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.net Developer Resume

Bloomington, IL


  • Overall 8 years of software development experience in Microsoft Technologies, web based technologies and development of applications wif an excellent understanding of Object Oriented programming.
  • Senior.Net Technical Consultant possessing around 7 years’ experience providing strategic application and infrastructure solutions.
  • Strong expertise in Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Testing of various stand - alone, Intranet, Windows, Client-Server and Web Based Software applications using Microsoft Technologies including ASP.NET, .NET Framework 4.5/4.0//3.5/3.0, AJAX, VB.NET, C#. NET, JavaScript, JQuery, ADO.NET, VB6, IIS 5.0/6.0/7.0, Web services, CSS, HTML, XML, Oracle, SQL 2012/2008.
  • Hands on experience in LINQ (Language Integrated Query) and Entity Framework by retrieving data from various data sources.
  • Implemented SOA architecture wif web services using SOAP, WSDL and XML.
  • Excellent experience in implementing Web Services, WCF, Web API, REST Serviceswhich communicate data in a both XML & JSON.
  • Expertise in writing complex Database queries, Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, Indexes and Triggers using MS SQL 2012/2008/2005 and Oracle 11g/10g/9i.
  • Developed .Net classes for Data Access layer using Data Access Application Block.
  • Worked on Agile Methodology to achieve smooth collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.
  • Developed user client side logics using JQuery/JavaScript.
  • Developed WCF mechanisms like sessions, Instance management, and concurrency to make our services more robust and scalable.
  • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS), VSS and SVN for source control.
  • Worked on SQL server and SSIS package.
  • Hands on experience in UI Design like Master Pages, Layout Pages, Partial Views, Views, Razor Views, Web Forms, Win Forms, User controls using ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, AJAX, HTML, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap and Telerik.
  • Experience in Software Development Methodologies like Agile Methodology, Iterative Model and project management methodologies like SCRUM, XP.
  • Specialized in architecture and developing both front and back end software for cross-browser, highly interactive AJAX based ASP.NET/Model-view-Controller Architectures (MVC) applications.
  • Proficient wif XML related technologies including XML, XSL, XSD, DOM, XSLT and X Path.
  • Proficient in developing Use Case Model, Design Model, Implementation Model, Use Case Diagrams, Behavior Diagrams (sequence diagrams) and Class Diagrams based on UML methodology using design tools such as Microsoft Visio.
  • Experience in .NET security features such as Authentication (Windows-based Authentication, Forms-based Authentication) and Authorization (Authorizing Users and Roles)
  • Worked wif IIS and .NET Assemblies during application deployment.
  • Performed unit testing using tool NUnit and also performed several integration testing, system testing and performance testing.
  • Expertise in developing N-Tier applications using C#. Net, ASP.NET, SOA, Front Controller and MVC.
  • Good team player wif excellent communication skills and Ability to learn and adapt quickly to the emerging new technologies.


LANGUAGES: C, C#, .NET 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0, ASP.NET, JAVA, AJAX, Web Services, AOD.NET, LINQ, SAS, JSP

.NET FRAMEWORK: .Net Framework 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5

SCRIPTING LANGUAGES: JavaScript, JQuery, Knockout Js, Angular Js.

DATABASES: SQL 2012/2008/2005, PL/SQL, Oracle 11g/10g/9i

WEB TECHNOLOGIES: HTML, HTML 5, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, Angular Js, JSON, XML, XSL, JQuery, Silverlight

WEB SERVERS: Internet Information Server (IIS) 5.0/6.0/7.0

REPORTING TOOL: Crystal Reports, SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services), SSIS

IDE and TOOLS: Microsoft Visual Studio. Net 2013/2012/2010/2008, MS Office, Microsoft Visio, SQL Profiler, SQL Server Agent.




MS SOFTWARE PACKAGES: MS Office, MS FrontPage, Microsoft Visio 2007, SharePoint 2010, MS Excel.


