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Full Stack .net Developer Resume

Herndon, VA


  • 9 years of expertise in Information Technology involving all phases of SDLC dat include Analysis, Application Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance in ASP.NET platform across multiple business domains.
  • Very Strong Object - Oriented Developer with experience in Software Design.
  • Experience building Web, Windows, Console and Windows service Applications.
  • Highly experienced in designing, developing and debugging applications using technologies like ASP.NET, MVC, Web API, C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, J Query, MS Build and JavaScript.
  • Expertise in Web development and Application development using Microsoft .NET Technologies like C#, ASP.NET, MVC, ASPX, AJAX, CSS, WCF, ADO.NET, LINQ, Web Services, HTML, HTTP, DHTML, JavaScript, XML and XSL/XSLT, JQuery, Bootstrap, EXTJS, Angular JS Framework and WPF.
  • Experience in developing web and enterprise applications using ASP. NET framework 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0, MVC 3/4/5, Web API 1.0/2.0, WCF, REST, SOAP, XML, XSLT, Web services.
  • Expertise in implementing various design patterns like Singleton, Façade, Abstract Factory, Factory, Data Transfer Object and Business.
  • Build a standards-driven, scalable, secure and dynamic web portal for teh information delivery of specific applications
  • Effectively used ASP.NET security infrastructure for autanticating and authorizing user access as well as performing other security related tasks using C#.NET.
  • Hands on experience in implementing core areas of Programming such as Data Access, Security, Logging and Exception handling.
  • Experienced with deployments, Maintenance and troubleshooting applications on Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure Azure.
  • Delegate in teh development of Multi-Tier Distributed Applications.
  • Experience in designing and developing Web services using WCF
  • Hands on experience in developing SOAP and RESTful Web services.
  • Experience in developing Web Services to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network using SOAP over HTTP.
  • Experience in using Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) query and retrieve data from different data sources (LINQ to Objects, LINQ to XML, and LINQ to SQL
  • Experience in data access using ORM Tools such as LINQ to SQL and ADO.NET Entity Framework.
  • Worked with MVVM pattern and developed view-models usingtypescript.
  • Good working knowledge of Databases like SQL Server 2005/2008 R2/2012, Oracle 10g, MySQL and DB2.
  • Experience working in various Software Development Methodologies like Waterfall, Agile SCRUM and TDD.
  • Extensive experience in using of teh version control software SVN, TFS and GIT.
  • Has exposure with cloud based services like Azure.
  • Knowledge in build automation using open source tools such as NANT and MS Build.
  • Hands on experience in writing stored procedures, triggers and functionsusing T-SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Experience in developing Custom Reports and different types of Tabular, Ad-hoc and distributed reports in multiple formats using Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Software system architecture sense and basic knowledge in applying design patterns.
  • Good knowledge and experience of UML, Unified Process at teh Enterprise level and familiarity with popular process methodologies like Agile, Waterfall
  • Experience using CA rally, Jira tool in Agile environment.
  • Expertise in Unit testing using NUnit & Moq, Integration testing, Smoke testing & System testing.
  • Proven skills in Requirements gathering and documenting use cases
  • Worked in various verticals like Healthcare, Mortgage, Insurance, and Telecom.
  • Devoted, smart, passionate Developer with competent multi-tasking skills and a good reputation of strong problem-solving capabilities and work ethics.
  • Capable of learning new technologies and adapt to new environments quickly
  • Establish and maintain productive working relationship with management, clients and team


Languages: C#, Java, VB.NET, JavaScript, Python, T-SQL, PL/SQL

Technologies: ASP.NET 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0, MVC 3/4/5, Web API 1.0/2.0, Entity Framework 6/6.1, NHibernate, Angular 1.5/2/4, Typescript, HTML 5, HTTP, WCF, WPF, Azure, CSS 3, AJAX, Ext JS, Facets 4.81, XML, XSLT, XPATH, J Query.

Build Tools: NANT, MS Build, Maven, Jenkins.

Web Service Protocols: UDDI, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI

Version Control Tools: CVS, Tortoise SVN, TFS, GIT.

Operating Systems: Windows 10/7/XP, DOS and Linux

Database: Oracle 9i/10g, TOAD Oracle 12, SQL Server 2005/2008 R2/2012, Mongo DB.


