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Sr .net Developer Resume

Somerville, NY


  • Seven (7) years of experience in developing Web and Client/Server Applications based on Microsoft .NET Technologies and expertise in implementing N - Tier Architecture.
  • Extensive experience through teh entire Software Development Life Cycle such as planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of Web Based, Client- Server and N-tier Architectures in domain like finance, health care, Logistics, IT.
  • Designing and developing web based and windows based applications using ASP.Net, C#.Net, ADO.Net, Web Services, ASP, IIS, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML and XSL.
  • Sound noledge of Object Oriented Language Principals (C#) and design practices (object modeling, use cases, activity diagrams, UML).
  • In-depth understanding and experience in building server applications using C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, XML Web Services, HTTP modules and handlers based on .Net Framework 4.0/ 3.5 / 3.0 / 2.0.
  • Proficient in creating Custom lists, Features, Web parts and Master Pages to improve features and Look and Feel of teh sites.
  • Well-versed in ADO.NET, having built query-driven and package-driven applications.
  • Developed GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) using C# Win Forms and ASP.Net Web Forms.
  • Experience in Database Design, Database Management and Data Migration using SQL Server, Oracle.
  • Experience in working wif Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) in .Net Framework 4.0/3.5/3.0 and Language Integrated Query (LINQ) in .Net Framework 3.5.
  • Knowledge of Design Patterns like MVC and Singleton Patterns.
  • Experience in developing reports using Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Experience in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Experience using AJAX to create interactive web applications, mainly focusing at increasing performance.
  • Have used J-Query/JSON for retrieving data.
  • Used Business Intelligence Development Studio to develop and deploy SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) projects.
  • Experience in designing and developing Databases in SQL Server 2000/2005/2008.
  • Knowledge of Database design and implementation, hands on experience in T-SQL (stored procedures, functions, data types, queries, Indexes, triggers, views, functions, Performance Tuning, Query Optimization).
  • Experience in process automation and planning skills.
  • Strong analytical and dynamic trouble shooting skills coupled wif excellent communication skills and able to work individually or lead others
  • Experience in processing APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT and DATA MODELING.
  • Experience in Handling C++, OOD, Ethernet, PL.


Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003, Windows XP/NT/2000/Vista, Windows 7, UNIX. Solaris.

Programming Languages: C++, C#.Net(4.0/3.5/3.0), VB6, VB.NET (10.0/9.0/8.0 ), HTML, T-SQL, PL/SQL

Web Technologies: ASP.NET 4.5/ 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0, ASP.NET MVC 4.0/3.0, Silverlight 4.0/3.0,ASP.Net Ajax, JavaScript, JQuery, VB Script.


UI Technologies: Win forms, WPF, Telerik .NET UI Controls

IDE Tools: Visual Studio 2012/2010/2008/2005, SQL Server Management Studio 2000/2005/2008/2012

.Net Frameworks: .Net Framework 4.5/ 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0

Databases: MS SQL SERVER 2008/2005/2000, Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i

Reporting Tool: Sql Server Reporting Services (SSRS 2008/2005), Crystal Reports (2010/9/8.5/8)

Modeling Tools: UML, MS Visio 2010/2007

Version Control Tools: Visual SourceSafe(2005), Subversion, Team Foundation Server(2008)

Middleware: WCF, ADO.NET 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0, Web Services, Enterprise Library 4.0/3.0

Servers: Windows Server 2008/2003/NT, Microsoft IIS (7.0/6.0/5.0/4.0 )

