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Sr. Software Engineer Resume

Englewood, CO


  • Over 9years of software application development, testing and implementation experience with Windows Desktop Applications,Web Applications and Mobile Applications built on Microsoft technologies involving all stages of software development life cycle
  • Strong experience in design and development of UI Rich and Responsive Applications for Windows Desktop, Tablets and Phones using WPF, Windows Forms, Silverlight,C# .NET 4.5, Microsoft Expression Blend
  • Proven ability to create complex, powerful and versatile WPFand Win Forms enterprise - level business applications on short-term deadlines, including design and architecture through programming, testing and support
  • Strong experience in creating WindowsPhone 8, Windows Mobile andDesktopApplications
  • Strong experience in implementing design Patterns like MVVM (Model View View-Model), MVC and MVP on WPF and Windows Forms applications
  • Experience in writing high performance Multi-threaded Applications and Asynchronous programming.
  • Solid experience in Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Development (OOA/OOD)
  • Strong knowledge of Design Patterns. Implemented different Design Patterns including MVVM for WPF and Silverlight applications and MVC on WinForms Applications
  • Very good at Data Structures, Generics, event driven programming
  • Very good understanding of Socket Programming and Application Layer Protocols HTTP,SOAP,FTP& Networking Protocols TCP IP, UDP, CAN
  • Expertise in creating User Interfaces using WPF, Silverlight, Web Forms, User Controls, various Custom Controls, Validation Controls.
  • Strong experience in designing, implementing and generating dynamic reports using reporting tools like Crystal Reports, XtraReports, FastReports, SSRS
  • Expertise in design and development of Client-Server Multitier Applications and consuming and developing Windows Communication Foundation services on Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.
  • Strong hands on setting up connections and working on the Relational Database Management like MicrosoftSQL Server
  • Expertise in database programming involvingAnalysis and Design,Data Modelling and creatingStored Procedures, Views, Cursors, Triggers, Functionsin Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
  • Experience with Data Accessingincluding usingData Adapter, Data Reader and .NETandLINQ, LINQ2SQLProvidersfor data manipulation.
  • Experience in developing and consuming Web Services as per projects requirements.
  • Excellent knowledge of Text and Data processing,used .NET Regular Expressions and ANTLR4 for parsing and processing text data.
  • Excellent knowledge of scripting languages like Python, JavaScript.
  • Experience in variety of source control management systems like TFS, SVN, Perforce, GitHub, Dynamo SourceAnywhereand issue tracking systems like JIRA
  • Skilled in design and development of web-based applications using ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC 5, C#. NET 4.5, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery
  • Commitment and conformance to delivering quality applications adhering to deadlines.
  • Hardworking, enthusiastic and highly committed to the growth and success of the organization.
  • Possess strong analytical, verbal, inter-personal skills that help communicating with the team members. Highly capable of picking up any new technology with a minimum learning curve and have ability to work independently


Programming Languages: C# .NET4.5, Java, Python, JavaScript, T-SQL, PL/SQL

Web Technologies: ASP.NET 4.0/3.5/3.0,MVC 5.0, Silverlight, Razor view engine, PHP


UI Technologies: WPF, Silverlight, XAML, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Web Forms, Windows Forms

IDE Tools: VS 2013, SQL Server Management Studio, Expression Blend

Database Management Systems: MS SQL SERVER 2008, MySQL, SQLite

Reporting Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS 2008/2005), Crystal Reports, FastReports

Version Control Tools: Team Foundation Server, SVN Tortoise, Dynamo Source

Operating Systems: Windows Editions, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile


Confidential, Englewood CO

Sr.Software Engineer


  • Design and develop applications under deadline pressure and communicate design, requirements, feature set, functionality and limitations of the system to the team and development lead
  • Created navigation pages that used WPF and third party controls and also createdXMLFiles on-the-fly using data entered in the forms
  • Involved in the development of business logic in C#. Net 4.5
  • Extensively used ADO.NET and data objects such as Data Adapter, Data Reader, Data Set, Data Table, Data view to access data from SQL Data sources to Business Objects Mapper and updating the changes accordingly to SQL data sources
  • Migrated windows forms desktop application in VB to WPF C# application targeted to C# 3.5 framework
  • Created Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions andT-SQLStatements to access and manipulate data fromSQL Server Database 2008
  • Prototyping and review of the design using Object Oriented Methodology - UML
  • Developed individual controls for the each step in the wizard control and loaded the controls using XML at runtime modified the sequence of the steps in the wizard. Saved the required data entered in each step in SQL Server database
  • Worked inAgiledevelopment environment and participated in meetings and discussions with department heads, project managers, architects and users.
  • Implemented Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)and used WCF to expose business logic as services and consumed those services from client applications. Defined service contracts, implemented service contracts and hosted in IIS.

