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.net Developer Resume

Virginia, VA


  • 8+ years of software development experience in design, development and testing in Enterprise, n-tier web based applications.
  • Microsoft Certified Professional in “Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition”.
  • Expertise in following Middleware and web technologies viz.. NET Framework 1.1/2.0/3.5, Visual studio 2003/2008, VB.Net, C#, ADO. Net, ASP.Net and Visual Basic 5.0/6.0.
  • Involved in the UI design, development and implementation of Web User Interfaces using VB.net, ASP.net, C#, Java script and CSS.
  • Nearly Four years in .NET development using VB.Net, ASP.Net and ADO. Net and Crystal Reports.
  • In-depth understanding of RDBMS concepts and excellent working knowledge in back-end programming using SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Cursors and Triggers in MS SQL 2000, Sybase and Oracle.
  • Expertise in Quality Assurance - Unit, System and Integration testing.
  • Used Visual SourceSafe / PVCS for version Control.
  • Excellent skills in developing code to interact with databases. Used extensively ADO.Net objects like Connection, Command, Data Adapter, Data Reader, Dataset, Data Table, Data View and ADO objects against diverse databases such as SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 10g.
  • Worked as team member/module lead on various projects gaining team skills, and trained teammates for improved team performance.
  • JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Level 3 Certified.



MS Visual Studio 2003/2008, MS IIS 6.0, ASP.Net, VB.Net, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, MS Access, DBArtisan/Rapid SQL, Sybase 11.3,
Oracle 10g, Telerik Controls


C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, SQL, PL/SQL, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML/CSS

Operating Systems:

Windows: Vista, XP, NT and MS-DOS

Reporting Tools:

Crystal Reports 7

B.E. (Bachelors Degree in Computer Science & Engineering)


Confidential, ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA Oct ‘09– Present
(Senior Developer)

OST provides advice and guidance to client organizations to help them identify, understand, and resolve management issues. OST develops effective business solutions that produce real business value. OST managers, analysts, and subject matter experts work at the enterprise, program, and project levels supporting the clients through the full life cycle for their business and information technology investments.

SEAS (Spectrum Engineering and Automation Support)

The Automated Frequency Manager(AFM) software is used by any FAA(Federal Aviation and Administration) spectrum engineer who wishes to submit or track frequency assignment applications, engineer frequencies, investigate Radio Frequency Interference problems or analyze the contents of the various AFM databases, including the GMF, Pending and various international, Federal Communications Commission(FCC) and Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated(ARINC) files.

The AFM has three main functions:
Frequency Management and registration:

  • Create and modify FAA and NG applications. Edit them to ensure they confirm to FAA and NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) standards and send them to NTIA for incorporation into GMF.
  • Track the progress of applications through the approval process.
  • Produce management reports on the status of the assignment process.
  • Produce new Facility Transmitting Authorization (FTA) forms as applications are approved.
  • Review assignments regularly (at least every 5 years) to ensure that the frequencies are still in use and the assignments correctly reflect the usage.
  • Create and modify military and other government applications in the AAG (Aeronautical Assignment Group)bands to test for frequency suitability.
  • Vote NTIA Agendas.

Frequency Engineering:

  • Test each proposed frequency to ensure that it meets FAA standards for sufficient signal strength within its FPSV (Frequency Protected Service Volume) and protection from Interference.
  • Assist the user in selecting the best frequency to assign for the most efficient use of the spectrum.
  • Provide an interface and database access for various engineering models including the Air Ground Model, the NAVAIDS model, the Non-directional Beacon (NDB) model, the Generic Model, the Microwave model and the Airspace Model.

Auxillary Functions:

  • Assists spectrum engineers in performing engineering analyses through Browse and Search routines to identify and analyze the distribution of frequencies throughout the spectrum
  • Provide a visual representation of Browse/Search and Model results through a mapping utility.
  • Provide ready access to various engineering tools including calculations for Bearing/Distance, Magnetic Variation, Ground Conductivity and Power Density.


  • Worked on migrating the application from VB to VB.NET web based.
  • Actively involved in most of the phases of the SDLC -Design, Coding, Unit Testing, Maintenance and Developer level support.
  • Involved in analysis and design of the application.

Designed and implemented the user interface for the following modules:

  • Generic Model
  • Search and Circle Search and
  • Utilities
  • Designed UI using ASP.NET server controls, HTML controls and Telerik Controls for the above mentioned modules.
  • Developed the Search/Circle Search module which allows the users to perform a complex search,
  • And allow the users to create dynamic excel reports with filters and sort options.
  • Used JavaScript to implement client side validations.
  • Writing presentation layer and Web User controls using VB.NET, Business Logic and Data Access components using VB.NET.
  • Worked on database design and used ADO.NET to access data.
  • Created and tested complex stored procedures for the backend.
  • Performed unit testing and integration testing.

Tools/Languages: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, VB.NET, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle 10g, Telerik Controls.

Confidential,, HERNDON, VIRGINIA Dec ‘08 – Sep‘09
(Senior Developer)

ARC Bridge specializes in GIS, specifically in Environmental Systems Research Institute’s (ESRI) GIS products. ARC Bridge Consulting has been an ESRI Business Partner/Reseller/ Developer for over four years and was awarded ESRI’s prestigious “Partner of the Year 2000”award. ARC Bridge is also a Microsoft Certified Partner.

PG County FireSolv

This Product gathers the information of fire accidents that had occurred in the Prince George County. And then they analyze the cause of the fire accidents. The reports for the fire accidents are delivered.


