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Sr. Software Engineer/technical Lead | Meditract Resume

Chattanooga, TN


  • me work with incrdible people, to create amazing tools, which do cool things. Some of teh software has been around manufacturing, some in HR, but some of my favorites have been in healthcare. me've worked as a lone - ranger and as a team member. Although, even as teh only engineer me had some pretty knowledgeable business folks to halp develop requirements.
  • On team size, small-to-mid-sized teams, or solution groups in larger enterprises are my preferred approach. me find them to be better at figuring out how a thing should work, which is so much more important than just forcing something that will work. me like OOP and Functional Programming So far me haven’t been convinced that either is teh end-all-be-all for every problem set. me believe in teh right tool for teh right job. me write JavaScript, C#, Clojure, PHP, Java, and a bunch of languages friendly to these.
  • Good fortune has allowed me teh ability and opportunity to lead some projects. My curiosity means me'm not content to "just write code." me find meaningful solutions to problems effecting people. Some of those problems have been in making things fast and well. their have been solutions to issues with finding, training, and keeping people that me've halped solve through software. me've written some code that me hope and believe has improved medicine, both from a patient and payer/payee point-of-view.


Sr. Software Engineer/Technical Lead | Meditract

Confidential, Chattanooga, TN


  • C#, ASP.NET, MVC, Azure, JavaScript, TypeScript, SASS, Knockout, Angular, RhinoMocks, Jira, Confluence, TFS, VSTS, GIT, Clojure, AWS, OOP, Functional Programming, Hiccup, ReFrame, React
  • Initially brought in to lead one of five distributed development teams. Quickly identified, and mitigated gaps with over-architecture that didn't TEMPeffectively allow evolving architecture needed for teh project. Transitioned to technical lead of teh project with responsibility including ensuring that path of teh project fell in line with corporate goals and project requirements. As teh Technical Lead, me became responsible for teh technical implementation concerns for a high-profile, high-impact, multi-million dollar, greenfield development effort to bring teh companies offerings into teh future. me also remained "in teh code" working to spend at least 30% of my time on teh project as lead contributing to source directly in addition to mentoring more Jr. Engineers.
  • Close work with teh Sr. Director of Project Development, Scrum Master, VP of Technology Delivery, and C-Suite on one side and a very talented Engineering Team of teh other halped to bring teh project on track and in line with teh plans of both Meditract and teh parent company Confidential . dis role allowed me to work directly with members of teh executive team and have a significant impact of decisions across teh enterprise.
  • C#, ASP.NET, MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, Flux, Nodejs, SOA, WCF, Jenkins, Selenium
  • Modernization of legacy applications
  • Development of new components, applications, and extensions

Software Engineer

Confidential, Louisville, KY


  • C#, ASP.NET, MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, Telerik Tools, Kendo UI, EF, AngularJs
  • Modernization of legacy applications
  • Development of new Web APIs, components, and applications w/ front ends built on a variety of platforms including Angular and Kendo UI.
  • Incorporation of custom security token system into applications
  • Work as part of a Scrum Team

Software Engineer

Confidential, Lexington, KY


  • C#, ASP.NET, MVC, WPF, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Development of internal applications (web and desktop)
  • Independent addition of new features to existing partner portal
  • Establishment of Crystal Reports for business analysis to accompany new applications and extensions
  • Support of legacy applications as needed (AS400/DB2 DataFiles)

Software Engineer

Confidentia, Corbin, KY


  • Particiapated in development of a new website including teh addition of photo cropping system appropriate for web and desktop use.
  • Part of teh team that advanced a cutting-edge intranet application used at several manufacturing plants throughout teh world
  • Replacement of antiquated reporting system that used Crystal Reports with an advanced solution leveraging Telerik Reports
  • Extended a WPF solution to integrate teh new Telerik Reports while continuing to use Crystal Reports until teh full company transition could wrap up.
  • Support and maintenance
  • Create a solution for managing permits in teh city
  • Initial research and design of an application for leveraging GIS data to analyze bicycle transportation and visualize with Google Maps API.
  • Renovate existing applications and redeployed to new mediums where appropriate
  • Full SDLC development (Spiral)
  • Legacy application support

IT Specialist/Generalist

Confidential, London, KY


  • Analyze existing administration tools on PHP based intranet site and use various methods of development to implement changes that are required to improve functionality and implement new tools
  • Provide new HTML5 & CSS3 front end for teh intranet site
  • Modernize intranet site with new icons, updated contextual code (HTML) and extraction of styling to new external CSS
  • Leverage available tools to create or modify design elements. Primary tools include Adobe Create Suite (Photoshop & Illustrator)
  • Use multiple methodologies to provide applications for supporting production & quality control
  • Position included a heavy focus on new application development to meet teh overall needs of teh company while allowing users immediate adoption of solutions
  • Projects included research and initial development of biometric security application with C# implementation and MS SQL backend
  • Manage several Window Servers (2003, 2008, and 2012) including Active Directory, Print Server, WAMPSERVER and file management
  • Provided mechanism for backup of data and support to onsite staff
  • Design and development of web applications, APIs, tooling, utilities, and desktop applications.
  • Planned and performed customization of third-party and open source software.
  • Project planning and staff augmentation.
  • Custom software deployment, deployment, maintenance, and analysis.

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