Confidential - Bloomington, IL

.Net Developer


  • Involved in object oriented analysis and design using UML (Unified Modeling Language) techniques such as use case, activity, sequence, class and component diagrams using Visio.
  • Developed and consumed Web services for getting health insurance premium quotes, Medicare Supplement Rate quotes, county codes etc.
  • Worked on Agile Methodology to achieve smooth collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.
  • Developed user client side logics using JQuery/JavaScript.
  • Developed WCF mechanisms like sessions, Instance management, and concurrency to make our services more robust and scalable.
  • Developed various stored procedures for the data retrieval from the database and generating different types of reports using SQL reporting services (SSRS).
  • Worked on SQL server and SSIS packages.
  • Performed Code Reviews (manual) to implement performance and coding conventions guidelines.
  • Created application level Error Log utility to log all the errors for effective solution for halp desk.
  • Maintenance and implementation of new features for the most important and complex web applications.
  • Developed complex MVC Controller, ViewModels and Helper methods linked to backend database.
  • ImplementedLINQfor querying, sorting, filtering the complex objects.
  • Create and unit test intricate client side interactions wif JQuery and JavaScript.
  • Involved in unit testing, module testing and integration testing.
  • Hands on experience in implementingAJAXfunctionalities for partial page rendering through JSON.
  • Optimizing, debugging and creating T-SQL stored procedures in SQL 2012 R2.
  • Along wif other Sr. Programmers, making regular recommendations on tools and technologies.
  • Writing unit tests using NUnit and Visual Studio 2013 and for SQL using SQL-Unit.
  • Designed the layout pages, Partial Views and Razor views.
  • Designed and developed the user interface using ASP.NET, Telerik, CSS, BOOTSTRAP CSS and HTML languages.
  • Implemented new designs, porting and styling legacy pages, integrating JQuery plugins.
  • Used the latest Bootstrap CSS to provide consistent styling for mobile applications.
  • Utilized WCF web services.
  • Extensively worked wif web parts and web controls.
  • Involved in Build, Debug and Deployment of the Components.
  • Collaborated wif other developers, business analysts, and cross department teams in conceptualizing and developing new reports, actionable data and insights, and enhancements.

Environment: UML,.NetFramework 4.0, C#.Net, MVC, Visual Studio 2013, ASP.NET4.0, JavaScript, AJAX, Telerik Reporting, JQuery, Entity Framework, HTML 5, CSS, WCF, IIS, XML, SQL Server 2012, LINQ, TFS, SSIS, Bootstrap, SSRS

Confidential - Bentonville, AR

Sr.Net Developer


  • Designed and developed various abstract classes, interfaces, classes to construct the business logic in Model using C#
  • Developed the reusable framework for the application using the ASP.NET MVC Framework 3.0.
  • Implemented Partial views (user controls), Master Pages, Strongly Typed Views and Complex Views.
  • Implemented Get, Post by using Controller actions and Caching by using Action Filters and Child actions in Controller and return Razor HTML5 to View through Action Results.
  • Used JQuery to perform validations and catch the events on client's browser.
  • Worked wif ASP.NET WebForms, Web Services, and State Management, Caching features, Configuring optimizations and securing the web application.
  • Developed system services SOA application platform for use by all web applications utilizing WCF services.
  • Used bindings to control the construction of the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) channel stack at runtime.
  • Involved in Development using WPF, CAB, and Prism Framework, WF rule engine, Linq and SQL server.
  • Involved in 3D Design and Animation Creation in Maya and exporting in XAML.
  • Developing and maintaining all sites upon business requirements including enhancements on agile methodology.
  • Used Multithreading to send the query search term to the multiple search engines.
  • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) for version controlling and assisted in documentation and creating Help files.
  • Responsible for backend development of new features using C#, ASP.NET MVC and Web API.
  • Wrote a test suite in WinForms for testing message transformation using a plug-in selected by the user and used System. Reflection to dynamically load and use assemblies.
  • Used Data Contract as the standard mechanism in the WCF for serializing .NET object types into XML.
  • Created and consumed WCF services, RESTFUL services. Tested these services using SOAP UI and Web Service Studio.
  • Developed Web Services and invoking them by using XML SOAP and WSDL for creating proxy classes.
  • Used LINQ to Entities for retrieving the data efficiently and Just in Time manner.
  • Designed multi table relational databases wif proper enforcement of relational constraints using MS SQL.
  • Developed partial post back validations to manipulate data on web pages using AJAX.