Confidential, Herndon, VA

Full Stack .Net Developer

Environment: ASP.NET 4.5, C#, MVC 5, Angular 4, AJAX, IIS, Toad Oracle 12g, XML, Java Script, CSS, HTML, HTTP, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, Web services, Azure, Web API, WCF, WPF, JQuery, NUnit, LINQ, Log4net, Fiddler, Visual Studio 2015, JIRA, TFS, GIT, Bit Bucket.


  • Worked in JIRAAgile Scrummethodology and delivered accepted functionality in each sprint.
  • Developed web pages usingASP. Net, C#, HTML, DHTML, AJAX, Java Script, VB script and IIS. Used ADO & ADO.NET (Datasets, DataAdapter)to connect with TOAD Oracle and SQL Server Database.
  • Played a role in feature implementation and enhancement, code refactoring and defect fixing.
  • Participated in UI design with Master Pages inMVC 5and improved layout withHTML5, Bootstrap, andCSS3.
  • UsedAngular 4, JavaScriptto develop templates, controllers, and directives.
  • Provided database connectivity usingLINQ, designed stored procedures and views at teh back end.
  • Contributed in data migration fromTOAD Oracle DBtoSQL ServerusingPL/SQLandT/SQL.
  • UsedJSON web tokento do user autantication and secure information exchange.
  • Designed unit testing module withNUnitto test teh application performance and availability
  • Involved in code review, build and deployment withGIT and TFS.
  • Involved in end to end testing of teh application.
  • Worked withJqueryandtypescriptfor teh development of teh UI.
  • Developed teh front end usingMVVM patternand developedclient sideapplications.
  • Developed View Models usingTypescript.
  • Wrote C#.NET, ASP.NET and Entity framework mappings, settings to define and implement secure middle-tier components using both connected and disconnected environment strategies.
  • Developed Web API Services with HTTP way using standard HTTP verbs like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE etc. for all CRUD operations.
  • Assisted in designing and development of relational databases for supporting back-end designs.
  • Resolved production support issues efficiently and closed on time on day-to-day bases
  • Created Custom Web Controls like Grid View and Calendar in C#.
  • Used JavaScript and Validation Controls for validating teh controls.
  • Used AJAX calls on our project using AJAX CONTROL TOOLKIT.
  • Used Multicast Delegate for accessing different methods.
  • Created Tree view for Site navigation in Master Page
  • Used C# to write all teh middle business layer logic.
  • Created XML database of all different frequency levels.
  • Used Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to attain uniformity through all teh pages. Implemented.
  • Working on Deployment to QA with Configuration settings. Experience with IIS. Fortunately got an opportunity to work closely with QA for bug fixes to ensure teh efficiency and accuracy of teh code.

Confidential, Fredericksburg, VA

Full Stack Developer

Environment: ASP.NET 4.5, C#, MVC 5, Razor, Angular Js 2, Node Js, AJAX, IIS, Oracle 11g/12g, XML, Java Script, CSS, HTML, HTTP, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, Web services, facets, Azure, Web API, WCF, WPF, Sencha, JQuery, Moq, NUnit, LINQ, Ext Js Log4net, Fiddler, Visual Studio 2015, TFS, TDD, NANT, Unity, Auto mapper, GIT.


  • Involved in teh requirements review meetings and partnered with business analysts to clarify any specific scenarios.
  • Used ASP.NETMVC 5.0 framework to support teh use of Dependency Injection to inject objects into a class, instead of relying on teh class to create teh object itself.
  • Used JSON to transmit data between Server and Web Application, an alternative to XML Serialization
  • Worked with latest .NET Technologies. Implemented C# 4.0 features in building teh application.
  • Develop MVC Controllers, View Models and Helper methods linked to backend database.
  • Developed Web Portals for agents to connect to home care, healthcare and, vehicle services.
  • Implemented Routing, Action Filter techniques for application development.
  • Used Entity Framework configuration.
  • Created Web Portal using WCF which required Instance and concurrency management.
  • Use Window azure to deploy teh application on cloud and managing teh session.
  • Involved in configuration of FACETSSubscriber/Memberapplication.
  • Developed a .NET batch application responsible for processing Medicare enrollee information from Voyager into FACETS.
  • Converted .Net application to Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Project as part of cloud deployment.
  • Designed and developed a security system to enable/disable various GUI controls based upon teh user role using Reflection.
  • Implemented AngularJS Controllers to maintain each view data. Implemented
  • Angular Service calls using Angular Factory
  • Used JQuery and JavaScript to implement AJAX calls and other type of client-side logic.
  • Worked extensively with Ext Js Grids.
  • ConfigureAzure cloud service for end point deployment.
  • DeployWCFservices onAzure cloud.
  • Developed REST based WCF and WPF web services for Client and Server interactions and Json as messaging format.
  • Developed Proof of Concept (POC) using Angular Js 2, Ext JS, Node Js, Mongo DB.
  • Implemented AJAX for viewing teh multiple reports.
  • Used LINQ queries when working with object collections.
  • Knowledge of Java script libraries like Sencha.
  • Implemented best practices such as exception handling, logging, test-driven development, separation of concerns, dependency injection etc.
  • Developed complex T-SQL Packages, Procedures and Functions accordance with Business Requirements for loading data into database tables
  • Used LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entities, LINQ to XML and LINQ to Objects for retrieving teh data efficiently.
  • Involved in writing stored procedures using PL/SQL.
  • Used Moq framework to test teh API controllers.
  • Used NUnit framework to test Service methods.
  • Configured Log4Net to handle error messages.
  • Used GIT and Team Foundation Server(TFS) for Version Controlling.
  • Involved in unit testing, integration testing etc.
  • Involved in peer level code and design reviews.
  • Involved in fixing QA defects and tracked tan using Quality Center.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Sr. Net Developer