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2011, WPF, WCF, Microsoft Expression Blend, XML, MVVM, Multithreading,.Net Framework 3.5, C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Confidential, Albany NY

Team Lead


  • Integrated knowledge of business and customer requirements into design
  • Reverse engineered the existing iOS Applications with the help of other team members and extracted functional requirements and specifications.
  • Worked with cross departmental teams.
  • Designed WPF Desktop and Silverlight WindowsPhone and Tablet applications using MVVM and Repository pattern, from scratch to completion
  • Created complex content rich and fluidic UI using XAML, Data Binding, Data Templates, Styles, Animations, Expression blend tool
  • Created database interaction portable class libraries for support across multiple windows platforms (PC, Phone, and Tablet) to achieve maximum code reusability.
  • Created high level managed C# wrappers around the existing low level C libraries for offline OTP generation.
  • Implemented URI schemas to share the data across different applications
  • Implemented account provisioning by communicating with existing web service and implemented response parsing
  • Guided other members in the team in designing interfaces for the middleware, around the low level C libraries
  • Helped other team members in understanding and overcoming the limitations in the application environment by suggesting them alternatives.
  • Created Windows Store App packages and validating them for upload in Windows Store
  • Created Test Applications and POCs to test, demonstrate the functionality and show the development progress of high level APIs
  • Performed Memory and Performance testing and optimized the application to meet the performance requirements, syncing and matching up with the web service

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft Expression Blend, WPF, Silverlight, .Net Framework 4.5, C#, WinRT, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, LINQ, LINQ2SQL, SQLite, TFS, Windows Phone, XML, MVVM 2012

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Sr.Software Engineer


  • Designed and developed Desktop Kiosk Application, Windows Mobile Application and PC Suite for mobile application configuration
  • Created framework in C# .NET 3.5 and C# .NET Compact Framework 2.0 to utilize the existing RFID and other tracking hardware devices APIs, which are required to be used in variety of different applications with consistency
  • Designed user interfaces for desktop kiosk applications using WPF, XAML and improved the user experience significantly
  • Redesigned and Incorporated internationalization into the existing applications to support multiple languages
  • Optimized the local Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 database design to improve the real-time feedback synchronization with the web service
  • Incorporated new features and performed change requests to enhance the application and make it more scalable and robust
  • Designed exception handling strategy and implemented real-time error logging into applications to track production issues
  • Provided production support to identify and resolve the issues on the fly

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2011, Windows Mobile, WPF, HTTP Posts, Microsoft Expression Blend, XML, Multithreading,.Net Compact Framework 3.5, ADO.NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5, SVN 2011


Sr.Software Engineer


  • Worked closely with team, which includes user experience (UX), user interaction, and user interface, mid-level and occasionally back-end.
  • Analyze functional requirements and translate them into application code.
  • Module design, development, debugging and Unit testing
  • Write mockups for application behavioral demo
  • Reuse and Integrate existing Perl Scripts into the application
  • Implement localization including time-zones and daylight saving
  • Implement inter process communication using socket programming

Environment: C# .NET, WPF, Visual Studio 2008, ADO.NET, LINQ, Windows Services, JavaScript, Multithreading, TFS, SQLite, Telerik Controls 2010


Sr.Software Engineer


  • Software requirement analysis, designing and developing application from the scratch.
  • Read and understand the CAN protocol specifications and Implement controller messaging protocol specific to the controller device and communicate with the electronic controller
  • Understand and reuse existing framework
  • Customize the framework to suit the different line of applications
  • Implemented HEX File Parser while satisfying the performance and memory constraints
  • Design User Interface and navigation screens
  • Prepare detailed Test Plan & Test Cases.
  • Perform regression testing, performance testing using CAN hardware tools and optimizing the application to meet the stringent performance requirements

Environment: Windows Forms/WinForms,C#, MVC design pattern,Interop Services, Microsoft Access DB, SQL, Microsoft Visio, ER Models, UML, CAN UI, CAN bus, CAN Hardware & Software testing tools. 2007


Software Engineer


  • Perform application development by coordinating requirements, schedules, and activities; contributing to team meetings, troubleshooting development and production problems across multiple environments and operating platforms
  • Designing and developing user interfaces to Internet/intranet applications by setting expectations and features priorities throughout development life cycle.
  • Scale application to add new modules and implement the new module skeleton code
  • Analyze abstract reporting requirements from the client and determine various input parameters and implement effective and user friendly input UI to generate complex reports which helps clients make important business decisions
  • Determining design methodologies and tool sets using languages and software products.Designing and conducting tests.
  • Integrating applications by designing database architecture and server scripting, studying and establishing connectivity with network systems.
  • Write scripts for data formatting and enforce complex runtime business rules in reporting tools.
  • Design and implement new features and develop generic user controls.
  • Optimize and extend database design, optimize and enhance existing reports and improve report generation performance.
  • Unit testing and bug fixing

Environment: Windows Forms/WinForms,C#, .NET Remoting, Serialization, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, FastReports, XtraReports, Crystal Reports, PL/SQL, Magnetic Device Interfaces, InfragisticsControls.

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