Environment: VisualStudio2010, C#/VB.NET, ASP.NET, MVC 3.0/4.0, XAML, WCF, Entity Frame Work 4.0, WSDL, AJAX, Java Script, JQuery, XAML, Unity 2.0, TFS, WebForms, PRISM, RESTFUL web services, WPF, IIS 7.0,Web API, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WinForms, AJAX, ADO.NET, LINQ, XML

Confidential - Bismarck, ND

.Net Developer


  • Participated in meetings wif Business users and wif other project teams to ensure that the volatile business requirements reflect in the project development. Application development was based on UML methodology.
  • Involved in the design of the Use Case Diagrams and class diagrams using Microsoft Visio.
  • Reworked on a part of the GUIs to improve interface wifout affecting the performance of the application.
  • Used C# for middle tier business logic and implementation of Web Services.
  • Implemented multiple DTS and SSIS packages and jobs to integrate wif external third parties and internal Oracle databases.
  • Followed the N-Tier Pattern, separating the business, presentation and data models.
  • Designed the ASP.NET GUI for accessing product details, comparisons, client details and monitoring sales and promotional activities and implemented client side validation using validation controls in ASP.NET.
  • Implemented Single Sign-On (SSO) Solutions to provide common gateway for login.
  • Created Weekly and Monthly reports in SQL Server Reporting Service
  • Wrote Stored Procedures, Triggers and SQL Queries in SQL Server 2008.
  • Applied Themes and CSS styles for UI design of WebPages and Used Ajax and JavaScript to minimize number of Page Refresh.
  • Implemented Authentication and Authorization using Web.Config file. Configured for users Authorization and role-based security.
  • Used XML for data storage and XSLT to transform the SQL queries returned as XML nodes.
  • Implemented Windows Authentication inWCFto consume the Service as application is usedinintranet.
  • Used Silverlight Layout panels and control templates for customization.
  • Used SOAP protocol to transfer the XML based message such as applicant’s requests and loan information over computer network.
  • Developed application using Agile and Scrum methodology.
  • Stored procedures were executed and the data extracted was displayed using Crystal Reports.
  • Used ADO.NET to utilize SQL data source implementing DataSets, Data Reader, and Data Adaptor to connect and manipulate databases.
  • Extensively used SSIS to create packages to move data from a single data source to a destination.

Environment: C#. NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2008, jQuery, SSRS, Web Services, Silverlight, XML, HTML, MS Visio, SVN.


.Net Developer


  • Involved in SDLC from the requirement gathering, unit testing and deployment of the application module.
  • Developed and enhanced the Graphical User Interface of the Website using ASP.NET, C#. NET.
  • Extensively used ASP.NET to designed and developed web pages for sub modules.
  • Used CSS style sheets for unique ness in look and feel of UI pages.
  • Developed middle tier components using C#/.NET.
  • Created Web pages wif ASP.NET using master pages wif C# and VB.NET as programing language.
  • Used ADO.NET technology for data retrieving, querying, storage and manipulation.
  • Created User Controls to be used across the application.
  • Used ADO.NET in connecting to Data Access management wif SQL Server.
  • Design and implement the GUI (ASP.NET) wif web form controls, web-server controls including Data Grid, Data List.
  • Designed and developed the C# components for implementing business logic in middle tier in 3-tier application interacting wif SQL server database using Managed provider using ADO.NET.
  • Used ADO.NET technology extensively for data retrieving, querying, storage and manipulation.
  • Created reports using Crystal Reports and SSRS.
  • Responsible for unit testing, integration testing and system testing.

Environment: ASP.Net, C#, XML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL Server, Visual Studio


Software intern & Software Programmer


  • Developed the web forms using C#, ASP.NET for the application.
  • Involved in total development life cycle (SDLC) of the application.
  • Developed the 3-tier application using .NET framework.
  • Client side validations wif JavaScript, HTML and CSS and Server side validations wif ASP.NET.
  • Created tables, stored procedures, triggers and views in SQL Server2005.
  • Debugged application in development and production environment both locally and remotely using tracing facilities.
  • Used Nunit for Unit test.
  • Used SVN as source control.

Environment: C#, ASP. Net, Visual studio, .Net, ADO.Net, HTML, CSS, XML,Active X, JavaScript, N Unit, SQL Server Windows XP/2000,SVN

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