Environment: C#, ASP.NET 4, MVC 4, Web API, HTML5, HTTP, ASPX, CSS3, AJAX, Bootstrap, web services, Entity Framework, Visual studio 2013, SQL Server 2012, SSIS, SSRS, WCF, Sencha, Unity, Moq, EXT Js, JQuery, XML, JavaScript, WPF, TFS, Angular JS, NUnit, Owin Middleware, Json, Log4net Agile, Fiddler, JIRA.


  • Developed teh application using ASP.NET, ASPX, MVC 4, C#, MVC, Entity Framework, Oracle.
  • Designed UI using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP, AJAX and EXT JS.
  • Implemented client-side functionality using Sencha Ext JS.
  • Devising and implementing user defined web services for web portals
  • Used Grid functionality like Grid filtering, Multiple Sorting, Grid Cell Editing, Grid Row Editing.
  • Implemented Prototype and Revealing Module patterns for JavaScript modules.
  • Implement Business Logic using C#, used with Visual Studio 2013, .Net Framework 4.0
  • Used MVC 4 Pattern to design teh application.
  • Built web applications usingExt JS, AngularJS.
  • Implemented Client-Side Validations using Data Annotation Attributes.
  • Used C# to write business layer.
  • Worked on Product Support Web Portal and Supplier Portal.
  • Used ASP.NET security infrastructure for autanticating and authorizing user access as well as performing other security related tasks using C#.NET.
  • Extensively used Ext JS and JavaScript for UI interaction, XML for data transmission via WCF services and data manipulation using LINQ.
  • Use Window azure to deploy teh application on cloud and managing teh session.
  • Responsible for implementing Error handling for teh application using Log4Net.
  • Deployed and Maintained windows phone applications on azure cloud technologies.
  • Used LINQ for data retrieving, querying, storage and manipulation interface screens developed using ASP.Net.
  • Used JQuery and JavaScript to implement AJAX calls and other type of client side logic.
  • Developed web services using SOAP and Restful WCF, WPF services in C#.NET
  • Developed teh Classes, Objects, Dataset Classes and Methods depending upon teh business requirements.
  • Used N-hibernate to create mapping objects to access teh database.
  • Developed and consumed WCF Services.
  • Developing WCF Services, involved in defining Endpoints, Data Contracts, Message Contracts, Bindings, Session Management, and Transaction management in service layer.
  • Used JIRA to keep track of bugs and issues.
  • Involved in coding for NUnit Test cases
  • Developed Web API’s to be consumed by teh application.
  • Responsible for developing WCF Service to exchange data between UI and Business Logic.
  • Involved in creating dynamic views with pivoted data to improve user experience.
  • Used MSTest and ReSharper for writing Unit Tests.
  • Used Fiddler to analyze request and response of Json data from teh controllers to Web API’s.
  • Interacted with Business users for new enhancements in Existing Software Application.
  • Assisted Team Leads in implementing design patterns.
  • Tested components using Unit Test mock frameworks during development.
  • Responsible for writing NAnt scripts for building and deploying teh application.
  • Used TFS for source code version control.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Sr. .Net Developer

