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Software Engineer Resume

Camarillo, CaliforniA


  • Highly motivated Mobile Software Architect in software development lifecycle, and technical architecture with proven success in designing, developing and implementing applications.
  • Particularly effective in applying deep technical application to real world problems.
  • Accomplished software developer and comfortable taking on new challenges
  • Started developing Apps for the iOS AppStore short time after opening
  • At one time had over a dozen Apps available, including games, personal productivity and inspirational.
  • These were written with Objective C and C++.
  • Developed factory automation software. The company has a large manufacturing facility where they develop CNC machines (size of a small SUV).
  • Wrote twelve Apps used within an Enterprise environment (including MDM), to support ERP and factory management, including inventory management, assembly instructions, test measurement results.
  • These are native Apps, which make use of a great number of web service calls to back - end service in SAP.
  • I was responsible for the iOS side of things, but also helped design the web API interface in SAP’s ABAP language.
  • I also made use of special libraries to handle barcode scanning with the built-in camera, initially used external library, then converted to iOS SDK.
  • Also wrote implementation to handle PDF Form data aggregation with PDFNet SDK to pull form data out (at the PDF level) and send content to server.
  • Added bar code scanning via external bluetooth laser scanner (Socket Mobile). The company wanted an easy way for non-IT folks to create new forms (ala PDF) and the App had to handle these numerous forms.
  • In the end, over 800 factory assembly-line workers are now provided iPads, running the software I wrote to facilitate savings of $3.5 million the first year.


Technologies/Tools: XCode, Cocoa Touch, UIKit, Core Graphics, Core Image, Core Animation, AVAudio, Web Services (REST, SOAP, JSON), SQLite, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Swift, PDFNet, Socket Mobile, cocos2D.


Confidential, Camarillo, California

Software Engineer


  • Work with the hands-on-labs group; Creating server-side integration and reporting tools in Node.js; integrated with AWS DynamoDB
  • Designed and wrote the code to pull data out of Sharepoint and generate Office 365 reports.
  • Extended the software to work with Jira feeds and query the correct data to integrate into the system.

Technologies: Node.js, JavaScript, express, REST, Jira, Docker, Sharepoint, Oauth. AWS IoT, AWS Dynamo-DB, Git.

Confidential, Camarillo, California



  • software-as-a-service startup company; we developed the software to control a personal computer with Alexa voice commands.
  • Control your home theater PC, play music, movies, videos, turn off, or watch NetFlix all using Alexa

Confidential, Oxnard, California

Mobile Software Architect


  • Lead iOS Architect for creation of enterprise factory automation software on iPad and iPodTouch to use SOAP/REST Services to connect to SAP back-end for inventory, assembly, and engineering data.
  • Provide guidance on MDM mobile device management and enterprise (internal) deployment of iOS App software.

Confidential, Calabasas, California

Software Architect, Consultant


  • Brought in to work on a secure collaborative, cloud-based service to integrate Confidential mobile (iOS) and the Web to provide online storage of movie scripts using:
  • Microsoft Windows Azure for scalable hosting, ASP.NET MVC framework with code in C# tied together with REST based Web Services and using Box as a data store.
  • Project was canceled. Upgraded Confidential iOS Reader from an iPad-only App to a Universal App supporting iPhone and iPad.

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