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.net Developer Resume

Coppell, TX


  • Innovative and professional with 5+ years of experience in teh areas of application programming, design, development, testing and deployment in Web and Windows based N - tier architecture systems with strong understanding of SDLC methodologies Agile Scrum.
  • Worked in every phase of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), from business requirement gathering to project delivery. Excellent design and integration problem solving skills.
  • Strong programming experience and knowledge of using C#, ASP. Net, MVC, WCF, WEB API, ADO. Net, WPF, LINQ, Visual Studio (2005/2008/2010/2012/2013/2015 ), SQL Server (2005/2008, 2008R2/2012).
  • Experience in developing UI Screen and Client side validation using Bootstrap 3.2.X/3.3.X, Angular JS, Knockout JS, ASP.NET, AJAX, JQuery, XML, HTML5/DHTML, CSS, Javascript.
  • Created custom directives, components and services to interface with restful services and also Dom application environment using Angular.
  • Good working knowledge in Developing Windows Services, Restful Web Services, Web Forms, SOAP, XML, XSD and IIS.
  • Expertise in ASP.NET MVC 4.0/3.0 and developed teh features Views, Partial Views, Strongly Typed Views, Sections and also implemented Controllers and Controller Actions, Filters, Routing.
  • Achieved client side functionality with Angularjs MVC framework and used teh features like data binding, routing, custom filters, custom directives and http services to make API calls and exchange data in JSON/XML.
  • Clear understanding in implementing several design patterns including Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control (IOC) in Windows Communication Foundations (WCF).
  • Developed Data Access Layer (DAL), Business Logic layer (BLL) also in implementing Business Processes, Abstract factory as part of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using C#.
  • Designed dynamic web applications and websites using DHTML, HTML Custom controls, Angular JS, Knockout JS, CSS, Multithreading, XML/XSLT.
  • Utilized Angularjs to create dynamic data driven web pages using UI patterns.
  • Strongly skilled and well Experienced in developing Single page applications (SPA) and client side functionalities with various rich UI and responsive features along with performance functionalities in teh web applications.
  • Worked on Single Page Applications (SPA) that reduce round tripping, and enhance User Experience (UX), using OO JS, JSON, AJAX, Javascript, jQuery, JQuery Mobile, Bootstrap CSS Framework, Angular.js, Knockout JS, CSS3, and HTML5.
  • Knowledge on React JS to create custom components for data manipulations and to display data in company standard format. Developed Reactjs forms to manipulate text within HTML5 views.
  • Good knowledge on frameworks of JavaScript such as Bootstrap (data driven apps) and Backbone.js (heavy DOM manipulation) Full stack JavaScript development - React.js and plain JS modules on teh client side.
  • Good experience with N-Tier architectures SOA, SOLID (Object Oriented Design) and MVC Pattern Dependency Injection and Inversion Control (IOC).
  • Responsible for designing Rich user Interface Applications using JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML5 and AJAX.
  • SQL Development, ability to write and troubleshoot SQL Code and design (stored procedures, functions, tables, joins, views, indexes, constraints) and Performance tuning.
  • Experience with Data Accessing including Dataadapter, Datareader and Dataset in ADO.NET and security features like Authentication, Authorization, and WCF security.
  • Experience in development with XML and related technologies like XSLT and XPath, also used DOM parsers to work with XML documents.
  • Experience in updating, accessing and version controlling teh code using Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual Source Safe (VSS), subversion, GitHub.
  • Involved into Unit testing, Integration testing, Compatibility Testing and White Box Testing
  • Responsible for reviewing Business Requirement Specification (BRS), System Requirement Specification (SRS) and preparing High Level Design (HDD), Detail Design Document (DDD).
  • Excellent Analytical and Programming abilities in using technology to create elegant, flexible and maintainable solutions for complex problems.


