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.net Developer Resume

Davenport, IA


  • Around 6+ years of technical expertise in Microsoft Technologies, such as .NET … ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC 4.0/3.0, C#, VB.NET, Web Services, WCF, WPF, EF, LINQ, IIS 7.5/7.0, SOAP, REST, XML, HTML 5, Java Script, VB Script, Visual Studio.Net … AJAX, ADO.Net.
  • Involved in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of Web Based, Client - Server and N-tier Architectures.
  • Hands on experience in design using Object Oriented Programming Principles like Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Design patterns like MVVM, Abstract factory, Singleton, MVC, MVP.
  • Expertise in designing and developing Windows based applications and Web based applications with MVC 5/4/3, ASP.NET, C #.NET, VB.NET, Java Script, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular JS and CSS3.
  • Good knowledge in HTML5, AngularJS and KnockoutJS.
  • Proficient in developing Client/Server (Win Forms) and Web based (Web Forms, ASP.Net) application development.
  • Extensive design and programming experience with web technologies like HTML, DHTML, Java Script and Style Sheets.
  • Proficient in Implementing WCF services and consuming using different protocols and implementing features like Security, Debugging and Performance.
  • Proficient in developing WCF Services to expose useful functionality to web users through SOAP, describing them using WSDL, registering them using UDDI for easy availability to potential users and consuming them.
  • Good Experience and knowledge in using XML, SOAP, and Web Services for inter operable software applications.
  • Developed web services (.asmx/WCF) based on SOAP/JSON.
  • Expertise in designing UML design patterns like Singleton, Adapter, Facade.
  • Experience in using Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) query and retrieve data from different data sources (LINQ to Objects, LINQ to XML, and LINQ to SQL), and Entity Framework.
  • Hands on experience with Reporting Tools SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Crystal Reports.
  • Worked on deploy and configure Azure websites, monitoring on Azure.
  • Have experience in using SQL Azure database and automating backups.
  • Experience with TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • Worked on configuration management using visual source safe, TFS, Clear case and PVCS.
  • Well-versed with Microsoft Application building blocks for .Net projects (Data Access, Exception Handling, Caching and Configuration Management Application Blocks).
  • Adept in creating web based application using technologies like AJAX Toolkit, JavaScript, XML, HTML and DHTML.
  • Have experience in dealing with Apache Hadoop components like Scala.
  • Proficient with SQL Server, IIS Server, Visual Studio, Microsoft’s FxCop analyzer tool, JIRA Ticketing tool, Fiddler, SoapUI.
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills in database related work primarily creating complex Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, Functions, using PL/SQL, T-SQL.
  • Worked extensively with ADO.NET objects such as Data Adapter, Dataset, and Data Reader to interact with databases like SQL Server … & Oracle …
  • Fully experienced in deploying, configuring and maintaining the web sites and services on IIS 7.0 with and without secured socket layer.
  • Expertise in understanding system requirements, system architecture design, development, testing/QA and production environment setup and support.
  • Extensive working experience in unit, integration and performance testing framework N-Unit, MS Unit Tests.
  • Functional domain experience involves in Finance, Health and Hotel management system.
  • Collaborating with business users, onshore, offshore teams and vendors
  • Flexible to accept dynamic roles and go above & beyond the duties
  • Passion to continuous learning and self-improvement through corporate learning programs, networking, books 24x7 and public forums.


Microsoft Technologies: … ASP.NETMVC3/4/5, … Win Forms, ADO.NET, … ASP.NET, WCF/Web Services, Web API, Restful services, Entity Framework.

Languages: C#, VB.NET, JAVA, XML, PL/SQL, T-SQL.

Web Development: ASP.NET, Java Script, JQuery, Angular JS, AJAX, Web Services, HTML, XML, MVC, JSON, Bootstrap, CSS, Angular JS, Knockout JS.

Middleware: ADO.NET … Entity Framework 4.0/5.0, LINQ.

Database: SQL Server …, Oracle, SQL Azure

Reporting Tools: Excel Reporting, HTML Reporting, SSRS

Version Control: TFS, Visual Source Safe 6.0, Git, SVN.


