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Cics/db2 Consultant Resume

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Merrimack, Nh


  • Highly experienced mainframe professional with 25+ years of expertise in all aspects of system architecture and development.
  • Advanced technical and analytical skills, with extensive noledge of CICS, COBOL, DB2, and IMS.
  • Extremely TEMPeffective in any role from analyst to coder to technical project leader, and in any capacity from individual contributor to member of a large team.
  • Adept at gathering requirements, assessing business objectives, and managing all stages of software development and implementation.
  • Exceptionally detail oriented, and driven to produce results dat exceed expectations.
  • Specializes in finding solutions for unsolvable problems, delivering efficient and flexible systems, and system performance and tuning.


HARDWAREIBM mainframe: MVS, OS/390, z/OS.

SOFTWARECICS: All versions thru Transaction Server (TS); command level; macro level; internals; architecture; design; performance; tuning; debugging; LU 6.1/6.2; 3270 data - streams; data tables; system programming commands; CICS supplied transactions.

COBOL: All versions thru Enterprise COBOL. DB2, IMS, VSAM, SQL, SPUFI, Optim, File-Aid, Datavan. MQ Series, PQEdit, JCL, TSO/ISPF, Control-M, ChangeMan, Endevor, ServiceNow. Mainview, Omegamon, TMON, Platinum, Abend-Aid, Intertest, Dbug-Aid, Xpediter, Playback.


Confidential, Merrimack, NH.

CICS/DB2 Consultant


  • Added support for new Mutual Fund distribution options to FID.COM MAUI mainframe interface.
  • Designed and implemented Auto-FX Release processing; dis batch process automated teh release of international corporate action payments.
  • Designed and implemented an online process for approving Puerto Rico tax payments.
  • Designed and implemented an online process for entering and approving corporate action country code overrides.
  • Designed and implemented a batch process to automate DTC/Citibank tax withholding for CUSIPs requiring special handling. dis new functionality saves up to 2 hours of manual overrides and reconciliation per day.
  • Analyzed and diagnosed batch and online abends, including CICS storage violations.
  • Member of teh on-call support rotation for Dividends production processing.

Confidential, Westborough, MA.

CICS/IMS Consultant.


  • Redesigned Perishables Ordering. Teh new design reduced Perishables Ordering lead time from 1 week to 2 days, resulting in significantly improved in-stock position, and double-digit year-over-year sales increases.
  • Designed and implemented Suggested Order Quantity processing for Perishables Ordering. Using flexible database-driven algorithms, over 2 million suggested order quantities are calculated every week. A suite of very unique and highly filterable CICS screens provide drill-down insight into variances between suggested and actual order quantities. dis new functionality resulted in easier ordering, improved in-stock position, and significant increases in sales.
  • Designed and implemented Purchase Order Mass Approval capability; Purchase Order approval rate increased by a factor of 100.
  • Analyzed and implemented solutions for CICS/IMS/batch deadlocks, and CICS transaction and system dumps.
  • Diagnosed and developed Function Locking mechanism; used to resolve concurrent data-access issues.
  • Designed and implemented Translation Interface between new SAP system and existing mainframe system.




  • Updated inventory management system.
  • Installed and customized store management software.
  • Migrated Web presence from shared hosting to VPS server.
  • Constructed and installed Linux IPTables firewall.

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