Environment: C#, ASP.Net, IIS, ASPX, MS Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2008R2, TFS, SOAP, SVN, HTML, HTTP, XML, Angular Js, JQUERY, JIRA, Jenkins, Maven, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, Web Services


  • Used Agile Software Development for developing teh application.
  • Used HTML, JQuery, JavaScript, HTTP, AJAX for front UI or autantication, verification and CSS for layout.
  • Developed Business and Data tier using C#.NET, ASPXand ADO.NET.
  • Used Compiled Queries, Multiple Contexts, Explicit Loading, and Save Changes to context after all database operations to improve teh performance in Entity Framework.
  • Worked on ASP.NETState Management Techniques like View State, Sessions, Caching (Output Caching)
  • Created teh link servers to pull teh data from different data sources and used them in teh stored procedure which will be executing on teh scheduled basis through SQL agent.
  • Written Queries using T-SQL Statements, Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors and User Defined Functions in SQL Server 2008 for inserting/Updating/Deleting teh data into teh relational tables.
  • Used Team Foundation Server(TFS) for version controlling.
  • Developed single page applications usingAngularJS.
  • Developed new XSD and modified existing XSD dat were to be used for building different types of services.
  • Developed unit and functional test cases.
  • Used JIRA tool to for work tickets
  • Involved in wrap-up meetings and in estimating teh timeframe for each story and halped in deploying teh application on teh server for each iteration of teh agile software development.
  • Involved in weekly code walk through.

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

.Net Developer

Environment: ASP.NET3.5, C#, Web Forms, ADO.NET, ASPX, AJAX controls, XML, MVC, NUnit, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP, Visual Studio 2008/10, SQL Server 2005, WinForms, WCF, SSRS, HTTP, XML, SVN, SOA.


  • Involved in teh gathering of system requirements.
  • Prepared specification requirements documents (SRS)
  • Designed Business Object Model, which involved using Rational Rose to generate class diagrams and sequence diagrams.
  • Used .NET controls to dynamically render teh content on web pages developed using C#.
  • Designed and implemented different layers (UI Layer, Business Access Layer and Data Access Layer) and also using MVC architecture.
  • Extensively implemented Grid View for displaying data, and editable Grid View for data manipulation in teh presentation layer using Server Controls.
  • Created Several User Controls.
  • Designed Objected Oriented classes' structure in Data Access Layer and Business Access Layer.
  • Used LINQ with objects for data retrieving and data querying.
  • Implemented Data Access Layer using ADO.NET.
  • Created several Stored Procedures for dis project.
  • JavaScript and ASP.NETValidation Controls for client-side validation.
  • Worked on Data Transformation Services (DTS) to move data from Access to SQL.
  • Worked on ASP.NETState Management Techniques like View State, Sessions, Caching (Output Caching)
  • Created web services using Window Communication Services (WCF) to access data from SQL Server.
  • Implemented WCF Contracts such as Service Contract, Operation Contract and Data Contract.
  • Implemented Autantication and Authorization using Web.Config file. Configured for users Authorization and role-based security.
  • Used XML for Data Storage and XSLT to transform teh SQL queries returned as XML nodes.
  • Involved in Designing and Development of Software using agile development practice.
  • Performance testing and Code testing using NUnit.
  • Developed some dynamic reporting solutions SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Used SVN for Version Control


Jr .Net Developer

Environment: Windows XP, MS Visual Studio 2005/2008, AJAX, ASP.NET, ASPX, C#, IIS6.0, HTML, HTTP, CSS, XML, ADO.NET, T-SQL, SQL Server 2005, XML, XSL, SVN, web services.


  • Involved in teh all life-cycle design and development.
  • Used Waterfall model.
  • Application was designed based on N-Tier Architecture.
  • Designed and developed various Web Forms for various modules using ASP.NET, ASPX, C#.NET, HTML, HTTP, CSS, and Front Page etc.
  • Worked on Role Base Security at teh presentation layer involving Autantication and Authorization modules proved by ASP.NET.
  • Developed User controls using ASP.NETand C# for reusability.
  • Worked extensively on AJAX controls.
  • Used SVN for Version Control.
  • Used Object oriented features such as inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism in teh implementation.
  • Written PL/SQL Queries and developed stored procedures and user-defined functions to support data retrieval.
  • Found several areas for improvement, made recommendations, and made changes to improve security across all components and systems.
  • Used Web Services for accessing data from teh web server.
  • Executed Stored Procedures using SQL server 2005.

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