Testing Tools: NCoverage, NUnit, Load, VS Automated Unit Testing framework


Confidential, Somerville, NY

Sr .Net Developer


  • Involved in gathering teh requirements, analysis, design & development of teh project.
  • Developed Agile Software Development methodologies to enable efficient and TEMPeffective high-quality software development.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) was designed using ASP.Net MVC3 and teh business logic was coded in C# MVC Controllers .
  • Developed Web applications and Web Services using ASP. Net, C#, MVC4 wif Entity Framework 5/6, LINQ, WCF, Web API, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS and Bootstrap.
  • Used ASP.NET MVC3, HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJSto design teh presentation layer of teh website.
  • 3-Tier Application Architecture to ensure flexible and reusability of teh application.
  • Used HTML5 Boilerplate template for re-designing teh web application.
  • Implemented teh logic in Controllers using ASP.NET MVC3.
  • Used Entity Framework Code First approach for teh Data Access Layer for teh ASP.NET MVC 4.0 application using HTML5 and Razor view.
  • Created Html Helpers in order to reduce teh amount of tedious typing of HTML tags.
  • Involved in development of Web Forms, classes using ASP.NET that incorporates both N-Tier Architecture, and Database Connectivity.
  • Developed and Enhanced Master Pages, User Controls, Custom Controls, User Interface by using HTML, CSS, Asp.Net Controls, Telerik .NET UI Controls.
  • Implemented Server and Client side validations using ASP.NET validation controls and JavaScript.
  • Used JQuery to validate user controls and web forms.
  • Created and deployed Web Services using ASP.NET, SOAP and XML for Pulling Customer Service Records.
  • Modified Web Services to interact wif teh other applications and exposed them using SOAP and HTTP.
  • Used WCF for developing and deploying services on windows in line wif teh Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Experience on Entity-Framework for Object-Relational Mapping (ORM).
  • Used LINQ to build set of operations, parameters and expression during execution a set of data from SQL Server.
  • Created Integration Services SSIS package to import raw data from MS Excel to teh SQL Server.
  • Extensively involved in developing components for Business Layer and Data Layer.
  • Developed Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Views in SQL Server 2012 for accessing teh database.
  • Developed many T-SQL queries to fetch data as per teh business requirements wif proper tuning techniques.
  • Enhanced teh applications performance by constantly monitoring teh queriesbyrunning Execution plans and query optimization techniques in SQL server.
  • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) for Version Control, Team build, Project Management, Data Collection and Reporting.
  • Involved in teh Unit and Integration testing.
  • Worked wif testing team to fix teh bugs as part of Bug life cycleand Production support.

Environment: C#.Net, MVC, Visual Studio 2012, ASP.NET 4.0, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, HTML 5, WCF, IIS, XML, SOAP, SQL Server 2012, LINQ, TFS, .NET Framework 4.0/4.5, ASP.Net, C#, Web Services (WCF), Ajax Toolkit, MVC 4.0, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Web Services, Agile/Scrum, XHTML, HTML / HTML5, CSS / CSS3, Entity Framework 5/6, T-SQL, AngularJS, Bootstrap, SVN, SQL Server .

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Sr .Net Developer


  • Involved in gathering teh requirements, analysis, design & development of teh project.
  • Worked in an agile environment to deliver higher-quality software far more rapidly.
  • Involved in development of Web Forms, classes using ASP.NET 4.0 that incorporates both N-Tier Architecture, and Database Connectivity.
  • Developed an intranet application using MVC 4.0 and ASP.NET Web Forms.
  • Used Validation Controls for both Custom Validation and JavaScript for Client Side Validations.
  • Developed presentation layer using Server-controls, HTML Controls, User Controls and Custom Controls.
  • Used AJAX to trade data wif a Web Server wifout reloading teh page and enhanced existing pages wif different AJAX controls which provided responsive user interfaces to display teh data on teh web page.
  • Used LINQ to SQL and LINQ to Objects for retrieving teh data efficiently.
  • Used Entity Framework for working wif relational data using domain specific objects.
  • Proficient in creating Services and Endpoints using WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)..
  • Used SOAP to implement Web Services and Consumed and published XML Web Services in teh application.
  • Worked on .NET Security features such as Forms-based Autantication and Role-based Authorization.
  • Developed extensive Stored Procedures and Triggers on SQL Server.
  • Used SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) for generating reports.
  • Involved in Unit Testing and Integration Testing of teh entire application.
  • Used Team Foundation Server as Source Code Repository for teh entire application.
  • Involved in fixing teh Bugs as per teh requirements.

Environment: .Net Framework 4.0, C#, ASP.Net 3.5, MVC 4.0, ADO.Net, LINQ, T-SQL, JavaScript, CSS / CSS3, HTML / HTML5, Bootstrap, Visual Studio, Web services, IIS, Agile / Scrum, VSS, SQL Server .