Confidential, Davenport, IA

.NET Developer


  • This application is developed using ASP.NET MVC 4.5, Web API, C#, JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Involved in Understanding Existing Applications and Reviewing Requirements, Use Cases with Business Team and Implementing and Prioritizing the Tasks per Business Requirements using the Agile Methodology.
  • Used jQuery UI Autocomplete and AJAX to callWebAPIservices.
  • Designed the user interface using ANGULAR JS with the help of WEB API.
  • DevelopedWEBAPIservices for the HTTP methods get, post, put, and delete for the metrics user story functionalities.
  • Worked withWebAPIto provide services to HTTP requests and created Rest Services using ASP.NetWebAPI.
  • Implemented asynchronous programming for displaying pop-up messages to the user to take action and running non-dependent tasks in background on page load.
  • Wrote automation scripts for testingWEBAPIs by reading JSON files, processing with httpwebrequest and httpwebresponse objects.
  • Created database connections fromWebAPIusing Entity Framework's Database to generate models and DbContext.
  • Developed Stored Procedures, Triggers, Joins and Views in the SQL Server.
  • Created ETL packages using SSIS to move data from various heterogeneous data sources(SQL Server, Flat Files) to centralized data warehouse.
  • Experience inSSISand other related SQL Server related tasks to export and import data.
  • Used Postman for testing ofWebAPIfunctionalities.
  • Used TFS for version control, TFS work items.
  • Involved in resolving major bug fixes within the application.

Confidential, Scottsdale, AZ

.Net Developer


  • Developed and supported the application using ASP.NET MVC 4.0, C#, Entity Framework, Automapper and Razor syntax, AJAX, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and JQuery.
  • Involved in requirement analysis, designing and development using AGILE methodology to implement the application.
  • Created Business Logic Layer & Data Access Layers implementing the MVC architecture.
  • Developed razor views, razor partial views and layout templates.
  • Developed Complex database objects like Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, and Triggers using SQL Server.
  • Applied automapper to the model class and entity framework to access database.
  • Created DAL (Data Access Layers) to establish database connectivity and data manipulation.
  • Implemented role base security, customizable workflows for each user based on the user's role and implemented forms Authentication and Authorization for providing security for application.
  • Developed .NET WCF services to read data from various multi-platform sources and perform validation and insertion into database.
  • Developed WCF RESTful service and used different bindings to make it available to different layers of users.
  • Worked extensively on Restful templates to consume the REST web services including security.
  • Developed WCF Restful web service for exposing enterprise business components for business layer.
  • Used RESTful service methods for create, read, update and delete form data.
  • Responsible for designing Rich user Interface Applications using JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML and AJAX.
  • Created JavaScript modules to used with Bootstrap to speed up development and include responsiveness to the page.
  • UsedScalacollection framework to store and process the complex consumer information. UsedScalafunctional programming concepts to develop business logic.
  • Maintained an application written in Scalawhose purpose is to analyze and score consumer's reviews of their experience with our partner's products
  • Developed system services SOA application platform for use by all web applications utilizing WCF services and the ASP.NET 3.0/3.5 provider model.
  • Implemented AJAX and used Ajax Controls toolkit to improve performance, responsiveness, interactivity, and features of application.
  • Experience in Microsoft Azure on azure resources like cloud services, storage accounts, service buses, app service plans, scale up and scale down and SQL Azure.
  • Maintained the Version, Labeled Versions and Backups of the source using Git Hub and SourceTree.
  • Actively participated in prioritizing the issues and identifying the root cause analysis and bug fixes. Involved in performing code reviews.
  • Active participation in unit testing of the application to ensure quality.
  • Installed SSL/TLS certs on dev, staging and production machines.
  • Used Postman, Fiddler and SOAP UI to test the web service.

Environment: MVC 4.0, C#, Web API, Visual Studio 2015, Scala, SQL Server 2014, IIS, WCF, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Git Hub, Source tree, Nunit.

Confidential, Nashville, Tennessee

.Net Developer


  • Fixing and optimizing ASP.Net 4.5 web pages using C# and SQL Server 2012 stored procedures, and associating fixes/new code with tasks in Team Foundation Server.
  • Involved in the analysis, design & development of the project.
  • Designed and developed this web application using .net framework 4.5 and visual studio 2012.
  • Involved in using MVC pattern for the UI development.
  • Implemented CRUD functionality with Entity framework in ASP.NET MVC and implemented sorting, filtering and paging with Entity framework in MVC.
  • Responsible for design and development of Web Forms using C#.Net, N-tier architecture.
  • Implemented the project using ASP.NET, C#, and back-end database as Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Developed C# components to implement the business logic, consumed instances of these using ASP.NET.
  • Experienced in developing web services and worked with Team Foundation Server.
  • Implemented AJAX controls and developed Web forms for the most part of the application.
  • Used JQuery for a better interaction with the application, performed Code review and Unit testing for better performance.
  • Provided session level security and password authentication using session objects and cookies.
  • Implemented web applications using Angular JS.
  • Developed complete middle tier and database tier. Created SQL procedures, triggers, writing complex queries.
  • Responsible for designing and developing the database objects like Tables, Views, and Complex T-SQL Store Procedures involving Joins and using Temporary Tables, UDF (User Defined Functions)
  • Used Agile (SCRUM) Methodology with 4-week iterations (sprints).
  • Responsible for creating and consuming WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) using C# and Developed Reports using SQL Reporting Services and implemented Optimized SQL Stored Procedures
  • Used Team foundation Server (TFS) for version control and Shelve pending changes of the source code along with the maintenance of the builds and the relevant documents of the same.
  • Configured SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) for scheduling database backup and implemented indexing for various tables in the database.
  • Participated in various Client meetings with the team and the Project manager to discuss improvement/amendments

