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Enterprise/software Architect Resume

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New York, NY


An IT professional with experience spanning vast variety of technologies, methodologies, platforms, and industries. An architect, engineer, team lead, and project manager experienced in full SDLC management delivering quality solutions to business challenges on time and within budget. A leader with people skills creating outstanding teamwork in win - win environment. Thought leadership, vanguard architecture, solution negotiation; product management, project management; direct management of 5-7 people, indirect/matrix/technological management of up to 50 project resources, both onshore and offshore; CxO-level stakeholder management, cross-department, cross-functional collaboration; both executive and detailed, highly visual, documentation, communication, and presentation.


Software/Application Architecture/Design: Service-Oriented Architecture, distributed processing, N-tier architecture, client/server, API, Rational Rose, UML, 4+1 architectural view, business analysis, design patterns.

Development/Methodologies: OOA/OOD/OOP; SDLC, Agile, Waterfall; TDD, DDD, automation test pilots.

Business/Data Transformation/Modernization: Enterprise Architecture, TOGAF, Avolution ABACUS, Roadmap, POC, Enterprise Data Platform architecture, data integration, Enterprise Data Integration Hub, Master Data modeling/management, Enterprise Data management.

Solution Research: technology research and selection, Buy vs. Build research and evaluation, vendor/3rd-party research and selection.

Middleware/Communications: WCF, Informatica (29West) UMS, WebSphere MQ, CORBA/Orbacus, TCP/IP, CICS, FIX.

IDE/Tools: Visual Studio, TFS, Eclipse, Delphi, PVCS, proprietary SVC, Jira, FIX Technician, PowerPoint, MS Project, MS Excel, MS Visio, comForte Escort SQL, comForte CSL.

Data Storage: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MS Access, proprietary DBMS.

Languages/Frameworks: C#/.NET, C/C++, Java, Perl, COBOL, MEF.

Platforms: Microsoft Stack, IIS, IBM Mainframe, HPE NonStop, UNIXs, Azure, PaaS, FaaS, hybrid.


Confidential, New York, NY

Enterprise/Software Architect


  • Provided POC of moving the Enterprise Platform architecture into the hybrid cloud, PaaS, and FaaS solution.
  • The solution allows to dramatically reduce footprint eliminating three data centers.
  • Provided POC of a SOA enterprise platform for producing business products in a holistic manner, with hybrid architecture and distributed data, Centrally orchestrated processing, with distributed services; and centrally orchestrated access to the data, with a Data Integration Hub.
  • Designed moving legacy systems residing on HPE NonStop (FORTRAN, COBOL, C, TAL) and MS Stack (c#/.Net) into a SOA integrated processing approach utilizing SOAP Web Services.
  • Modeled and redesigned a major portion of the enterprise data, including master data model and business data to conform to ANSI SQL. Provided a solution design to integrate data silos residing on multiple platforms, HPE NonStop, MS SQL Server, Paradox, and network file system, into a unified data store accessed through consistent external and internal APIs. Provided a design to move HPE NonStop proprietary formatted data into ANSI SQL.
  • Established IT Department’s processes and procedures based on SDLC in an agile development environment. Provided the enterprise product/project portfolio. Devised an IT strategy and roadmap 5 years into the future.

Environment: ABACUS (Avolution), TOGAF, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint, Visual Studio 2015.

Confidential, Elmsford, NY

Software Architect/Engineer


  • Designed, provided POC, and participated in implementation of electronic trading platform, which allows run-time extending with configurable plugins for risk analysis/management, pricing and reporting services. Solution allows clients to add and manage plugins.
  • Made enhancements to FX Derivatives Electronic Exchange platform. Improved data model, enhanced in-cache DB, and separated persistent storage service. Achieved lower latency. Enhanced platform to allow trading credit risk control running against different brokerage models. Participated in the platform pre-sale presentation and support.

Environment: Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008, SOA, C#/.NET 4.5.1, ASP.NET, IIS, Web Forms, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, XML, 29West (Informatica), FTP, SMTP, FIX API, Visual Studio 2012, Eclipse, SharePoint, Jira, FIX Technician, QuickFIX, ANTS, UML.

Confidential, Greenwich, CT

Software Architect/Engineer/Tech Lead


  • Revised architecture for the next release of the FX Derivatives Exchange platform. Implemented profiling and performance monitoring.
  • Designed and implemented performance improvements.
  • Participated in business analysis and data modeling; supervised SDLC.
  • Participated in defining API and high-level design for components. Implemented credit risk management service, participated in implementing post-trade/STP and Market Data services. Supported platform and maintained various services, including messaging, and front-end and back-end services.
  • Provided on- and off-shore tech project management for group of up to 12 people.
  • For the STP/Clearing and Settlement, engaged in inter- corporate engineering with major players, like City, RBS, Nomura, etc.
  • Joined the start-up, green-field company from its foundation; defined business process, SDLC and project management. Participated in research, defined enterprise/software architecture; implemented POC; participated in design and implementation of high-frequency low latency FX Derivatives Electronic Exchange platform.