Confidential, Louisville, KY

.Net Developer


  • Participated in Design reviews, Architecture reviews, Code Reviews and proposed solutions to teh business problems.
  • Developed cross browser compatible, customer facing online application based on n - Tier architecture.
  • Developed Presentation layer using ASP.Net 3.5, JavaScript, AJAX, Business Layer using C#.
  • Developed n-tier distributed .NET applications using Web Forms, Win Forms and WPF.
  • Extensively used teh JQuery and ASP.NET Ajax Controls like Script Manager, Update Panels and Updated Triggers to make teh page more responsive and interactive to teh users.
  • Implemented Data Access layer, Caching Application block, Application validation, Exception handling and logging components using Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.1 Application Blocks.
  • Developed and used various Web forms, Custom Controls and User controls using ASP.NET, C# and JavaScript.
  • Developed XML Web services using C#.NET.
  • Extensively used LINQ to Objects to query teh objects based on requirement.
  • Developed teh screens for teh agents to quote teh policy.
  • Created user access control to restrict users based on user roles.
  • Created and modified existing Stored Procedures.
  • Extensively worked wif Global.asax to monitor and trigger application level events.
  • Involved in Database Designing, Views and Stored Procedures in SQL Server.
  • Created unit and integration test procedures for existing web application, SSIS routines and SSRS reports.

Environment: C# ASP.NET 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, ADO.NET, HTML, DHTML, XML, SOAP, Web Services, SQL Server 2008, VSS6.0, CSS, WPF, AJAX, MS Visio


.Net Developer


  • Associated wif teh life cycle of teh project.
  • Analyzed legacy front end, middle tier and backend structures in teh engineering effort.
  • Implemented business logic in teh form of custom classes written in C#.
  • Developed teh web application using .NET technologies like Caching, Paging, and State Management.
  • Wrote classes for data access in ADO.NET and C#.
  • Designed and used User controls across teh entire application.
  • Extensively used Data Grid, Data list and Repeater controls.
  • Developed custom controls and used validation controls available in .NET environment.
  • Used Java Script to validate forms, checking user browser and alerting.
  • All data transfers (requests/ retrievals) comply wif XML Schemas and transformation was performed using XSLT.
  • Involved in teh development of Objects using ADO.Net for database interaction using Oracle as database.
  • Designed and developed data driven Web Forms using ASP.NET, HTML.
  • Responsible for designing and developing Reports in Crystal Reports for .NET
  • XML is being used to message transfer between teh modules.
  • Performed unit testing and module testing on developed web forms and custom classes

Environment: NET Framework 3.0, ASP.Net 3.0, C#.Net, MS SQL Server 2008, T-SQL, MS Visual Studio.NET 2005, ADO.Net, TFS, AJAX, CSS, XML / XSLT, HTML / DHTML, / Class Library / COM, UML / XMI, IIS, ActiveX, MS Office 2007.


Jr .Net Developer


  • Developed applications based on departmental requirements and specifications.
  • Provide manual testing of Cerner Millennium application that included charting, reporting and printing of patient’s healthcare reports
  • Prepared and executed test scenarios to test teh functionality of teh application
  • Involved in Feature testing and Regression testing, bug tracking and defect management
  • Developed a web application using ASP.Net /VB.NET/SQL Server for patients to view their medical profile.
  • Written custom HTTP handler/Module objects in VB.NET for handling various types of requests.
  • Created an n-tier model on Web-Services
  • Wrote several validations and client-side functions using JavaScript
  • Developed classes by following singleton design pattern
  • Used teh Test driven Development approach
  • ADO.NET, JavaScript, XML using Internet information Server (IIS) as web server
  • Uploaded files onto teh SQL 2000 Server
  • Used ADO.Net to perform teh Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete operations on teh database
  • Expertise in database modelling and development using Oracle 9i Stored Procedures, Packages and Functions.
  • Created Deployment projects for .NET applications using Microsoft's MSI packages.
  • Used simplified client and server side validation, better session management and powerful data access management using ASP.NET
  • Used agile methodology for teh development.
  • Experience in maintaining and production support services.
  • Post application launch - coordinated wif content providers on bug fixes, new releases and app issues.
  • Proficient in SQL, Stored-Procedures and Database Triggers in SQL Server.
  • Proficient in HTML, DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, ASP, JavaScript.

Environment: MS Visual Studio. NET 2005, ASP.NET 2,0, C#.NET, Oracle, ADO.Net, Crystal Reports, CSS, XML / XSLT, ASP, Java, HTML / DHTML, LINQ, AJAX, WCF, SOAP/WSDL, UML/ XMI, IIS, JavaScript.

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