Environment: Visual Studio 2012, .NetFramework 4.5, C#, ASP.NET, MVC, ADO.NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX with JSON, XML, JQuery, SQL Server 2012, N -Unit, Team Foundation Server, SSRS, SSIS, Angular JS.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

.Net Developer


  • Designed and developed rich and enhanced web pages using MVC 3.0, C#, Entity Framework, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, Bootstrap and JQuery.
  • Used AJAX to improve the performance of the web pages and to display the data on frequently visited pages.
  • Worked with ASP.NET MVC view engines like ASPX and Razor.
  • Responsible for creating with MVC Razor Engine design pattern/approach to develop as per business need in shortest time.
  • Created stored procedures to perform automated rules, updating to related tables using SQL Server 2012.
  • Created Models and ViewModels using Entity Framework for the communication between application and database.
  • Implemented AJAX Synchronous and Asynchronous calls.
  • Developed and consumed WCF Services, Used them to generate the proxy class files based on the web services and consumed in web application.
  • Implemented web service with SOA using WCF for passing data to multiple platforms.
  • Used JQuery to add slick animations and effects to elements.
  • Used Microsoft Visio to draw activity diagrams, flow charts, sequence diagrams and data flow diagrams and technical design documents for the use cases.
  • Involved in writing unit test cases using NUnit, adding system tests.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures, Queries, functions and packages using SQL and TSQL.
  • Created C# batch programs to perform automated daily user authentication synchronization with the Enterprise Directory
  • Programmed in C# to create grid-based pages to enable users to review data and perform approval before running the monthly billing cycle.
  • Software development using Agile Software Development methodologies.
  • Studied the use case diagrams to gather functional requirements. During the design phase participated in discussions with the client regarding system requirements and contributed for the preparation of flow document.
  • Designed and developed the agent portal using framework Angular.js along with HTML5, CSS3.
  • The portal is made responsive using CSS3, preprocessors like SASS, Bootstrap, and media queries to support desktop and tablets.
  • Developed the front-end screens in ASP.NETand C# using Visual Studio 2012.
  • Used front-end web development tools like AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and JQuery.
  • Used ADO.NETand Enterprise Library Ado.net Application Blocks to access data from database.
  • Used AngularJS as the development framework to build a single-page application.
  • Writing business and data access components (as separate assemblies) in C# utilizing ADO.NET transaction management.
  • Worked on TFS for version control, Code Review and for automatic builds and continuous integrations.
  • Developed reports using MS SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS).

Environment: C#, ASP.NET, MVC,, Entity Framework, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, BootStrap, JQuery, AJAX, Razor, WCF, SOA, XML, XSD, SSIS, SSRS, TFS, TeamCity, Visio, NUnit, SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio 2015, XML, JSON, SoapUI, Fiddler


.Net Developer


  • Involved in requirement gathering, analysis, and design with System Analysts.
  • Preparing and providing support in Functional Specifications document preparation for the Foreclosure applications.
  • Implemented the code changes in C# for the Foreclosure applications.
  • Created Unit Tests for the changes implemented as part of the WFF conversion project.
  • Used Object Oriented Programming (OOP's) concepts and Involved in all the phases of the Waterfall process model.
  • Used TFS for version controlling of the application.
  • Client and server side validations are done using Java Script, jQuery and ASP.Netvalidation controls.
  • Used WCF for deploying services on Windows in line with the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Used LINQ to SQL which supports binding to common controls, such as grid control. Implemented security, where a single user can have different access levels.
  • Providing testing support for the IFT and UAT testing of the Foreclosure applications.
  • Designed database in SQL Server and created stored procedures, functions, views to reduce complexity of front-end SQL queries and triggers to enforce entity relationships.
  • Wrote several Stored Procedures for loan information retrieval and processing.
  • Write Stored Procedures, Queries, functions and packages using SQL and TSQL as part of the WFF conversion changes.
  • Created data access layer using ORM with Entity Framework.
  • Used N-tier architecture to development and enhance the code.
  • Worked closely with Business Teams and Technical Design Architects to understand the flow and client enhancements to the applications with QA Team.
  • Successfully handled all the change requests, code defects and Data Configuration Bugs in Production.

Environment: C# 3.5/4.0, ASP.Net3.5/4.0, VB.Net, JavaScript, VB6, Visual Studio 2010, ADO.Net, HTML, WCF, DHTML, XML, SOAP, Web Services, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS), TFS.

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