Environment: Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008, SOA, C#/.NET 3.5-4.5, ASP.NET, IIS, Java, Web Forms, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, XML, Lightstreamer, 29West (Informatica), WCF, FTP, SMTP, FIX API, Telerik, SilverLight, Visual Studio 2008/10, TFS, Eclipse, MS Excel, SharePoint, Jira, FIX Technician, QuickFIX, ANTS, UML.

Confidential, Elmsford, NY

Software Architect/Tech Lead/Project Manager


  • Designed and implemented a proprietary infrastructure monitoring and resource tracking framework, and application suite that listed hardware resources and software processes.
  • Advised clients on Mainframe to Wintel product migration; created roadmaps, implemented toolkits. Conducted research, business analysis, data modeling, collected business requirements and provided documentation for all stages of SDLC for clients in varied industries.
  • Created Web Applications for varied clients hosted on own infrastructure.
  • Managed teams of 3-5 people for varied projects.

Environment: Varied per project - Various UNIX/Linux, Windows and Mainframe stacks, SQL Server 2002-2008, C#/.NET, Java, COBOL, PL/1, ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, PHP/MySQL, WinForms, Visual Studio, Eclipse, UML, Power Point, MS Project, Excel, MS Visio.

Confidential, Manhattan, NY

Product Architect/Project Manager/Director of Software Architecture


  • Participated in business analysis and data modeling process.
  • Conducted research on technologies and tools.
  • Defined enterprise architecture for Software License Management cross-platform products and tools and cross product Asset Management System.
  • Served as Technology Manager ratifying design across all products. Provided POC.
  • Defined company’s SDLC process. Technologically/matrix managed up to 50 people, managers and software engineers.
  • Managed project/team of 7 people, and performed BA for the enterprise N-tier multi-platform distributed Software License Management system based on The Open Group’s specification. Conducted research on existing technologies and tools. Introduced concepts, mentored and initiated using of OOD/OOP, C++, and Java.
  • Participated in the development of the XSLM Standard as Member of The Open Group. Participated in publishing of portable C/C++ and Java API/libraries.

Environment: Various IBM Mainframe, UNIX/Linux, and Windows stacks; BAL, portable C/C++, Java, VB, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, JDBC, OOA/OOD/OOP, TOGAF, Rational Rose, UML.

Confidential, Rye, NY

Sr. Software Engineer


  • Developed software for IBM Mainframe, client/server products with Windows GUI for mainframe job management.
  • Participated in design and implementation of proprietary cross-platform Software Version Management tool with Windows GUI/Portal.
  • Participated in design and development of cross-platform Mainframe/PC Content Management and Search system with image processing. Converted code to portable C++.
  • Made internal cross-platform cross-language enhancements to IBM COBOL/II and SAS/C/C++ run-time SPE, integrated SAS/C/C++, COBOL/II, and BAL.
  • Designed and implemented proprietary portable implementation-independent cross-platform data access API/layer for archiving and retrieving heterogeneous data.

Environment: IBM Mainframe, Windows 3.11, SAS/C/C++, Borland C++.

Confidential, Boulder, CO

Systems Architect/Programmer/Analyst


  • Produced POC for a proprietary N-tier reporting system.
  • Replicated Mainframe functionality to RS/6000/Oracle and PC platforms; developed Windows GUI.
  • Produced design and specification documents and prototype code for various ETL and reporting subsystems.
  • Enhanced business and database components of a highly flexible direct marketing system. Developed and maintained modules for client on boarding ETL into proprietary DB.

Environment: IBM Mainframe, BAL, SAS/C, VSAM, QISAM.


Tech Lead, Project Manager, Systems Architect


  • Managed development of N-tier distributed real-time multi-platform system with SNA implementation and innovative video-conferencing.
  • Designed and implemented a scalable, self-replicating DBMS.
  • The equipment-fault tolerant system provided 100% real-time data retention.
  • Exceeded SLA with numerous enhancements to OS data areas and proprietary data management mechanisms.
  • Managed and oversaw the implementation of the system with a 150 man/year budget.
  • Incepted and implemented a cross-memory systems resident task intercepting VSAM I/O and simulating equipment faults for testing applications’ I/O fault tolerance.

Environment: SNA/TCAM, VTAM, Mainframe, BAL, EXCP, proprietary DBMS, DB/VSAM, DB2, ADABAS, IBM PC, Windows 3.0, Turbo Pascal, Turbo C, DEC bus, plasma panel UX.

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