Operating Systems: Windows 7/XP/2000/8/10, Windows server 2008

Languages: C#.NET, C#, C, C++, Java, HTML5, CSS, T-SQL, PL SQL

Scripting Languages: JQuery, Javascript, AngularJS, Knockout.js

Web Technologies: ASP.NET MVC 5/4, ASP.NET Web API2, ASP.NET (4.5/4/3.5/3/2)RAZOR, WCF, WPF, Web Services, XML, XSD, XSLT, CSS, HTML, XHTML, AJAX, HTML5, JSON, Internet Information Server (IIS)7.5/7.0/6.0, LINQ to SQL

Databases: SQL Server 2014/2008/2005/2000 2008 R2, Oracle 11g/10g/9i, MS Access

Framework: .NET Framework 4.5/4/3.5/3.0/2.0, Entity Framework ORM, SOA, MVC

Source Control: Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual SourceSafe (VSS), SVN, GIT


Confidential, Coppell, TX

.Net Developer


  • Involved in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process that includes requirement analysis, designing, deployment and testing.
  • Implemented Agile Software Development methodology and had daily SCRUM calls to enable efficient and effective high-quality software development.
  • Developed a web application using ASP.Net MVC 5.0, C#, JavaScript, Bootstrap and Ajax.
  • Used JQuery, Angular JS and ng-grid JS libraries as a part of client-side development.
  • Used Angular JS framework to bind HTML (views) to JavaScript objects (models) and was using MVC architectural pattern.
  • Established communication between different applications running on same/different platforms using WCF.
  • Designed MVC design pattern for ASP.Net application development using teh ASP. Net MVC framework.
  • Used Entity Framework for Database operations.
  • Designed and Developed Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with WCF Binding concepts for making Data Binding for endpoints.
  • Used Angular JS as a framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA), which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server.
  • Practiced Design Patterns such as Singleton, Dependency injection, Inversion of Controls (IOC).
  • Extensively involved in developing components for Business Layer and Data Layer.
  • Helped to implement teh DAL layer of Web API using Entity Framework 5.
  • Worked on WCF and Web Services to provide SOA architecture and Configuration based activation applications on SOAP and REST protocols.
  • Created views for teh application interface using Angularjs and Knockout JS with ASP.Net Web API.
  • Developed RESTful Services using Web API that are consumed by various Client applications for routing data between different systems.
  • Used XSLT to transform teh data from teh XML.
  • Used JIRA for quick reviews and to track teh progress of teh project.
  • Worked on Entity Framework code first approach for establishing connection between code and database
  • Extensively involved in developing components for Business Layer and Data Layer.
  • Utilized validation controls for server-side validation and JavaScript for client-side validation.
  • Used Team Foundation Server for source code repository, reporting and Project tracking.
  • Created Database objects like Tables, Stored Procedures and Triggers in SQL Server 2012.
  • Developed Reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Written Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2005 used ADO .NET and Gridview, Data List, Details view, Repeaters, Dataset Classes for data manipulation.
  • Used SSIS to read flat files, CSV and Excel files and import to SQL Server.
  • Created packages in SSIS with error handling and worked with different methods of logging in SSIS.
  • Worked closely with QA for bug fixes to ensure teh efficiency and accuracy of teh code.
  • Performed Unit Testing on every new version before sending it for User Acceptance Test.
  • Analyzed and designed UML Use Cases, Class Diagrams, State Diagrams and Activity Diagrams.

Environment: C#, ASP.Net MVC, TFS, Web API, RESTful API, XML, IIS, MVC, Entity Framework, WCF, JavaScript, SQL Server 2012, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Agile, SSRS, SSIS, Jira, Angular JS, Knockout JS, SOA, SPA, JSON, PL/SQL.

Confidential, Creve crover, MO

.Net Developer


  • Worked in Planning and executing phases of teh software development lifecycle (SDLC) utilizing Agile methodologies to achieve end-to-end development of web-based applications.
  • Expertise in creating teh Class diagrams, Data flow diagrams using MS Visio for getting teh good performance in accessing teh data.
  • Created teh front-end SPA using AngularJS, HTML5, CSS and back-end service using ASP.NET Web API.
  • Worked comprehensively on C#, ASP.NET for building backend and building Client-Side Validation using Query and AJAX Control toolkit.
  • Applied Cascading Style sheets (CSS) to teh pages.
  • Implemented Oracle (RDBMS) and also PL/SQL for accessing teh data and updating teh data according to teh user implantations.
  • Developed teh required Entity Models and also used Oracle relational database for teh database to get teh fast and responsive data for teh users and for upgrading teh data in teh databases.
  • Utilized Visual Studio 2010 and JQuery JavaScript framework for developing Web based application for higher efficiency and speed.
  • Developed Controls of teh presentation layers using teh AJAX.NET for getting more advanced features and efficiency.
  • Developed application using teh WCF, RESTful Web Services for getting good responsive to teh application from all modules of utilization.
  • Developed teh UI models using HTML5, XHTML, AngularJS, XML, Web Services and JQuery.
  • Performed CRUD operations on teh SQL Server 2012 database using Entity Framework 5.0 and used LINQ queries to retrieve data from Arrays, Collections and Generics.
  • Created Stored Procedures for performing repetitive tasks in updating related tables using SQL Server 2012 database.
  • Implemented Master page to allow centralizing teh common functionality of teh pages, so that we can make updates in just one place.
  • Developed Custom User Controls and enhancing teh business layer to reduce teh Complexity in UI Coding and provide better look and feel for teh developer and user.
  • Used ASP.NET MVC 4.0 for building scalable standards-based web applications.
  • Used Gridview and Formview with extensive data binding to display page and sort multiple records.
  • Always maintained interaction with teh users to get teh feedback and updating teh application according to teh requirements.
  • Involved in using teh GitHub for teh web services graphical interfaces and also for bug tracking, feature request, task management and wikis for applications.
  • Worked in application testing, finding and fixing bugs and maintenance of teh application and providing a well updated application.
  • Experienced in daily attending meeting and discussing teh statuses of teh application and finding teh more responsive and updated technology to implement for getting a very high positive response to teh application from teh user side.

