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Application Developer Resume



Applications/Database: K2 Blackpearl, WebServices, SQL Server, Visual Studio, NetBeans, WebSphere, IIS, Windows Services, TFS, Android Studio

Frameworks: Windows Comunication Foundation (WCF), Rest & Soap API’s, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, Telerik

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 10, Microsoft Server 2012, MacOSX


Application Developer



  • Created an API that makes a call to a SOAP based service which returns organized data and inserts the information into the database, it is then displayed on an outward facing web site for potential customers.
  • Built an application using WPF in conjunction with a windows service which makes a FTP call to the companies bank to retrieve files for automation of reporting cleared checks.
  • This decreased the need for human interaction which increased productivity.
  • Created an android application to replace legacy DB2/AS400 application that is used to stock in vehicles into the internal database. The application uses RESTful web services in order to obtain data from the internal SQL Server RDBMS.
  • Created a class library (dll) that is used to make a web service call to retrieve vehicle information and insert user selected information into the internal database.
  • Assisted with the debugging of .NET web based application.
  • Set up TFS to have automatic build and deployment when code is checked in. Also setup DEV and PROD branches for corresponding projects in order to separate code base.
  • Help optimize and maintain IIS when issues occur.

.NET Developer



  • Work with clients to produce deliverables from requirements that have been provided to our team.
  • Analyze current systems and report findings back to clients along with suggestions of new implementation.
  • Built robust SmartForms and K2 workflows as replacements for outdated business process management systems
  • Participates in daily standups with various clients to discuss progress.

Web Application Developer II



  • Maintained and updated multiple in house custom C# .NET applications including a complex CRM system which supported multiple users performing CRUD operations, which meant concurrency was very important.
  • Participated in SCRUM daily to keep the team notified of progress and potential setbacks.
  • Created real time reports that were generated for upper management via SSMS and scheduled to run automatically during scheduled times via Windows Task Scheduler.
  • I wrote a new web based application to migrate the entire company from bi - weekly pay to semi-monthly pay. This included employee time submission as well as supervisor approval.
  • Utilized various api calls in different environments to retrieve or collect data from other systems or vendors, this includes making request to AT&T to verify if a customer’s cellular service has been suspended and suspending data services via web based mobile application.
  • Maintained and build K2 workflows which was the backbone of the company. Workflows were used to in every faucet of the system from bill generation to the connection of new services.
  • I was responsible for the installation, configuration and maintenance of the K2 BlackPearl software.
  • Worked closely with other developers to resolve bugs and update existing application.
  • Helped implement a customer portal which needed to be secure and reliable to process payments on customer accounts.
  • Created a Windows Service to alleviate the strain on an application which was polling the DB2 database once a minute.
  • Mentored to new developers and assisted other developers when working on complex problems that required immediate attention.
  • Assisted in maintaining database as well as created new stored procedures, triggers, and scalar value functions.
  • Assisted building an outward facing customer portal for users to view past bills, make payments, and update security information.
  • Setup new web service and web applications in IIS.

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