Involved in complete SDLC - Requirement Analysis, Development, System,
  • Razor pages updated with AngularJs and communicated with SQL Server 2008/2014.
  • Modified Datasets whenever and wherever required and publishing back to Data Services.
  • Managed Hibernate and .Net frameworks to work with different versions of Applications.
  • Most of the work going on with ASP.NET web technologies.
  • Created SSIS packages to update SQL Server 2008 database with PeopleSoft data. These SSIS packages run as SQL Job.
  • Managed VBA application.
  • Wrote stored procedures and set as SQL Job.
  • Consumed and modified the Web Methods and contracts written in Java, C# and VB.NET.
  • Managed and modified the data services along with Web Services written in Java, C# and VB.NET.
  • Modified and wrote new code for an existing application in C#, VB.NET, JSON and Telerik controls.
  • Followed MVC pattern for an internal application which includes C#, Telerik control particularly Kendo grid controls with SQL Server 2012.
  • Debugged CRM for internal users and used BizTalk Server for document transformation.
  • Utilized TFS for version control and publishing the sites.
  • Managed and developed both applications written in Windows and Web technologies.

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