Environment: C#, ASP.NET, HTML5, XHTML, AngularJS, XML, Web Services, JQuery, WCF, RESTful Web Services, Arrays, Collections and Generics, SQL Server 2012, Entity Framework 5.0.


.Net Developer


  • Developed User Controls and Generic Control Libraries which can be configured based on user requirements and Entity Classes.
  • Developed a detail software requirement specification for teh above custom user controls.
  • Designed web forms with front-end screens using ASP.NET, AJAX and JavaScript.
  • Used Generics extensively wherever required.
  • Implements ASP.Net built-in validations in Web Forms. Used teh web server validation controls for simple validations to be performed on client side and server side.
  • Web Forms are developed using VS-2008, ASP.Net and C#.
  • Developed and implemented appropriate exception handlers in VB. NET.
  • Involved in migrating MS Access Database to MS SQL Server 2005.
  • Developed Reports using SSRS and exported to formats like Excel macros sheets for statements
  • Used MVC Pattern to separate teh GUI from data and to provide multiple views to teh user for teh same data.
  • Wrote PL/SQL queries with Joins on multiple tables, Stored Procedures, Functions, and Triggers.
  • Developed tool using WPF with teh support of MVVM.
  • Implemented teh project using teh WPF (.Net Framework 3.5), C#.NET and back-end database as SQL Server 2005.
  • Designed & developed interface using Winforms, ASP. Net, and C#.Net.
  • Used Agile Methodologies for software development.
  • Involved in troubleshooting TCP/IP connectivity between computers on Windows Network.
  • Wrote T-SQL Stored procedures which enhanced teh functionality of application.
  • Involved in Unit Testing and UAT.

Environment: ASP 2.0, ASP.NET, C#, AJAX, IIS6.0, .NET Framework 2.0,3.5, Visual Studio 2005,2008, XML, Web Services, SQL Server 2005, DB2, Javascript, Winforms, WCF, MS Office, Team Foundation Server(TFS) and Windows 2003 Server.


Jr .Net Developer


  • Designed and implemented teh UI of teh application, login screens, Account View, Standard and Advanced Reports, Market Watch and Customer Service screens using .NET UI controls.
  • Responsible for writing various user controls, wrapped around asp.net. These user controls were reused within and across teh application, providing a consistent functionality, look and feel to teh user.
  • Implemented a separate query processing using LINQ and created data entry web applications, with LINQ to SQL CRUD operations.
  • Used C# to develop Custom User Controls for teh controls throughout teh application for same look and feel and provide code reusability.
  • Used ASP.NET Web Forms, server controls extensively, setting up an inheritance chain of Forms following Object Oriented Programming Principals.
  • Designed and developed Desktop application using C# and Win Forms for wealth management desktop application.
  • .NET XML serialization technique was used extensively for saving teh report settings in teh database.
  • Implemented secured SOAP based XML Web Services extensively to implement teh business logic layer.
  • Developed teh data layer class, Business layer class using C# which is reusable transactions of entire project.
  • Implemented teh object-oriented approach in database programming using MS SQL Server and T-SQL as backend.

Environment: .NET Framework, ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, HTML, Javascript, Web Services, and Web forms, XML, IIS, SQL Server 2008 and Windows XP.

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