  • Designed and implemented the user interface for the application.
  • Used ADO .NET and System.Data.SqlClient namespace extensively for data connectivity
  • Created and tested complex stored procedures for the backend

Tools/Languages: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, VB.NET, SQL Server 2005.

Confidential,CHENNAI, INDIA Feb ‘06 – Nov ‘08
(System Engineer/Module Lead)

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) helps companies make the most of their IT investments – from providing system integration solutions, application development, management services, and testing solutions.

Store Growth Program for Marks & Spencer (M&S) – United Kingdom

Currently, the Food System for M&S uses 3-digit numeric codes for their M&S stores, with a maximum limit of 999 locations in the system. Due to the increase in stores nationwide, there is a need to extend this system wide code limitation. As part of an effort to accept more location codes, a four-digit code was substituted and implemented system wide.


  • Changed the three-digit numeric code in every placeholder of the system, mostly in the backend database tables, to four-digit corporate code
  • Modified and tested about sixty stored procedures and views to fulfill the requirement
  • Tested about hundred front-end screens and reports for this change to take effect
  • Wrote general and special test cases for all the changes; unit and system level for the application
  • Performed unit testing and integration testing.

Tools/Languages: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, VB 6, ASP, MS SQL Server 2000, MS Access.

Confidential, Ireland

S3 is an enterprise system for American International Underwriters (AIU), a division of American International Group of Companies.

The project involves customization and production support of the S3 product for AIU. S3 includes a set of applications that attend to various insurance business functions, such as: claims processing, file data processing, interfaces for migrating claims, policy underwriting, rating, billing, re-insurance, co-insurance, financial and accounting, client maintenance, producer maintenance, reporting, and printing. The policy underwriting caters to personal, business, accident and health lines.


  • Worked extensively for about 2 years in the following business modules that involves maintenance support and enhancements
  • Claims processing,
  • File Upload data processing,
  • Client Maintenance, and
  • Reporting
  • Analyzed cause of defect and provided resolution for critical issues
  • Co-ordination of work and knowledge transfer to trial developers.
  • Support and maintenance of the product.
  • Prepared defect analysis document for the issues
  • Enhanced and tested the front-end application after defect resolution; unit and system level
  • Created and updated numerous stored procedures and views
  • Successfully coordinated and followed release procedures to deploy issue resolutions
  • Used Crystal Reports 7 for report generation
  • Tools/Languages: VB 5, Sybase 11.3, DBArtisan/Rapid SQL, Crystal Reports 7.


Confidential, KOCHI, INDIA Apr ‘05 – Jan ‘06
(Software Engineer)

Network Systems & Technologies (NeST) is a technology company which offers customized software and hardware development services for engineering applications and product development services for customers worldwide.

Confidential, India

ORMS was developed to provide a new way to manage and supervise processing job applicants and incoming resumes for NeST, online. The web application was built with ASP.Net (C#) and supported by MS SQL Server 2000. It included indexed search for resume content, and extensive administrative capabilities.


  • Designed and implemented the user interface for the following:
    • Uploading capability for resume documents online
    • Implemented complete profile information of the applicant; background, education and passport details
  • Used ADO .NET and System.Data.SqlClient namespace extensively for data connectivity
  • Created and tested complex stored procedures and views for the backend

Tools/Languages: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2000.

Confidential, Japan

NichiryokuApp is a web based software application developed primarily as an ordering system for the gravestone requirements at Nichiryoku cemetery. The functions include ability for the family of loved one to select the type, and format the name marker on the gravestone. Additionally, the system handled payment processing, order confirmation and communication needs.


  • Designed and implemented the following modules:
  • Profile management and search feature of the deceased
  • Developed interfaces to capture the gravestone requirements
  • Membership management
  • Created and tested complex stored procedures and views for the database
  • Translated the technical documents from Japanese language to English

Tools/Languages: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2000.

Note: This project gave me the opportunity to work closely with the client in Japan, thereby helped to gain international experience.

Confidential,CHENNAI, INDIA Dec ‘03 – May ‘04
(Japanese Translator)

Indus Asuka Software provides dedicated services in consulting, project management and software development to the dynamic Japanese market.


  • Translated the technical documents related to computer applications from Japanese language to English and vice versa.
  • Sent official mails to Japanese Clients in Japanese language.

Confidential,CHENNAI, INDIA Jan ‘03 – Nov ‘03

Malleable Minds Software provides IT consulting and software products and solutions, with core competency in enterprise applications. It has consistently provided high quality software solutions in a cost effective manner to a discerning clientele.

Online Time Sheet for Master Mind Technologies – United Arab Emirates

This online timesheet application was developed for the employees to quickly submit their timesheet on various projects. The submitted timesheet was stored and reported for employee management, accounting and performance appraisals.


  • Designed and implemented interfaces for the employees to enter their timesheet online.
  • Used ADO .NET and System.Data.SqlClient namespace extensively for data connectivity.
  • Created and tested stored procedures and views for the backend

Tools/Languages: ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000

Bizzpac for Master Mind Technologies – United Arab Emirates

Bizzpac is a product developed for Dubai based supermarkets. It is an inventory control system with an integrated package of software used in warehouse operations - to monitor the quantity, and status of inventory.


  • Designed and implemented the necessary interfaces for managing the inventory using VB.NET
  • Created and tested complex stored procedures and views for the backend

Tools/Languages: VB.NET, SQL Server 2000.

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